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Trichet Adds To Euro Panic

Claude Trichet, President of the ECB
I remember the joke we had at school, of the teacher complaining that ''every time I open my mouth, some stupid fool speaks.''  It demonstrates how far we've moved on from those days that such a joke would now not even be understandable, and even if understood,would not be laughed at.  The idea of stupid teachers is no longer a joke, but becoming par for the course, according to some reports.  And even good teachers have been stripped of all authority.
The thing that reminded me of the old joke was the thought that, in a similar way, every time an EU or ECB official opens their mouth to try to allay fears of coming defaults in the eurozone,they keep making matters worse.
On October 29th Merkel scared the world by saying that when the losses come, bond-holders would have to share the losses along with tax-payers.  This immediately sent the Euro scooting down to new lows,and hiked up bond rates in Ireland triggering a severe political crisis.
Trichet the ECB President tried to stop her from taking this path in October, rightly anticipating what its effects would be.  But Sarkozy supported her, and the crisis bit deep once more.  
But Trichet himself is now in the business of trying to talk the crisis down, hoping to undo some of the damage done by the Merkel declaration of losses to be borne by investors.  His intervention, however, is also bound to only make matters even worse than they are.  In his latest announcement, he tries to differentiate between private losses and government losses amongst bond-holders, saying bonds owned by governments would be protected from loss.
The WSJ writes -
Under the agreement, the EU would only ask private-sector creditors to accept losses, if the country in trouble was unanimously voted as insolvent. Mr. Trichet said added that in the cases of Greece and Ireland, the two countries that have received aid this year, both are solvent.
In his opening remarks to the EU parliament, Mr. Trichet repeated his familiar stance on the issue of foreign-exchange markets and on the future governance of Europe's economic and monetary union.
This will of course go down like a lead balloon with private bond-holders.  They are the only ones free to cut and run from their holdings of failing government paper, and they will now do so, faster and in greater numbers than before.  I guess the markets tomorrow will punish Trichet's folly while we wait for the next EU leader to open their mouth.  
Whichever direction they want to channel losses into with their pronouncements from on high, they merely add to the certainty that losses are imminent.  Like the teacher of old, they might do better just to keep their mouths shut.  But that is not the way with people who see themselves and their positions as all important, and investors as mere financial cannon fodder.

Who Owns The Fed?

EWI president Robert Prechter addressed this in detail.  He wrote -

''The dividends paid by the Fed to stockholders are paid to its owners, who are member banks, which are privately owned. If the government owned the Fed, it would receive the dividends on its stock. So it is clear that the Fed is privately owned, and its dividends accrue to the benefit of private individuals. 

PS (4/27/09) -- An observant subscriber adds: "A simple proof can be found in the local telephone book. The listing for the Federal Reserve can be found only in the 'white' pages which is for private and commercial activities and not in the 'blue' pages which is for Government agencies such as Federal, State, County or Municipal."''

Will Sinn Fein Win Power?

Could Sinn Fein Win The Irish Election?  Gerry Adams Is Resigning his Westminster seat to fight for the seat of Co. Louth in the Dail.  Here Sinn Fein celebrates winning the Donegal South West byelection.  A General Election should soon be triggered by the Greens, who have stated they are abandoning the current governing coalition.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that Sinn Fein won 40% of the vote at the Donegal Byelection last week.  It's their first byelection win since 1925, and they rose substantially above the other supposed oppositions - Labour and Fine Gael, humiliating governing Fianna Fail.

Gerry Adams is abandoning his Westminster seat, which he never took up, and is standing to become a TD in the upcoming general election.  If he gets the breakthrough he hopes, Sinn Fein could be the dominant party in a new Irish government.

Normally Irish voters regard Sinn Fein as troublemakers in the north, and steer away from voting for them, but with the EU attempting to subjugate Ireland and condemn her to decades of austerity and powerlessness, ordinary Irish people are angry and afraid.  many see a vote for a nationalist party as the right one.  They feel that they are under assault and they want to vigorously defend their freedom.  Where else can they turn?

A Sinn Fein senator who forced the Irish government into a bruising by-election was last night celebrating a landslide victory in one of Fianna Fail's strongest outposts.
Pearse Doherty (33) bulldozed his way to a seat in Donegal South West with an almost 40pc share of the vote in the party's first by-election victory since 1925.
It left Fianna Fail tending deep wounds in what was a hugely humiliating defeat in Tanaiste Mary Coughlan's home constituency.
Just over 55pc of the electorate turned out to vote, with Sinn Fein forging significantly ahead of Fine Gael and Labour as the main beneficiary of a decisive swing away from Fianna Fail.
The father-of-three from Gweedore topped the poll with almost 40pc of the first preference votes, almost outpolling the combined Fianna Fail and Fine Gael total.
Fianna Fail's Brian O Domhnail and Fine Gael's Barry O'Neill (37) polled 21pc and 19pc respectively in the three-seater constituency that has been previously dominated by the two main parties.

