Sunday, January 20, 2013

Protect yourself from dark energy

Hi Henry

Just had my first contact from my “article” on The Tap - A nasty voodoo attack ... gentleman been suffering for years .... all cleared for him

Thank you so much for what you are doing ........... just cleared you too,  let me know if you feel any different .......

Love and Light to you


TAP - feeling better this evening, Dudley!   I've been to my earth energy fix point today as well, and felt a good surge in the back of my head.   I was concerned to see that they're concreting over the strongest points I use, although there are other points that are useable nearby still just grass and earth.

Thank you for your patience,  I will give you some background as to how and why I am doing what I am now doing !

Up to approx five years ago, I was totally in the material world and for many years was the MD of my own photocopier company, Concorde Copiers, based in Exeter.  I was perfectly happy with this  and indeed rude and quite cynical re anything to do with spiritualism or psychic work of any kind .... when I suddenly got my “ wake up “ call to the spiritual side of who we really are. 

Believe me, I was not an easy convert .... my story makes a good lecture if you ever want me as a speaker ... and I did my absolute best to avoid what was coming at me and carry on selling copiers.
Then I started to have experiences which the logical brain could not explain ... they had to be psychic, and this persuaded me to start investigating what was coming at me,  although I was still finding it all very hard to believe.  

I began seeing a lady who I had already been “ coincidentally “ introduced to .... when you begin to see the bigger picture you quickly realise that there is actually no such thing as a coincidence.  She is a very gifted psychic and spiritual healer, and she started to explain what I was experiencing and gradually it began to make sense. 

I still had “ world war three “ going on in my head for a while .... logical brain v the intuitive ... but as more knowledge and experiences came my way, I accepted that what seemed ridiculous was actually correct ... that we ARE spiritual beings having a human experience ( in fact many human experiences,  given that reincarnation is key to all this ) rather than human beings with a bit of vague spirit around us somewhere !! 

Having accepted this ... I was off !!  Experience followed experience and then I became aware of the fact that I had the power and spiritual connections to begin to tackle those who are foolish and misguided enough to work with dark energy, black magic, voodoo, etc,  which can be very damaging if not dealt with. 

Approx a year ago I came away from Concorde to revitalise an ailing spiritual centre known as Evolution in Exeter ... which is now really vibrant again.   Facebook EvolutionExeter ..  and apart from other spiritual activities, now spend a great deal of my time clearing people / groups of people / buildings, etc of dark energy,  in many countries around the world, and where appropriate, neutralising ( using energy ) the people responsible,  so they cannot do it again.  

So why have I been drawn to contact you ? 

You are doing a great job attacking what I refer to as the “ World Management Team “  The Masonic / Catholic club currently running the globe for their own benefit, and a standard procedure on their part is to aim spells / curses, etc at you as you come to their notice. This can affect any aspect of what you do ... health of you and / or your team or supporters / connections, phone lines, computer equipment, etc and needs to be dealt with to keep you free of these energies so you can work against them at full capacity.
So I am offering my services to you to first clear you ( there is some dark rubbish around you now ) and keep you clear in future.

It is vital that those of us who are prepared to stand ... stand together ... especially now, and things are changing fast as I think you know
I shall look forward to hearing your thoughts,  perhaps we could meet sometime

Love and Light to you


Dudley - I hope the goodwill broadcast from people such as yourself is of equal power to the negative one from the dark side.  I would like to meet in a month or two - when I get back to the UK.  I haven't had exactly similar to the experiences you describe, yet I had dinner last week with a gentleman just last week who was saying very similar things, and had his life turned upside down by a visitation.  Now we know why Julia gets so much unexplained trouble with her computer equipment.   WASP too.


From the above website -

Over the last century scientists have increasingly become excited about the theories of quantum mechanics.  The idea that everything is connected to everything else in the universe, that a change in a single atom on earth may instantaneously require a change in an atom light years away or even result in a chain of events striking throughout the universe. We increasingly accept these ideas just as we accept that if we post an entry on our computer it can be simultaneously read by someone on the other side of the world.


we are only now learning what those who believe in the spiritual web of energy have known for thousands of years.  We are all connected, a web of energy and effect binds us and we can affect others who we have never met or who have passed on.  It is this energy field which drew Dudley into his spiritual journey and which now weaves itself throughout his life.
Call them ghosts, call them spirits, poltergeists or a host of other names.  When we pass on we can sometimes become stuck in the astral plane, unable to move into the light.  Dudley works with these energies, showing them the way to be free. 
We’ve all met someone who has had such a run of bad luck that they might almost be cursed.  Well in truth they might have been.  Ill health, changed personality, bad luck, personal disasters could all be caused by a curse.  Dudley works to lift the curse and protect people in the future as well as showing people how to shield themselves from harm.  And just as we can communicate across the world on the web, so Dudley works in the web of energy shielding and helping people across the world. 
For more information and to hear about some real cases which Dudley has worked on pop in to see him or chat to him via his e-mail address or Facebook.   


Anonymous said...

Dudley. I see you sell crystals on your site. Assuming they are not all from the UK. Are you aware that moving crystals from there origins to different continents actually adds to the problems your trying to fix. Example negative and unbalanced energies. Love and Peace.

Anonymous said...

newage spam. Is there a moneyback guarantee?

Tapestry said...

Give him a chance all you skeptics. There is a lot we don't understand. Remain skeptical, sure, but keep an open mind.

Anonymous said...

This rubbish connecting spirituality with quantum mechanics is just ridiculous, I can't believe people fall for it!
Read up on quantum - I've read that anyone who claims to understand it is fooling themselves, because very little in the quantum world is understandable.
Newtonian physics breaks down. 2 + 2 can equal anything in quantum mechanics, and the answer can and does change!
Nothing to do with occult spiritualism at all. Occultists have hijacked the terms 'quantum world / mechanics' etc, purely to lend weight to their seductive and dangerous occult program.
For Spiritual Warfare see Russ Dizdar. Also, CE4 research group.