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J.K.Rowling - 'I Was Helped In Writing Harry Potter'.

Sent in by Cave Cave Dues Videt

I would like to point out the difference between ET's and ED's, as they are often talked about as being one and the same. ET's = extra-terrestrial life forms, existing on planets other than planet earth, whose existence is unknown, unproven as there is no evidence or proof at all.

ED's are extra-dimensional intelligent entities, whose existence is known and has been well documented throughout human history. Read Jack Vallee, John Mack, see Sophia Project, Holy Bible and countless other sources.

These entities are known to humans as 'spirit guides', 'ascendent masters'. They are able to appear as angels and as 'aliens'. They exist in other dimensions and are able to influence human beings and even totally posses humans, in some cases. They sometimes seem to appear to humans as we wish to see them.

As 'aliens' they often claim to come from Venus or the Pleiades and, through channelling, state that they are here to assist mankind !

They also will never refer to Jesus directly by name, they will say 'the entity you call Jesus', or something similar. They are very anti-Christianity and claim that Jesus is one of them, a teacher for humanity.

These are the entities that David Icke communes with, one known to him as Rakorski. David Wilcock communes with one called Ranthma (I think)

They are also able to induce automatic writing in humans, when people with fairly low educational levels write amazing, profound books - Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky being two examples.

J K Rowling has revealed that 'the stories seemed to be already written'; she received assistance when writing the Harry Potter books - which encourage and initiate children into witchcraft and teach moral relativism.

These are the entities that, as 'aliens', are abducting people and conducting medical procedures on them, which are linked to human reproduction.

TAP - I was following the logic until this part. How do spirits abduct and carry out physical medical procedures? Surely the fact that this happens suggests that 'aliens' are real and not spirits or demons. This illogicality seems to be caused by the Christian tendency to reject the existence of alien beings from other planets.

The Christian viewpoint of this phenomena is that these are demons, fallen angels, who came to earth and had offspring with 'the daughters of men', creating the Nephilim, as is documented in the Holy Bible. They are now again corrupting the genetic / DNA of humans to create a hybrid race.

Read up on The Book of Enoch, which did not make it in to the Bible. This book names the Fallen Angels and what they taught humans. God took away their physical bodies and since then they exist only in the spiritual realm.

Extra-dimensional entities (E.D's) truly are the mortal enemies of humanity.

They wish to deceive and destroy.

Jesus is the saviour of humanity, The Word made flesh. Read the New Testament, see for yourself.

Listen to Russ Dizder, see his website Shatter the Darkness

(TAP - He deals with victims emerging from the mind control programme of the US military, MK Ultra, does he not?)

This is also interesting:

TAP - I find that the Christian categorization, while adding to the understanding of voices in the head as demonic etc, falls short when confronted with the actuality of alien physical and military interventions on earth. How do we differentiate between aliens, in the sense that we are of 'alien' origin ourselves (not descended from the apes), and demonic forces that operate through possession? Yes. It's complicated. .

Maybe this presentation helps to unravel some of the elements. (sent in by Cave Cave Dues Videt)
I've watched about ten minutes and like the style.

Were The Crashed UFOs In The 1940s Shot Down?

The Tap Blog in March opened up a new chapter featuring whistleblower testimony claiming that ETs and EDs (extra terrestrials and extra dimensionals) are having significant influence on events taking place on earth in 2012. Many readers have ridiculed this step, and prefer either not to dedicate any time to watching the longer video clips, or reject the stories out of hand.

Of course the whole thing could be a giant hoax, to fool us into swallowing ET stories whole. But anyone who has watched the videos can see that these are either extremely good actors working with very poor scripts, or they are genuine. There are so many witnesses coming forward telling different aspects of the same story, and applying different interpretations, with people recounting real life contact with alien beings, you are almost forced to the conclusion that they are far more significant than I and many others had previously realised. Or maybe we had not been ready to realise. I used to reject most of the witness statements out of hand, but now see them as providing crucial understanding of the otherwise inexplicable events taking place.

Saturday finds a new clip posted up on Project Camelot's whistleblower website. Chuck Wade made a deep study of UFO phenomena in the 1940s. This is his testimony to history talking to Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, handing them a piece of crashed UFO to handle at the start.

All these ex-military types have a similar throat-clearing technique.

His father was nearby when the UFO crash happened at Roswell. The farmer on whose land the craft came down came round and asked his dad to come and help clear the debris. The whole village knew all about the UFO crash. Yet under threat everyone was afraid to talk about it. There were, Chuck Wade found out, other UFO crashes which happened that week, three possibly four others, at locations nowhere near Roswell, which is the only one that made it into newspapers, before it was covered up and presented as a 'weather balloon' incident.

Sent in from Me -

Chuck Wade's pictures of crashed UFO material from archaeological dig in 2004.

UFO debris photos Skip to 45 mins in if you don't have much time. - Me.

Aliens are fabrications. The technology is real.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Fulford: Bankers Running. Jesuits Behind The Fukushima Nuclear Bomb.

WASP sent in -

Ben Fulford, talking on American Freedom Radio, describes a cyber war going on between the old central bankers, and the new financial system, being set up by the White Hats. It sounds like total chaos. Arrests. Mass resignations amongst bankers across the world. 'We are raising the pressure on them all the time,' says Ben.

Fulford says Anonymous have joined in on 'our' side. The Gnostic Illuminati too. Along with the world's royal families who say the central bankers have walked off with their gold. He says Bill Gates has been the prime mover blocking the new financial system, and trying to maintain the old families in power.

Bill gates is no entrepreneur says Ben. He should be in jail. He was given a contract for software for $100,000 ripping off IBM shareholders of their shareholders' rights to own the world's biggest internet browser, because he was from the group of elite families that control the financial world.

Timothy Stone says again that there as no 9.1 earthquake before the tsunami that flooded Japan's south eastern coast. The tsunami was caused by a nuclear weapon. There was a 6.4 earthquake nearby, which is 500 times smaller.

The accusations against my acquaintance Peter Stevens, the ex-Hong Kong Police Commissioner, for smuggling the nuclear weapon into Japan that killed 20,000 people, are repeated. I called a friend of Peter who says the accusation is 'rubbish'. I'll email him. We all used to meet up at Puerto Galero Yacht Club over many years. It seems a bit hard to believe, to be honest, that Peter would have any involvement.

The former Black Pope, Count Hans Kolvenbach, has boasted by phone that he was behind the black op that caused the Fukushima 'earthquake' on 311. He's going to arrested.

We've given them the month of March to surrender. My group, the White Dragon Society, is saying we want a meritocratic economic system, creating an era of unprecedented prosperity. We won't be a world government, but we'll get rid of the current bunch of gangsters and bring back democratic government.

The criminals are talking to us. We're negotiating. Things are happening now. Fox News reported the arrest of Timothy Geithner. Let's see what happens to Bill Gates next. They've got nowhere to hide. The Royal families are saying that we appointed these bankers three hundred years ago, but now they're all fired.

(TAP - Hang on. The Royal families are Rothschilds themselves. Queen Victoria, the fountainhead of all the world's royal families , was Nathan Mayer Rothschild's illegitimate daughter. They're upgrading Prince Harry who is known to have less Rothschild blood, bar the minor complication that his mother was the daughter of James Goldsmith, also of Rothschild descent - although a renegade to his tribe and a good man, it has to be said.)

We have to get rid of the pharmaceutical companies. Monsanto are murderers and criminals. They are going to be terminated. A year from now they won't exist.

GILLIAN adds -

Hi Tap,

I hear what you are saying in your reply to me on your website. Much food for thought there.
As a Christian myself I didn't know we were not supposed to believe in the possible existence of aliens
or life on other planets. It doesn't say that anywhere in the Bible as far as I'm aware. It does seem a bit
odd that TPTB come down heavily usually in the form of ridicule on those who go public with their experiences.

As a Christian though I am more inclined to believe in the not to be underestimated power of the evil one or Satan.

It is this entity that TPTB are said to follow and worship, is it not? e.g. Satanists and peados make up most, if not all of TPTB. Anyway, I shall keep an open mind on the alien issue and I don't entirely dismiss the possibility that Christianity and other Religions are a purely made-up thing to keep the populace in order and to wage war (allegedly) over.

Anything and everything is on the agenda now for discussion. People, including me may well have to think again on beliefs we have held dear all our lives, so far.

I have recently watched several of Ben Fulford's videos. He certainly isn't a slick PR sort of man. I would be suspicious if he was. He seems almost bumbling at times. This of course could be a double bluff. But on balance, I quite like him and he does come up with some good info. I wish these White Hats or White Dragon society would make up their minds exactly what they want to be called or known as. As I've said before I think, It is a very interesting time to be alive here on planet Earth. I suppose people have always thought that though.

Kind Regards,


Ps. I hope this email goes out okay. I had the devil of a job to send you my last/previous one. I was becoming very suspicious!

Tap - It's for all those people living in East Dorset! Chemtrails are less there, I'm told.

Irsigler (in recommended books) says that Christianity in its original form was very different to the version that merged with the Roman Empire under Constantine. The opposition to all war, and to slavery was dropped, for example. The version we have is the Roman Empire version of Christianity. The original was sufficiently threatening to the money men in the temple, the slave-owners and the war party, that Jesus had to be executed in brutal fashion. We are in need of a return to the original.

Re aliens, if the religion says all aliens are imagined spirits, it will have a problem adapting to the possibility that they are real and taking a highly active role in our social dismemberment.

Paedophilia. Millions Of Children Disappear Without Trace.

Julia writes -

David Icke on Red Ice Radio

The first hour is free. He says pedophilia, satanism and secret societies are the recurring themes in his journey. I remember you pondering that paedohilia might be the main reason for the control, and it seems it might be. Stuff about the Holly Grieg case, explains how important this is as Scotland is big centre for elite pedophilia. The numbers of children going missing each year is mind-boggling.

He also talks about controlling the species, and how our DNA has been manipulated to become like a computer program so that triggers in society create emotional reactions such as fear which is exactly what they want.

Emphasises that you need to be constantly open to changing your perception, and a "belief" in something just fixes you in position. (TAP - You have to believe in something surely? Beliefs need to update from time to time, I would agree.)

As always, very well and simply explained, and in an uplifting sort of way, despite the details of the horrors he describes. He is speaking at Wembley in October and hopes that will have a big impact in a mainstream perception world, and in terms of concentrated "awake" energy in one place.

I haven't listened to the second hour. I get put off by subscribing! Prefer optional donate buttons.

Gillian replies to Julia -

Hi Tap,

This is a reply to Julia actually. Just to say that I also listened to that interview that David Icke did for Red Ice Radio on missing children and pedophilia. Very chilling it was too. But people need to know this stuff urgently before we can do anything to stop it.



Ps. About all this alien stuff Tap. I'm not dismissing it because I think it would be arrogant for any of us to believe
that Earth is the only inhabited planet in the galaxy. In fact there was an article in the Daily Mail (I think) that
stated that there are at least another 100 earth-like planets in the Milky Way!
But having said that, I think we should keep our eye on the ball and game that we know for sure exists. Plenty
of time to deal with the alien stuff if and when we have to. Sufficient unto the day and all that.

TAP - I have two problems with taking that approach. First is it possible to create a theory that the whole of Project Camelot is disinformation? The whole thing would have to be scripted beforehand and extremely good actors found to act out the roles of whistleblower? If so, the actors would be traceable as having alternative identities (as on Wellaware), and the scripted interviews wouldn't seem to be not scripted, or would have the occasional giveaway.

Taking it on your second count, of relevance to now, you once said yourself, how could a secret society maintain such consistency over generations in its objectives and actions? (I think it was you.) The alien dimension could yet prove to be highly significant in explaining what is currently going on. Icke used to push that side of the story much harder than he does now. Maybe he finds it's not possible to get through the 'it's not credible' problem, and as you say, can only get audiences on his side by working the visible material.

ON a blog like this, where I don't need to keep a big audience to make money, and my ego will not be damaged if traffic erodes to some extent (I'm motivated entirely by finding out the truth (Icke might be too. I don't know. However, more traffic brings more response which increases effectiveness in reaching that goal.)

I'm getting far more hostile comments with a very different tone to normal commenters as I handle Project Camelot material. It's as if they have an objective of belittling the sources. Intelligent minds don't do that. They point out weaknesses in the material, but the comments are all ad hominem and pointedly aggressive.

That said, they are laying into Fulford too, who doesn't do alien material. He supports Wasp's theories about the Jesuits, it seems, as he implicates The Black Pope in the Fukushima attack. I see Fulford as an information warrior, with some excellent weaponry, and some less effective.

Comment -

Watching/listening to the Red Ice interview with David Icke struck a chord.

The Zion logo/D.O.G. at the bottom left reminded me of when Henrik did that interview with Rik Clay (RIP) a few years ago (it's been 'censored' unfortunately), but the audio message still stands:

Why Don't Christians Believe Aliens Exist?

Sent in by Me. The historical connections between Freemasonry, Marxism and Theosophy are examined. All secular organizations end up with a common thread, become affiliated and acquire common leadership. The Zeitgeist movement is no exception and comes from the same original stable of thought as Theosophy. Peter Joseph, its leader, exposed 911 as an inside job, and then moved away from that viewpoint in later statements. He had originally hoped to incorporate the 911 Truth movement into his Zeitgeist movement, but latterly betrayed his real leanings towards supporting The (New) World Order.

Spiritual Warfare is raging, in the comments on The Tap Blog this morning, if nowhere else. Is mankind's future to be decided by mankind's beliefs? That is the message coming at The Blog from all sides. As former military agents break cover and whistle blow the work they've been involved in, showing they no longer support the totalitarian state in creation, the possibility for people to discuss what then are their true values is opened up. Is Christianity the only possible option to reverse the process of The New World Order, which makes man as God?

For secular rule to overpower religious belief, and establish Reason as mankind's new God, all previous belief systems have to be undermined. There is a problem, though. The Christian writers I see on here, and there are not a few, seem not to want to acknowledge the existence of alien life forms. While their understanding of spirituality and the battle between good and evil is everything the world needs, will their beliefs be diminished in their effects, by them taking this viewpoint to alien life forms? Surely the goodness of God can be applied outwards from the earth, as well as across the world we know on Planet earth. Why the refusal to acknowledge the growing body of evidence? Institutional conservatism might not be the most appropriate response to the explosion of information coming available via the internet, allowing the enemies of free thought and belief to win the upper hand. The totalitarians can control the alien factor and use it to terrify people and manipulate themselves into power. Christians must surely want to win the spiritual war. Facing key facts could be a key part of turning the battle around.

This clip has been watched by nearly half a million people.

Aliens are fabrications. The technology is real.

Can Satanism Be Defeated?

Cave Cave Dues Videt comments as follows -

A commenter wrote -

Stargates. Aliens. Etc

Do you really believe this crap?

I'm afraid Mr Tapestry your site has become a place for the mentally unstable to play.

Well said! - but not entirely true...what do think the Holy Bible has to say about genetics and non-human visitations?

Quite a lot, actually. In fact it's central to the entire Biblical story. Don't believe me? Read on...

The fallen angels (one third of all the angels) were cast down to earth, Satan as their leader.

They 'came in to' the daughters of men and had offspring by them.

These were called Nephilim.

God caused the great flood to happen, because the DNA / genetic line of Adam has been adulterated.

Noah's blood line was clean and pure, which was why he was saved.

This all happened in the Old Testament, hundreds of years before Jesus.

Jesus said "Just as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man", meaning that the species lines would be crossed, the human DNA / genetic line would adulterated - as is happening now.

Read Matthew and Luke in the New Testament, go and read it for yourself if you don't believe me.

A year ago I was not a Christian. After OBJECTIVE research, I certainly am now !

All we are witnessing in the world now has been predicted and written in the Holy Bible.

If you refuse to objectively research the Biblical aspect of non-human visitation and genetic manipulation phenomena, then you not being true to yourself as a seeker after the TRUTH. You are censoring yourself and limiting your own knowledge and understanding.

It is not at all accidental that society has been turned away from Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Why do you think that might be?

Existence is a moral issue. Not much else is of any real importance.

Linked research:

Jaques Vallee (UFO research)
John Mack (UFO research)

Watchers / Nephilim

Black Awakening by Russ Dizdar / Shattering the Darkness

Alister Crowley (and Jack Parsons and L Ron Hubbard) and 'stargates' and the entity he called LAM.

Holy bible


TAP - It's all interesting stuff. Much better than wasting time watching TV or reading newspapers. I am inclined to believe the alien and stargate stuff at the moment, whereas a year ago, I rejected it all. It seems I'm not the only one willing to reconsider my position when it makes sense to do so. Who knows where we will all end up?

Japanese Dad's Army Ready To Attack Global Elites

WASP sends us -

This is the funniest party political broadcast you will ever see. Promises of world peace, great wealth for the people, praise for Vladimir Putin, an end to environmental destruction and a golden future for the world.

The lapsed Gnostic Illuminati Romanov declares that the global elite is easy to identify - about 6000 people who ran the Old World Order - The Rockefellers, The Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs, Bushes, Clintons, The Vatican, Queen Elizabeth Second.

Fulford adds - they think of us as slaves. We are not slaves. They dumb us down. They plant infertility drugs in most branded consumer products. Bill Gates is sterilizing our daughters with vaccines. We are going to remove these undesirables - this year.

Martial Arts Guru - Putin is a hero because he's a black belt in Judo, and Aikido.
I can call on 200 million people to attack the elites. Just say the word, Ben!

TAP - next episode, spend a bit more on the curtains. Otherwise a great show!

