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Beware Disinformation blogs

The journalist David Rose (above) is believed to work for MI5.

David Rose wrote that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and that Saddam was linked to al Qaeda.

David Rose wrote that the reports of massive child abuse on the island of Jersey were not to be taken seriously.

David Rose has now written an article in the Mail 'debunking the Jimmy Savile hysteria'. 

You might think that any sensible blogger would ignore David Rose's stories.

John Ward

JOHN WARDat the blog called The Slog, is supporting David Rose.

John Ward refers to "the respected journalist David Rose."


John Ward's post appears at Mike Rivero's,, at Investmentwatch and at a number of other 'alternative' sites.

Meanwhile, Aangirfan's material is banned in an increasing number of places.
Forum Message
You have been banned for the following reason:
As informed
Date the ban will be lifted: Never

We begin to suspect that almost all the big 'alternative' sites are now run by the spooks.

How do you tell which sites are suspect?

The suspect sites avoid referring to, and linking, the following:

The security services

Child abuse rings

Mind control

The suspect sites avoid referring to Dutroux being used by the security services.

The suspect sites will not mention: SAVILE; MURDERED KIDS; BANKERS; MIND CONTROL

CIA brainwashing of a small girl. Six months of electro-shock and sensory deprivation to produce a mind controlled victim.

Anonymous writes:

It seems Mike Rivero is back to his old form.

At the top of his page is a prominent all-caps headline debunking the Jimmy Savile hysteria... 

John Ward certainly seems to focus on paedophiles but in what I would call a curious fashion...

It sounds outraged like Nabokov sounded outraged, which is to say, 'not'. You know what I mean? 

But who knows? I only gave him a brief half hour browse and it's possible he's not a disinfo scumbag. 

Oh, nearly forgot - no links (by Ward) to any other sites at all, nada, and no mention in any body of text of yourself nor coleman. 

Oh, and speaking of the word 'disinfo', it does appear at his blog but never in connection to paedophilia, which is almost comedic for those who've been subjected to it. Not him it seems.

Further searches found no discussion of MI5 apart from we might safely declare to be 'anodyne', ie. they are never mentioned in regard to paedophilia. 

The elite at Bohemian Grove and a small victim

Ward does discuss Cyril Smith and Leon Brittan and even the royals but in a curiously disconnected fashion. Oh, Ted Heath cops a mention but in what I would declare a semi-dismissive tone.

Interestingly his blog contains zero entries for the following: McGowan, Bowart, mkultra, Cathy O'brien, and (astoundingly) Dutroux. 

Admittedly the former are all American which Ward isn't. 

But Dutroux? 

Were we to ask him I expect he would tell us that paedophilia is here-and-there but 'global'? Nup, a thing to be dismissed.

Me, I mistrust him and his constant vibe of it's-not-as-bad-as-you-think but I'd stand to be corrected. 

Doubtless someone more familiar with his blog can nuance where he stands on things.

John Ward notwithstanding, and back to where we started, it comes as no surprise that Mike Rivero ex-NASA, ex-Magic Castle, is back to his old debunking-of-paedophile-hysteria capers.

Anyway, see what you think...

best etc. etc.

church of nobody: The Infectious Mindset and Rivero's 10%

church of nobody: Rivero and McGowan


Landowners could be held liable for the costs of cleaning up any contamination caused by fracking under their land

Landowners could be held liable for the costs of cleaning up any contamination caused by fracking under their land if the shale gas company becomes insolvent, according to the Department of Energy and Climate Change.
The shale industry fears that this liability could deter landowners from cooperating with companies and is lobbying ministers to change the law to grant them an exemption.

The industry wants the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to be amended to remove liability of landowners for contamination caused by drilling under their land.


The explosion of hydraulic fracturing in the last several years, according to a new report, is creating a previously 'unimaginable' situation in which hundreds of billions of gallons of the nation's fresh water supply are being annually transformed into unusable - sometimes radioactive - cancer-causing wastewater.