The results of a Sinn Fein win would be devastating.  This article from the Belfast Telegraph sums up what might well happen if SF makes it -

A majority of people in the Republic of Ireland wants the State to default on debts to bondholders in the country's stricken banks, according to a poll.
The finding that 57 per cent favour and 43 per cent oppose default reflects a growing view among policymakers and opinion formers that the State simply cannot support the debt burden it has taken on.
The telephone poll of 500 people nationwide - carried out by Sunday Independent/Quantum Research - has also found that a majority of around two-thirds opposes the headline measures in the Government's four-year plan.
Following Fianna Fail's loss of the by-election in Donegal last week, the findings will add to political uncertainty as an austerity Budget approaches on December 7.
As Ireland awaited the fine details of the international bailout, which are expected tonight, it was learned last night that the Irish delegation negotiating with the EU-IMF last week raised the issue of default.
"The Europeans went completely mad," a senior government source said.
Government sources have also denied an RTE News report on Friday that the average annual interest rate on the €85bn EU-IMF bailout would be 6.7 per cent.
Last night the Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan, told this newspaper that such an interest rate was "not acceptable to me".
But whatever interest rate is eventually agreed -- it is expected to be closer to 6 per cent -- the State will be burdened with a colossal annual interest payment of around €5bn over nine years, if or when the bailout is drawn down.
This effective doubling of the interest payments that are already being made has helped to convince the public here that there must now be a default on a portion of the debt -- specifically, the portion lent to Irish banks, including senior bonds.
If that was to happen, it would be likely to cause a severe shock to the financial system worldwide and raise the risk of an international meltdown. However, advocates of a default say it is no longer in Ireland's national interest to prevent senior bondholders taking a hit.

Read more:


Adams sees the financial crisis as a moment to bring the two Irelands together.  By trying to fit the crisis to his agenda, he could lose the chance to make strides in Ireland's Parliament, which he could do if he focused solely on the financial crisis.  I guess leopards don't change spots that easily, or even realise it's best sometimes to disguise them for a while.  In the comments, my question seems to be answered.  SF will only make it to junior status in a coalition, at best.  If they do better than that, things could get very ugly very quickly. 

Make Your Own Flying Saucer

Lying government bastards hide the propulsion technologies that are available - claims this scientist.

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Travelling Today. No Blog.

I'm airborne throughout the day returning to the UK from the Philippines.  I must be mad given the differences in temperature.  Seeing family is the attraction.  I hope to catch up with a few friends and find out the inside chat on politics while I'm there.   See you soon, Blighty.

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The Daily Express Should Cover State Child Seizure

Fear not Moslems. They are for the most part good gentle people. They did not carry out 911 or 7/7. These were false flag inside jobs carried out by our own governments to commit us to wars we otherwise would not have agreed to.
Our own governments who think our lives expendable to their schemes and ambitions are who we should fear.
They bomb us and use propaganda to disguise their dirty work as that of others. They bankrupt our once healthy economies. They kidnap our children and commit them to institutions where they can be raped with impunity.
I would rather a Moslem any day to David Cameron, Tony Blair and those others who think us a sub-human species that they can subjugate, murder and exploit.
Read Christoper Booker today for the most disgusting story you will ever read. As I say bring us Moslems any day.  Fear instead our own government. They are the ones that need to be destroyed before they destroy us.
If David Cameron imagines himself a good person who cares about the quality to our lives, why does he permit child seizure from innocent parents to be continuing and growing in Britain?
These stories of state child seizure (see Booker) should be carried by the Daily Express now. They must expose the disgusting acts of the same politicians and bureaucrats that desire us to be ruled by the EU and other OWG supranational institutions, who are so distant and powerful, they believe themselves untouchable whatever they do.

Madeleine McCann is only one of hundreds of thousands who disappear every year.  The State is not on the side of the victims.  They are the predators.

The Empire Strikes Back

The web is full of stories attempts being made to close down websites this morning by governments.  The programme is starting as a way to stop counterfeit goods being put on sale, but is already progressing into other areas, with one search site being closed with allegations of copyright infringement made, but no legal process or defence allowed by the website owner.

