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Portugal Paedophiles Operate Unchecked By Police

Those who criticised me for daring to suggest that Madeleine McCann's abduction is being covered up deliberately by Portuguese Police (post is 5 down from here if link not working), should read this link.

EXTRACT - The allegations are that state-run care homes were a target for wealthy and influential paedophiles whose activities were covered up for decades by successive Portuguese governments. Since the scandal erupted the Ministry of Labour and Social Security has confirmed that 128 girls and boys who were mainly deaf-mutes at the care homes were victims of sexual abuse.

or see more extensive reporting of Police covering up paedophilia in Portugal here

or see how Portuguese Police deal with mothers who allege abduction of their child here

PS I am told that a very similar situation exists in Belgium - the Brussels section that is rather than Antwerp. One is forced to the conclusion that much of the EU is a paedophile paradise.

Once Police don't have to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt, and the assumption of innocence of British law is replaced with the assumption of guilt as in EU law, it becomes easy for corrupt and perverted bureaucracies to first rape your children, and then prosecute you for doing it yourself if you dare to complain about it, as has Kate McCann.

I think we need that referendum on the Constitution you promised Gordon Brown. As you can see, Gordon, not everyone is quite so gullible as to believe that bureaucracies are anything other than self-serving organisations that democracy cannot touch. That is what you are creating by signing into the Constitution - organisations that are so powerful that they can do exactly as they wish. In my book, Gordon Brown is the biggest traitor Britain has ever had in its 1000 year history....assisting EU paedophiles to carry on raping children with impunity.

Posters, read the report before complaining.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

What's Bothering Cherie Blair?

Cherie Blair is clearly feeling the heat these days, recently walking out of a SKY TV interview only at the mention of Mrs Thatcher. What could lie behind her lack of composure? Is she feeling the loss of power too keenly?

Or is she worried that long-kept secrets about herself and her relationships are starting to leak out.

The relationships between the key NuLab characters was recently put into a new light by comments made by Clarissa Dickson Wright, of Two Fat Ladies fame, when she was interviewed by Mary Wakefield in The Spectator on 8th September. Clarissa had been a barrister in an earlier life, and had shared Chambers with many prominent New Labourites before they went into politics.

Her first revelation of interest - 'Cherie Blair was always jumping on Derry Irvine.' Mmm. OK. So the subsequent PM's wife was hot on the subsequent Lord Chancellor - interesting. Of course his appointment woud clearly have been based entirely on professional grounds, but this is a major revelation, is it not? And curious that the MSM, who must have know this for donkeys years, had never seen fit to mention it before.

Oh well. I doubt that need worry Cherie unduly.

But what about Clarissa's next item of interest - about Tony? - as follows -

'He got on conspicuously well with all the male junior clerks. Everbody knew it.' and his nickname was Miranda as a result, from the scene in The Tempest when Miranda sees the sailors.

Well this is quite a revelation, Clarissa. Tony Blair was and therefore is gay.

Of course if it had been a Conservative politician let alone PM, such a story would be splattered all over the Red Tops. But some how this factor about the Blairs has gone unmentioned throughout until now, and even then it hardly gets a side mention in an article about Clarissa'a dramas which certainly are not dull, but could hardly be called as as newsworthy as Tony Blair's sexuality.

No wonder Cherie's getting a bit jumpy as these revelations will all be appearring in Clarissa Dickson Wright's memoirs which have just been published.

Any More Items Of NuLab News?

If Tony's gay, and it appears that he is, and we know that Mandelson is of course, could the extreme hatreds between the Blairs and Gordon Brown also have another dimension yet to be revealed? I heard the NuLab regime in its early days referred to as the Gay Mafia, and wondered who that might include. I am not totally surprised about Blair to be honest, as it had crossed my mind before. I now find myself having similar thoughts about late marrying Gordon. Anything to report about him, Clarissa? I don't think much else would surpise us now. Also see more recent Daily Mail article on Brown being gay HERE. Although Brown's biography reveals nothing of the sort.