According to the report, Fracking by the Numbers, produced by Environment America, the scale and severity of fracking’s myriad impacts betray all claims that natural gas is a "cleaner" or somehow less damaging alternative to other fossil fuels.

The report explores various ways in which gas fracking negatively impacts both human health and the environment, including the contamination of drinking water, overuse of scarce water sources, the effect of air pollution on public health, its connection to global warming, and the overall cost imposed on communities where fracking operations are located.

“The bottom line is this: The numbers on fracking add up to an environmental nightmare,” said John Rumpler, the report's lead author and senior attorney for Environment America. “For our environment and for public health, we need to put a stop to fracking.”

In fact, the report concludes that in state's where the practice is now occurring, immediate moratoriums should be enacted and in states where the practice has yet to be approved, bans should be legislated to prevent this kind of drilling from ever occurring.

Though the report acknowledges its too early to know the full the extent of the damage caused by the controversial drilling practice, it found that even a look at the "limited data" available - taken mostly from industry reports and government figures between 2005 and 2012 - paints "an increasingly clear picture of the damage that fracking has done to our environment and health."

So what are the numbers?

The report measured key indicators of fracking threats across the country, and found:

• 280 billion gallons of toxic wastewater generated in 2012,

• 450,000 tons of air pollution produced in one year,

• 250 billion gallons of fresh water used since 2005,

• 360,000 acres of land degraded since 2005,

• 100 million metric tons of global warming pollution since 2005.

“The numbers don't lie," said Rumbpler. "Fracking has taken a dirty and destructive toll on our environment. If this dirty drilling continues unchecked, these numbers will only get worse."

The Environment America report comes on the heels of a study released by researchers at Duke University earlier this week that found a "surprising magnitude of radioactivity" in the local water near a fracking operation in Pennsylvania.

And Climate Progress adds:

The report also pointed out the weaknesses of current wastewater disposal practices - wastewater is often stored in deep wells, but over time these wells can fail, leading to the potential for ground and surface water contamination. In New Mexico alone, chemicals from oil and gas pits have contaminated water sources at least 421 times, according to the report.

Read more:


Monday, October 20, 2014

Didcot Power Station blaze suspicious. Fire Service was alerted by member of the public. What happened to the alarm system?

TAP - I am suspicious about this fire.  How could it get to the point that a member of the public was first to alert the Fire Service?  Was the alarm system deactivated or overriden to allow the fire to get established?  The fracking agenda requires the government to claim that power cuts will become necessary to justify destroying Britain's countryside.  What better way to do that than to take out operational power stations.  Britain is under attack by our own government.
Half of an Oxfordshire power station that supplies a million homes with electricity will remain "non-operational" indefinitely after a huge fire, its owners said.
At its height, 25 fire engines and about 100 firefighters tackled the blaze at Didcot B power station.
The blaze began in a cooling tower at about 20:00 BST on Sunday and spread to three others because of strong winds.
Owner RWE npower said it did not know how long the closure would be in place.
"It is too early to give any definitive estimate of how long this will be," the company spokesperson said.
Didcot B Power Station damageThe full extent of the damage is not yet known
Dan Meredith, from RWE npower, said electricity supplies would not be affected.
"Power stations come on and off the grid quite a lot and we're very sustainable, we can carry on."
The company said it was too early to say how much damage had been caused.
In a statement, National Grid said the blaze had "no operational impact" on the electricity system.
The fire was extinguished at about midnight and no-one was injured.
Map and thermal imageA thermal imaging camera shows where the fire took hold
Simon Furlong, assistant chief fire officer, said three fire engines were still at the gas-fired station on Monday morning and he expected them to be there for at least the next 24 hours.
"This was a serious fire which began in one of Didcot B power station's cooling towers and spread to three other cooling towers," he said.
"I expect that it will take some time to determine the reasons behind what actually happened."
Deputy chief fire officer Nathan Travis said an investigation into the cause of the blaze was taking place and said the area affected by the blaze had been "very badly damaged".
Didcot B Power Station damageEnergy supplies were not affected by the blaze, the station's owner RWE npower said
Didcot B Power Station damageThe fire began in a cooling tower and spread to three others because of strong winds
Didcot B Power Station damageThree cooling towers were seriously damaged by the blaze
Didcot B Power Station damageThe major blaze at Didcot B power station has been extinguished, the fire service said on Monday
Dave Bray, the fire service's incident commander, said: "We have extinguished the fire, although there are hot spots that are remaining within the structure.
"It is now the challenge of getting to these and dampening them down."
Mr Bray said firefighters faced "significant challenges" during the blaze because the cooling towers were predominantly made of wood.
An automatic alarm system alerted the fire service, but the first call was actually from a member of the public at Great Western Park in Didcot, he said.
The fire service said the blaze was not being treated as arson or a terrorist incident.
Georgina Miles, who lives near the power station, said: "We saw the flames basically licking the top of the small cooling towers. It was pretty dramatic. There was a lot of damage."