Raw Story reports -

Homeland Security's ability to shut down sites without a court order evidently comes from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a Clinton-era law that allows Web sites to be closed on the basis of a copyright complaint. Critics have long assailedthe DMCA for being too broad, as complainants don't need to prove copyright infringement before a site can be taken down.
News of the shutdowns has some observers wondering whether the US really needs COICA, the anti-counterfeiting bill that passed through a Senate committee with unanimous approval last week. That bill would allow the federal government to block access to Web sites that attorneys general deem to have infringed on copyright.
"Domain seizures coming under the much debated ‘censorship bill’ COICA? Who needs it?" quips Torrentfreak.
However, COICA would allow the government to block access to Web sites located anywhere in the world, while Homeland Security's take-downs are limited to servers inside the United States. Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon said he would place a hold on COICA, effectively killing the bill at least until the new congressional session next year.
The owner of complained that his search engine was shut down without so much as a court order or prior complaint.
All they need to do is ''receive'' a report of copyright infringement, and then they can close a site.
The internet is hurting the shadow governments of the world by exposing who they are and what they're doing.  The Empire is bound to strike back.
Sites will need to be ready to move address every day, and have an easy way to pass their new web address into a web directory where readers can find their new URL.  Meanwhile make the most of our freedom while it lasts.

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Fox News ''Opens Its Mind'' About 911 Being ''Inside Job"

Rupert Murdoch.  Fox broadcast every detail on 911.  Now not so sure.

The internet has convinced one third of Americans that there are many inconsistencies surrounding the official 911 story given out on the day, and since, to the point that they don't believe the official story of it being a terrorist attack.  Fox News has now gone public featuring a report by Geraldo Rivera, where the network questions specifically the circumstances surrounding the collapse of Building 7 of the WTC.  It won't be long once the MSM starts voicing doubts about 911, before there will be more public awareness about false flag terrorist operations of recent times.

Right now, for instance, the world is being told that North Korea is about to become, or has become a nuclear threat.  Doesn't that remind you of something?  The same old WMD game that was used for Iraq, and is always being used to keep a threatening stance over Iran.  (See end of previous post for link to northerntruth)

It's coming ten years late, but if the MSM feels obliged to start opening up on 911, the people of the world might find that much of what they believed on ''The News'' about various countries around the world is untrue.  Once the military industrial complex gets to feel cornered, though, it is more likely than ever to let loose more terror on the USA to keep the population down, while the big money rolls in.  The moment of truth about false flag terror will be a dangerous one. 

Here is The Fox News Report of two weeks ago -

Geraldo at Large Fox News:9/11 Group Asks NYC City Council to Investigate WTC Building 7 Collapse

Transcript of interview from blog SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!!!
By Mark Matheny

Motto - "It is not enough to know that there is a shadow government pulling the strings of the visible government- we must also act to expose it, and defeat it!"-Mark Matheny
November 14, 2010

Geraldo Rivera interviewed  members Tony Szamboti, a Mechanical engineer and Bob Mcilvaine of the Coalition For Accountability Now on Fox News Geraldo at Large, November 13, 2010.

It appears that the Main Stream media is now being put in a position by the internet alternative media to at least appear to be interested in a possible new investigation into the events of September 11, 2001, whether they really want to or not.

Geraldo has in the past frowned upon those known as "9/11 thruthers" (even giving truthers the finger at one point) and so this interview is rather surprising, although not so much so, due to the fact that many alternative media networks on the internet have continually covered the ongoing research and appeals for a new investigation by several groups such as Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and

According to's site, the Building What? campaign is: effort led by 9/11 family members to raise awareness of the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 and shift public opinion such that the New York City Council will be inspired to open an independent investigation into how this building, which housed the City’s Emergency Operations Center, was destroyed at 5:20pm on September 11, 2001.

During the interview, Geraldo asked Bob Mcilvaine " So what do you want.. Let's get to the bottom line here.." whereupon Bob responded "I want truth. I've been lied to. I mean it's beyond a reasonable doubt that the 9/11 Commision did not tell the story."

Bob Mcilvaine's son was one of the thousands who lost their lives in the tragic event.

The Building What ? campaign is asking for the Forum to investigate the circumstances surrounding the collapse of WTC 7 to be held in New York City. When asked by Geraldo, Bob Mcilvaine responded with "the forum we want it in, is New York city right now, because New York City we feel, has an obligation to investigate 9/11.."

Bob Mcilvaine also stated that although they intend to have the New York City Council investigate, he does not intend to stop there, but stated that further investigations are also his intention.

At the end of the interview, Geraldo stated:

"..It is an intriguing topic, I am certainly much more open-minded about it than I was, and it's because of the involvement of the 9/11 families, and all these engineers and architects...Clearly they know more than I do."
Maybe Glenn Beck could learn a thing or two from Geraldo.

