Friday, September 06, 2013

A bit of background on Syrian crisis - the pipeline from Iran to Europe.

If you're busy, go to 21 minutes and follow for 15 minutes.  The MOU to build a gas pipeline from Iran through Iraq and Syria to Europe is bothering the Zionists, as well as Saudi Arabia.  It's called The Islamic Pipeline.

The rebels in Syria are paid $100 a day to destabilise the Assad regime.  They are mercenaries.  Money explains the Syrian crisis.  Bandar 'Bush' from Saudi Arabia is funding the destabilisation.

The military industrial complex needs fresh blood to grease the skids and justify its very existence.  40 minutes.  The top ten companies in the US would not survive without ever growing military spending.  That requires fear of wars, the creation of monsters, villains to justify the spend.  The real monster is the military industrial complex worth hundreds of trillions of dollars.  If there's no wars, the industry collapses.

The chemical weapons game is cartoon politics,  and does not explain the geopolitical, economic background to what's happening.

Corbett charges about $1 a week for subscribers.  He sends a monthly video and weekly bulletins.

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Anonymous said...

the NWO jewbankers after W W II then wanteda fight with russia
then vietnam and then 7 countries run by brown people, the public dont realise when the NWO run out of enemies they can only turn on their own people, and this is coming