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Olympics Empty London. Why?

Tourist attractions in central London also saw reduced visitor numbers over the weekend, according to the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions has said.
Its chief executive Bernard Donoghue said visitor numbers were between 30% and 35% lower.
He said this was "partly because the kind of visitor you get during an Olympic year is different to any normal year, and it is also partly because people think it is going to crowded and hectic here in central London".
Hoteliers across the capital have also complained about reduced occupancy levels.
Satbir Bakshi, owner of Hotel Earls Court, told the BBC: "Everyone was expecting big, big bonanzas, but this is the worst I have seen in 30 years.
"The Olympics was all hyped up, and every hotel - including mine - put their prices up.
"But with a week to go before the start of the games, I had to put my prices back down again. Like everyone else I'm only half full. Normally I'm full at this time of the year."
TAP - It's odd.  They spend GBP 12 billion on promoting London, and the place is a ghost town. Shops are down 10% on last year.  Hotels are half full, the emptiest in thirty years.  The arenas are empty while world class athletes perform.  What's the problem?
Maybe it's all the Illuminati symbols, the one-eyed Wenlock and Mandeville, the ZION 2012, and the pyramid lighting towers.  Kind of a giveaway that the same fruitcakes that did 911 and bombed London on 7/7 want to pull another stunt.  The evidence of G4S involvement, the same outfit that ensured CCTV failed on 7/7, and so on.  People have got wind, and got jumpy.

Bad Weather Spoils Elite's False Flag Terror Plans

I can't help but laugh.  Just saw the weather forecast and commentary about the cloud and rain spoiling the Olympics.  The weatherman's exact words were, 'these clouds just rushed in from over the Atlantic' - as if that wasn't where clouds were meant to come from!

That's right.  Clouds normally are manufactured from chemtrail seeding.  The Met Office is clearly annoyed that clouds can still come in made by nature, not as ordered up by NATO.   NATO can no doubt remove clouds by chemtrailing cloud canceling matter, but it's not an instant process, especially if they are 'rushing in' as ordered by nature.

It will be a Gold Metal for nature if the Games are rained off.  They might even make the false flag rumored attacks less likely.  Wasp's forecast there is 11 am 3rd August 2012.  He's a brave man to even attempt to second guess the irrationality of the inbred historical relics that want to rush the world into immediate war.

The seats at The Olympics are fairly empty in many events - the ones reserved for the media and the government mostly, according to Yahoo News.  Funny that.  Do you think the insiders know something and word's slipping out?

DENTIST stealing GBP 1.3 million from the NHS?  What?  Just one dentist.  It reminds you of Dr Shipman murdering 150 people before anyone noticed.  That's unless they're all at it, and only the odd one gets caught.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Tap water a weapon designed to kill selected targets.

TAP - why did Windsor castle bother to set up its own water supply 
direct from the River Thames last year?  Here maybe is the answer.  
Water is being used as a depopulation weapon.

Water As A Weapon
by Janet C. Phelan Sunday, May. 06, 2007 at 6:00 PM (email address validated) (310) 755-4469
Embedded in the Patriot Act is a section authorizing a massive

Water As A Weapon...
1-photo0137.jpg, image/jpeg, 640x480
In August of 2004, quietly and without fanfare, an article was published on the Los
Angeles Independent Media website revealing a plan by the U.S. government to
depopulate the country via the water system. The article alleged that the water
system had been reconfigured country-wide so as to function as a finely honed
targeting system, which, when deployed, would selectively target individual homes
with undrinkable, or “death” water. The article alleged that this had been accomplished
by the construction of a complex system of double lines and mixing capabilities
on the main lines. In this manner, certain, pre-selected homes would receive the
ordinary water while the targeted homes would receive the mixture. It is the contention
of this reporter that the mixture will kill those imbibing the water.

Nearly three years have passed since the publication of “Public Extermination Project.” ( New information has surfaced
supporting these claims. In addition, this reporter has determined some errors in the
initial report, which mandate correcting.

A careful reading of Section 817 of the Patriot Act, “The Expansion of the Biological
Weapons Statute,” reveals this to be the umbrella statute which is authorizing this
project. While the wording of this statute is somewhat opaque, a diligent scrutiny of
the language reveals its true intent.

