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Happy Eeshta

Ishtar was keen on a bit of the other, hence her normal depiction in the nude.  

Easter derives from Ishtar, many people are saying in social media this weekend.  Who was Ishtar?

She was an Annunaki deity, one of the pantheon of twelve gods.  She helped to shoe in Marduk as God of Babylon, Egypt and a few other places, earning her endless gratitude and remembrance in the name of the fertility celebrations at this time of year, around the Spring Equinox.

Marduk was 'the absent God' in Egypt, as he hung out in Babylon.  He was referred in Egypt to as 'Amen', meaning absent god.

Our Annunaki past has been hidden behind the teaching of modern history which never looks earlier than ancient Greece.  Funny how all our key names and words still go back to our true origins.   Yet if you try telling anyone that Ishtar, Marduk and all were around for hundreds of thousands of years, and were from the group of extraterrestrials that created us on Erid, their word for Earth (same word), meaning 'far from home', you'd get laughed at.

We were produced by Ishtar's relative Ninurta, mixing up Anununaki genes with the sasquatch to create a species ideally suited to working for them as slaves.  Ninurta's nickname was Mami, from which the world derived Mama, mummy and so on.

Few can take it all in so we better keep quiet, I suppose.

Otherwise read Zecharia Sitchin's Twelfth Planet.  Here's a picture of our true relative on earth.  To ensure we don't realise who we actually are, they hide away this species and call it a mythical animal.  YEt no one has been able to substantiate Darwin's Theory of Evolution as far as mankind is concerned.  How did we just appear?

41 visitors from outer space hit blog (according to Google analytics)  April 1st 2013

Is your 'health' authority fluoridating your water?


National Pure Water Association <>

Dear Henry

Apologies for the extreme delay in responding to your message below.  With so much to do and so few people available to do the necessary work of our Association the last 2-3 years have flown byYou have by now probably found an answer to your query but in case you're still looking for information, all supplies will contain some naturally occurring fluoride. Where supplies are artificially fluoridated in the UK, industrial grade, not pharmaceutical grade, fluorosilicic acid will be added to raise the level of fluoride to 1mg/litre or one part per million (ppm) - the so-called 'optimal level'.  At this time five UK water companies medicate their customers with fluorosilicic acid - United Utilities, Northumbrian Water, Anglian Water, Severn Trent Water and South Staffordshire Water.  Unfortunately, there isn't a national database of fluoridated postcodes but most water company websites now have a water quality section that will give details for a given postcode.  This Drinking Water Inspectorate map will give you some idea where supplies are artificially fluoridated -   A more detailed map is attached.  
I attach our latest newsletter fyi.  Previous editions can be found on our website as can some of our recent work.  I also attach our response to the recent Department of Health consultation on fluoridation proposals to which we appended our evidence to the UK Parliament Health Committee's enquiry on Public Health.    
Regards      Frank

TAP - Easter Sunday?  Don't you people ever relax?

New World Order opponents have short life expectancy

Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was also assassinated. He was found dead in the detention center at The Hague tribunal. Mr Milosevic faced charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity for his alleged central role in the wars in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo during the 1990s. He also faced genocide charges over the 1992-95 Bosnia war, in which 100,000 people died.
Milosevic wrote a letter one day before his death claiming he was being poisoned to death in jail. An autopsy verified his claim as it showed that Milosevic’s body contained a drug that rendered his usual medication for high blood pressure and his heart condition ineffective, causing the heart attack that led to his death.
Former MI6 agent Richard Tomlinson told reporters that he saw documents in 1992 that discussed assassinating Milosevic by means of a staged car accident, where the driver would be blinded by a flash of light and remote controlled brake failure enacted to cause the crash. This exact same technique was utilized for real in the murder of Princess Diana.
If Milosevic was murdered, who would ultimately be responsible? NATO.
Because, though the ICTY (or ‘Hague Tribunal’) presents itself to the world as a UN body, NATO officials have themselves made clear, in public, that it really belongs to NATO. NATO appointed the prosecutors, and the judges who ruled out investigating any war crimes accusations against NATO. It follows that Slobodan Milosevic, who was a prisoner of the Hague Tribunal’s Scheveningen prison when he died, was a prisoner of NATO. NATO had both motive and opportunity to kill him.
In March 2002, Milosevic presented the NATO controlled Hague tribunal with FBI documents proving that both the United States government and NATO provided financial and military support for Al-Qaeda to aid the Kosovo Liberation Army in its war against Serbia. This didn’t go down too well at the Pentagon and the White House, who at the time were trying to sell a war on terror and gearing up to justify invading Iraq.
During Milosevic’s trial for war crimes NATO alleged that the Serbs had committed a massacre of Albanian civilians in the Kosovo town of Racak. Evidence presented in the court showed that NATO’s claim was a hoax. This is especially embarrassing because the allegation of a massacre at Racak was the excuse that NATO used to begin bombing the Serbs on 24 March 1999 (the carpet bombing were done by the United States Air Force -authorized by then president Bill and Hillary Clinton). Then NATO claimed that the Serbs had supposedly been murdering 100,000 Albanian civilians. However, NATO’s own forensics reported that they could not find even one body of an Albanian civilian murdered by Milosevic’s forces. The failure to find any bodies eventually led to NATO’s absurd claim that the Serbs had supposedly covered up the genocide by moving the many thousands of bodies in freezer trucks deep into Serbia (while Bill Clinton was carpet bombing the place) without leaving a single trace of evidence. But the Hague tribunal showed these accusations to be entirely fraudulent as well.
Milosevic made several speeches in which he discussed how a group of shadowy internationalists had caused the chaos in the Balkans because it was the next step on the road to a “new world order.”
During a February 2000 Serbian Congressional speech, Milosevic stated,
“Small Serbia and people in it have demonstrated that resistance is possible. Applied at a broader level, it was organized primarily as a moral and political rebellion against tyranny, hegemony, monopolism, generating hatred, fear and new forms of violence and revenge against champions of freedom among nations and people, such a resistance would stop the escalation of modern time inquisition. Uranium bombs, computer manipulations, drug-addicted young assassins and bribed of blackmailed domestic thugs, promoted to the allies of the new world order, these are the instruments of inquisition which have surpassed, in their cruelty and cynicism, all previous forms of revengeful violence committed against the mankind in the past.”
Evidence linking Milosevic to genocides like Srebrenica, in which 7,000 Muslims died, was proven to be fraudulent. In fact, Srebrenica was a ‘UN safe zone’, yet just like Rwanda, UN peacekeepers deliberately withdrew and allowed the massacre to unfold, then blamed Milosevic. Milosevic’s exposure of UN involvement in the Srebrenica massacre was another reason why tribunal transcripts were heavily edited and censored by NATO, and another contributing factor for NATO to murder him while he was in their custody.NATO’s Hague Tribunal was clearly a kangaroo court whose sole purpose was to convince ordinary people all over the world that NATO’s destruction of Yugoslavia was justified. Since NATO failed to show this in its own court (a total absence of evidence did make this difficult), there is indeed a powerful NATO motive to murder Milosevic – to prevent his acquittal. In this way, NATO can continue to claim that Milosevic was guilty, and nobody would begin to look into the mountain of evidence that showed that it was NATO leaders (particularly US president Bill Clinton) who committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Yugoslavia.
So many people have been done in by cancer at a convenient time in history that it is now time to ask the question “who is assassinating people by giving their target cancer or inducing a massive heart attack”? Who ordered the hits and why?
Mr. Charles Senseney, a CIA weapon developer at Fort Detrick, Maryland, testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee in September 1975 where he described an umbrella poison dart gun he had made. He said it was always used in crowds with the umbrella open, firing through the webing so it would not attract attention. Since it was silent, no one in the crowd could hear it and the assassin merely would fold up the umbrella and saunter away with the crowd.
Video footage of the assassination of John F Kennedy shows this umbrella gun being used in Dealey Plaza. Video evidence of the events of November 22, 1963 shows that the first shot fired on the fateful day had always seemed to have had a paralytic effect on Kennedy. His fists were clenched and his head, shoulders and arms seemed to stiffen. An autopsy revealed that there was a small entrance wound in his neck but no evidence of a bullet path through his neck and no bullet was ever recovered that matched that small size.
Charles Senseney testified that his Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick had received assignments from the CIA to develop exotic weaponry. One of the weapons was a hand-held dart gun that could shoot a poison dart into a guard dog to put it out of action for several hours. The dart and the poison left no trace so that examination would not reveal that the dogs had been put out of action. The CIA ordered about 50 of these weapons and used them operationally.
Senseney said that the darts could have been used to kill human beings and he could not rule out the possibility that this had been done by the CIA.A special type of poison developed for the CIA induces a heart attack and leaves no trace of any external influence unless an autopsy is conducted to check for this particular poison. The CIA revealed this poison in various accounts in the early 1970s. The CIA even revealed the weapon that fired those darts that induces a heart attack at a congressional hearing.
The dart from this secret CIA weapon can penetrate clothing and leave nothing but a tiny red dot on the skin. On penetration of the deadly dart, the individual targeted for assassination may feel as if bitten by a mosquito, or they may not feel anything at all. The poisonous dart completely disintegrates upon entering the target. The lethal poison then rapidly enters the bloodstream causing a heart attack. Once the damage is done, the poison denatures quickly, so that an autopsy is very unlikely to detect that the heart attack resulted from anything other than natural causes.
A former CIA agent disclosed that the darts were made of a frozen form of the liquid poison. She disclosed that the dart would melt within the target and would only leave a very tiny red dot at the entry point – the same type of small entrance wound that was found during the autopsy of John F Kennedy.For over 50 years assassinations have been carried out so skillfully as to leave the impression that the victims died from natural causes. Details of some of the techniques used to achieve this were brought to light in 1961 when professional KGB assassin Bogdan Stashinskiy defected to the West and revealed that he had successfully performed two such missions. In 1957 he killed Ukrainian emigré writer Lev Rebet in Munich with a poison vapor gun which left the victim dead of an apparent heart attack. In 1959, the same type of weapon was used on Ukrainian emigré leader Stepan Bandera, although Bandera’s death was never fully accepted as having been from natural causes.
Among the witnesses, important people and conspirators who might have been eliminated by induced heart attack and cancer are: Jack Rudy (died of a stroke due to an undiagnosed form of aggressive cancer, just weeks after he agreed to testify before Congress about the JFK assassination), Clay ShawJ. Edgar Hoover, Earlene Roberts (Oswald’s land-lady), Marlyn Monroe, Slobodan Milosevic, Kenneth Lay (former CEO of ENRON – the largest political campaign contributor of George W Bush and Dick Cheney), Matt Simmons, Mark Pittman (a reporter who predicted the financial crisis and exposed Federal Reserve misdoings. Pittman fought to open the Federal Reserve to more scrutiny), Elizabeth Edwards (suddenly diagnosed with cancer while her husband was campaigning against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the presidency of the United States.
During a campaign speech to the Council on Foreign Relations in May 2007, Edwards called the War on Terrorism a slogan that was created for political reasons and that it wasn’t a plan to make the United States safe. He went further to compare it to a bumper sticker and that it had damaged the US’s alliances and standing in the world.), … enter here the names of every politically outspoken person, whistle blower or witness who died unexpectedly of a heart attack or who quickly died of an incurable cancer.

Underground noises

Julia has left a new comment on your post "LA to NY in 30 minutes": 

Yes we get a daily rumbling sound here in Bath, easiest to hear at night when everything else is quiet. 

It sounds like an underground generator. 

We also have a lottery funded Two Tunnels project, which sounds like Two Towers. It's a cycle path and due to open on Saturday with some sort of Opening Ceremony of course. The first tunnel is the longest cycle tunnel in Britain, don't know where the air vents are, but people died in there before when it was a railway, so that's encouraging. 

I went past the entrance today, it looks sort of industrial, with 5' high barbed wire fencing on either side of the tarmac'd road for quite a way. This is in a rural location. Trees have been hacked down. It looks like they don't want people to access the cycle path or leave it if they are on it, except by controlled access points. The tunnels themselves will be gated, sounds ominous. 

US depositors worse off than those in Cyprus

PATHOS – While bureaucrats and technocrats in Nicosia have been busy trying agree on an even horrible haircut than the each of the previous Troika proposals, the EU’s deadly pathogen has begun to spread to the far corners of the country, hitting the southern seaside tourist town of Pathos.Cyprus managed to avoid the initial danger of an all out bank run and the potential for mass rioting this week, which is probably down to the fact that no Cypriot wants to see their country become a lawless banana republic in the Mediterranean. 

But that calm will not last for long if banking oligarchs continue to pressurize this economy.

Capital controls and frozen bank deposits mean that thousands of businesses are now being strangled of operating funds. It’s a very bad scene. One successful Pathos bar owner, named Nicolas, is being hit particularly hard, and told us that his story is the same as every local trader he knows. 

He explained, “Our credit card merchant account was with Laiki Bank and we cannot access it anymore, so we cannot take cards. People aren’t spending money. All my suppliers are demanding cash for deliveries, and we just haven’t got enough. They’ve got our cheques in the bank but we don’t have the funds to cover them. Staff need to be paid in cash daily now. My emergency funds are frozen in another bank account and cannot be accessed for 45 days. On top of that, tourism is down, and there’s no foreign money coming in anymore. We’ll be lucky if we’re still here in 4 or 6 months time.

“The only thing which might remedy the situation is if the government impose austerity cuts on government spending”.

Patrick Henningsen 21st Century Wire

It Can Happen Here: The Bank Confiscation Scheme for US and UK Depositors

Global Research, March 29, 2013

Confiscating the customer deposits in Cyprus banks, it seems, was not a one-off, desperate idea of a few Eurozone “troika” officials scrambling to salvage their balance sheets. A joint paper by the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Bank of England dated December 10, 2012, shows that these plans have been long in the making; that they originated with the G20 Financial Stability Board in Basel, Switzerland (discussed earlier here); and that the result will be to deliver clear title to the banks of depositor funds.
New Zealand has a similar directive, discussed in my last article here, indicating that this isn’t just an emergency measure for troubled Eurozone countries. New Zealand’s Voxy reported on March 19th:
The National Government [is] pushing a Cyprus-style solution to bank failure in New Zealand which will see small depositors lose some of their savings to fund big bank bailouts . . . .
Open Bank Resolution (OBR) is Finance Minister Bill English’s favoured option dealing with a major bank failure. If a bank fails under OBR, all depositors will have their savings reduced overnight to fund the bank’s bail out.
Can They Do That?
Although few depositors realize it, legally the bank owns the depositor’s funds as soon as they are put in the bank. Our money becomes the bank’s, and we become unsecured creditors holding IOUs or promises to pay. (See here and here.) But until now the bank has been obligated to pay the money back on demand in the form of cash. Under the FDIC-BOE plan, our IOUs will be converted into “bank equity.” The bank will get the money and we will get stock in the bank. With any luck we may be able to sell the stock to someone else, but when and at what price? Most people keep a deposit account so they can have ready cash to pay the bills.
The 15-page FDIC-BOE document is called “Resolving Globally Active, Systemically Important, Financial Institutions.” It begins by explaining that the 2008 banking crisis has made it clear that some other way besides taxpayer bailouts is needed to maintain “financial stability.” Evidently anticipating that the next financial collapse will be on a grander scale than either the taxpayers or Congress is willing to underwrite, the authors state:
An efficient path for returning the sound operations of the G-SIFI to the private sector would be provided by exchanging or converting a sufficient amount of the unsecured debt from the original creditors of the failed company [meaning the depositors] into equity [or stock]. In the U.S., the new equity would become capital in one or more newly formed operating entities. In the U.K., the same approach could be used, or the equity could be used to recapitalize the failing financial company itself—thus, the highest layer of surviving bailed-in creditors would become the owners of the resolved firm. In either country, the new equity holders would take on the corresponding risk of being shareholders in a financial institution.

US depositors worse off than Cyprus

No exception is indicated for “insured deposits” in the U.S., meaning those under $250,000, the deposits we thought were protected by FDIC insurance. This can hardly be an oversight, since it is the FDIC that is issuing the directive. The FDIC is an insurance company funded by premiums paid by private banks. The directive is called a “resolution process,” defined elsewhere as a plan that “would be triggered in the event of the failure of an insurer . . . .” The only mention of “insured deposits” is in connection with existing UK legislation, which the FDIC-BOE directive goes on to say is inadequate, implying that it needs to be modified or overridden.
An Imminent Risk
If our IOUs are converted to bank stock, they will no longer be subject to insurance protection but will be “at risk” and vulnerable to being wiped out, just as the Lehman Brothers shareholders were in 2008. That this dire scenario could actually materialize was underscored by Yves Smith in a March 19th post titled When You Weren’t Looking, Democrat Bank Stooges Launch Bills to Permit Bailouts, Deregulate DerivativesShe writes:
In the US, depositors have actually been put in a worse position than Cyprus deposit-holders, at least if they are at the big banks that play in the derivatives casino. The regulators have turned a blind eye as banks use their depositaries to fund derivatives exposures. And as bad as that is, the depositors, unlike their Cypriot confreres, aren’t even senior creditors. Remember Lehman? When the investment bank failed, unsecured creditors (and remember, depositors are unsecured creditors) got eight cents on the dollar. One big reason was that derivatives counterparties require collateral for any exposures, meaning they are secured creditors. The 2005 bankruptcy reforms made derivatives counterparties senior to unsecured lenders.

The world's leaders are taking orders from witches and demons from Hell


                  Himmler and Borman were Jesuits, carrying out a                Jesuit programme

Hi Tap, here is something a bit different, but nonetheless interesting, It tells of Psychics
(witches) telling world leaders to unite and exterminate the masses and enslave the survivors for a
super high­tech occultic Luciferian Age. An endless network of paganists, masons, witches and
occultists in an alliance with Nazis hired by the CIA in Project Paper Clip 50 years ago. A secret
government sworn by oath to Satan itself to enslave the earth and destroy all those that do not
worship him.

Their goal is to bring the King of the Ascended Masters to Earth "in the physical" for all to
see. That is why they called the CSETI project "Falling Star!"

The Alien Agenda is the same as the Ascended Master Agenda. The Ascended Master
Agenda is the same as the Psychics Agenda. The Psychics Agenda is the same as the World
Federalist Agenda. The World Federalist Agenda is the same as the United Nations Agenda.
The United Nations Agenda is the same as the Fema Agenda. The Fema Agenda is the same
as The New Constitution of the United States Agenda.



I see certain truths in all and everything, but a hidden evil agenda waiting for it all to cohesively
mix. I find myself revolting against a new system of government and religion that is falsely
presenting itself as the "Great Humanitarian" and the "Master Of Peace." In reality, the New
World Order and Parliament of World religions are wolves hiding under a sheep’ skins. The
New World Order was originally conceived by men and women with good intentions; but, it
will be assumed later on by the absolute power of evil itself.

According to union construction workers, "That Bureau of Land Management (Federal) stopped
everything we have ever tried to put through there!" Hence, many so­called civilian lands are
federal in disguise. You can hunt and fish on Farmer John’s Pond but the hillside may have a
nuclear missile silo or a manmade saucer bunker in it. The real Groom Lake Area 51’s and
Cheyenne Mountain NORADS are "Top Secret" and are scattered about. Wake Up America! Or is
that too much for your TV set subliminal messaged massaged minds and E.L.F. pickled brains to

What is wrong with being in the National Rifle Association and being a conscious environmentalist
at the same time? I want to keep our guns, keep our jobs; but, also, keep our trees and fresh water.
seems like our political parties say we have to think only one way or the other. What is wrong with
seeing angels, demons, believing in metaphysical apparitions and expecting spiritual messages from
God? