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Media roundup from NPP

I do not wish harm or disability upon anyone, but putting any pre conceived ideas to one side, I hear this BBC 'correspondent' regularly on my radio. (Frank?) Gardener's reporting is slanted, bias and portrays yet another example of appalling so called journalism.  He is a fear monger and drama queen.

I just heard him again on BBCR4 Today. He is a BBC presstitute and I'm am sorely tired of hearing this endless pretence to quality journalism on the nation's public taxpayer funded broadcasting service.

Just in the last 20 mins or so the BBC remind us of Assad using sarin gas on a 1000+ civilians, that it could not have been the rebels. Oh yeah? Where's the evidence? It's just another bollocks declaration without substance by this bunch of twerps. Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente for example, suggests otherwise.

Let's face it, Obomba can drone civilians without trial or jury month in month out, yet one staged execution and the presstitute media stand in line behind the official arsehole party line. You know it will be used as another example to control online content.

To access TAP blog, UK Column, David Icke, Alex Jones, Alfred Webre, Red Ice Radio.. the list grows all the time.... is so refreshing and even uplifting at times despite the doom and gloom. Disinformation controlled opposition? Who can tell which outlets are sincere, but I am sadly sure how awful the BBC is.

Last night TAP the BBC had a fracking debate. The anti-fracking arguement was presented by Co2 cultist George Monbiot. Jesus H Christ... how about inviting a real anti-fracking voice e.g. Ian R. Crane to a BBC platform?! Hey George, check out Anthropogenic global warming? Not according to Dr. Easterbrook: 

And hey BBC, how the child abuse issue? A bit close to home eh!?

I heard UK Column's Brian Gerish's recorded phone call to BBCR4 producer the other night re investigating child abuse. The silly biddy at the BBC was pathetic and Brian recorded the whole conversation. At 1 PM, as the BBC roll out their News At One, I will be painting along to the UK Column's daily 1PM news slot. That says it all: a few members of the public creating their own news outlet on bugger all budget yet I prefer them to the BBC. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The third leading cause of death after cancer and heart disease - hospital error.

By Dr. Mercola
Harm and death caused by medical errors are a huge problem, and a major reason why the current, fatally flawed medical paradigm is in such desperate need of transformation.
Preventable medical mistakes are actually the third leading cause of death in the US, right after heart disease and cancer, claiming the lives of 210,000 Americans each year.
When you add in diagnostic errors, errors of omission, and failure to follow guidelines, the number skyrockets to an estimated 440,000 preventable hospital deaths each year.
According to the most recent estimates published last year,1 preventable medical mistakes account for about one-sixth of all deaths that occur in the US annually. This is more than 4.5 times higher than 1999 estimates.2
When you consider instances where medical errors cause some form of harmbut not necessarily death, the incidence rate may be as high as 40,000 per day!3
As a general rule, staying out of the hospital is one of your best ways to prevent dying unnecessarily, and this is one of the reasons why I’m so passionate about sharing preventive health strategies with you -- tips like eating right, exercising, and reducing stress.
Exceptions would naturally include cases of accidental trauma or surgical emergencies. This is where modern medicine can be truly lifesaving.

Federal Government Ends Public Disclosure of Medical Errors

According to Dr. Marty Makary, a surgeon at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and author of the book Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won’t Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Healthcare, eliminating medical errors must become a national priority.
But rather than tackling the issue, the US federal government has quietly decided to “solve” the problem by burying it and shielding it from scrutiny... USA Today4 recently reported that:
“The federal government this month quietly stopped publicly reporting when hospitals leave foreign objects in patients' bodies or make a host of other life-threatening mistakes. 

New free e-magazine - Global Free Talk

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This edition:

MICHAEL TELLINGER: Ubuntu Contributionism and his vision of a world without money

FRANCES LEADER: Anti-Fracking Activist

SCOTT CUNDILL: The Future of Money

JOHNNY DELIRIOUS: Growing vegetables in his disaster-proof Grow-Dome

MARK WINDOWS: Agenda 21, Land Pirates, forced evictions and the broken system of law

DR MANJIR SAMANTA LAUGHTON: How Science got punked

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Frank Gardener BBC correspondent: Presstitute.

As if the chaos in Iraq were not bad enough, this posh voiced twerp presented as an 'expert' on BBCR4 Today presstitute morning news perpetuates myths and stokes division and fear.

The thoroughly enjoyable John Lamb Lash back on the radio; internet:
Red Ice Radio - John Lash - White Genocide & The Archontic Infection:

PS Roy Hattersley (Privy Council) on BBCR4 next - frack-off Roy.

PPS At least fracking has given us the useful word frack. 

How WW3 is planned to happen - in detail - and who by. Eric John Phelps.

Just through the letter box, a leaflet from JW, with no indication til later on as to what JW might be.

The headline is clear enough -

A World Government - why do we need one?

And of course - who is qualified to rule?

softened slightly by a middle line - Is it possible?

Hear the answers at a free public event etc.  

Why do religious organisations think they are capable of running the world?  Maybe they always have run the world from out of sight, churches being the wealthiest organisations on the planet, exercising political power from behind the scenes.

Eric Phelps' Vatican Assassins springs to mind.  Here's his latest internet interview given on radio in Toronto in March -

The Jesuits control all the militaries of the major nations, all the secret services and all the major banks.  The Jesuit Order is called The Company.  They are a military order.

The purpose of the Jesuits is to take Jerusalem from the Saracens and the Moslems.  The second aim is to remove the Protestant Order and destroy The Reformation.  The Jesuits are an army whose aim is to reduce the whole world into a single structure all under the command of a single man.

The Vatican and its orders always put forward an open but false policy.  Then they have a secret policy which is the real one.  John Paul 2nd said he was against the Iraq War.  Paul Bremmer is a CFR member and an SMOM.  Their real policy was to start it, fund it and prosecute it.

WW1 and WW2 were Papal crusades.  They were the second thirty years war (1914-1945).  In 1903 a book explained the coming of the wars - The Pope, the kings and the people.

1873 another book was published in Germany.  WW1 never ended.  It was ended with an armistice.  The Js oversaw the Treaty of Versailles.  They oversaw General Hague.  The second Reich was Protestant, which had to be destroyed.  It was also the destruction of the Protestant British Empire.  It was a deliberate sacrifice of all the men of these countries so the nations could be reduced to the temple power of the Pope.  Nicholas of Russia was an SMOM, as was his cousin the KIng of England.  They deliberately manoeuvred their peoples to be slaughter.

Dunkirk - The Germans could have annihilated the army of England.  Hitler gives the order to halt so the war doesn't end.  Hitler was controlled by the Pope via Martin Borman.

The NAZIs could have won the Battle Of Britain.  Hitler calls a halt to the invasion and the Battle of Britain, and turns away to Russia.  German generals couldn't get it why the invasion of Britain was called off. 

Normandy - No German soldiers in pill boxes were bombed. They were meant to kill the Protestants on the beach.  The Germans were surrounded at Falaise - 250,000 trapped.  Patton told his wife the war was over.  Eisenhower ordered him not to close the Falaise pocket, and 200,000 German soldiers escaped.

The Jesuits weren't ready to end the war.

The Battle of Harkenforst? was unnecessary.  60,000 casualties.  The idea was to crush out any sign of Protestantism from Germany.

The Russians gang raped 8 million women in the East of Germany. That was the end of Protestant Germany.  Germany was set up since 1945 as subject to the Pope in Rome.

Averill Harriman financed Russia's war machine in 1941, once Germany invaded.  The German could easily have taken Moscow.  They were 18 kilometres from Moscow when we got an order from Hitler to turn South just before the winter arrived.  At Stalingrad, Von Paulus was not allowed to carry out a manoeuvre to escape the trap.

Heydrich was assassinated by cooperation between British and the SS, as he wanted to win the war.  Patton was killed in a car wreck with a $10,000 contract.  He was shot with a rubber bullet to get him to hospital where he was poisoned.

They assassinated Yamamoto who wanted to surrender, as they wanted to start the bogus nuclear war to bring in the Cold War.  The Japanese had offered to surrender six months before the detonations at Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Andre Lazov was the best Russian General of all time.  He went to Germany and offered to build a 700,000 Russian army to fight the Red Army.  HItler put him in the field too late.  Lazov was tortured and murdered.  Ukraine hated Stalin.  They welcomed the Germans and helped them.  Stalin had starved anything from 7 to 10 million Ukrainians because they were orthodox.

Hitler betrayed them all by ordering his armies south, and not taking Moscow.  Zhukov was traitor just like Stalin who killed 600,000 Russians.

All the intelligence communities are modelled on the Jesuits, which has a structure.

Heinrich Himmler regards himself as a subordinate to the Black Pope.  The CIA was the merging of the OSS and the SS.  SS men went into Russia.  SS men went into America to coordinate the workings of both sides throughout the Cold War.

