Thursday, August 31, 2006

Heathrow Destined For Salisbury Plain

Maglev trains are worryingly attractive to bigheaded politicians who want to talk high tech. The one at shanghai only gets up to half maximum speed before having to slow down again - but it looks great in the 'Come to Shanghai' literature.

Maglevs need about a minimum 80 mile run to be worth having, when most aiports are about 30 miles from city centres. They are too expensive for ordinary cross country routes, although travel at 360 mph would be good for going from London through the Channel Tunnel one day.

Where they might be useful now is for airports which are 80-100 miles from London (or equivalent capital cities). London airport could move out to Salisbury Plain and Heathrow could be given over to residential use. I think we need John Redwood to work on it!

Cameron Modesty To Replace Labour's Arrogance

Cameron projects niceness up to a point, which is attracting female voters.

What is hopeful is that he also projects modesty. It is Labour's wall to wall arrogance that has ensured that our health system, educational standards, criminal justice system are all approaching collapse. It's the need to be significant which is the downfall of Blair and Brown. They always see themselves as totally relevant, and have a need to be at the forefront of every initiative, breathing all the oxygen, leaving little for anyone else.

Cameron appears to be willing to be less significant. This will release the country from the prison of New labour arrogance, and enable people's intelligence and imagination to be deployed to rebuild what's left of our society. Localism will require Prime Ministerial modesty.

Peregrine Worsthorne is right of course about being prepared to get nasty where necessary. But it's not necessary to give demonstrations of such qualities just yet. In fact public opinion is swinging 'nicely' our way, it appears.


If The Times are saying that they did not realise that Labour and the Lib Dems ran an electoral pact in the 2001 GE (until now), they lack credibility. The second Labour landslide would not have occurred without it. Hague did better than people think as he was facing two enemies working together without the public knowing. It probably changed the result of 50 seats. It certainly enabled Labour to hold the one I was working in at the time - Shrewsbury & Atcham - which they otherwise would have lost.

The Times along with all the media have lied about this ever since, claiming we were held back by our eurosceptic 'right wing' policies. Is it any surprise no one trusts the media any more, and people prefer to read blogs like CH to newspapers?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The terms eurosceptic and europhile are often debated. What do they mean? Europhile sounds as like someone fond of French wine and Italian cheese. A Eurosceptic like someone who has their doubts about the EU, but who will be convinced in the end.

In the search for new terminology, I wondered if the term 'a eurocompliant' summed up the position of a europhile and gave it more meaning.

Will Labour Fall To The Countryside?

If the Countryside Alliance as a whole forms an alliance with the Conservative Party, they could provide an army of motivated activists across hundreds of constituencies.

They worked hard to push out anti-hunting labour MP's at the last GE and enjoyed some successes. They've had a taste of success and no doubt would now like to use their strength (maybe up to 1 million committed supporters) to bring about political change in the UK.

I am not sure how much CRAG - The Conservative Rural Action Group (founded 2002) - impacts on the Countryside Alliance. I imagine that connection between the two organisations so far have been informal and friendly. If Simon Hart were to become an MP, the alignment of the CA with CRAG would no doubt increase, and begin changing the colour of many more Constituencies to Blue.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cameron To Bring Back Modest Government?

Beckett puts Thatcher as the greatest. Asquith was greater than any of them. He refused to get involved in the spin of politics which is why he lost power to Lloyd George, backed by Nothcliffe, the Murdoch of his day.

Asquith designed Britain's victory in the First World War. Lloyd George nearly blew it all when he grabbed the leadership from Asquith. Once the war was won, LG barred Asquith and those who wanted to help Germany to rebuild after WW1, from Versailles, and paved the way for Hitler.

If the spinners had not ejected Asquith, we would have won WW1 and would not have had to fight WW2 20 years later. He was maybe the most intelligent and capable of them all. Unfortunately the age of political spin was created by LG and this destroyed Asquith's supremely good and modest method of government.

Without WW2, we would not now have been sucked into the EU and be living in such a hopeless over-centralised spin-dependent world. If only we could get back to government by people of real ability like Asquith and bury the spinners.

The age of spin started when Asquith fell. We have never recovered sensible government since. Maybe Cameron will be the next Asquith. He will have to spin to win, but he claims to want to give power back to the local level, and reverse the centralisation of the last century.