There is also this short extract from Andrew Marr's recent and excellent 'A History Of Modern Britain' (MacMillan 2007) -
'There was Mandelson, the brilliant but temperamental former media boss, by now an MP. Once fixated by Gordon Brown, he was adored by Blair and returned the sentiment.' Strong words, Andrew.


Alastair Campbell's Diaries are a monstrous size, and expensive at UKL 25.00

However they reveal a lot.

One noticeable element is the way Derry Irvine is so influential, especially on matters concerning the Blair household. Derry, for example strongly defended the choice of schools, the Oratory, despite Campbell's attempt to persuade the Blairs to avoid the political criticism this choice would entail.

You could be forgiven for imagining that Derry Irvine was like the real father of one or two of the children, the relationship seems so close.

Whatever the situation, I wish them all well.

The Blair household was never going to be a boring conventional one.

Cherie's held it all together and made it work.




Tony at similar age


Derry Irvine



From Telegraph 17.5.08

So just how many photographs of her children did Cherie Blair, who used to threaten legal action if their privacy was breached by newspapers, use in her kiss-and-tell memoirs? No fewer than 23. Do you think she knows how to spell hypocrisy?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shame On Paedophile Portugal

From The Telegraph 10.september 2007. By Gordon Rayner.

'the couple have the clear impression that POrtuguese police not only regard them as the prime suspects, but have no intention of pursuing any other lines of enquiry or actively searching for their daughter.

Their suporters believe the Policia Judicaria have now achieved what they have secretly wanted for weeks, if not months - to get the McCanns out of Poretugal and to place on them the indelible stain of suspicion which will enable them to wind down the case.


As Mrs McCann succinctly put it before being named a suspect - ''The police don't want a murder in PĆ³rtugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming us.'

I can see why Mrs Mccann talks of murder. That would be a preferable outcome to the grisly truth of paedophile abduction - that the children are kept alive, sometimes for years and finally disposed of, when they are of no further use. they can never be set free.

Portugal's politicians and Police have behaved and are behaving in a despicable manner. The McCanns are the bloody victims for God's sake of the most heartbreaking crime imaginable. It is incomprehnsible to Brits that such barbarity can exist in what we imagine to be a modern law-abiding fellow EU country. If we allow the EU to run Britain's legal system and supervise our Police force as Brown is proposing, I guess the paedophile abductors will take heart that Britain like the rest of Europe will become an easy touch.

REPLY TO COMMENTER - I am having porblems trying to comment on both my blogs as if I'm getting interference from somewhere. Portugal does not have paedophile laws according to The Telegraph in the UK. If the media is being manipulated as you say, there could be a high level pact to make this embarrasssing case go away. As for the DNA, experts have pointed out the problems with using this as primary evidence.

Portugal must endure the sahme of these events and its failure to deal with them. No need for any colonies thanks.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Madeleine McCann Abducted By Paedophiles

The Portuguese Police are talking bollocks. They messed up the McCann's apartment when Madeleine disappearred destroying evidence, failed to follow up leads until weeks had passed, and now try to manufacture evidence, which British experts point out, is dodgy, and accuse Mr & Mrs McCann of killing Madeleine with sedatives, which they have never given to their children. You would think that we had a plot here for a Keystone Cops movie. It is such a farcical, almost deliberate dereliction of duty on the part of the Portuguese Police.

And that is probably what it is - deliberate. Paedophile rings are organised and criminal. The Police know how dangerous they are and either expect pay-offs for covering their tracks, or more likely fear a bullet in the back if they take any steps to apprehend them.

The British media studiously ignores the evidence of organised crime operating inside the EU - maybe out of a self preservation policy, or because they work to a strict narrative, which precludes them from mentioning EU criminality.

The reason I tend towards the organised crime version of Madeleine's disappearrance, is the experience I have of spending time in Brussels, where child abduction is commonplace, with posters put up at most tram stops asking people if they've seen missing kids. In the UK you might see posters for cats and dogs of the same kind - but not usually for young kids - too young to leave home on their own.