Firstly, this statute is legalizing “delivery systems” and “toxins” under certain
circumstances. “Delivery systems” is weapons terminology. “Toxins” are poisons.
The statute details when these delivery systems and toxins will and will not be legal.

Poisons, as we all know, are meant to terminate, not enhance, life. There is no
mention in 817 of these poisons being utilized as any sort of legally sanctioned
punishment for a crime, such as lethal injection. Rather, the statute states that
these SHALL be legal when used for purposes determined as “peaceful, protective,
prophylactic or bona fide research.”

Setting aside the research clause, we are essentially seeing the legalizing of “
peaceful, protective, prophylactic…..” poisoning.

We have thus essentially bypassed any necessity for due process and have
authorized the use of poisons to kill.

Rest of article -

Recurring 27s - posted earlier. but now not visible on blog. let's try again.

Download 33_Degree_Blavatsky-1.gif (6.7 KB)
Download 490-d87453f665-7 Putin.jpg (114.1 KB)
Download SolomonsSeal-2.JPG (20.5 KB)
Hi Tap, I have always been fascinated by numbers & the power they have given
us to
understand how nature works, The Fabonacci Series for example, connected
to the
GOLDEN RATIO, BIOLOGICAL SEQENCING, such as Dendritic Propagation &
Another one is the Mandlebrot Series, for fractal sets, but there are many others
equally as
interesting. As G_L stated all we are doing is discovering what already exists. so
following on
from G_L's Links  Prophecy Beyond  & ALTHBELLS

By Reference To above Link

Looking at the numbers    11+ 9+7 = 27

or                                       3x3x3 = 27      note  we get 3x3x3

or  by reduction                     2+7 = 9        so we get     3x3

or we could write         1+1+9+7  =  18     so we get     6+6+6

As I stated in Previous Post 33 is a Master Number.

The All Seeing Eye gives   333   {This is also ½ of 666} 

Now Consider Bell Ringing to take place at exactly 08.12  on July 27

Consider these numbers:-

we get for time               8+1+2  = 11

we get for month               July    =  7
we get day                      day      = 27  or   3x3x3                    

this gives us                  11, 7,  9

Hence                           11+7+ 9 = 27

so we are back to                27  =  3x3x3
or          11x7x9 =  693   &   6x9x3  =  162 = 1+6+3 = 9 = 3+3+3

or                                  11+7+9  =  27      3x3x3

or                                    6+9+3  =  18  ie  6+6+6

or                                      1+8     =    9      3+3+3

Bells  rung 3 min         3x{6 +0}   =  18

or                                         1+8  =  9   =   3+3+3

or you can also put it 3min in the form       6+6+6

A 27 Ton Bell is being produced for £27,000,000 Opening Ceremony on
27 July

That's a lot of 27's don't you think?  27 is  a very interesting number,
so just coincidence,
I think not, nothing The Illuminati do is coincidental, it is extremely
well planned.
To The Illuminati 33 is Probably The Most Power Sacred Number
of all.

Note also that 2x7 = 14

                       4+1  = 5  Their Protection Number

so they get   27,  33,  3 3 3 , 6 6 6   & They are Protected as a 5 is
also generated also.

The Freemasons are very fond of their motto Ordo Ab Chao (Order From Chaos).  
Does the ritual 
bell ringing across Britain herald the dawn of a new age for the occult elite?  Will 
a false flag 
terror attack at the Olympics trigger manufactured chaos (World War III) 
and thus 
provide an excuse to eradicate war once and for all by uniting the global 
under a one world government?  We shall find out.

Reference Cutting Edge 
"Thirty-three appears to be the most mysterious of numbers. It is found over and 
over again in the stories of the Bible and elsewhere. Jesus Christ was thirty-three 
when he was crucified; the first temple of Solomon stood for thirty-three years 
before being pillaged by King Shishak of Egypt; there are thirty-three symbols 
of the Masonic Order and one of their symbols depicts a double-headed eagle 
crowned with an equilateral triangle: inside of this is the number thirty-three.

"Students of Numerology are well aware that numbers affect a person's life. One's 
name, place, and time of birth all have an influence on one's physical, mental, and 
spiritual being. Each letter as number has a certain vibratory effect ... the picture 
produced by the various combinations gives an understanding of the character, 
karma, and potentialities of the person ... in Spiritual Numerology, the numbers 
11, 22, and 33 are the three 'Master Numbers', the highest being 33 ... This 
highest of the master numbers was the age of the Master Initiate (Jesus) at his 
death, resurrection and ascension, giving more esoteric accents. The '33' symbolizes 
the highest spiritual conscious attainable by the human being."