With the blogosphere standing guard, perhaps we are about to break free of media tyranny at last. (I recommend 'The Asquiths' by Colin Clifford published 2003 by John Murray. ISBN 0-7195-6525-1)

Schools Must Seize Control

Get rid of all national standards, especially the national curriculum. Do this by allowing schools to opt out and set their own tests and exams. Permit universities, colleges etc to set their own entrance exams.

If a school underperforms this should be handled at local level, not by a national authority.

Julia Manning's on the right track. Just follow the logic all the way. It will rebuild respect for teachers and schools, and end their diminution into being forced to act as petty bureaucrats delivering the government's education programme.

Don't delay national tests until children are older. Abolish them and all others. End the control of education by central government. It's been a total catastrophy from start to finish. It's time someone said the truth - the emperor has no clothes. Gve education back to schools. Send bureaucrats packing and out of the way - all of them, permanently.

Labour Spin Kills

My Dad aged 87 went into hospital recently . If I hadn't been there at mealtimes he wouldn't have been able to eat as he cannot feed himself, and the nurses were too busy. No one told us to be there to help at mealtimes.

Thankfully I was there to help at the critical moment. He was starving. The problem is old people rarely complain, and also the NHS does not like admitting to anything that might be used as criticism, so they don't, for example inform you they cannot feed patients, and ask for help from families, which they should do.

Why don't they just admit the problem? Families can then arrange a feeding rota.

I am sure they are given firm instructions from the Labour spin machine not to say anything about all kinds of things like this. If we know the service has gaps (and it does) we can work around it. But we are told nothing as that would expose the big Labour NHS lie that it is a comprehensive medical service. The NHS cannot cope, does not cope and will not cope. It is criminal that it pretends that it can.

Why don't they tell us which medical conditions are given 'low priority' for example, and we can find alternatives, before we get really ill. I guess potential NHS whistleblowers have their salaries and pensions to consider.

Personally I go to a doctor in Belgium. For £25 (40 euros) a visit I get a quick diagnosis and an efficent programme for treatment. My GP in the UK always says there is nothing wrong, whatever the complaint. Likewise all NHS tests report no problem found, while Belgian ones always find answers. I also use a dentist overseas and use an American hospital near London. If I hadn't sought help from these sources, I would have been seriously ill by now and also a lot poorer.

The cost of dentistry in a country I visit is one quarter of UK prices and with cheap flights, you get the dental treatment and a two week holiday for the same price it would cost for just the dentistry at home.

I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. The Belgian doctor immediately gave me intravenous magnesium, and the stressed condition of my heart was eased. The GP in the UK had told me my blood was completely OK. Even if he had found the cause of my heart's disfunctional state, lack of magnesium in the blood, he would not have been permitted to give me the necessary treatment. For some reason, GP's cannot give intravenous magnesium in the UK.

As a result I am told that we have a far higher death rate from heart disease than we should. Many thousands of lives could be saved very cheaply if GP's were permitted to give meagnesium intravenously to heart patients. Vets always give this to farm animals in distress, but humans for some reason, are seen as expendable.

What we need is the information from the NHS as to what they can and cannot do. Under Labour we are not likely to get it. They are too busy maintaining the lie of NHS competence. I was lucky, and I found a good doctor overseas. Many others are not so lucky, and are dying decades younger than they need from easily treatable conditions.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Is Mandela Politically Correct?

I don't know what actions Mandela took, I'm afraid. I only know that he spent 25 years in jail, and that his side won the political battle in the end of the day. Africa now lives with the consequences of that victory, and it seems a Pyrrhic one at best.

A terrorist is hard to define. Israel pushed out the Brits using terrorist tactics, and the terrorists became the leaders of the new country.

A terrorist is surely someone who kills in a hopeless cause. If they ever win their battles as did Mandela, they become the new leaders and can re-write the history books. The 'terrorist' retrospectively becomes the freedom fighter.

If South Africa descends into complete disorder and has to go through another revolution, Mandela might become a 'terrorist' once more. Those in power will as usual define the politically correct terminology.

Deselecting MSP's and MEP's

The attempt in Scotland to push current Conservative MSP's off the Party List could be highly significant. The current MSP's are said to have become too 'comfortable' with their positions and are not representing the views of their voters. This is exactly the same as is happening in the EU not-a-parliament, where Conservative Europhiles predominate.

If the electorate has the power to 'deselect' all current Conservative MSP's and replace them, then surely that right should be retained for MEP's in the EU not-a-parliament as well.

Unfortunately Hague has threatened deselection to the eurosceptics like Helmer who don't toe the EPP line, when most Conservatives would have preferred to deselect the europhiles, if anyone was going to deselected.

There is now a move by current europhile MEP's to be allowed to automatically retain their position at the top of Party Lists without facing hustings and a vote.

Surely if Cameron is pushing a move towards Open Primaries for selection of MP's, then moves towards automatic retention of incumbents on Party Lists is a move in the opposite direction. How can he insist on more openness and democracy for Westminster selections, but less for Brussels?

The developments in Scotland could unleash a new spirit of open democracy as regards Party Lists. Cameron has failed the EPP test, especially by allowing Hague to threaten eurosceptics like Helmer with deselection. If Cameron now keeps the current system of selecting MEP's with an open vote, forcing all MEP's including Roger Helmer to be selected democratically on every occasion, all could yet be forgiven.

The effects of a Scottish reselection of all Conservative MSP's might provide a great precedent.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Umpire Hair Needs Support

David Kelly was a specialist doing his job to a high standard, who tried to stand against the tide of the Iraq War. To his logical mind, Britain was being sent to war to remove WMD from Iraq which he knew were not there. He tried to do something to stop the war. The people in power had decided to get the war going regardless, and anyone and anything that stood in their way would be eliminated. Kelly paid the price.

Darrell Hair, like Kelly, is a specialist doing his job, and he's also tried to stand against the tide. Umpiring to him is about following the rules and applying them to the circumstances, as does a scientist like David Kelly. Kelly saw that the information he was passing to others was being misapplied. Hair sees that his decisions to apply the rules of the game of cricket are being attacked.

India and Pakistan are angry that Britain and Australia control the game, as in money terms cricket is far bigger in the sub-continent. They are challenging the duopoly, and Britain and Australia are trying to hold on. There is huge money in cricket especially in betting. What's a little ball tampering got to do with it, when millions are riding on the result?

Kelly stood up against the might of The Pentagon. Hair is standing against a wall of money, as he's tried to preserve the standards of cricket - the game he loves.

Like Kelly, he knows that the forces he's standing against are very powerful, and he's looking for a way out. Like Saddam and Iraq, cricket looks doomed. For evil to triumph.......etc

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bring Back Dynastic Families

Anyone can make money any time if they really want to. If you set up in business and add 20% progressively each year to your sales, you double in 4 years (100,120,144,172,206) quadruple in 8 years, 8 X in 12 years, and 16 X in 16 years.

If, for example you do £200 a day in year one, at only 20% a year growth rate, you will be doing £3200 a day in year 16. You will turn over £800,000 on maybe 20-30% margin, be a millionnaire and be in the top 2% of earners. It's not difficult, just bloody hard work, and your life will become one dimensional while you do that.

Why bother subjecting yourself if as soon as you try to move on and sell your business into cash, you are hit by first CGT and then IHT.

The reason people don't bother to become wealthy is a/because it's hard, and b/ because of tax.

People don't build businesses in Britain. They buy houses and wait for the easy returns. The tax breaks shouldn't be on the houses for that reason. They should be on business gains. But curiously all the support is for the other way round.

In times of our greatest crises in the past we have been saved by dynastic families. Asquith constructed our victory in WW1. Churchill in WW2. How would we have done if the Asquiths and the Churchills had not been permitted by taxation to release their sons to dedicate their lives to public service?

If Blair wasn't such as skinflint taking his payoff from Murdoch, and Cherie from whoever, not to mention all their cronies getting their fingers into every pie from Prescott, Mandelson, and so on, we would have been less ripped off in the last 9 years than we have been.

Why the hell does everyone want to see private money which could serve them well as it has in the past, handed over to fatten up more John Prescotts and create a bloated corrupt class of grasping politicians and their cronies?

Dynastic families are a precious resource. Other countries create the leading figures, the best innovations, and world beating businesses. Britain is locked into the negativity of house-buying and tending the garden. Set the entrepreneurs free. Build dynastic wealth in Britain. We need it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pakistanis are not inferior

Darrell Hair was right in every action he took. The Umpire's decision is final. That's been the rules of cricket since time immemorial, and it ain't gonna change for anyone.

Asking for special consideration because they're not of white skin by the Guardian is criminally thick. Pakistanis are as human as anyone else and should be treated accordingly.

It would be a gross insult to Pakistan to grant special favours. Pakistan is an honourable country which will always abiode by the rules of the game. I am sure they don't want to be treated as second class citizens who need special help.

The moaning on their behalf must stop. Pakistanis are not inferior. They can stand up and be counted as men of equal rank with anyone.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Critique of Steve Hilton's 'Good Business'

Hilton's a brander - a generaliser - someone who thinks about the veneer but knows little about the substance.

For example, businesses cannot sack the lunatics, the idlers, the incompetents, the troublemakers any more - thanks to social regulation. Many employers are using the opposite technique of sacking themselves to escape the horrific prospect of being saddled with such folk.

If you sack such folk, they can spend years suing you and negotiating nice payoffs. Few people want to live like that. There are more and more people like Hilton who leave the core of real organisations that have to deal with such issues, and go out and preach.

It doesn't solve the main problem - that business is so circumscribed with laws and regulatioin now that people are giving up running them. That's why unemployment is rising....big business create no net jobs by the way. Only small companies actually create jobs.

Business is already totally overburdened with red tape, and it gets worse by the day. Unless that is dealt with, the aspirations of Built To Last - that business people will assume more responsibility and become enterprising is doomed to failure.

Of course if people do want to run businesses successfully, and take on the burdens of society once more, the effect of modern media is such that firms are inevitably becoming more aware of current issues and fashions of the kind mentioned. But to be honest, the traffic is all the other way now. Business people are getting sick and tired of the way society works, and they couldn't really give a fig about assuming more load and joining in with some sunny preacher's nice little ideas.

Ascribing old fashioned compartmentalism to the 'Old Right' is nuts. All people from all classes and political beliefs lived compartmentalisied lives then.

Work was far more boring in those days pre - communication technology. When 5 o clock came, you shut the factory door and went home and started to live. Now work can be more interesting with the drudgery removed, combined with instant connection to the marketplace.

I am sure Hilton is a good brander, but he does not express the desperation of business people and the urgent political needs of business. The paintwork will be done well by Hilton, but the engine of business is labouring heavily and needs major servicing - or it will stall. He can only keep his light laid back approach to business by ignoring that reality, and it makes him a weak force where a strong one is required.

If he wants his ideas to be Built To Last, he must address the current grim reality of excessive regulation. Or the only social leadership provided by business will be a lengthening unemployment queue.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

USA fights EU over Labour's Corpse

It seems like the Murdoch/Blair/USA axis is outmanoevring the Brown/Prescott/EU camp, as regards the Labour leadership battle, with John Reid looking good as stand-in PM.

But public opinion is swinging the other way. Only 15% want strong alignment with the USA now, and 45% want to align closer to the EU's position on terror.

Cameron is running with the hare and the hounds - criticising Israel for being 'disproportionate', and demanding more security measures at home - a win/win as regards public opinion, with little clue as to which of the foreign power bases he will finally opt for, if any. No wonder Murdoch, when asked what he thought of Cameron, said,'not much'. (29% want Britain to run an independent foreign policy)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Europe's Popularity Grows

When offered the choice of maintaining the current close relationship with the US, switching to closer links with Europe or an unspecified third course of action (which could be an independent foreign policy), the public turned en masse against America. A mere 15% believe that Britain should continue to align herself closely with the US, against 46% who said that we should position ourselves closer to Europe instead. 29% support neither option. (You Gov)

Anti-US proaganda put out by the BBC and other media seems to be having an effect.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Prescott Fingers Bush

Prescott says tonight in an Independent interview that 'Bush is crap'. It's clear that someone's done a pretty effective job on Prescott in recent weeks. As if his womanising wasn't known about before in the last 9 years, or his tendency to pay visits to people who might benefit financially from his decisions. The only question was who was behind the 'demotion' of Prescott?

Prescott's latest outburst gives a bit of a clue.

The Americans get a bit sensitive when Ministers get too closely aligned with the EU view on life. Robin Cook, Jack Straw and now maybe Prescott too. It's as good a theory as any other.

Cameron Finds His Target

Last time David Cameron proposed a repeal of the Human Rights Act and its replacement with a British Bill of Rights, the media took up the story and ran with it.

The Sun blazoned it over page after page. This time, silence. Nothing. Zilch.

Instead, Prescott's smokescreen has received top billing. The man who has demonstrated better than anyone the rewards for loyalty and unity, is eminently qualified to give Cameron a dressing down. But he mentioned not one word about Cameron's actual policy proposals.

It's as if last time Cameron attacked the HRA, the media thought that by attacking him in return, he would turn round with his tail between his legs and find something else to talk about.

But no. Here he is again saying that Preachers of Hate cannot be deported because of the Human Rights Act. The debate last time established that we cannot withdraw from Human Rights laws unless we also withdraw from the EU, but now there is silence across all titles and broadcast media on these aspects of the terror threat.

Cameron will have no choice but to repeat his policy statement, until they show that they are listening and that they understand.

Treat them like an out of control classroom of badly behaved children, Dave.

The combination of media silence and Prescott affronted shows that you're hitting a very raw nerve indeed. Keep smacking it.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Labour Rigged The General Election

Read the evidence.

And now just to make sure they get maximum opportunity to ensure they can rig seats, there is no longer the requirement to count the votes immediately. Under latest proposals, ballot results need not be given til the following day.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Imagine There's No Heaven

'Ask many Muslims in the area who they would vote for, if they voted, and they say Respect.

"Muslims are getting it everywhere and if you want to know why these things happen then you've got to ask yourselves questions about why Britain is fighting in Muslim lands," said one young well-mannered man.

"Nobody is speaking out about these things. Our parents are too scared to speak out - they think they'll all get arrested and thrown out the country. We're British, this is my country - it raised and fed me - so it's time we spoke out. "'

(From 'Terror Fears In Walthamstow' - - 13th August)

So speak out. Let's hear it and see if it makes any sense.

Britain is fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq because we were being attacked by a terrorist organisation resident in Afghanistan, backed by the Afghans' Taliban rulers at the time. We are in Iraq because Saddam Hussein was also considered to be a significant threat.

Iran is claiming that they will attack Western civilisation and they too are acquiring dangerous weapons. It seems odd that some British Moslems don't understand that we have to defend ourselves against aggression.

The justifications offered for terrorism by young Moslems don't make much sense to me. Any more than the BNP's proposed countermeasures. But please speak openly BNP, and those Moslems who sympathise with terrorist acts. Your public words are preferable to your secret actions. All the hype will have to come down to earth one day. Maybe by talking to each other, people will come to see that we're all just human beings.

Hague Can F*** Off

Hague could still undo the part of the damage over the EPP.

All he has to do is to remove the threat of deselection from Roger Helmer and any others who lose the Party Whip, and we are again a democratic party.

Helmer spoke up against Barroso's corruption in the Euro Parliament to fulfil his manifesto commitment, and he lost the Whip as a result. Hague has shown himself dictatorial with a total lack of principle by threatening Roger Helmer with deselection.

It should not be Hague's decision. Voters choose MEP's. If they want Helmer in the Euro Parliament speaking up about corruption, he should be doing it, and Hague should f*** off. If Hague does not undo his threats and his betrayal of principle, he is the one who should be deselected. How can we have any respect for the deception he and Cameron practised?

They continually reassured all EPP-exit doubters that they were committed to the policy, and the timescale was always given - no if's and no but's. It is not just a breach of a promise. It is a breach of trust and principle. I will never trust Hague again, and as far as I am concerned I am sick of the Conservative Party being compromised by his weakness.

Hague says he enjoys writing books. Well go and write some books, and stop pretending you are some kind of leader.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Let The BNP Speak

Here is a flavour of how the BNP might approach the terror situation (from their website)

'The British National Party Executive's solution to this problem is to ban immediately, ALL MUSLIMS from flying out of (and in to) Britain until the security situation has been fully resolved.

During recent international football competitions, a similar ban on English football hooligans was carried out, when many football fans had their passports confiscated and travel restricted.'

If the BNP's policies were allowed onto the airwaves and not propagated by activists who can righly claim they are being repressed, the Conservative leadership could provide a reasoned alternative to the BNP.

As it is, the BNP give the only 'strong' version of how to deal with terrorism, and many people are drawn to the apparent strength of their position, as they hear no reasoned opposition to it.

The current libertarian elite control the media so tightly that politicians don't dare challenge the current orthodoxy, and people don't hear all the alternative suggestions on offer.

The result of suppressing debate is to create the sectarianism that Political Correctness is intended to prevent. It is instructive that before we suffered from home grown terrorism, we abandoned Freedom of Speech. People become angry when they think they are being manipulated, and it is that anger which turns people to extremism.

It would have been better to allow Enoch Powell to speak and influence immigration policy in the 1970's. At least something would have been done to position the cultural problem we now have. As it is, debate has been suppressed, and all sensible attempts to manage immigration abandoned. It would be better now to allow Powellite voices to speak on the media, not because they are right, but because they would act as a catalyst, and show people where the middle ground on immigration is (after seeing the more extreme, it gives perspective). People can recognise an extreme view for what it is. With extreme views silenced, quite moderate and sensible views on immigration are painted as being extreme.

Without an open debate, people are easily persuaded that there is a conspiracy to defraud them. By repressing the BNP, the government are fuelling their fire. Let them speak openly. The resulting debate would be productive, and the BNP would lose a lot of their appeal by losing their 'martyr' status. The BNP would also have to normalise, and move more to the centre. Outside any debate they can propagate whatever they like, and make extreme ideas like banning all Muslims from flights appear to be reasonable.

Friday, August 11, 2006

What's the Terror Endgame?

If Israel backs down to Hizbullah in Lebanon, Iran will see the way wide open to pursue the creation of its nuclear capability. From there Iran will be secure to build a terror network that will make the Taliban seem like amateurs.

Israel's war is our war. If we don't subdue Iran, the consequences will be far worse later. If we assist Israel to secure Lebanon, and move on Iran as we can, we might prevent the next phase in the Islamo-terrorist story. Otherwise the world will suffer far worse consequences in the years ahead.

Blair will increasingly be seen as having been right about the Middle East, after having been completely wrong about the EU.

Conservatives are making themselves totally irrelevant about all the key issues of our day, concerned with bicycle panniers, chocolates at the check-out and sexualising children's clothes. The phrase 'fiddling while Rome burns' comes to mind.

End Of Hand Luggage

Reported in today's Daily Telegraph are the difficulties of not being allowed to carry toothpaste onto a plane. Or bring laptops.

In fact, the bringing of hand luggage onto planes is pretty stupid anyway these days. It's bad for backs to be loaded up with laptops, drink and heavy bags full of shopping.

It's time to allow technology to move us forwards. You don't need a laptop anyway. You only need to bring your data saved on a flash stick or CD. Aircraft should provide PC's which can use all standard software programmes, access the internet and so on.

All passengers could buy toothpaste, nail varnish, drinks etc on board or on arrival. This might even help to bring flying back into profitability.

Cheap watches and temporary mobile phones or cameras could be bought or hired after people fly - or be packed and be carried in the hold. Business in the Departure Hall would plummet, but surge in Arrivals as people equip themselves while they wait for their bags to reach the carousel, which is normally wasted time. The SIM card and the flash stick are the only essential items to fly with, neither having any batteries.

It's only a case of getting peoples' minds round the problem. Getting rid of hand luggage would speed up airports and get rid of millions of back problems. And make the job of the terrorist a lot harder. It would be much better on all counts.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Eurofascism Rules OK

Recently the National European Forum (never heard of it? - Chairman is appointed) met and set up a working group to look at the process for the selection of candidates for the next elections to the European Parliament. These elections will be conducted on the discredited Regional List system which should be scrapped but which at the moment we can do nothing about. Already the sitting MEPs are lobbying for the selection process to be changed so that at a meeting of Regional Officers, Area Officers and Constituency Chairmen, if the sitting MEPs get more than 50% of the vote they go through on to the list without having to go to the hustings as happened last time. In their view this would put them on a par with Westminster MPs who only have to get a 50% vote of their Executive to be reselected. (Conseravtive Democracy)

On top of the deselection threat of MEP's that lose the Party Whip, which Hague announced when he betrayed the EPP promise, the above report from Conservative Democracy must spell the end of the selection of pro-independence MEP's like Hannan, Helmer, Heaton-Harris. No wonder Hannan and Heaton-Harris are thinking of quitting the EU Parliament. They will be bludgeoned into silence, so what's the point?