Green Party gets huge electoral boost from opposing fracking, from 5% to 8%

The problem is The Green Party is 100% behind the EU, sold out on every front, including the paedophile agenda.

In total there is no one I can vote for.

The Green surge from 5% to 8% in Ashcroft's Polling is more dramatic than the UKIP surge, which is tailing this last fortnight, now the excitement of Clacton is passing.

UKIP is trying to do a quick rebrand suggesting it is a party of independents.  It is no such thing.

The Conservatives have the most to lose from fracking, with to date 120 seats having an active anti-fracking campaign in progress, versus fifteen for Labour.  The Party won't be able to survive with both UKIP and The Greens pulling chunks out of Conservative support.  Something will have to give.


the Green Party are every bit as corrupted as the faux rest, for instance they deny and ignore the existence of geoengineering ( chemtrails ) along with pushing dictatorial transnational corporate UN Agenda21.

the intention of fracking in the UK appears to be national sabotage of water, ecosystems and farming via a chemical attack.

Clever move by UKIP to try to stop genuinely Independent candidates from becoming visible.

Mike Reid's song's OK, and could help the UKIP if it gets in to the charts and onto radio station playlists.  The youtube won't embed of course.  They're being a bit precious with their latest political ploy - going musical.  They want you to cough up 79p each time you hear it.

The main threat UKIP fears now is the emergence of genuinely independent candidates, people who want a full-on opposition to fracking and its destructive effects of the British countryside and population, a policy which shockingly UKIP  fully supports, including the suppression of the true facts about fracking.

By calling UKIP 'the independents' - (nothing could be further from the truth) - it makes it a little bit harder for real independents to get traction.  Did you notice that at the Newark byelection an independent candidate, Paul Baggaley grabbed 5% of the votes, helping to block UKIP's hopes of success?  They're worried in case the voters are now ready to drop political parties and go for independent candidates..

UKIP, which does not allow any independent views amongst any of its candidates, are billing themselves as  'the independents'.   It's another calculated manipulation of the truth.  Not good, Farage.  You're looking a bit slippery these days.  That enormous grin makes me feel uncomfortable, as you work hard for the oil and gas cartel's programme to destroy Britain's countryside.   Farage might not be the EU's man, but he's sold out to the people who are behind the EU and he's done deals with Murdoch and the rest.  No mention of GMOs, fracking and other well-known anti-people measures of the global corporations.

Carswell looks genuine, and is possibly a little naive, trusting that his enemy's enemy (Farage) is his friend.  The trouble is that the real enemy is covert, and Farage is doing deals with them.  The EU's just a ploy to waste our time, and assist the corporate throttlehold over our lives to become tighter while we battle endlessly with its labyrinthine rules.  Hence that big grin.  Farage is a sell-out to the covert global power structure that puts the EU in place and he knows it.

Anonymous adds -
I actually used to be a member of UKIP, what started to wake me up to them was when some people from the regional office visited to have a talk with the people at a monthly meeting.