It sounds like the media, who were a major part of the 911 deception are starting to see a change coming in American politics, and Fox wants to be on the right side of the political swings that are on the way.  Fox is Murdoch after all, and that means business is threatened.  Fox ran the Twin Towers computer graphics on 911 as required by those who were powerful at the time.  There's no change of heart, just a change in the political weather, where the public are no longer so gullible.  Murdoch's usually the first to shift his position to catch a trend.

''I'm Freaking Out," Says Euro Trader

15th April 1912.  The Titanic sank, another unsinkable vessel.
What a difference a week can make.  Last week traders were seeking high rates of interests on bonds they assumed were safe as they were denominated in Euros.  This week they are all selling, fearing that exactly what they believed was safe is now unsafe, viz. anything denominated in Euros.  It's as if they now suddenly see clearly that the Titanic is only a ship like any other, which can get holed and sink, and that this latest ship, the Euro, just like the original, hasn't got  enough life boats.

FT - A senior trader at a US investment bank added: “I’m freaking out. The investors who were bottom-fishing last week are all selling this week.”
Irish 10-year bond yields rose above 9 per cent, Portuguese yields jumped further above 7 per cent – a level Lisbon says is not sustainable – while Spanish yields rose further above 5 per cent. The euro dipped towards two-month lows, falling for the fourth day in a row.
The renewed volatility came as Germany rejected any suggestion of an increase in the size of the €440bn ($588bn) European financial stability facility – the eurozone rescue fund established by European Union finance ministers in May to help debt-laden members of the common currency zone.

''No more life boats available,'' say the Germans.  OK, then.  That's it.  It's every man for himself.

Here's the details -

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Planes Hitting Twin Towers Were Computer Graphics

Look carefully at the underbelly of the plane.  See anything odd?

Before seeing what that might be, first look at all the TV and movie evidence that someone knew 911 was coming, even ten years before it happened.
See how many Illuminati signals there were foretelling 911 in movies and TV shows. 

If it wasn't an inside job, how did they all know about what was coming? If they knew, why didn't they prevent it? Also note that David Icke's wife told TV in 1995 that 'there will be a serious attack on a major US city between the years 2000 and 2002.'

Look carefully at the plane's underbelly in the top picture above the video. What's that lump doing sticking out of the bottom of the plane? Have you ever seen one of those before or since? For the explanation as to what the visible lump is, see the video at the end. It will surprise you and throw your understanding of current science into question.

If you think there's nothing sticking out of the plane's fuselage, then you are deceiving yourself. Take a break. Come back in a few minutes and look again.

I was sent the next web address by a reader, and if anyone ever doubted whether 911 was a fabricated false flag event, with the events that happened being very different to the ones we were told at the time, this should help them make up their minds.

In confirmation watch what happened to the flight crews who never returned.

You can watch a long video needing an hour or so and see it all explained if you want, or spend just two minutes viewing these visual explanations of why the imagery of the towers being hit by planes are the work of, at least partly, computer graphics.

(The only problem might be that these films are themselves a deception, put out to confuse.  Yet who would do that and why? With even MSM now starting to admit that 911 should be approached 'with an open mind' (Fox News), I am taking these films as genuine for the time being.)

There are a lot more details in the video, but this is enough for most people to see. Things like how could the cockpit of the plane hitting the South Tower reappear intact and in line of flight, after passing through a steel building? The networks realised this error and removed the clip from their archive and blanked the picture on 9/11 itself by covering it over with a banner, but many Americans had already videoed the error.

In some copies of the event, the smoke is white. In others it is black. Similar views of the towers have different backgrounds. The number of inconsistencies concerning the images are so great, there is no point me listing them all out here.

Take your time with this. It is an emotional journey to go through, which is fascinating and depressing all at the same time. This was an act of war, in which many people died.  That in itself makes this hard to watch, but you owe it to yourself not be taken as a fool by the media. Form your own conclusions, but at least look at the evidence. And as I say, take your time.

Also from septemberclues is the estimation that the number of casualties in the towers was far lower -

Fortunately, a little solace may be found in the latest findings of this research : it is gradually emerging (see the Vicsim Report) that the list of 9/11 victims (approx. 2,928) is a mostly forged database of fictitious identities and forged/morphed photographs. 

Study the evidence.  Take your time.  I found the evidence compelling, especially when juxtaposed alongside many eyewitness reports which said they saw no planes, that they heard explosions, and some say they heard a missile.

Here is the detailed footage showing the reasons why the plane impacts are fake which the whole world believed to be a real event changing history at the time, including me.