An occultist assigns the number '333' to "death, resurrection, and ascension", and 
consider it to be most powerful.

"Indeed, there is not death, as can be discerned clearly ... There is only Change! The 
message ... is that there is a balance which one can achieve by which one can escape 
from the wheel of change, from life to death. This balance can be found by becoming f
ully aware so that both worlds are equally real to one. This awareness is found when 
the third eye is fully opened, the eye the symbol of which is the number '33' ..."

"Each '3' of the number '33' can be seen to be three-fold in the same way as a
triangle has three sides: 3+3+3 = 9. In the temples of Atlantis and Egypt the
candidate for initiation passed through nine degrees, or rather the three-fold
three degrees, into the mysteries. These degrees symbolized the re-entering of
the womb in order, after the three times three months of gestation, to be reborn
into the world of Spirit-consciousness."

The highest meaning of the number, '33', is that it represents the highest
consciousness to which man can attain, and that '333' represents the
becoming immortal through his "death, resurrection and ascension", just
as the
occultist considers Master Initiate Jesus to have done! At this point,
the man-god
experiences a fully-functional, visible Third Eye open up within him,
an eye
people can physically see. This is the personal aim of all occultists.
They seek
to escape the death/reincarnation cycle, so they never die again!
Further, they seek to bring a "select number" of citizens of the earth
along with
them, so that the entire world can begin to go through a path to this
exalted spiritual consciousness; at this moment, every one on earth will
have a
physical Third Eye, just as did the citizenry of Atlantis! Now, who is
going to
lead the peoples of the world into this highly exalted spiritual journey?
The Masonic New Age Christ, of course! The number '33' is his highest
and the number representing the spiritual path to perfection and physically
This is Just a short Summary, I am sure you can work out other examples.
Some will believe it, others won't, but lets just hope that it is just an
with numbers & nothing occurs other than what they have already
achieved as
stated by G_L.which is bad enough.
I think this is ok now, I tried to put something else in & it crashed for
some reason.
any typos you find caused by it, I think it might have been due to size
of image,
being incompatible, with format of email.

REGARDS  ..............  WASP

Although Putin  was originally one of their Puppets,he is a 33 he is now 
a puppet master, that is why he confiscated YUKOS. I have mentioned 
this on previous occasions, so has virtually kicked the Illuminati out. This is
 why ClintonH. has been Mouthing off. & they are trying to stir up trouble 
for him, with Illuminati RENT A CROUD.
 Putin is a 33° Mason, but he is no friend of the Illuminati it would appear, 
as he has caused  BP with a bit of a Problem if this is just for show, BP are 
going to loose c.a 
29% of their gas & oil production


Europe and the United States long ago succumbed to
Illuminati control. In Russia, there are still some
death spasms.
Recently, Vladimir Putin arrested Mikhail
Khordordovsky, the head 
of Russia's largest oil company "Yukos" and
"the richest man in Russia."
Putin announced that Russia would seize his
$12 billion 26% stake 
in the oil company, one of many national assets
plundered in the 
reorganization of Communism 15 years ago.
Then we learn the shares already had passed to
none other than banker 
Jacob Rothschild under a "previously unknown
arrangement" designed for 
such a circumstance. The two have known each
other for years "through 
their mutual love of the arts."
Rakovsky told Kus'min that the Illuminati never take
political or financial 
positions. They use "intermediaries."
"Bankers and politicians are only men of straw....
even though they occupy 
high places and appear to be authors of the plans
which are carried out..." (248-249)
Obviously Khodordovsky is an "intermediary" for
Rothschild. So are Richard 
Perle, Henry Kissinger and Ariel Sharon who each
spoke out against Putin's 
action. Perle, the architect of the Iraq war, called for
the expulsion of Russia
 from the Group of Eight. Sharon expressed concern
about "persecution 
of Jewish businessmen." Khodordovsky is Jewish as
is Simon Kukes his 
successor. And Perle and Kissinger.
Many Jews serve the Illuminati and that is a cause
of anti-Semitism. But 
Tony Blair and George W. Bush serve it too and are
not Jewish (GL says Blair 
was Jewish). The 
membership of the Bilderbergers and the Skull and 
Bones is mostly not 
Jewish. The Illuminati is an alliance between the
Rothschilds, and the world's 
super rich united by Freemasonry, whose God is
Mankind, God's magnificent experiment, has been
subverted and 
compromised. From the U.S. soldier in Iraq, to the
taxpayer who pays 
the national debt, we are all "men of straw."