One person brought up Common Purpose and it was immediately dismissed as a Brian Garish Conspiracy Theory... and no one had mentioned Brian or the UK Column at all, just asked about Common Purpose.

Just saying, but this was what started to wake me up to the direction UKIP was going, and this was a couple of years ago.

Please help Chris Spivey. URGENT!


HELP the "Chris Spivey"

The castle point social services kiln road benthly Essex 01268882200

attn assessment and intervention team

Essex police 0800 358 0351

attn essex police & crime commissioner
local mp

and please donate £$£$£$£$£$£$£$

jingle jangle is nice but folding is better.

his legal expenses will be high no doubt



House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA


Rochford and Southend East Conservative Association, Suite 1, Strand House, 742 Southchurch Road, Southend on Sea, SS1 2PS
Tel: 01702 616135
Fax: 01702 619071

Web & Social media

any errors please update below.  

During last violent illegal entry into his house,  Plod took away his computers.  They planted indecent images involving children, and are now accusing him, with Social Services looking into the situation of his grandson Clayton who lives with him and his daughter  Stacy.

Government wants to get power cuts started to drive the fracking agenda.

Massive fire at Didcot B power station. A country with little spare electricity capacity can't afford this. Hope people are safe.  Andrew Neil.

TAP - They just can't wait to get those power cuts started.
Then people will believe they have to be fracked.   The timing of this fire is simply far too convenient.

Kate Middleton and Prince William exposed.

Prince William is rumoured to be gay, says Chloe a few times.

Did Kate actually produce the baby?

Why was Nurse Jacintha Saldana killed?  Did she see something she shouldn't have seen?  Or was she sacrificed to suit a numerical requirement?

The baby looks like William, but was three or four months off for age.  

Were you paid to pretend to have a Royal baby?

Kate's father was a close find of Prince Philip, and they visited houses of ill repute together well before the relationship between William and Kate was 'established'.  

Kate's uncle is a drug dealer/pimp in Ibiza, La Maison de Bang Bang.  Why did William and Kate visit him in 2006?

Why is Kate closely associated with Emma Sayle, a woman who runs an elite orgy sex club?  Stories are creeping out about this and Kate's involvement with it.

Chloe didn't run the idea that Kate is in fact a crypto-male, as was circulating on an Australian-made video recently.  Not all the things in the video seem right, but the main thrust has much that's persuasive.

'My grandson doesn't kill children'

My Grandson Doesn't Kill Children
What Happens When You Talk With Americans About Drone Murders

By Joy First

October 18, 2014 "ICH" - "WBW" - Mount Horeb, Wisc. — Bonnie Block, Jim Murphy, Lars and Patty Prip, Mary Beth Schlagheck, and I were at Rest Area 10 along I- 90/94, about 5 miles south of Mauston, from 10:00 am – noon on Thursday October 9, 2014.  We had a model drone and a stack of flyers “6 Things You Should Know About Drones” to help us in reaching the public and so they can learn more about what is going on just up the road at Volk Field Air National Guard Base.  We were there in solidarity with others around the country as part of “Keep Space for Peace Week” and global days of actions against drones sponsored by Code Pink, Know Drones, and other groups.

We chose to leaflet at this particular rest area because it is the closest one to Volk Field Air National Guard Base, about 20 miles south of the base.  We, as Wisconsin Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars, have been vigiling outside the gates of Volk Field for almost three years, protesting the training there of pilots who operate the Shadow Drones.  We are at the base with our signs every 4thTuesday of the month from 3:30-4:30.  

At 4:00 pm around 100 cars leave the base and drive right past us and so we have a lot of exposure.

Jim has been urging us to try leafleting at the rest area for a couple of years and it turned out to be an excellent opportunity for public education.  We were able to connect with a real cross-section of middle America and we had a chance to hand out our leaflets and talk to people about what is going on at Volk Field, as well as in the drone wars overseas.  A fair number of people were very supportive and engaged with us.  Quite a few seemed like they did not have a lot of feelings about drone warfare one way or the other.  There were a small number of people who were very unhappy to see us there and let loose with some pretty unfriendly language.