I didn't know that Fox News has released information demonstrating 9/11 to be a scam.  One third of Americans now believe it to be so, which is another reason why The Tea Party is gaining ground.

TAP - The pulling of WTC 7, without any impact from any plane, missile or device, is the starting point for many sceptics. Once Flight 93 was shot down by a pilot disobeying orders, there was no cover story for how there was a plane available to crash into the building. WTC 7 was intended to be hit by a 'plane' like the Twin Towers, making it three impacts in New York City.

Fox News viewers, America’s most conservative and typically, most volatile “news junkies” are now being told that the 9/11 investigation was a coverup and the Building 7 demolition is proof of a massive conspiracy.  For America’s #1 news source to go this far, not on one show but two of their top rated journalists, Judge Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera, has been a serious blow for all those who supported the Bush administration and believed in the “war on terror.”

No other network, no newspaper is touching this story, this “third rail” which debunks two wars, debunks “Osama bin Laden” and makes the case for America being a nation of dupes.  It doesn’t just stop at America.  Most of the world got “sucked in” on 9/11, buying in on an even that now has gone from historical milestone as a disaster to the greatest scam in world history.

Bush admissions, though it is doubtful he understand the nature of such admissions and the criminal implications, over Iran and his willingness to send Americans to a hopeless war for his personal aggrandizement are only part of a pattern of which 9/11 itself was a part.  If, as Fox News claims, Building 7 was a controlled demolition, then all of 9/11 was staged.  Any other assumption is insane.

So what killed the missing air hostesses?

by Michel Chossudovsky
ISBN 0-9737147-1-9  (2005)
387 pages.
Global Research Online Price: US$14.00  (Retail $19.95)  
NEW: The Book is now available in pdf format at US $8.25 (scroll down for details)

In this new and expanded edition of Michel Chossudovsky's 2002 best seller, the author blows away the smokescreen put up by the mainstream media, that 9/11 was an attack on America by "Islamic terrorists".  Through meticulous research, the author uncovers a military-intelligence ploy behind the September 11 attacks, and the cover-up and complicity of key members of the Bush Administration.
The expanded edition, which includes twelve new chapters focuses on the use of 9/11 as a pretext for the invasion and illegal occupation of Iraq, the militarisation of justice and law enforcement and the repeal of democracy.
According to Chossudovsky, the  "war on terrorism" is a complete fabrication based on the illusion that one man, Osama bin Laden, outwitted the $40 billion-a-year American intelligence apparatus. The "war on terrorism" is a war of conquest. Globalisation is the final march to the "New World Order", dominated by Wall Street and the U.S. military-industrial complex.
September 11, 2001 provides a justification for waging a war without borders. Washington's agenda consists in extending the frontiers of the American Empire to facilitate complete U.S. corporate control, while installing within America the institutions of the Homeland Security State.

For a detailed assessment of when Bin Laden actually died, go to Osama Bin Elvis, an American Spectator article from 2009.

Pentagon was hit by a missile, not a plane.

Graphics creation explained in more detail -

Long explanation on how the missing passengers on 911 were liquidated.

Here is another bizarre clip of the plane approaching the tower where the software gets confused and first makes the 'plane' disappear behind the tower, until it suddenly reappears and disappears again just before something impacts the tower. This betrays the method used to convert the flying ball into an image of the plane, using the same kind of software that created the movie Avatar. Except here in 2001, rushing to get TV pictures out quickly, it malfunctioned.

Me explains -

on the close up you can see the light halo around the plane that has been graphically added to the background without the colours matching perfectly.

Notice also the whole footage as edited to just a few seconds before impact to minimise the amount of editing they had to do to hide the ball.

At 10-13 seconds in, continuing with the close-up slo-mo, the plane disappears, but you can still just make out a ball shape continuing toward the tower.

It is so dark in the shadow they haven't bothered to add wings.

It gets particularly weird around 12-14 seconds when the ball seems to disappear then a plane shape reemerges into the light slightly higher than it was.

TAP Freeze at 16 seconds. The hole is tiny and could not possibly allow a plane to enter the building. You can see why this clip was discarded and not used for TV coverage at the time.

Before impact the ball becomes most visible at the back of the plane. It doesn't look like a tail wing, the back of the plane has a round shaped attached to it.

On entry there is little damage until the ball goes in, and then the first sign of smoke is from a ball-shaped hole.

Also, the explosion on entry is in a different place (closer to the edge) than on the other close up CNN video

">clip of plane image with disappearing wing, showing this was a computer graphic.

UPDATE - Meet the hijackers. Ten years on, they are still alive.