The Belgians live in fear of having their children abducted, as the paedophile gangs operate unbothered by the Police. Once a child is abducted, they are never seen again. The Marc Dutroux case became famous, as he allowed girls to die in his cellars when he was arrested. But two girls escaped unharmed and provided many leads as to who Dutroux' clients would have been. But no inquiries were made. Belgians all have their theories as to who is involved, many suggesting paedophiles are high up in the government.

In Brussels, kids are often photographed at play and abductions made to order. Why the Police don't do anything, or politicians keep silent is not known for sure, but you can use your imagination...a combination of threat and reward - in a country where money easily buys influence, it is not surprising.

The strain of knowing so much evil and not being able to act to prevent it gets too much for many. Belgian Police are very prone to committing suicide.

I guess the McCanns have strayed into a similar situation in Portugal, where the forces of law and order have been equally compromised by the criminals. There is no other theory that makes any sense. The accusations levelled at Kate McCann are hopelessly manufactured.

The barman who saw them out 8 miles away without their children, which they deny sounds like a typical Police informer, or someone assisting the paedophile syndicate that carried out the abduction. The only sedation used would have been by the abductor to ensure Madeleine remained silent while she was carried out of the flat.

For another view on this visit and read 'It's All A Bit Baffling Really'. Or see this and especially read the comments, where one commenter compares this to the Chamberlain case in Australia, where Mrs Chamberlain had her baby stolen 'by dingos' - but she was accused and spent 6 years in jail before being fully exonerated.

For more evidence showing Portuguese Police actively protecting paedophiles, see latest

UPDATE - August 2008 - The sad truth starts to emerge

Friday, September 07, 2007

Conservatives Will Vote Labour. And Vice Versa.

Eliasch is just another europhile who wants to pressure Cameron to stop fighting for an EU referendum. The Fifth column like Quentin Davies and John Bercow are dribbling away from Cameron, and no doubt he faces threats from Ken Clarke of some kind if he puts up too big a fight against the EU.

the cross party movement of MPs is crucial.

If Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative MPs form a majority in the Commons to block the Constitution, despite the wishes or positions of their leaderships, there is little Brown can do.

But imagine the temptation for a few to break ranks and the kinds of bribes that will be offered those who comply with the europhile's aims.

This is why it is so crucial that Constituencies like Battersea and Bromley deselect their MPs before the election and replace them with eurosceptics. Same goes for Bercow, Cormack, Ken Clarke and a few others. Not sure about Mercer.

Conservative Associations should be preparing the ground for the Parliamentary EU showdown. If their MP or candidate does not represent their views, they should get rid of them, and replace them. If not Britain will have lost its independence through the apathy of Constituency Associations.

If only all the activists would not wander to waste their time in UKIP, and instead campaigned within the Party to ensure that Conservative MPs represented Conservative eurosceptic views, the situation would be so much better.

It is getting to the point where a eurosceptic voter who has a known europhile Conservative candidate and a known eurosceptic Labour (or Lib Dem) one, should now start voting Labour (or Lib Dem) to keep the Conservative out.

The Francis Maude Chairmanship has created many anomalies like Bromley and Battersea, and they need sorting out, because the focus of Parliamentary politics is at last moving to the biggest question of all - will Britain escape the tentacles of the EU empire or will she break free? It is a question that rises above party loyalties, and all the sums of pollsters and strategists will be tested.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Cameron And The EU. Tactics.

Keith Vaz former Minister for Europe recently proposed that a referendum be held about the EU - which was a surprise. He wants one to decide not about the Constitution, but about Britain's membership of the EU total. Cameron should second this proposal.

He should join with the europhiles demanding a referendum on Britain's relationship with the EU.

He should refuse to advocate one side or the other.

He should only insist that the public have the right to decide, and that he will abide by their choice.