Friday, August 04, 2006

Multiracial Murder Is OK

Quote from Independent:

Davidson said the suspects were also believed to have knifed white boys, and he just couldn't see that that wasn't relevant.

There is a witchhunt going on in the enquiry into the Police handling of the Lawrence case - not to find killers or prove or disprove any facts. The heat still being generated about the Lawrence murder pivots around just one aspect. Was the killing racist or not racist?

The Police say it wasn't - as the alleged killers had also previously knifed white men.

The 'racist industry' say it was, as the alleged killers called Lawrence 'nigger'.

How does anyone know what is in the heart of a killer?

The racism industry has a problem.

Being killed used to be thought of as sufficiently bad enough, but if the person killing you didn't hate you because of your race, your murder is really not so bad after all. That's the inevitable implication. What a muddle!

Draft 'Fair Trade British Milk' Campaign

FAIR TRADE BRITISH MILK (draft campaign)
The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers says the cost of producing a litre of milk is 20.2p. Producers get 16p.

Farmers suffer. They can't invest. The kids leave. Divorce and suicide are rife.

Supermarkets at one time earned 5% on milk. Today they make 30%.

They are crushing the small guy - the farmer. Milk Processors too have doubled their take. The price to the farmer has halved.

Who is responsible?

There is no market regulator. The dairy farmer is hung out to dry.

Aren't there subsidies? No.
There are quotas which prevent farmers increasing output.

Milk products are coming from abroad. No checks can be made on environment effects, animal welfare and organic methods – if hormones are used – important for health.


It should be illegal for anyone to buy milk below the cost of production.

Supermarkets should pay a proper price which ensures there is Fair Trade for Farmers, for the Animals, for the Environment, and for You.

This is all over 8p on a litre of milk - which in supermarkets can sell for half the price of bottled water. It's crazy. Something has to be done.


Nothing will happen...unless you help. We must fight the EU Directive which prevents fair market regulation. …………………………
write to ................
Your support is vital.

If you want to hand out these leaflets and posters in your local area, please send us £5 to cover the costs and we will forward you the campaign pack. Donations welcome.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Suchorzewski Could Bolster UKIP

UKIP has got stuck. Farage will not release it, nor will Campbell Bannerman.

The one to watch is Richard Suchorzewski.

REPORT from hustings - 'RS gave his presentation first. He stated that the Party had not moved forward since its peak in 2004 and was in danger of becoming a ‘one man Party’. He called for training at all levels to improve the professionalism of all its activities. Mr Suchorzewski also called for all regions to be represented on the NEC.'

He's got the right formula.

The BNP will offer UKIP a fight at the next Euro elections. If UKIP don't get themselves unstuck, and into a professional state, the BNP will wipe the floor with them.

With Hague committing Euro hari kiri over the EPP, the game's wide open.

Dave - Is It Right? Or Is It Wrong?

The words 'Right' and 'Wrong' are too simple. The words imply that it is knowable by ordinary folk that something is either R or W.

'Inappropriate' implies that there is a priesthood - a class of people which oversees the ordinary folk who are unable through lack of education or position to know what is morally good and bad. The decisions that differentiate the R from the W are complex, and the preserve of this caste of superior beings.

To remove the simple vocabulary from people is to disempower them in the most fundamental way.

This is where David Cameron must focus, if his localism and social justice programmes are to power up and become convincing to people. He must base his apporach on simple straightforward morality.

For example, with the EPP, is it right that Roger Helmer is silenced for speaking up about corruption? Or is it wrong? That's nice and simple and anyone can understand it.

If on the other hand the procedure he used was considered 'inappropriate' by the EPP hierarchy, and Cameron feels obliged to tiptoe his morality around the complexity of Party Politics, then he is not remaining loyal to his own reference points.

At local level, things are right or they're wrong. Simple. This is where Cameron should be...not lost with William Hague in the complexities of 'inappropriateness', or Israel's 'disproportionality'.