The evidence of 911 being falsehood just piles up and up.


just got this from Sky....Remains of some victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US were taken to a landfill site, a Pentagon report has found.
"Several portions of remains" found at the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania crash site presumably ended up in landfill after being handed to a private firm, the report said.

The Pentagon said the remains "could not be tested or identified".

The victims were among those killed when a plane hijacked by terrorists struck the Pentagon and another crashed in Shanksville, killing 40.

Remains that could not be tested or identified were given to a bio-medical waste disposal contractor.

The contractor incinerated them and then took them to a landfill.

The information was in a report on the military's Dover mortuary, where the practice of putting partial unidentified remains in a landfills was discontinued in 2008.

Did Michael Portillo Know About 7/7 In Advance?

Browsing Jim Corr's website this morning, I found this item..  The court where the relatives of the 7/7 victims are bringing their case asking for information to be revealed was sent this file by Anthony Hill . As a result of his helpfully trying to assist the judge to reach a correct decision, he is now being charged with a crime carrying a potential sentence of life imprisonment.

The evidence he delivered to the court contains disturbing information about the London bombing on 7/7 2005.  One item indicates that Michael Portillo said in a Panorama programme that coverage of a mock terrorist attack was being planned and arranged as an exercise involving the BBC, but the mock attack had an eerily similar narrative'' to the bombings of 2005 that actually happened a couple of months later.

More than a year before the 7/7/2005 attacks, on the 16th of May 2004, an edition of the BBC ONE Panorama programme broadcasted a mock exercise, imagining what would happen if a terrorist-attack was executed in London, in the NEAR FUTURE, consisting of three explosions on tube-trains in the London Underground, and one explosion on a road vehicle.
The following excerpt from the BBC transcript of the programme, gives us a good idea of why this programme was made…

“PRICE: If there are now bombs going off above ground, in this case a lorry being attacked, it could happen anywhere, so the potential for mass panic across not just the capital, but the whole country, is very much with us. I think therefore we need to look at more serious measures. 
We do have reserve powers in effect to take over the BBC if we were to wish to, and to get them to broadcast whatever we wanted them to broadcast. Those powers are there in the Broadcasting Act. 
My advice to the Prime Minister would be not to use those, but I think we should be talking to the broadcasters about having the Prime Minister on the air very quickly.

(Lance Price worked in 10 Downing St for Tony Blair as a less well known adviser/spin doctor, and subsequently returned to journalism/reporting.  He published The Spin Doctor's Diary about his time in Number 10.)

GILBERTSON: You wouldn't disagree with that Michael at all? 
PORTILLO: No, I entirely agree that the Prime Minister should be out there, and we shouldn't be using the powers to bring in the BBC, but we should certainly be talking to the broadcasters, about the way in which the coverage is going to be organised.” (end quote)
Please note well that he said, “the coverage is going to be ORGANISED.” In other words, he was saying that they would write the script for, then edit and control, the media coverage of an event in which there were three explosions on London tube-trains, and one on a road vehicle, if such an event were to take place in the near future. The question that begs to be asked is this: was that what they were actually in the process of planning, and precisely the reason for that programme?
Gavin Esler: This is the kind of terrorist attack the government repeatedly says is going to happen.
March 2004 David Blunkett, Home Secretary: "We've been absolutely clear we can't guarantee that there will never be an attack. It's quite likely that they're planning one now."

Michael Portillo says, “I am wondering about the purpose and effect of this very programme.”

Hill's take on this -

This BBC Panorama programme appears to have been used by those behind the 7/7/2005 attack, as the means by which the media's response to the attack in the near future was studied, so it could be controlled and directed towards their own ends. 

Mr. Price plays the “bad cop” and issues the threat of taking over control of the BBC, and then Mr. Portillo plays the “good cop” and says that there is no need to do that, as long as the BBC behaves itself, and broadcasts whatever they want them to. 

The “good cop”, “bad cop” scenario is just theatre, to deceive the viewer. The reality is that the BBC is a government propaganda machine and is already, and always has been, controlled and used by the government.

It would be interesting to hear how Price and Portillo see things now, in the light of the fact that the actual bombings that took place were the same in detail as the events they visualised in the exercise they were planning.  The unbelievable coincidence is that the exercise and the real attack took place on exactly the same day.

To see the rest of Hill's file sent to the court, visit the link above - in the first line.