WASP writes -

I looked up Fulford Martial Arts Mate Daikaku Chodoin,he might be 68, but you certainly wouldn't call him an OAP. he is a very interesting Chap. Here is a Link:-

Daikaku Chodoin, 68, is the founder and president of the United World Karate Association, which combines all five iemoto (the traditional branches of the martial art) with an estimated 50 million practitioners around the world. A kyuudan (9th degree black belt) of Goju-ryu, one of Okinawa's "hard-soft" karate styles, His winning streak began in his 20s: He first struck gold with shipbuilding and later made a killing with real estate and stocks. He has used his vast fortune to fight racial discrimination and supported revolutionary movements in Africa, South America and the Middle East.

In 1985 Chodoin established the World Black Congress in order to unite Africans and that same year he created the Society of International Outer Space Law to draw up a legal framework that would give all nations equal right to space.

Chodoin's desire to heal and save the world struck a chord with Michael Jackson: Since their first meeting in 1997, The King of Pop and the King of karate got along royally. In 1998, Chodoin presented Michael with the Honorary Chairmanship of the United World Karate Association and a godan (fifth degree) black belt. Not your ordinary 'Joe' by any means. ....... Just remember this when Baur (Rothschild) had his 'Balls' hanging out side his Shop, if people of the time had been told he & his Family would be one of The Worlds Wealthiest Families & would coalesce with Royalty in the process, would it have been believed possible. I think not? This guy is far from Dad's Army Material. Comic he is not! REGARDS ........ WASP

French Pre-Election False Flag Killings

Mr Low sends in -

Tap writes - Just as London was bombed on 7/7, just weeks before Blair secured the 2005 election, so now France has had to endure its own pre-election killing spree, designed to secure the position of the incumbent, and keep the country pumped up for war against non-existent enemies.

Comment - No, it was two months after the 2005 election, which was on May 5th. The previous 18 months or so - while both Bush and Blair were busy securing re-election - had been rather quiet...

Tap Ooops! Support for the Iraq War was wavering. The 7/7 attack was calculated to stiffen resolve. The French are very often not as keen on war as Brits. These attacks were needed to persuade the French public to support the war, and re-elect Sarkozy. false flag all over.


Brit Dee, Contributor
Activist Post

The man accused of killing seven people during recent gun attacks in Toulouse has been killed, following a 32-hour standoff with police -- as more information has come to light about his extensive links to the French authorities.

Mohammed Merah, a self-proclaimed Al Qaeda operative, was reportedly found dead on the ground after being shot in the head and falling from his apartment window, following a five-minute gun battle when police stormed the building.

Whilst French authorities claimed to want to end the standoff peacefully and take Merah alive, the siege's fatal finale conveniently removes from the picture a suspect who appears to have had a great deal of contact with both the French intelligence services and the police -- and even with the US military.

French interior minister Claude Guéant yesterday revealed that Merah had been on the radar of the DCRI -- France's domestic intelligence agency -- "for years".

It has since transpired that Merah was questioned by the intelligence service as recently as November 2011, after being summoned to explain trips he had made to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Astonishingly, Merah was reportedly granted freedom to leave by his French intelligence questioners after providing them with photographs supporting his claims of having merely been on an innocent tourist holiday.

That Merah's explanation satisfied the intelligence service is inexplicable, considering their familiarity with his track record of suspicious activity. Merah had reportedly made two trips to the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, and whilst his attorney Christian Etelin has denied such rumors, some have claimed he even spent time in a Kandahar jail before escaping during a Taliban breakout. Whilst Merah's reported time in an Afghan jail has yet to be established, other sources, including top French prosecutor Francois Mollins, have stated that he was arrested by Afghan police at a checkpoint and handed over to the US military, before being flown back to France. US military officials have claimed not to have any information regarding Merah's alleged detention in Afghanistan.

Today saw further revelations come to light about the French authorities' knowledge of Merah's violent tendencies. A report in French newspaper Le Télégramme details how the mother of a 15-year-old-boy claims she twice filed complaints with the police, after Merah showed her son violent Jihadist videos and extremist literature at his Toulouse apartment. The woman, identified by the pseudonym Aisha, said that:
'I am appalled. It took all these people [to be] killed for Mohammed Merah [to be] finally stopped,' she said. 'The police knew all about the danger of this individual and his radicalism'.
Le Télégramme also reports how Merah allegedly went into the street outside the woman's house wearing military fatigues, brandishing a sword, and shouting "I'm with Al-Qaida".

Mohammed Merah's older brother Abdelkader was apparently also well known to the authorities. He was arrested on suspicion of belonging to the Knights of Pride - an extremist group against the banning of the burka in France. It was from Adbelkader's computer that an unsecured email was allegedly sent to one of Mohammed's victims, arranging to view a motorbike - an appointment at which the paratrooper was murdered. Merah was tracked down after the IP address and location were traced from the email.

The French authorities' excuses for their inability to prevent Merah's killings are highly questionable. As Merah very much fits the profile of a classic intelligence asset -- young, disaffected, and with a history of petty criminality -- serious questions should be asked about whether he really just "slipped through the net", or if in reality the intelligence services deliberately failed to prevent the attack, or even actively provocateured it.

In this regard it is interesting to note that Nikolas Sarkozy, previously trailing in the polls in a French election year, is now the favorite to win the first round of the presidential election next month. Sarkozy has promised a shocked French nation that he will crack down on Islamic extremism should he be re-elected, as well as stating that he will introduce stricter monitoring of the Internet, and make it a crime to visit unspecified "hate" websites.

This article first appeared at Resistance Radio.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Science Fiction Covers Up Science Fact. Stargates Are Real.

Sent in by Cobalt.

This interviewee describes himself as third generation Black Project talent. A Chief Petty Officer in the US Coastguard, he had another secret role as an 'agent' being used in Black Project operations. This is his first public interview. He says the stargates are real. The TV versions are created to make people think it's all a fantasy. His name's Aaran McCollum.

He was active in the Gulf Of Aden. There are hundreds of ships circling an area of designated water. Russian, German, British, Chinese, US, Japanese warships are there.

There is research going on there into alien/human DNA.

There is a lot of 'piracy' going on from Somalia. These are all false flag operations. It's a way to keep everyone away from that area - fear of piracy.

The stargate is over the body of water. There's a huge magnetic field, where the water is in swirling motion, and where part of it has actually come up. The security zone is miles and miles and miles.

Kerry Cassidy asks him who's in charge.

Aaron replies that it's the global elite.

Genetic engineering is going on under the water. There is an underwater base there in the Gulf Of Aden. They've been doing this in many underground and underwater bases for decades.

Yemen has been picked as a terror target because the stargate opened in the Gulf Of Aden on January 5th 2010. The stargate had been identified prior to that. Check out youtube/stargate/Yemen. All the major countries want to have their hand in the cookie jar.

General in Marine Corps told him that in North Africa in 2008 something big was coming up. I met top Black Op personnel from all over the world, many from Australia, SAS, but of Middle Eastern descent, who were being trained to conduct false flag operations in the Middle East. False Flag operations started happening subsequently.

The small false flag operations that have been happening, including in the USA, where he witnessed a false report of explosives going missing from a train shipment of munitions, he began checking out on his own. He alerted security who realised he was checking out what was going on, and was closed down and dropped from his unit.

There are going to be a major false flag attack in the US, road blocks, police crackdown on society in general. It's being called a new war.

Afghanistan was not a war on terror, but an attempt to get control of the country's stargate (check again. clip paused).............. It wasn't the poppy, the opium trade, although the CIA runs the drugs industry there as in Vietnam. War has to make a profit. The bankers.

The US is training Yemeni forces. They are claiming Al Qaeda is the target there. Garbage. Yemen is the country needed to control the stargate in the sea.

Kerry Cassidy - what's going on with the stargate?

Aaron - ETs are opening the stargate for a definite purpose. Are these ETs friendly or unfriendly? If friendly, they've opened it up to get 2012 events going as predicted. Are the global elite trying to prevent this from happening so that they can continue their agenda?

If the global elite are unable to quash the benign ETs, unfriendly ETs could well attempt to intervene and quash the friendlies' arrival. The global elite are all in service to other powers, that exist higher than themselves.

In every underwater base, there are always ETs there. They are really running the show. They allow TPTB to think that they have control, when they don't.

There is an operation going on called Project Seagate. Aaron thinks this is the only one. (The underwear bomber had only just happened when this interview took place).

Kerry - Long section omitted.

Dolphins are used as a medium for the seagate, for time travel.. and travel to other locations in the universe. Dolphin frequencies can be used to put you onto a different level so you can handle travelling great distances. Humans can be put on the same frequency as the dolphin, heightening human awareness.

Kerry - is it possible that your DNA was mixed with dolphin DNA as a child?

Aaron - Yes, but I'll cover that in the next interview. The fact is there's an intergalactic war going on. The earth is a war prize. I was helping orchestrate false flag events in 2008/2009. Personnel are realising that what they are doing is wrong.

Captain .... ... was one who realised. He's disappeared. No one knows where he is. He had a document showing the agenda from 2000 to 2015, which he gave 22 pages of to me. Where he lived, they deny having any sign of his living there. Others have disappeared. I was under heavy surveillance. There was an attempt on my life last year, a possible attempt, or a scare tactic to try to shut me up from blowing the cover on Project Seagate.