Alan Watt: Plato described the world we live in today.

Plato talked about The Guardians, the Elite, the Aristocracy who would have access to all information in histories and education, where those below, the ITS, wouldn't have to know that. They'd be taught all that they really needed to know for their particular occupation. He's telling you that here, and this guy, remember, was part of the investigations into these techniques to create a world society. He's admitting here that what we're going through today, which is the 1984 part of it, is only one step. The next step is the introduction, which we see happening simultaneously. It's coming in now with genetic engineering for a new type of lower caste human that will work perfectly well – the Brave New World variety.  I'll repeat that last part.

             "Conditioned from earliest infancy (and perhaps also biologically predestined), the average middle or lower-caste individual will never require conversion or even a refresher course in the true faith. The members of the highest caste will have to be able to think new thoughts in response to new situations:"

Alan:  That's again what people like Charles Galton Darwin talked about in his book, "The Next Million Years." The elite will not alter themselves. They'll damage our ability for self-preservation. They'll annihilate that part of the brain chemically or even produce viruses – it's really inoculations, so that you won't need it anymore. The State will be making all your decisions for you. However, the elite must keep those abilities because they will be guiding us, guiding Planet Earth you see.

             "These upper-caste individuals will be members, still, of a wild species—the trainers and guardians…"

Alan:  He even uses the term.

             "…themselves only slightly conditioned, of a breed of completely domesticated animals."

Alan:  Moo. That's us, folks.

             "…Their wildness will make it possible for them to become heretical and rebellious. When this happens, they will have to be either liquidated…"

Alan:  That's the elite themselves who've become – because they'll all be competing amongst themselves like good little psychopaths for the throne. You know, the World Throne.

             "…or brainwashed back into orthodoxy, or (as in "Brave New World") exiled to some island, where they can give no further trouble, except of course to one another. But universal infant conditioning and the other techniques of manipulation and control are still a few generations away in the future."

Alan:  It's all here now. It's been done since then.

             "On the road to the Brave New World our rulers will have to rely on the transitional and provisional techniques of brainwashing."

Alan:  Good book and remember this guy was part of it. He was all for it. He saw himself as one of those who would retain the critical faculties of reasoning. He would not be altered and he was in the national aristocratic class. His grandfather, Sir Thomas Huxley was the man who was the best friend of Charles Darwin and took over this Masonic theory of the elite that became Natziism and Communism and all other extremists groups. Religion, basically. Sir Thomas also recruited others like H.G. Wells and taught all the main authors of his era and backed them financially. They were all indoctrinated into this cause, just as The Guardians in Plato's "Republic" said they'd do. They’d recruit those who are on the verge or the lower class or the middle class and bring them into the lower helping class, and that's what H.G. Wells was. H.G. Wells’ mother was really the housekeeper of an aristocratic family, so he was born to a servant, which he hated, and he hated the lower classes because he was accustomed to living in a big mansion, but he didn't own it, but he hated all the lower classes because it terrified him that he might join those particular working classes one day.

It's quite fascinating when you realize that you're whole life really and everything you're taught to be fascinated by has been methodically planned for you to believe in or accept, including the daily fanfare of politics and all that nonsense. Professor Carroll Quigley said that the bottom politicians are allowed to do their ha-ha-ing – their jeering towards each other as they all vie for a little bit of power, a bit of the honey pot where all the tax money is. That's all they're really in for, some fame and fortune as good little psychopaths do, but the ones at the top are already picked and groomed years before the public even hear of their names. That's all true.

Now it's interesting, too, that last chapter I read by Aldous Huxley, he talks along the lines of Plato's "Republic," the utopia for the elite. That's what it's all about. What he is describing there are the psychopaths at the top. Now, you see it's only those who are normal people that would even use the term "psychopath."  For the psychopath at the top they see themselves as Darwin's natural successors. They are the epitome of the survivalists. They are those who have proven worthy through all the trials and stresses of thousands of years even in selective breeding to dominate all the animals they call the people or the ITS, as Plato called them. Nothing has changed so it's only normal people who would view them and Huxley and his crowd as well as a psychopathic type. They themselves see themselves as the winners. They're at the top of the food chain. They have dominated all the rest. This is a different perspective there. They think they are quite natural and they have the right to be where they are. They're bright. They have power, tremendous power. They own the system.

Extract from

HPV Vaccine sterilises young women deliberately.

Let’s first take the HPV vaccine that was rushed through its normal protocol and made available to all young girls of high school age in which our health authorities led us to believe that this vaccine would reduce the possibility of women contracting cervical cancer in later life.
What I found amazing was the fact that one of the experts in the field, Dr. Harper, herself became concerned that this vaccine had bypassed the normal screening protocol and rushed into production with any firm evidence that it was indeed effective.
It became apparent that when the HPV vaccines were tested on animals in the laboratory most of the females animals became sterile and this then led me to believe that this could truly be a NWO ploy to carry out mass sterilisation of the worlds female population……not to mention the very serious side effects that has occurred around the world.
It would appear that when I last checked how far this bogus vaccine had been initiated in Britain I found that at least 75% of young school age females have already been inoculated…….however it does require a series of injections to complete the programme and one can only hope that common sense prevails and parents start rejecting what they are being led to believe………… must also keep in mind that this HPV vaccine only attacks 4 strains of the 100 strains that are believed to cause  cervical cancer and that pap smears are still required.
My comment would be that if regular checks are carried out and the pap smear programme is fully maintained one can address the problem as soon as any abnormal cell activity is found…… my opinion the HPV vaccine is a scam to prop up the very lucrative pharmaceutical industry and at the same time taking away the right of every women to have a child or for every aged person to experience the joy of becoming a grandparent!

Want to catch whooping cough. Get vaccinated against it.

Dr Mercola writes -

Mounting Evidence Shows Many Vaccines are Ineffective and Contribute to Rise of Outbreaks Caused by Mutated Viruses

July 30 2012 | 72,889 views | + Add to Favorites
By Dr. Mercola
In the middle of July, NBC News reported that :
“The U.S. is on course for a record year for whooping cough, health officials said this week. And while vaccinating kids is clearly the most important defense, health experts say adults may not realize they’re supposed to be getting regular shots, too.”
The article goes on to hype what are actually predictable pertussis (whooping cough) increases and promote the ineffective pertussis vaccine—basically giving the media their marching orders for this fall’s propaganda campaign, which centers on blaming increases in pertussis on parents who file non-medical exemptions for their kids, which is pure nonsense.

Surprise! Whooping Cough Spreads Mainly through Vaccinated Populations

In 2010, the largest outbreak of whooping cough in over 50 years occurred in California. Around that same time, a scare campaign was launched in the California by Pharma-funded medical trade associations, state health officials and national media, targeting people opting out of receiving pertussis vaccine, falsely accusing them of causing the outbreak.
However, research published in March of this year paints a very different picture than the one spread by the media .
In fact, the study showed that 81 percent of 2010 California whooping cough cases in people under the age of 18 occurred in those who were fully up to date on the whooping cough vaccine. Eleven percent had received at least one shot, but not the entire recommended series, and only eight percent of those stricken were unvaccinated.
According to the authors :
“This first detailed analysis of a recent North American pertussis outbreak found widespread disease among fully vaccinated older children. Starting approximately three years after prior vaccine dose, attack rates markedly increased, suggesting inadequate protection or durability from the acellular vaccine.” [Emphasis mine]
The pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine is included as a component in “combination” shots that include tetanus and diphtheria (DPT, DTaP, Tdap) and may also include polio, hepatitis B, and/or Haemophilus Influenza B (Hib). CDC data shows 84 percent of children under the age of three have received at least FOUR DTaP shots—which is the acellular pertussis vaccine that was approved in the United States in 1996—yet, despite this high vaccination rate, whooping cough still keeps circulating among both the vaccinated and unvaccinated.
So, as clearly evidenced in this study, the vaccine likely provides very little, if any, protection from the disease. In fact, the research suggests those who are fully vaccinated may in fact be more likely to get the disease than unvaccinated populations.

Why Do Pertussis Vaccines Fail Despite Claimed Efficacy?

Interestingly in a recent article published in the journal Pediatrics , author James D. Cherry, MD, reveals that estimates for pertussis vaccine efficacy have been significantly inflated due to the case definitions adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1991, which required laboratory confirmation and 21 days or more of paroxysmal cough. All less severe cases were excluded.  He states:
“I was a member of the WHO committee and disagreed with the primary case definition because it was clear at that time that this definition would eliminate a substantial number of cases and therefore inflate reported efficacy values. Nevertheless, the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research of the Food and Drug Administration accepted this definition, and package inserts of the US-licensed DTaP vaccines reflect this
....For example, Infanrix... and Daptacel... have stated efficacies of 84% and 85% respectively. When less severe cough illness is included, however, the efficacies of these 2 vaccines decrease to 71% and 78% respectively. In addition, even these latter efficacies are likely inflated owing to investigator or parental compliance with the study protocol (observer bias).”

Vitamin D Shortage from lack of sunshine

Hi Tap,

I'm sorry to hear about baby Sean. I would suggest a rehydration
solution (I think Boots sell it). The best way is intravenous but I don't
know if that is feasible with a baby. 

Adding vitamin D to the solution would make it more effective.
Vit D is absurdlly neglected as a treatment for infections in Britain
as you know. I used to get dreadful 'Chinese' tummy from seafood
and found that an intravenous drip and some vitamin D pills
worked wonders.

I can quite understand that your wife is losing confidence in the NHS.
Some strange things happen in British hospitals these days. 

I hear that members of the SNP are visiting the Tap!

Best regards,

Gordon Logan

TAP -  I get quite a bit of feedback from people suggesting
the blog is read more widely than it used to be, and more
widely than google stats suggest.  The SNP should leave a
comment or two!  What's the angle on One World Government?  
Surely we are more easily overpowered as two smaller separate
countries than as one.  Their aim is to break us all up into pieces.  
Why go along with such plans?

For Vitamin D I suggest raw milk.  We gave some cow's to Sean and
his cough stopped within hours.  It then caused him to get
constipation as he doesn't have the enzyme lactase in his gut yet.  
Today I'm in the mountains searching for goat's milk which is easy
for babies to absorb.  We've stopped in a pub which has wifi!

The cow's milk we get comes from a pedigree herd with doesn't
buy in new animals, making the risk from TB remote.  

MPs for world government

From Road Hog
All Party Parliamentary Group for World Governance
The All-Party Parliamentary Group for World Governance (APPGWG) is a cross-party 
group with currently 163 members drawn from both Houses of the British Parliament, 
the European Parliament, and the Welsh Assembly. It promotes discussions and awareness 
about global governance issues and the role of Parliamentarians in reforming the UN and 
other global institutions to make them more democratic, accountable and transparent.

Established in 1947 by the then newly elected Member of Parliament Henry Usborne, 
the APPGWG is one of the oldest groups in the British Parliament. Its members established 
the One World Trust, a registered charity, in 1951.

Every year, the APPGWG and the One World Trust co-host a number of meetings for 
parliamentarians and the public featuring experts on global governance issues and 
related parliamentary processes. In addition, the Group holds an annual AGM to elect 
its officers and review the year's progress. At its AGM on the 8th of July 2008, the Group 
had 73 members in the House of Commons, 61 members in the House of Lords members, 
15 from the Welsh Assembly, and 15 from the European Parliament. This diverse membership 
gives the group a unique perspective on the problems raised by the need to reform global 


Mark Pritchard MP - Chair (elected 2008)
Jim Sheridan MP - Co-chair (elected 2008)
Tom Brake MP - Secretary
Peter Bottomley MP - Treasurer
Joan Walley MP - Vice-chair
Lord Archer of Sandwell - Vice-chair
Dr Nick Palmer MP - Vice-chair

Individuals who are interested in learning more about the work of the APPGWG or 
joining the group, should contact Michael Hammer.

If you are interested in reading a more detailed history of the Group and the One World Trust, 
click here.

TAP - what's Mark Pritchard doing on there.  We all thought he was a eurosceptic.  
Not another bleeding two faced politician.