He is now facing the threat of imprisonment -


Dublin, Ireland, Nov 11, 2010 -The Supreme Court of Ireland ordered Anthony John Hill, 62, also known by supporters as "Muad'Dib" the producer of the "7/7 Ripple Effect" documentary, to be remanded back into custody pending immediate extradition from Ireland to the United Kingdom for posting copies of his film to a UK courthouse.
It is alleged that Mr. Hill "intended to pervert the course of justice" by sending copies of his documentary film, "7/7 Ripple Effect", to a UK courthouse, requesting that the court administrators deliver the DVDs to the judge and jury foreman in a case related to three men accused of helping plan the 2005 London tube-train bombings. All three men have since been found not guilty on those charges. However, as a result of posting the DVDs, Mr. Hill now faces extradition and a possible life sentence in the UK.
The documentary itself has found wide-spread support from around the world by highlighting irregularities in the government's official report of what transpired on 7/7, 2005, causing many people to question the integrity of the government's original story.

All I would add is , never mind as to whether Portillo knew the exercise was actually the setting up of the real attack, in which the ''bombers'' were duped in taking part.  What about Blair?  He must have known the exercise was the real event.

What Are Jim Corr's Slogans?

In two days time, Jim Corr's army will be marching across Dublin, expressing its anger at the bail-out of Ireland's government by the EU.  The march will be even more effective if it has a targeted message and objective, with banners, posters and leaflets.

What should the primary message be?

The key is to decide where do the Irish really want to go with this?

The message should reach to the conclusion, the endgame and demand it be brought about -

It would be better not to mince words, and advance the agenda, if you want to get noticed -

 "The Euro's Dead -
                   Set Ireland Free"

Or - ''End The Agony.  Quit The Euro''. 

Or - 'The Future's Bright - Outside The Euro"

for example,would be far more worrying to an international audience, and would get very well noticed.

The media otherwise will ignore the demo, and the police will harass it off the streets.

Jim's good at finding his words to create a heartfelt ten minute appeal on his website, but will he be able to create and deliver a four word campaign slogan equally as well?   

If getting rid of the Euro is what you're about, Jim,  Say so

Take Father Jack, as in the poster from the Lisbon campaign above, and update his message - ''Euronation Stinks'' - or maybe that's trying to be too funny about something very serious, and heartfelt.

It's not so easy to see this clearly as an outsider, but rest assured, many Brits will be cheering on Jim and his marchers, whatever his primary message and his campaigning style on the day.

The mood seems to be swinging towards default and ending the Euro in other media -

UK GUARDIAN - Ireland Should 'Do An Argentina' (The Irish people expected to pay in austerity cuts for their banks' sins have another option. Reject the ECB and IMF, ditch the euro)
UK GUARDIAN - Don't Bail Out Ireland, Free It (Our billions will prolong the misery. Better for the Irish to quit the euro and default on their debts)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The EU Wants 7% From Ireland. No Chance.

The small print of the Irish bail-out should make anyone think.  The main figure of importance is what the rate of interest will be, and it appears that the ECB is talking of asking Ireland to pay 7% for the monies it provides, which include 100 billion Euros already lent, to the 90 billion Euros bail-out.  There is no way Ireland can afford to pay it.

Guardian blogs on the Irish interest rate - Numbers coming out of the City are that it will be somewhere above 6%, which economists say is unsustainable.

The interest rate could be an albatross around Ireland's neck lumbering the tax payer with a bill of billions a year to rescue a crocked banking system.
Last night government minister Batt O'Keefe did not deny the interest rate charged by the IMF/EFSF could be a punitive 7%.
This is beginning to sound like default territory.  If default is the preferred option, the Germans are going to be pleased, not to mention Britain who are owed the most.  It will be an event with worldwide consequences.

Once the first default kicks in,  other countries struggling with their debts will tumble like dominoes, and the numbers of countries in default will likely include many who are nothing to do with the EU.

The I.T. says there are many lenders interested in securely backed bonds in peripheral Euro countries paying 7%.  That said, who an afford to pay that amount?  If Ireland defaulted and reissued her own currency, she could probably borrow at half that rate.  The bond-holders will have to accept a one-off loss.  The Punt could find a level where Irish exports would blossom, and the recovery would be two years, not ten.  And Ireland would start to regain her freedom and recover her sovereignty.  That's a win-win.

Defaults are going to come anyway since Germany insisted bond-holders must accept losses.  Ireland might as well stop the save-the-Euro nonsense now, as far fewepeople will be hurt, the sooner the plug is pulled.  Only Cowen's cronies care about saving face and their wallets.  Don't worry about them.  They've got plenty of money.

''The British Empire Is Destroying The World.'' Are you sure?