Truman knew the CIA was a foreign intrigue behind the Kennedy assassination.  The CIA was commanded by the Head of the Gestapo, Heinrich Mueller.  They brought in 1000s of NAZIs as the Jesuits were saving their Inquisitors that had purged nearly all the Jews from Europe.  The Vatican facilitated all the rat lines. The Brenner Pass.  The Berlin Airlift.  The Jesuits run Truman. The Jesuits run Stalin.  They enacted the Berlin airlift to fly out Nazis,  SS killers, primarily Bavarian and Austrian Roman Catholics.

They were carrying out The Council Of Trent.  The SS and the NAZIS won the war, while the poor Germans lost the war.  It was  a death sentence to refuse to go to war.

Stalin and Hitler worked together against the Jews.  Jews weren't allowed to escape to America by FDR.  Stalin and Hitler were gentiles, not Jews, according to Phelps.  Hitler was partially Jewish through his mother, (TAP or grandmother).

Zionism is a smokescreen to cover the role of the Jesuits.  The CFR is the Archbishop of NYC to run the Empire.  They get Jews to front the organisation so they ca blame the Jews, who will ultimately be killed in America as they were in Europe.  They expose Soros and Kissinger to make it seem like the Jews are bringing the destruction of America.  Obama hates white people, and he's bringing in the laws to destroy the white middle class, but they'll get the whites to blame the Jews.

The Jesuits run Hollywood, lock stock and barrel.

The next event will be Martial Law in America.  A black and white race war will be set up and raging, and the Dept of Homeland Security will round up the rioters, but will round up other people too.  The persecution of the Jews will happen again in the USA.  Then a two front war.

It will involve Iran.  The Shia are targeted for destruction.  The Shia don't persecute Jews.  Russia and China will side with Iran. This coalition will invade North America.  The Chinese are building a huge canal in Guatamala which will be used to invade North America.  US armies will be sacrificed in Iraq and Iran.

Nothing is done to explain 911 to the American people.  Nothing is happening to stop this descent into mayhem.  The dollar will be devalued ten to one.

The poor economy will drive men to join the military.  Then there'll be a detonation of the Capitol building, and blame Iran. Air-born nuclear war is impossible.  They will detonate Los Angeles, and blame China.  All the troops going over will be sacrificed.

Ukrainian loyalists/nationalists are going to be sacrificed, and betrayed by NATO.  Crimea has to be kept Russian so that Russia can control the coastline.  Ukrainians will be betrayed by the CIA, as the Hungarians and the Czechs.  The first people in Auschwitz were Protestant Czechs.   The Jesuits control Obama.  The Jesuits control Putin.  They're going to crush Ukraine.

The beginning of the demonising of the Russians is happening. 1936 Germany is 2014 Russia.  Putin is a Bohemian Grover just like George Bush.  The portrayal of him as anti-NWO is a facade. His anti-homosexual stance is made to enable the pro-homosexual west to hate him.

Council Of Trent Catholicism is not Christianity.  It is anti-Christianity.  It took place at Trent in Italy.  Lorraine Badner's Roman Catholicism breaks it down and shows that RC is not Christian. 

The Reformation Bible says there is one mediator between man and God, it's Jesus, not the Pope.  All men are sinners and need to be saved.  The one mediator can do that.  No church needed.  No man needed.  Roman Catholicism teaches participatory salvation. Trent says you need Communion to be saved.  The bible says no such thing.  It bans magic and eating of flesh.  The Jesuits are the perfectors of communism.  They forbid the reading of the bible. Roman Catholicism is Babylonian mystery religion.   Read The two Babylons by Hislop.

The Inquisition killed 86 million people.  It's a cut throat religion. Don't participate in Catholicism ever again.  Don't believe in a priest or the Pope.   Nations which have freedom of conscience have to be destroyed.

The Dutch didn't persecute the Jews.  Nor did Cromwell. Amsterdam became the world's shipping capital.  It held up the word of god and did  not persecute the Jews.  George Washington said the Jews would not be persecuted in the USA, as Protestantism permits freedom of thought.  That's why the USA became supreme. Once freedom of conscience and freedom of thought are destroyed, you get back to poverty.  That's the aim of the Jesuits and the Romanists.  RC countries are full of prostitution.  The mafia are run by the Catholics.  The drugs are run by the CIA.  It's all Romanists.  The US is targeted for destruction.

The USA will go the same way as Germany.  The persecution of the Jews will follow.  Francis was elected as The Pope, the first Jesuit.  It's a statement that they are now running the show, and are ready to be exposed.  They have no significant enemy, and are getting ready to deliver their killer blows.  Only God can make it happen and stop them.  People must do their duty, and pray direct to God to intervene.

Mossad agent - 'we did the London bombing'

Watch right to the end. 

 Slip of the tongue, or the truth?