Shortly after we arrived at the rest area and began setting up the drone, the manager of the rest area came out and told us we would have to pack up and leave.  We said we were on public property and that we planned to stay there until noon.  We also told her that we would not block anyone or act threatening, and we gave her a flyer.  She became upset and angry when we told her this and she said that if we didn’t leave she would have to call the State Patrol and she didn’t think that we would want it to go that far.  We responded that we would like her to call the State Patrol because we knew we had the right to be there.  She left in a huff.

It was 15 minutes or so before a plain clothes officer dressed in a suit with a neat crew cut and a badge around his neck approached us.  He said that he had been told there was a disturbance, and he asked us if there was a disturbance.  Jim responded by asking if it looked like there was a disturbance.  The officer angrily replied that he would be asking the questions and we would answer.

We explained to him what we were doing, that we were on public property and it was our constitutional right to be there.  We told him we were not blocking anyone and if they didn’t want a flyer we didn’t push it.

At that point a uniformed State Patrol officer arrived at the scene.  The officer we were talking to said that the uniformed officer would be taking over.  After the two of them talked for several minutes, the uniformed officer came over and we told him what we were doing.  He told us that some people might not appreciate our position, and he said that if they started saying things we didn’t like we should turn the other cheek.  We told him we practice nonviolence and are good at de-escalating those kinds of situations.  He told us to have a good day and walked away.  It felt like this was a small win for us.  It is not often that the police are called and they end up telling us to go ahead and keep doing what we are doing.

Several minutes later a Juneau County Sheriff car pulled into the rest area and parked.  He didn’t talk to us, but spent several minutes talking to someone in an unmarked police car before they both drove away.  Citizen activism seemed to have won out for the day.
I want to relate a story about one man I talked to.  As I handed him a leaflet, he said he was supportive of what we are doing.  But, he said, his grandson was in the military and operated a camera for the drones and he didn’t kill children.  (One of our signs said “Drones Kill Children”.)  I replied that there are many innocent people, including many children, who are being killed by drone attacks in countries overseas.  He said again that his grandson didn’t kill children.  I told him that we had a list of names of many of the children who have been killed.  He said again that his grandson was a family man with four children and he wouldn’t kill children.  He added that he had been a nurse assisting in surgery with children for many years and he knew what it was like for traumatized children and his grandson would not kill children.

This story really illustrates the disconnect and denial going on in our society, about how much we want to believe that we are the good guys, that we wouldn’t hurt others.  Yet, people are dying all around the world as a result of our government’s policies.  It seems like there are not enough people speaking out against what is going on because so many people refuse to really look at the death and destruction our military is leaving all around the globe.  It is so much easier to close our eyes.  I think this was a genuinely good man that I talked to, and there are so many good people like him.  How do we get these good people to wake up and join the fight, to be able to admit to and take responsibility for the horrors that our government, and we, are perpetrating around the world?

All six of us who were there felt like it was a successful venture and we all agreed that we need to go back to the rest area where we can reach people who would otherwise not be reached.  It is impossible to know what kind of impact we may have had, but we are hopeful that we touched a few people.

Please consider rest areas near you as a possible place for demonstrations.  We no longer have town squares.  It is illegal, at least in Wisconsin, to protest at shopping malls because they are privately owned.  It is not always easy to find a public space where there are a lot people, but this was a good test today and we discovered that the police will not try to prevent us from demonstrating at a rest area in Wisconsin.  But then again, who knows what may happen the next time.  All I know for sure is that we will be back.
opyright © 2014 — World Beyond War. All Rights Reserved.

Police place 'images' onto Chris Spivey's stolen computer, charge him and set social services on his grandson

Complain to Castle Point Social Services and to Essex Police. Numbers on the video.  Also email addresses.  Contact James Duddridge, Chris' MP.

Chris Spivey has a donate key on his website.