The Inter Alpha Banks are bankrupt.  Why?  Isn't that to do with derivatives trades?  They made the losses, so who made the profits?  That would be the central banks surely,  The Inter Alpha banks are mere clearing banks who believed the markets they were trading in were free and fair, and not manipulated in favour of the Central Banks and their agents, working secretly behind the scenes to clean them out.

Someone somewhere must know why all these banks are bust.  The property bust is a big part of the story, where the central banks instructed the lesser clearing banks under Basel Rules to make loans to uncreditworthy borrowers, repackage debts and sell on the risks.  Many European banks bought into the Sub Prime, of which we are now witnessing contagion.

There are no doubt political aspects to this too, and the military and security services have shown their fingerprints here and there, as opponents to OWG are assassinated.  But I still find it hard to follow this British Empire thing.  I am sure that the history reaches back into the days of the Empire, and it's part of the story, maybe even a big part, but I cannot accept that the British are the whole problem.

I declare an interest - I am British btw!

The OWG is a supranational entity with tentacles reaching everywhere in the world.  It is so powerful that it has effectively overridden the media, legal systems, political and financial systems of the nations and has an agenda of its own whereby ordinary people are simply seen as expendable, in the pursuit of money and power.

If it was based in London, and Prince Charles was its head, then let's go get'im.  Somehow I don't think it's going to be quite as tidy as that.

Christopher Story Describes The Abandonment Of Legality Among America's Elite

Christopher Story died in July 2010.  Some say he was assassinated with a deliberately delivered deadly virus.  He had written variously and given speeches depicting his version of what constitutes the New World Order.  So his death being associated with assassination would not be surprising.

I reproduce the summary of a book he was offering on his website, which gives a good and brief description of what he sees happening in the USA, as he sees parallels with The Red Terror in Russia.  He may me right.  He may be wrong.  But it's worth reading and thinking about as how else do we explain what we see happening, but by looking at different explanations on offer?

I notice that I cannot copy and paste from his website without malfunctioning on my site.

The Red Terror in Russia cover

Edward Harle Limited has republished this rare book for a reason.

It clearly describes what is liable to occur in any country (such as the United States today) which dispenses completely with the Rule of Law. In contemporary America – which is in the process of being rocked to its foundations as the consequences of our Wantagate exposures reveal the depths and extent of the financial, real estate, child abduction, paedophilia and identity fraud and theft that has destroyed the basis of its civilisation – Congress, which is almost totally corrupt, has taken steps to approve legislation which will turn the country into a new edition of Soviet Russia – with all criticism of the Government forbidden, on pain of the severest of penalties.

According to reliable US sources, the United States already has 650,000 political prisoners.

Concentration camps have been readied, prisoner box cars and crematoria have been constructed, and there is a hideous gas chamber installation attached to the Amtrak facility at Indianapolis.

As the financial corruption crisis unravels, revealing that the CIA and the Mossad were jointly responsible for the 9/11 atrocities (as suddenly confirmed by the former President of Italy, Sig. Cossiga, on 4th December 2007), the wagons are being circled so as to 'protect' the perpetrators of these hideous crimes, which Wantagate has exposed.

This is precisely the kind of lethal political background against which an outbreak of extreme violence such as gripped Russia following the Soviet Revolution led by the Illuminati operatives, Lenin and Trotsky, can easily occur.

Christopher Story's website -

American Free Press on Cossiga -

Cossiga’s tendency to be outspoken upset the Italian political establishment, and he was forced to resign after revealing the existence of, and his part in setting up, Operation Gladio. This was a rogue intelligence network under NATO auspices that carried out bombings across Europe in the 1960s, 1970s and ’80s. Gladio’s specialty was to carry out what they termed “false flag” operations—terror attacks that were blamed on their domestic and geopolitical opposition.

In March 2001, Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra stated, in sworn testimony, “You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force … the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security.”

Cossiga first expressed his doubts about 9-11 in 2001, and is quoted by 9-11 researcherWebster Tarpley saying “The mastermind of the attack must have been a sophisticated mind, provided with ample means not only to recruit fanatic kamikazes, but also highly specialized personnel. I add one thing: it could not be accomplished without infiltrations in the radar and
flight security personnel.”

Coming from a widely respected former head of state, Cossiga’s assertion that the 9-11 attacks were an inside job and that this is common knowledge among global intelligence agencies is illuminating. It is one more eye-opening confirmation that has not been mentioned by America’s propaganda machine in print or on TV. Nevertheless, because of his experience and status in the world, Cossiga cannot be discounted as a crackpot.

Sergey Protrovich Melgounov's descriptions, culled from contemportary writings and from his own experiences, reveal to what unfathomable depths of depravity a cornered criminal class will descend, as it seeks to avoid the retribution that is its due.