People need to see me as a person if I'm to have credibility. There's a reason I look the way I do now. I am a real. People need to see me and my story as a whole, my face. My life has already been threatened. I have scars from almost getting killed. I lack the emotion of fear. I need to do this.

Kerry Has the connection with Camelot lead on to this happening?

Aaron - I watched the Dave Corso interview. All these doors opened. Duncan and Dave have memory lapses of what happened at St Thomas. I will be able to tell you the story. My contacting you came from that experience of going to that conference.

If you haven't see Jesse Ventura's The Manchurian Candidate on YOutube, you should see it. It's so well done. We're all trying to get the word out.

Second interview. Dolphin/human hybrids. May 2010

Aaron - The authorities are putting a huge lock-down on information spilling out. Naval Int source says two perimeters have been created. The security cell stops the 'piracy'. In another three mile circumference, the other ships are watching the stargate opening up. There was a supposed planned bombing of the UK Embassy but it failed. Military movement is still being flooded into Yemen.

Aaron describes being thrown into a swimming pool and being watched how he did. My parents said I could swim before I could walk. My body was immobilised before I was thrown in the pool. I remember burning the sensation of drowning, and choking up water on a slab when I was fished out.

At aged 5, I was put into a sensory deprivation chamber for hours. I was made to walk across hot rocks which burned my feet, but I didn't react to that. It was sensory and pain training. I was staken to government-funded training camps - repelling, knife-sharpening, weapons training, survival, hand to hand combat - at aged 5 to 8 years old.

For 7 days straight I was forcibly dumped in a very cold river day after day. I have a body temperature two degrees colder than other people. I don't notice cold weather. I don't need a jacket. Neither does hot weather bother me.

I was subjected to violence at about eight/nine years old with same group of kids. We were put in a pit and told to fight, all boys, until someone was defeated.

I'm in touch with my mother, but we don't talk. My mother is programmed in such a way that if I talk to her, it might have very bad effects. I've been in contact with my father. He's accepting some of it. He's dealing with a lot of blocked memories. He was from the pre-generation programme, what Duncan, Dave and I were part of.

Until aged 9, this guy called Mike took us to every event. My father had no idea about what was happening to me. I felt separated from other children. I woke up at age 5 during an operational procedure. I remember screaming, people wearing masks, and wires and tubes going into my left knee. I've had a lot of different surgeries, and have strange things happening to my neck, my arm and my hips. I have never been allowed to see any of my X Rays or scanned images of my body.

I was instructed to enlist. If you pass assessments, you move up to the next phase. Those that are not passed, you never see those other children again. I have no idea what happened to them.
more details.

I was taken to Calif in summertime, working with water, working with dolphins.....My sister went through a separate programme. Our brother is autistic but brilliant a member of the space programme.

The next level was an occult type group that had its own location. I went there with my sister. I had to drink things. I was becoming a very different person. I remember a lot of pain. I remember a lot of dark, evil ritualistic things that I was subjected to.

Kerry - It sounds like a typical dark Illuminati ritual. was it sexual?

Aaron - That started earlier. I was taken to a Catholic Church. I was subjected to dark sexual rituals which I would have to go to at night. At aged 11, 12, I was given training exercises. We were given assignments like steal a car and take it to a different location, or invade a house and steal things. There were six of us.

I went underwater in a week of relaxation, and resurfaced to find the other kids in a panic. They told me I'd been underwater twelve minutes.

I was instructed to join up at a coastguard recruiting office.

I turn up. They took me into a dark room. They sat me down, and told me I'd fit the coastguard because of future operations that had been selected for me. To me violence, training, being told what to do was normal.

Aged 5, I was handling guns, knives and having cold water training. I didn't know any other life. It never occurred to me to rebel.

I never considered college. I was told by a general 'you will never have a normal job until we've used you to the full extent.' I tried to get normal jobs during my awakening process, but I found I was blacklisted. I have been made a slave to a pension that I receive under very unusual conditions.

The databanks at my high school were wiped out the day I was permitted to graduate. I had so many absences, it would otherwise have been impossible. All my property was stolen in 2005, so I have no records to prove it.

At the coastguard, I could get away with anything without consequences. My above board job aged 18 was search and rescue off Oregon//Washington coast. Black Ops started in 1999, two years later.

I was involved in terminating MK Ultra agents whose programming was wearing off, or abducting them and bringing them back for reprogramming, scientists and so on, as Operation Spyglass.

My parents cannot remember any details about the day I was born. I have a big scar on my head, which I was told was a forceps injury. A friend says the scar is some kind of DNA implant or intervention. I am still investigating. Many details to hear. We are not sure about our births.
My Dad cannot even remember how he met my mother. Neither parent is on medication. They have lots of memory losses.

Live military abductions continues.

We worked with ETs as team members when we did abductions - greys.

I was hit with a car six months ago. I flew over the car. No broken bones. No stitches. Nothing. My family members have been threatened.

Kerry - did you question what you were doing?

Aaron - you are raised and conditioned to do as you told. You are robotic. I don't feel anything now. If you do show feelings, don't show it, or you will be re-programmed.

Project Seagate - Off Puerto Rico a huge underwater, underground facility was discovered. The Greys, the Reptilians and others were used to investigate what this base was. The base was called PROSEA. It was not a grey base. Part is on the seabed. Most is under the seabed. I was shown all this in 2008 when I was recalled. My memory was full of crazy terrors, flashbacks. I attempted suicides.

I have actually twelve separate alters, possibly 36 alternative personalities.

This base was part of the Omega programme, genetically engineered human beings. The jackal programme. They mixed human and jackal dna. I was part of the programme with a mix of human with dolphin dna.

They can insert a human personality from one body to another. They can use DNA to create humans with many of the attributes of dolphins, and they create another model which is mostly dolphin but has many of the attributes of a human being. There are humans who can echo-locate. I worked with dolphins to learn how to do echo-location.

Water-acclimatisation was my other specialisation. Going to other planets is problematic in that the water in different locations has different chemical formulations. It was killing people sent across through the seagates. I was used to go on operations in different places as I could acclimatise to different water types. I was time travelled to Cambodia in 1966, though I was born in 1978!

Kerry - What is the military doing down there? They are furthering the human-dolphin hybrid programme to create an army. They are transferring humans to other bodies as in Avatar. That is happening right now. If the body in action is wounded, they can move the human back into its original body. There are twelve underground bases in the caribbean. Two humans are permitted. The rest are alien bases.

Puerto Rico is a hotspot for UFO activity, as there are the twelve underground facilities. Some are benevolent - the sirians? - light blueish. 5'4" to 6'2". There are greys. There are arturian, who are not humanoid. They prefer thick densities.

My team, when things went wrong, was called to do black ops via the seabase - all over the galaxy, as well as in this world. Five scientists became non-compliant off-world. We were sent to terminate them. Which we did. I physically went. My body.

I did an op in Panama, guarding an entrance to middle earth.

The memories coming back to me were so vivid, it was like the events reoccurring. At what point were you let go form the service. 2005. I couldn't even remember my own name. I had to relearn maths, how to write. No one knows why my mental block occurred so quickly with me. I'm 31. Normally its 50s and 60s. I feel like I'm 100. Maybe it's benign alien influence.

Next - He describes the portal in the seagate, and how it works.

I went against direct orders, and went into almost auto-pilot. We activated the seagate with a skeleton crew. The location designated was off the grid. I went there. I was given something. Something transpired. I had difficulty getting out. I move around a lot. I have zero memory from June to December 2005. From there I have constant memory. They did full memory suppression on me. My mind was left blank. This process has a shelf life. In older people who it's normally done to, the period is long enough.

Some former colleagues self-terminated. They couldn't take the process. My dad is was starting to wear off his memory suppression.

My self-termination programme didn't kick in. I got the narcotics and alcohol, but woke up the next day in hospital. I was carried in to the hospital by a tall man. He dropped me off, told the doctors what the cocktail was I'd taken, never gave his name. There's no way anyone could have known what I had in my system. Some say it's a guardian angel.

Kerry - was he annunaki? the tall being?

Aaron - let's say Arturian.

Kerry - you're taking up your mission on the light side from here. Ben and Heather?

Aaron - Interview with Ben triggered memories in Aaron. He knew about the dolphin hybrid programme from the super-soldier programme. The vortex light spiralling into the sky are stargates opening. There are more of them opening all the time.

They are doing alien,human DNA experimentation trying to create beings that are more robust for passing through the stargates.

Kerry - Pharmaceutical companies?

Aaron - Black Ops. The entire Polish government was executed - for a number of reasons. Pharmaceuticals are part of the military industrial complex. They are messing with the thirteenth chromosome. It is the cause of autism, ADD, HDD. They want to create precogs, telepathics, powers to do with seeing the future. Many aspergers and autistics contain the soul of an alien. That's why autistics work well with dolphins. The objective is to raise humanity to another level, to trigger the process for the whole of humanity.

They allow the mass slaughters of dolphins and whales. The global elites stop dolphins and whales from getting too many, to maintain the frequency of the planet. They want to spread the planet's frequency with alien frequency. Autistic kids have a Sirian soul. Dolphins have been embodying into humans. From Sirus B, they prefer the bodies of humans and dolphins.

More people from black projects should come out and start talking, to educate, and build strength in numbers. We need to build the collective conscious. Until enough people on this planet show that they want the truth exposed, we have friends in outer space who will work with us. They won't come and rescue us, but they will help humanity if humanity decides to help itself.

Kerry - why have the Order left you alone at this point?

Aaron - maybe someone's said to them , if you mess with him, there will be consequences.

TAP - please do a bit of verification next time, Kerry. Take his temperature for example. Is it really two degrees lower than normal human beings? Why doesn't Aaron agree to a verification procedure to assist the sceptics to believe the fantastical stories? It wouldn't be difficult.

Aliens are fabrications. The technology is real.

'Governments Have Been In Regular Contact With Aliens For Decades'

WASP writes -

Source: SWNS

Former American President Dwight D Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens from another planet, a former US government consultant has claimed. The 34th President of the United States met the extra terrestrials at a remote air base in New Mexico in 1954, according to lecturer and author Timothy Good. Eisenhower and other FBI officials are said to have organised the showdown with the space creatures by sending out 'telepathic messages'.

Eisenhower and Nixon. If all Presidents and world leaders are making deals with with aliens, why doesn't someone tell the public? They exchanged favours for technology. 'Favours' included agreeing alien nations could abduct human beings as they wished.

The two parties finally met up on three separate occasions at the Holloman Air Force base and there were 'many witnesses', it is claimed. Conspiracy theorists have circulated increased rumours in recent months that the meeting between the Commander-in-Chief and people from another planet took place. But the claims from Mr Good, a former U.S. Congress and Pentagon consultant, are the first to be made publicly by a prominent academic.

Speaking on Frank Skinner's BBC2 current affairs show Opinionated, he said that governments around the world have been in regular contact with aliens for many decades. "Aliens have made both formal and informal contact with thousands of people throughout the world from all walks of life," he added.

Asked why the aliens don't go to somebody 'important' like Barack Obama, he said: "Well, certainly I can tell you that in 1954, President Eisenhower had three encounters, set up meetings with aliens, which took place at certain Air Force bases including Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico." He added that there were "many witnesses".

Eisenhower, who was president from 1953 to 1961, is known to have had a strong belief in life on other planets. The former five-star general in the United States Army who commanded the Allied Forces in Europe during the Second World War, was also keen on pushing the U.S. space programme.
His meeting with the cosmic life forms is said to have taken place while officials were told that he was on vacation in Palm Springs, California, in February 1954.

The initial meeting is supposed to have taken place with aliens who were 'Nordic' in appearance, but the agreement was eventually 'signed' with a race called 'Alien Greys'.
Mr Good added: "We know that up to 90 per cent of all UFO reports can be explained in conventional terms. However, I would say millions of people worldwide have actually seen the real thing."

According to classified documents released by the Ministry of Defence in 2010, Winston Churchill may have ordered a UFO sighting to be kept secret. The UFO was seen over the East Coast of England by an RAF reconnaissance plane returning from a mission in France or Germany towards the end of the war.

Churchill is said to have discussed how to deal with UFO sightings with Eisenhower.

REGARDS ............. WASP

The next clip reveals that after Roswell where an alien craft was shot down by American military, revenge attacks took place across the world, including attacks on civilian aircraft, as well as military. Between 1952 and 1956, the US military lost 18,000 planes in 'accidents', many disappearing altogether with no crash.

Gordon Cooper astronaut revealed that not a day goes by in the USA without UFOs being visible on radar screens. He also claimed that he and many other pilots had been able to fly actual or replicated alien craft, and had been doing so for quite some time.

Two Soviet scientists revealed that there were two large alien craft on the moon during the lunar landing. Neil Armstrong was overheard discussing what he had seen while on the moon, saying,'it was incredible. we were warned off making a base on the moon. they were menacing.' The CIA decided to cover up the details of alien presence on the moon.

Comment - Aaron McCollum has an interesting slant on the ET/ED discussion.
Initial interview:
Secondary interview (Project Seagate):

From the mental notes I made from both videos, the stargate in Yemen not being reported in OSM (Old Stream Media) didn't surprise me, despite the international mass-grouping of naval vessels. The sheer amount of stargates that are in abundance around the globe is an eye-opener too.

Particularly liked his take on the fact that ET's/ED's will help us to some extent, but it's up to us to get off our back-sides and wake up and do something about it. With regards to *DOING* something, then I can't think of a better way than educating people to the best of our ability (whilst enduring the initial ridicule). - Cobalt

Aliens are fabrications. The technology is real.

TAP - I am sure your notes were no more mental than the ones I write commenting on videos, Cobalt. Thanks for the links, and the encouragement!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Technology So Advanced We Can't Imagine It

When I first heard this Phil Schneider video a year ago, I didn't believe it. Mach 2 trains that float above a single rail, that connect up hundreds of underground military bases across the USA. There are over one thousand such bases worldwide.

He has pieces of special titanium alloy discovered from crashed alien craft than can't break and can tolerate incredible temperatures. He says charged particle beam weapons are normal but can't penetrate such material. Spy satellites can see a dime on your kitchen floor. His revelations of extraordinary technology and events are endless.

There are nine underground military bases - 4.25 cubic miles underground - at Area 51 alone. They melt the rock to a powder. The public get the old hat technology from the military.

Two weeks before talking he was shot in the shoulder for talking publicly. Later on, he was rubbed out. Here he tells us what he wanted to tell us before he died. He wasn't a politician, but he tried. His words -

'We are serfs. The government is kings and queens. We are ruled by a technocracy. If we are complacent, and don't speak out in droves, loving our country more than we love our lives. I was nearly killed two weeks ago. I was saved by a retired FBI man who risked bis career, his life to save me.

In working in Black Projects I was very loyal. I was strong mentally. I was good under pressure. I was building a biological laboratory at Los Alamos as part of a 3 cubic mile underground facility. We were building tunnel like holes 2.5 miles under the surface at 2 miles a day. The equipment kept coming up broken. I went down to find out what was causing it. I went down and saw green berets and black berets around the scientists. There was a greys camp down there, which had been there 500 years, smoke and smell. The government knew it was there but didn't tell anybody.

A 7 foot tall alien grey smelt worse than the worst garbage can. Late August 1979. I reached for my pistol and tried to pop a clip in it. I killed two of them. However, in the process......(end of second clip)

An alien rubbed his chest, and I was hit by a blue flash which burned my fingers off my hand, burned my shoes. A green beret shoved me back in the basket and lifted me up. He lost his life. 66 crack troops lost their lives there. The US government didn't even tell us there was an alien threat. There's been a constant war with the small grey, large greys and the reptilians going on for years. The benevolent aliens have been helping us - the Pleiadasians, but they left because of being under constant attack.

One of them worked at The Pentagon for fifty eight years from 1937/8 onwards. He hasn't aged one day since. He's probably under duress. He says his life span is 498 years. He has six fingers and six toes. Giant heart. Copper oxide blood. His IQ is off the scale 1200. Speaks 100 languages fluently, alien and earth. He doesn't shake hands. Aliens carry diseases which are deadly to us. Viruses like ebola or AIDS could have been developed from alien corpses.

There were alien aircraft at Bikini Atoll when the USA was detonating nuclear tests in 1946. The US Senate was lied to when the miitary told them that Roswell was the first contact with aliens. The US military knew all about flying discs as early as 1932 as did the NAZIs in WW2.

Impregnible metals have been made which can withstand particle beam weapons.'

Rest of clip is muted.

Clip 4 is missing. There are six in total.

'Alien takeover is a serious threat. That's what One World Government is. The only thing used to destroy the World Trade Center on 911, was a construction nuclear weapon housed at Mather AFB at Oklahoma City. We are being lied to by government officials. They should be jailed and arrested. He covers WACO, the pouring of deadly Caesium gas onto kids to ensure they died.

Martial Laws going to hit this country, the way things are going. I have an ex-wife and child. Defence agency goons tried to kidnap my daughter recently. My ex-wife pulled a gun and said she'd shoot if they didn't give the daughter back. They gave the kid back.

I shot a Federal Agent dead sixteen days ago. He had just shot me. I defended myself to the best of my ability. It's sad you have to do things like that. You are never the same as a person who has not killed a human being, whether it's self defence or what. My message will continue. I'm doing it on my own money. I've got cancer. I'm dying. The stuff I was hit with in 1979 was radioactive. There's no cure.

TAP - have we been taken over by an alien race? Who else would orchestrate the mass poisoning of the planet from the air with chemtrails? How are our own governments reduced into silence while they kill us, our plants and animals? Schneider was telling us the future. It was too late for him. Is it too late for the rest of us? How do we fight back?

Here's one idea in the UK.

So Far Removed From What Most People Believe Is Reality

The book 'World Without Cancer' written by G Edward Griffin is an essential read. You can't start to understand the world until you've absorbed its implications. It's not a total explanation of all that we face as humans, but it's a key building block to help you start to get the picture.

Whenever Griffin talks publicly on a subject, you realise that he has researched what he is saying, and never says anything lightly. When he says that chemtrails are the greatest crime in all of human history, you have to listen. The trees are dying. The plants. The animals. People.

Tap Blog On Track For 2 Million Page Downloads In 2012

After the February blockbuster, there was only really one way to go. Many readers have been reporting difficulties reaching the site, and many contributors too. The proverbial ton of bricks has been dropped after we hit around 700,000 page reads in February. That figure includes a huge read in Japan on websites that copied in full the post on the Fukushima earthquake, suggesting here never was a 9.0 Richter quake, and the tsunami was deliberately caused by underwater nuclear detonation.

We were equally dropped from beforeitsnews, rarely making any top ten stories during March, clearly having been downgraded as a source. The post from Gregory Pitchford on February 12th describing his treatment by US security elements after he contacted The Alex Jones Show to whistle blow stuff about Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq in 2006, was the moment we were axed! Gregory has since made it onto Coast To Coast Radio in the States since breaking his story on The Tap.

We're ticking along nicely anyhow, despite all the blowback. The google counter suggests we will end the month with around 135,000 page downloads on The Tap Blog, plus I can identify 40,000 on before its news, who still copy all our posts, despite being downgraded as a source, keeping us out of the top ten ranks. 175,000 odd reads in the month can't be bad when those who control the internet are doing their damnedest to cut us off. They still have to be congratulated on doing a fine job of reducing our reader numbers from the level we reached in February, though. The numbers were getting truly terrifying for us as well!

We'll keep writing anyway, even if there are only twenty readers a day, as there were in 2006 when I started. It's only a hobby. OK!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

War Is Forbidden In The Solar System

Rothschild-backed military aggressors like David Cameron and Nicholas Sarkozy had better take note. War is no longer permissible to aliens present here on the planet. They could both pay a bitter price for lending support to Israel if she invades Iran, as both are planning to do. France was recently blooded with an orchestrated secret service campaign of terror-killings to stiffen the resolve of the French people into supporting Sarkozy the warrior, and to squeeze him back into office in the forthcoming election.

I asked readers to follow me into intergalactic politics yesterday in the post above featuring the interview of Marshall Vian Summers by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. As expected this has brought the usual comments from those not willing to consider alien influence on earth as a possibility. Notable exceptions are the blog's stalwarts Me and Wasp, who both commented, partly in favour of my latest preferences.

Today I continue the journey in this new direction by taking a look at John Kettler's blog, who is, like Marshall Summers, another individual who claims he receives communication directly from sources 'off-planet', and who was interviewed by Kerry Cassidy a month or so ago.

It is interesting that Marshall's clear statement that war is not permitted in our part of the galaxy, is entirely consistent with John's view that ETs/EDs are blocking the desire of Netanyahu/the Rothschild/Reptilians to bring the Middle east to war between Iran and Israel. Overall John's view is if a war is started, the ETs/EDs will side with Iran, Russia, China to destroy the aggressors, Isreal and any others foolish enough to lend support like Britain's David Cameron. (ETs are extra-terrestrials. EDs are extra dimensionals)

Marshall points out that this is not a goodies versus baddies strategy on the part of the ETs/EDs as John appears to suggest on occasions. The ETs/Des have their own agenda to exploit the world, and to subsume us further into their power. This they can do just as effectively by deception and persuasion as by warfare. War makes the procedure of our enslavement less predictable and messy, and destroys the value that the earth represents to alien exploitation, which is no doubt the primary reason that warfare between alien races is forbidden in this part of the galaxy, which Marshall states as being very crowded. Trading agreements override all competitive practices here on earth.

While John's views and Marshall's are very different, with John's being focused on military technology and strategy, and Marshall's on the political and spiritual choices facing mankind, both are consistent with each other, and with the events that we do know about, including those from alien-sceptics like Gordon Logan, from whom I am expecting a sound telling off at any minute!
Although Gordon should be pleased with much of John Kettler's views on Israel's government's actions, if he doesn't storm off in disgust.

(BTW Happy Birthday for today to Gordon Logan, his first since his return to the UK from his forced exile, which ended when he began writing publicly on The Tap Blog)

Here is John Kettler's update on the military situation in the Middle East -

ETs/EDs Warn Israel (& U.S.) NOT To Attack Iran!
Posted on March 22, 2012 by John Kettler

Middle East--Will Israel Attack Iran?

ETs/EDs Remind All “Aggression Will Be Severely Punished!”

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) have assessed the Middle East situation and see it this way: Israel’s been mobilized for war for ~ three months, following a massive buildup made possible by Sunni Muslim Arab enemies of Shia Muslim Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is viewed by the ETs/EDs as the prime cause of Middle East war fever, having declared he wishes to to be the last Prime Minister of Israel, which means he wants Armageddon. In the ETs/EDs‘ view, Netanyahu and his Likudist fanatics must go. Israel has 280 specially modified F-15s , each already loaded with a precision guided bunker buster bomb. The ETs/EDs are aware of this. The Israeli Army is training to a fever pitch, with war expected in the range of less than a week to ~2.5 weeks. It appears the Israelis will strike straight for Iran, bypassing Syria. Indications are the IAF (Israeli Air force) will be using AWACS (Airborne Warning And Control System) type aircraft and droned bomb laden fighters to conduct “back door” kamikaze attacks via circuitous routes.

The Persian Gulf is relatively calm, despite Iranian vitriol about destroying Israel, and oil producing countries are making gobs of money, war tensions having doubled the price of crude. The ETs/EDs view President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and his Muslim extremist masters as big problems, too, but aver theocratic Iran has never directly attacked a neighbor. Iran’s allies are worried; both Russia & China have been pumping in advanced weapons, to include a recent shipment of Chinese missiles, among which may be nuclear warheads, Israel’s nightmare, despite her nearly 200. A recent remote viewing by a crack team found, prior to this shipment, there wasn’t a single functional nuclear device in Iran. We don’t know whether that’s true now. The ETs/EDs provided some coaching on penetrating dimensional shields around nuclear devices.

Where all is NOT well, in our view or the ETs/EDs, is the mess known as Syria, presently being reinforced by the best men and equipment Russia has. The U.S. estimates 100,000 men, including hundreds of the dreaded Spetsnaz (Russian special forces), Border Troops, Motorized Rifle Battalions in BMP-3 ICVs (Infantry Combat Vehicles), advanced nuclear capable long range artillery & multiple rocket launchers (capable of firing guided and sensor-fuzed weapons), modern T-90 Stealth tanks, mobile air defenses which can defeat Stealth aircraft/many guided munitions, divisional guided missiles able to reach Israel (nuclear, chemical, submunition options), plus radical (forward swept wing), still unidentified Sukhoi two-seater fighters there, nearly 50 so far. Intelligence sources report the possibility of HELs (high energy lasers) & HPMs (high power microwave) weapons, too.

Most of the Russian navy is en route, and Russian ballistic missile submarines are in the Atlantic. Putin seems to be feeling his oats, and this force is spoiling for a fight. The ETs/EDs provide a somewhat different perspective. The Russian force is to “spank” Israel/buy time for follow-on forces to demolish the Netanyahu regime–if Israel attacks, say the ETs/EDs. The ETs/EDs say the intent is NOT to destroy Israel, just remove the tumor, as it were.

If Israel Attacks Iran, ETs/EDs Say U.S. Should Help Defend Her

The ETs/EDs perceive the U.S as having exactly one dependable ally in the region: Israel, and have repeatedly warned of the untrustworthiness of Turkey. The problem is that Israel’s determined to go to war, President Barrack Obama is NOT perceived, by the ETs/EDs or us, as being able (or willing), to stop Israel, but the U.S. military is bone tired and fed up with being pawns to make the rich richer. The ETs/EDs believe the U.S should join Russia & China diplomatically to “arm twist” Israel into compliance.

Failing that, both China & Russia have made it clear that an attack on Iran by Israel will be deemed an attack by the U.S., meaning untold havoc could be unleashed on our war-weary, grossly outnumbered, dispersed forces, fighting frontline foes equipped not just with modern weapons but the nightmare gear only ETs/EDs can provide, what the ETs/EDs call “science fiction weapons.” Time and again the ETs/EDs have said: “Don’t provoke Russia; don’t mess with China.” The single best move the U.S. has, if Israel attacks, is to promptly join with Russia and China to defeat it, according to the ETs/EDs. At a stroke, the “global bully” backing “the regional bully” would be redeemed in the eyes of the world. Feasibility? Unknown!

ETs/EDs Have Numerous Options; Plans Unknown

The ETs/EDs, should Israel be so foolish as to attack, have numerous options at their disposal, some bloodless, but the ETs/EDs’ feeling is that Netanyahu needs an object lesson–in pain. Whether that comes personally to him and his party or is applied more broadly to his expeditionary forces, him and his cronies depends on whether or not he backs down, per the ETs/EDs. If he doesn’t, it’s going to be ugly. Not only will Israel face highly motivated terrestrial foes, but automatically wins the “death from above” sweepstakes ticket from the ETs/EDs, whose approach is simple: “Attack and you die!”

Aliens are fabrications. The technology is real.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Part Of Us That Cannot Be Corrupted

Back out in the Philippines I find my link to the net is much faster than it was when I was last here. My wife has done wonders getting the line upgraded which is no mean feat. That is how we first met, of course, when I went into town to find a way to link up to the outside world and she was running the local cable company. That was over three years ago.

In the UK I rarely get time to sit through a long video, and concentrate on a new topic. My personal journey started with party politics in the UK, in real form in 1999 until 2005. The blog began in 2006 and the focus was the forces that underly the party political system from 2006 up until 2010. The emphasis on the blog changed in a big way early in 2011, as I read the book 'World Without Cancer' by Edward G Griffin, and listened to Dr Stan Monteith talking on radio

I feel the blog is going through another big change now. Watching the interviews on Project Camelot with Kerry Cassidy talking to Black Projects whistleblowers is convincing me of the significance of alien intervention in our political system. That gets a few laughs from my 20 year old nephew who thinks it's all hocus pocus, but most people know there are many reports of alien visitations going back decades and even thousands of years. What becomes clear when the whistleblowers talk, is that these are not just relevant to how these things fly, and whether the films are fakes or not. The alien visitations are far more significant to current events than I had realised, and am only now starting to take on board.

I decided to swallow another interview this morning.

This one is with Marshall Vian Summers
I jotted down notes as they were talking, and found yet another interviewee who claims extraordinary things, but who who can explain what the extraordinary events signify in terms of how humans should be reacting to what is happening to our world. I don't hold with his environmental assessment at the end. I believe he's misread many of the causes for the loss of rainfall, which I see as human or alien intervention as part of the depopulation programme, which he only touches on. Other than that I found him fascinating.

I hope my readers can follow me (many will be ahead of me) on my next leap forwards into other areas of knowledge. Some will no doubt prefer raging away at the Old World Order, and all the other deadly forms of earthly power recognisable on the planet. That theme will not disappear from the blog, the Zionists, the Jesuits and so on. But I want to bring in the rest of the picture which is missing. What really lies behind mankind's descent into seeming slavery at the hands of a tiny government that seems to be winning the war against human freedom. Is our descent in fact caused by inappropriate relations with forces from outside the earth? Here is someone who says it is.

My notes -

Here is Kerry Cassidy interviewing another source who talks about 'the greater community' of intergalactic beings, what he calls 'The greater community of intelligent life'. We are not very sophisticated in our understanding of these other beings who share the cosmos with us, he adds, and as a species, we have made many critical errors in our dealings with them.

He claims a voice began feeding him information about the greater community, and he was asked via his contact experience to communicate the knowledge coming to him. This began in 1982.

He wrote 'The Allies Of Humanity' which was fed to him by an off-planet source called 'The Allies Of Humanity'. The briefings came to him in three parts. The aliens (as I call them - Tap) are a combination of free nations with unfree nations, who don't get on well with each other, but are here on earth covertly as spies and to make interventions in their own interests.

The briefings warn us, but encourage us. Individuals and groups of individuals are losing confidence in ourselves. The Allies Of Humanity is beings from outside the earth aiming at both helping us to realise what is going on, and to realise what threats we face. He advises against blanket optimism, which he sees as a dangerous approach to the alien beings that influence our world.

He is receiving information which he calls 'An Angelic Presence', which has devastated his life, and could have been a terrifying experience, but he has got used to it over the decades.

The Allies Of Humanity are not on earth, and do not intend to come to earth. They are like a voice from far far away. He was not 'visited' but he received the briefings, which didn't come from himself. He notes that outside races hold us in much higher regard than we might expect.

He describes his first visitation as The Angelic Presence, which forced itself onto him thirty years ago.

The Angelic Presence talks through his body but is not him talking. The Allies Of Humanity are different and was expressed by his own voice, and he recorded himself talking what was coming to him. The voice started off saying 'receive us. receive us.' It's like someone speaking through a tube into his head. What they reveal is clear, shocking and tells us what we don't know about the extra-terrestrial presence on earth.

Kerry asks him what are the main things that they said.

Marshall says - There are free races out in the universe. The universe is governed by nature, and no one has been able to overcome nature. The more advanced races become undemocratic, and need more access to resources. We live in a highly populated part of the universe. It's not the wild west out there. war has been suppressed. Conquest has been suppressed. The other way of getting power or influence is through persuasion or deception. We want higher technology as we want power. The Allies Of Humanity say the world cannot be taken over by war as it will degrade its value. Only in the last part of the 20th century have we created an infrastructure that outside peoples can use.

We are creating biological hazards. There are competing groups in the world. They are multiracial. They can project images holographically. They will use our weaknesses to build their power over us. Our leaders are incorrigible, and the corruption of the system on earth. We need spiritual leadership to enable us to do a better job of representing ourselves. A ten year old could read The Allies Of Humanity. We are invaded by others to exploit us, and use our weaknesses.

The outsiders want resources from us. Genetic intervention is very slow and not easy for them to carry out, which they are attempting. But they can't live here.

Kerry Cassidy - They carry out a covert invasion. There are at least 57 alien races and possibly more. We have been invaded and we are being invaded still.

Marshall - There are no names given in The Allies Of Humanity, for the races. They are here within the rules of engagement in this area of space. Trade rules everything for advanced intergalactic nations that are in communication with each other. We cannot tell a friend from foe. They all present themselves as the saviours of humanity,but they take people away and never return them. They come here to advise the leaders of the world. They are rarely on camera, and they keep in the shadows, but those in the know can recognise who they are.

Kerry Cassidy - They don't allow war - an overt war, in this part of the galaxy. Other witnesses substantiate some of the things you are saying. Who controls this area of the galaxy? There is a war spiritually.

Marshall - Large nations involved in trade have great influence. They are very competitive with each other. They migrate between planets to exploit the resources. There are some things we don't know which could destroy us. Not knowing what is going on gives us a great disadvantage. They are infiltrating government, military and trade.

Kerry - There is literal war taking place between these races outside the solar system. There are supply routes into the solar system. Different nations on earth have been contacted by different groups.

Marshall - You have to weaken the strongest nations to keep your power over the earth. We face a non-human universe. It has values that are non-human. The greater community is a much more sophisticated and complex environment than we can imagine. What's out there is coming here. Very few of the world out there know of our existence. Those who do know keep it a secret. Freedom is rare in the universe. We are following a very normal path of self destruction. They induce us to cooperate with gifts, and we submit, dropping our weapons and allowing them to exploit us.

Kerry - If we are co-opted, we imagine we are acquiring friends. It's a bit like being exploited by a multinational. It starts with gift-giving, bells and whistles, technology giveaways, and offers of going off planet. Then we end up in their power. Earth changes are beginning to happen. Population elimination is being put into effect. The USA was in alliance with one or two races for a while. They get nations facing off against each other, then get your their agenda going, taking their gold an so on.

Marshall - They don't occupy nations. That's too complicated. They use psychic abilities to subjugate nations. The process is very important to our future. We need to look at our relationship with these intervening nations. Our resources are the building blocks of life, blood, plasma, DNA. We have no idea how important a tree is. We need to see the universe in a more prosaic manner. We have to begin to handle the manifest reality of what is going on. The impact of the outsiders are fundamentally destructive, exploitative. We are in danger of selling our world away. It won't be taken away. We'll give it away. The reality of knowledge, as a deeper mind, higher self, deeper self, operates at an engraved level. We need to take knowledge out of the spiritual realm. We need to boil it down, and see that as the part that is connected to god. This part cannot be manipulated by any outside forces. This part of us must be

We will otherwise be seduced by them offering us what we want - the most deceptive form of loss of freedom. People will be offered wealth and money. Yet will hand over our free spirit. If the only nations that could rally the world are re-pitched into opposition or war, we will never be able to build our own world. That's easy for outsiders to manipulate into being.

We must develop power of knowledge, the greatest power in the universe. This is not a mystery. Keeping it a mystery is part of the deception. It's made to look like an adventure. The alien things is just another damned thing we have to deal with in life.

We are spiritual beings with a spiritual origin and a spiritual destiny. We live in a part of the universe which is highly materialistic and technological, but our spirituality is our greatest strength. We keep the mystery of god alive on earth, while the notion has died in most other places.

The part of us that is spiritual is the only part that cannot be manipulated, and is the source of our unity with each other, and is our greatest strength, and is the way to us saving ourselves from losing all our freedom. We need to grow up and become responsible for ourselves. The intervention and the breakdown of environmental stability in the world can prompt humanity to wake up and start acting in our own defence. We need to move on from all the things that fracture us, and degrade us. Humanity has to unite to be in the greater community.

We are losing self sufficiency. We are selling out our kids, using up the world as quickly as we can. We must become united and become a greater human community. We are broadcasting out into our space our wars, our foolishness and our stupidity. Free nations don't broadcast. Unity, self-sufficiency and discretion are needed to survive as a free world.

Kerry - prefers discernment to discretion.

Marshall - We should be broadcasting to the universe, leave us alone. Keep away. The more ethical ETs won't come here as they see it as unethical to send people down to help us and instruct us in wisdom, as that would mean putting us in their power. Free energy doesn't exist. Belief in God/ or your grounded being advises us there is a part of us that cannot be corrupted.
All the speculation about UFOs has led to no understanding as to what is going on.

He doesn't use the word soul, but the part of us that is still connected to god. We live in the part most of the time that is disconnected from god. If you know that part of you is wise and a part of you is not wise. You can understand.

Some people see that in their own religious beliefs but anyone can understand the nature of corruption, and inner wisdom and lack of wisdom.

The outcome has not been determined. Not all parts of government are corrupted and sold out to interventions from outsiders. It's much more fluid situation than that. We appear to be granting them permission to be here and to control events.

Kerry - The White Hats around the world within governments are not willing to hand over their sovereignty to visiting races. At what point do we pull back and take away the permissions given to outsiders by invaders. How do we say STOP? If there is opposition and resistance from the people, that's powerful. What re you going to do? What can I do? What can anyone do?

The first thing is to recognise the reality is occurring. We cannot cede our personal responsibility to government. The government could be more eluded than we are. We need to communicate resistance, and tell the ETs to get out and leave us alone. Don't see ETs as exciting and a way to get good stuff. The more you ask them for, the more of your power they will get. They won't give us high tech weaponry. They won't give us spirituality. Go away please, and we'll let you know when we're ready for interacting with you.

We need to get our own house in order personally. We need to be strong. We are in a very adolescent phase. We are in a battle in another level, in determining who will control the world of the future. We are being manipulated to give up, to be despondent, to lose faith. Being dumbed down, Spiritually reduced. FIrst we need to re-earn the right for the earth to be our own world. The incentive has to be the fear of failure. We should be terrified by the knowledge that we can fail. We must recognise that we have the power to rise to the occasion, and we must now rise to the occasion.

Aliens are fabrications. The technology is real.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Aerosol Crimes. Children Unable To Breathe Properly In London.

This lady's niece was ambulanced into hospital with severe breathing difficulties. The medic told her that it was the fifth child he'd taken in with the same complaint that morning. 'It's the stuff they're chucking down on us,' her sister volunteered, to which he replied that he had noticed the link between the outbreak of breathing trouble in kids with heavy chemtrailing days.

She's asking for whistleblowers to come forwards, doctors, pilots who are chemtrailing and any others who can help get the information out there as to what is going on.

Here's a whistleblower, Clifford Carnecom, who knows what chemtrails are being used for.

He's collected chemtrails and analysed their contents. He's worked out their effects. He calls it geo-engineering and bio-engineering. The elites claim they are cooling down the planet, but it's not right, they say, that ordinary people understand or are told what is going on. Some of the contents of the aerosols being sprayed are biological, and non-metallic (including DNA).

He says that he doesn't agree the planet is being cooled by the aerosols. If anything it is being heated up.

One aim of the sprays could be military.

Another could be electrical, to facilitate other technologies (TAP - like HAARP)

Another possible aim is biological operations.

Geo-physical operations.

Surveillance systems.

Detection of UFOs.

The USAF is lying about what is going on, which bothers Clifford. This is an injustice being committed on the citizens of this planet.

This is a global covert operation. If particulates are sprayed (in suspension), they will eventually reach a global equilibrium. It is not a place that has been altered but the whole atmosphere has been affected. The spraying is now only a maintenance operation, maintaining the levels of concentration. The spraying will have spread the particulates worldwide by now.

Our atmosphere is highly fragile. Three quarters of our atmosphere is contained in the bottom seven miles. He believes the whole planet has been changed.

The key aim of all the objectives he's identified is control. Chemtrails are a way to control humanity. Ultimate control is control of everything about you and your environment. That is the driving force behind the, genetic evolution and all other aspects of life.

The discussion goes on to the topic of crimes against humanity, crimes against the environment. Clifford's site is called 'aerosol crimes'.

There is no legal case being brought anywhere in the world about aerosol crimes. The issue is not being dealt with sincerity and importance.

Where the official organs have not moved in this case of 'war' crimes, citizens can form tribunals of conscience. This happened during the Vietnam War, during the Iraq war. Has there been a tribunal of conscience? No.

Could such a movement develop? It is essential and overdue. It is sorely needed.

Is there any epidemiological data at this point? There is nothing systematic, nothing on an authoritative level. There is evidence from grassroots only.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Illuminati Have Run Out Of Excuses

This TV exchange between an Irish journalist and a German banker shows how the matrix has run out of excuses. The people of Ireland are being required to bail out European Banks without any possible justification. In fact the same goes for the people of Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal - in fact the people of the world. The collapse of confidence amongst the Illuminati, the mass resignation of bankers across the globe, is dramatically reflected in this TV exchange. There are no plausible excuses for what is happening.

As the words dry up, so too is the justification for the longterm tyranny that has brought the world to its current state.

They say that money talks. Here it has ceased to talk. Was this the day the system failed, when it failed to speak. Without words, there is no power remaining. The Illuminati are over.

David Icke tells Alex Jones the Rothschilds agenda is starting to fall to pieces. The Rothschild Zionists are finding harder to work through anonymity. They are starting to panic, says Icke, and make mistakes.

Friday, March 23, 2012

China Is Chemtrails Free

Chemtrails picture from Otter Walks

I sat on the port side on a wide bodied jet and travelled just under thirteen hours eastwards from Amsterdam. Chemtrails were visible all the way to Amsterdam on the connecting flight from Birmingham, then across Holland, Germany, Poland and the Baltic States, Riga being particularly filthy. Before Moscow they stopped for a while, but chemtrails resumed over Moscow as it was turning dark.

After Moscow, the stars and lights on the ground shone crisply for the next few hours suggesting there were no further chemtrail operations east of Moscow.

It's not just the chemtrails that are so obvious looking at them from 35,000 feet, many being laid at that level and some a bit higher in altitude as well as at lower altitudes. What is also striking is the complete lack of normal cloud cover across Europe. The trademark chemtrail milky clouds are all you see cloudwise. They are not opaque like normal clouds but see-through, making the ground look like it's covered with a dirty haze and nothing else, and the sky is the same for thousands of miles.

Denmark, Sweden were heavily affected. I could see numerous planes operating leaving chemtrails towards Stockholm and Copenhagen as we passed over the Baltic.

This morning was a different story. The night was brief, only four hours, and as the sun came up, the whole vista outside the plane was covered with the kind of clouds that once cloaked the ground across Europe, nice fluffy white cotton wool, around 20,000 below the plane. This clean white sea of cloud was too bright to look at for more than a few seconds, before I had to shut the window covers. The sun shone with all her power blinding anyone looking out without powerful dark glasses. In the chemtrail skies across Europe, the clouds don't reflect light in the same way, and filter the sun, so I could watch the sky the whole way with no difficulty.

We traveled the eastern Himalayas, China, northern Vietnam and the South China Sea to the Philippines. I saw not one chemtrail after Moscow. I checked every plane I saw, and the contrails lasted only a minute or two before disappearing.

Europe is constantly covered by multiple chemtrailing planes spewing out the waste products of the nuclear power industry, the very contents of the fabled dirty bomb, from the western reaches all the way to Moscow - strontium, uranium, barium and aluminum amongst others. I witnessed tens of them at work, one looking as if it were a passenger jet passing overhead and across our path north to south from the direction of Sweden or Finland.

NATO doesn't control the ground heading east, which is why the populations of Asia are so far not being targeted for elimination by poisons from the sky. The signatories to NATO are all being poisoned breathing the air where they live, the ordinary people as always being the real enemy of the elites, who fear loss of their extraordinary power.

The contrast between the two continents was stark. Yet maybe only 1% of Europeans realize they are effectively living a vast gas chamber, designed to kill at least half of the population over a period of a few years. This is NATO's real war, a war against the people who imagined they were there to defend them. It goes completely unreported in the main media. Few can grasp the enormity of the crime being committed against humanity every day in the sky above their heads.

The few media reports usually pretend the poison attacks are 'geo-engineering' designed to cool the planet. The pilots are told the same story. An earlier generation of gas victims were promised 'showers'.

Alex Jones on background to chemtrails

Neurological disorders are increasing as toxic metals in the environment increase.

There have been debates in the House Of Commons about regulating geo-engineering. They admit there is no regulation currently. The UK has agreed with the US to carry out a programme of geo-engineering. They discuss trans-national boundary implications. They can't ban it, or regulate it, as the technology is not sufficiently predictable.

The chemicals are mixed with the jet fuel. They have patents on how to do this. The earth is getting dimmer as aluminium dioxide is sprayed, and barium. Children are getting Parkinsons Disease at aged three. They will kill off life as it is, and then replace it with a patent for new life with in-built resistance to the poisons that killed off the earlier life-forms.