Saturday, January 28, 2012

US Space Fleet Reaches Mars In Less Than A Day

JULIA writes - I am watching an amazing brand new whistleblower interview on YouTube by Project Camelot. They had to move locations because of all the helicopters that kept flying overhead. There was also interference on the camera. The cool thing is that they left that in as part of the interview. Kerry Cassidy interviewing, a woman! She is very good.

The Bill Wood - Project Camelot interview continues into its second hour. He had clearance at Above Top Secret, and knew many details of the US Space Fleet based in Area 51.

The USA possesses dozens or hundreds of space vehicles, which use technologies that make petroleum powered engines and rocket boosters obsolete.

They can travel easily within the solar system. They travel just below the speed of light, and can reach Mars in less than one day.

I saw one of these vehicles more than ten years ago.

Man has been visiting the Moon and Mars for a long time. With a powerful telescope you can see some things in these places which appear highly terrestrial. (Much interference on the tape) Listen at 5 minutes before 2 hours.

Bill Wood is a pseudonym.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tap, Seems a bit silly having Day Trips to Mars.
It would take a day to get there, a day to unpack, two days to have a look round and a day to pack all the holiday gear back again.
I think 5 days sounds about right.

Tapestry said...

Ridicule is fun, and much cheaper. Stay at home.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tap, Thanks for bringing me back to reality.
You never Questioned me about the 5 day trip. Obviously 7 days would have been better, but I think you said there was " no atmosphere ".

Tapestry said...

On a more serious note, why would they bother setting up structures on Mars and The Moon, if indeed they are doing?

They must be vast to be visible with a telescope from earth. I can get my head round the flying devices, (the technology is not impossible to fathom, as in the video posted on here - how to make your own flying saucer, driving a liquid frozen to absolute zero around the perimeter of the vehicle at near the speed of light), but what makes the suggested journeys worthwhile? That was not mentioned by Project Camelot.

The reason for that being that the information would be classified, and 'Bill' gets around that by not giving direct YES/NO answers. Has anyone got their telescope out and spotted structures on these planets?

You see all kinds of pictures suggesting structures on Mars on the internet. This is an interesting line of enquiry. Is anybody making it?

Anonymous said...

One thing that concerned me regarding this guy Bill Wood was his suit.

The near sleeve is scrunched up? why? its not a fashion suit.

But more clear is the shoulders are the exaggerated hype'y showman type i did not post this when first watched because i thought maybe folk would feel me too picky.

Until yesterday i watched the Putin obama Russia USA TV prog.

Putin, Russia & the West

BBC2 London 9:00pm-10:00pm (1 hour ) Thu 9 Feb

Their suits were all standard M&S types and the difference simply stood out & it irritated me regarding above.

A small point probably nothing, just wanted to share it.

Also he seemed to look around a lot a bit detached ?

Any thoughts folks?