Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Operation Fernbridge. First Arrests.

Latest from Exaro, 13 February 2013

Richmond’s former head of social services told Exaro that he was unaware of allegations of a paedophile ring in his borough during his term of office.

Louis Minster: councillors met behind closed doors in ‘political’ decision to dismiss me

Liberal Democrats face scrutiny over move to fire Richmond’s head of social services

All credit to the Exaro journalists who pursued this story when other people were not interested. Tom Watson MP

Detectives descend in dawn swoop, as Exaro journalists watch address on south coast

Journalists from Exaro were watching address in seaside town as dawn arrest unfolded

Report slams department for obstructing parliamentary inquiry into court interpreters

John Stingemore arrested


Anonymous said...

the house of commons newsletter said last week that david cameron
and pals are very anxious to say that all the abuse of these boys
has nothing do with homosexuals
who are just like us really and jolly good chaps.
we know who abused these boys dont we ?

Anonymous said...

On the UKColumn the other week, they were highlighting the fact that CRB checks are too expensive and simply wouldn't work for the immigrants coming into this country. Let's face it, thanks to Tony Bliar, the EU, and this incompetent government, we are over-run.

Immigrant pedos will be able to get into all sorts of sensitive jobs in the UK. Maybe it was done deliberately by TPTB when you consider so many of these 'elite' are child-murdering, child-molesting, satan worshipping, botty-bashing nut-jobs.

,,, I'm sure the new Pope will have a few evil skeletons in the closet too as the CIA freely admit it's easier to control/blackmail these kinds of people in power.