But first there is a lot of play left in the cross party campaign to defeat the EU Constitution, and there is no need to up the ante. But if the Danes intercede and block the Constitution, the campaign to get a refrendum need not cool.

Richard North on his blog EU Referendum seems to be critical of Cameron for winding down his attacks on the EU Constitution, and mistrusting of his motives and commitment to prtecting British democracy. Is he right?

The apparent cooling of Cameron to fighting the EU Constitution should be seen in context. Cameron has been hit by the effective defections of Mercer and Bercow, and he knows that the more hen pushes on the need for a refrendum, the closer he will get to antagonising and prompting an outburst from Ken Clarke.

Even if he's totally determined to fight for British independence, the fact is that Cameron has to watch his back at every turn.

At this very moment, he does not have to lead the campaign for the referendum as it is now developing as a cross party effort. If this approach is to work, it is essential that Cameron is not seen as positioning himslef and the Party to gain maximum political advantage. The less Cameron is seen as an activist, the more effective the cross party campaign will be.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Farewell Heathrow Airport. Hello Heathrow City

Navigate yourself to the tip of Kent on Google maps and look at the size of what was RAF Manston - now Kent INternational Airport - and imagine how easy it would be to develop Britain's largest international airport there. Planes taking off could travel out to sea without overflying any significant poulations, and landing planes would not seriously disturb the good citizens of Ramsgate.

Fast train connection is already nearby at Ashford where the Channel Tunnel departs. If a spur was made from the line linking Ashford to St Pancras, the commute to the airport from St Pancras would be 20 minutes.

You could move 100 million passengers a year through Kent, park 250,000 cars, and build the infrastructure that Heathrow cannot possibly provide. London is plagued by plane noise, and this could be greatly reduced, or eliminated entirely.

Heathrow should be given over to become a high rise area, of high class condominiums up to 40 storeys high with ten apartments on each floor. It could become a mini Hong Kong ideally placed in West London with the best transport links - with lesiure, shopping, businesses, sports, churches and schools all built in. You could solve London's housing and transport problems at a stroke....and cut pollution, and noise.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Brown Tries To Outmanoevre Cameron Over EU

Seeing Keith Vaz on Newsnight proposing a referendum on Britain's EU membership, gives the clue that this is Gordon Brown's election strategy for the EU Constitution referendum issue. i.e. muddy the waters to confuse the dumbo eurosceptics.

Interestingly I heard the same idea from Patrick Cormack two weeks ago at John Biffen's funeral. Are the europhiles now trying to sound as if they are going to offer something tastier to eurosceptics than a referendum on the Constitution - viz. a referendum on EU membership total?

This seems to be a ploy to sidetrack the issue. But it could also be genuine - made in the belief that the British electorate would not vote to leave the EU, given the stark choice of 'in' or 'out'?

In the short term, it is probably an election ploy. In the longer term, talking openly about the viability of Britain's EU membership might turn into a rope around Brown's neck.

Cameron's campaign - 'don't let Brown let EU down' and the backing in The Sun could well have triggered this move by Brown. It would be enough to cover Brown's back during an election period, and make it sound as if Brown was operating at a higher level on the EU, without him having to actually call a referendum on EU membership at all, or even promise one. He only needs to talk about the possibility of a referendum on membership to undercut the current campaign from cameron, which is only focused on The Constitution.

Brown might also be hoping to push the Conservatives into more openly eurosceptic rhetoric so he can brand Cameron as a Xenophobic, Little Englander etc etc. Or he would be hoping to get repeated statements of commitment to EU membership from Cameron, and then turn it round on him, saying that if we reject the Constitution, our EU membership would be put in jeopardy.

As Brown is biting on this issue, Cameron should follow up, and keep the pressure on Brown. Whatever else he must make this a hot potato for Brown, or he could allow him to appear as the better thought out on this topic. He should improve his slogan on it immediately into Stop Brown Betraying Britain, and keep Brown on the back foot. There is after all the issue of breach of promise by Brown, and that needs to be played for all it is worth.