Friday, March 02, 2012

Ben Fulford Interview 29th February 2012. Is He Reading The Tap Blog?

Benjamin Fulford says the method of suppressing and controlling the way we think is collapsing.

People are talking.

Fingers are pointing at the Bush family.

Rockefellers and Rothschilds are already exposed. Now they're exposing the Italian Illuminati.
Geithner was blabbing so much when he was arrested, they had to shut him up.

Q The Queen's gone missing?

TAP - The chemtrailers are spraying her corgis with strontium, barium and aluminium and one is not amused. It's safer hiding inside Balmoral Castle with all the windows shut.

Prince Harry?

A There was an attempt made to discredit me. There have been several murder attempts against me. Electric devices to stop your heart. But now I have some pretty serious protection.

We all want to remove the control of the planet from a small group of families of the same blood line. Queen Victoria was the daughter of Nathaniel Rothschild, I've recently found out. (Is Ben reading The Tap Blog?) We were writing that Greg Hallett story before Christmas and checking out if we thought it was really true. I decided I did.

They want Prince Harry because he's not from the same discredited blood lines.

Q. Was Fukushima a nuke let off undersea?

A We warned the Japanese authorities a nuclear bomb was in the country. The fifteen people who dug the undersea holes for the nuke, thought they were involved in non-violent work, and (TAP of them fourteen were killed later). Lots more about this. Listen to the interview at 11 minutes.

Sent in by HETT.


Anonymous said...

I knew you'd appreciate this (above) TAP.

Nice to see Ben Fulford on song.

Well as there a vacancy now

old wrinkly Rupert Murdoch's little runt of a son James has moved on.

"We need you"

Andrew Neil: James Murdoch made 'a mess' over hacking


Tapestry said...

I'd rather step in a dog turd than a Murdoch-owned title. But Thanks HETT. I know what you mean really - an intended compliment!

Anonymous said...

Queenie, Camilla and Kate did a big PR visit to Fortnum and Masons yesterday.

In other news, I thought this was interesting:

Perhaps we are rapidly evolving as per Project Camerlot.

captain ranty said...

Thanks for your contributions to my blog in the past, i have decided i do not want any more of your comments as they are not in the style and have the content i require in order to advance "lawful rebellion" in a new direction.

thanks again.

captain ranty

Tapestry said...

That's the real Captain Ranty, methinks...

Tapestry said...

Or is it?

Captain Ranty said...

No, Tap, it isn't.

I am very grateful for your support. This idiot is posting the same comment at all the blogs that I link to.

See my latest post on this.

Very sorry the twat showed up here.


Anonymous said...


Keep it real


Spanner said...

Is it possible to have the address of your blog Captain Ranty ?

Tapestry said...

google captain ranty blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow I've found Captain Ranty's little secret he's got another woman.

share his good fortune:-

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