The Little Guy Creates The Jobs

Margot, it's not always so easy. There are many situation where it is essential to move people out of a job quickly as they pose a substantial threat to an organisation's survival.

After firing a thief who sued us and won in excess of £10,000 for wrongful dismissal, where I had to sit through being lied against - and where there was clearly falsification of records - and where the case lasted two years - I would say that is why I no longer run my business myself (it's affected my nerves and my health has been affected), and why I spend time (like writing here) trying to get the dreadful situation we are in changed.

At one time I was ambitious to create hundreds of jobs, but now I am happy for my business to just coast along and gradually reduce employment numbers in the UK.

If entrepreneurs no longer find it worthwhile to take risks to expand their businesses, the whole of society suffers. Our unemployment is rising towards European levels, and I predict that it will ultimately get there.

It is in small business that jobs are created. Small business cannot afford large HR departments, or the time to waste on non-productive activities such as endless bureaucracy. The supply of new jobs is starting to dry up as a result.

An employer is a human being who wishes to carry responibility for others, on terms that are acceptable and that make sense. There will be less and less of such people as things stand.

I did not know about Switzerland. It is very hopeful.

Maybe one day we can get back to a world where we are protected from thieves and liars and society won't reward them with money, attention and endless opportunities to exact revenge on those who bring an end to their little games.

Big organisations create few jobs. They are usually looking to downsize their workforces. It's the little guy who creates the future. Spare a thought for him he/she will pack up before long.

Statistics on creation of jobs are explained by Professor David Storey of Warwick University. I'll see if he has anything online.

Conservatives Face Electoral Meltdown

Cameron delegated the EPP decision to Hague. Hague flunked it. Cameron must override Hague's EPP mess, or Conservatives in the Euro Parliament will become a dying breed.

There are only 8 or so eurosceptic MEP's willing to speak out against EU corruption. Hague has now threatened these with deselection if they speak openly as Roger Helmer did. Two are already looking for Westminster seats and leaving. Helmer is unlikely to be there beyond the next Euro MEP elections, if the deslection threat is carried out.

How will any eurosceptic MEP wish to follow in the footsteps of Hannan, Helmer and Heaton Harris, and be betrayed and silenced by hague in similar fashion?

If the whole Euro Parlaiment Conservative delelegation becomes hardline europhile, few Conservatives will want to vote for them.

The next EU elections could become a Conservative bloodbath, unless Cameron takes hold of this situation.

The BNP are targeting these elections, and UKIP, currently a spent force with little fight being shown by their leadership, might come back to life.

Hague's EPP mess will not go away. Cameron must show the strength of a leader and sort this out, or it will come back to haunt him over and over again. There has been a wrong calculation made as to how to play this. Hague is responsible. He must resign - or be sacked.

Helmer must not be silenced by threats of deselection. If nothing else we now see what a farce the Euro Parliament is.

This EPP fiasco demonstrates beyond any doubt that Conservatives must campaign to leave the EU. There is no democracy. Freedom of Speech is not tolerated. Centralisation of power is total.

What's Gordon Up To?

A new Europewide opinion poll shows that 42 per cent of Britons regard their country's membership of the EU to be "a good thing", compared with only 25 per cent six years ago.

The poll has sent a frisson of excitement through Brussels, but Eurosceptics claim the results were "a flash in the pan" and simply reflected the fact that big issues such as the euro and EU constitution had dropped out of the headlines.

Britain has not exactly fallen in love with Europe: only the citizens of Finland, Latvia and Austria are less likely to think that their country's membership of the union is a good thing.

But the Eurobarometer poll shows a clear upward trend in British public approval of the EU, up 12 points in just two years - raising interesting questions for politicians in all parties in London.

Gordon Brown, the British chancellor of the exchequer, has recently started softening his tone towards Europe in anticipation of his expected elevation to prime minister next year.

Noted for his hostile approach to the EU in recent years, Mr Brown has recently presented himself as fully engaged in a business-friendly Europe, while portraying his rival, Conservative leader David Cameron, as "isolated".

( - a ukip site)

Murdoch's singing Gordon's praises. Has he promised to get us into the Euro if he gets to be PM? I wouldn't be surprised.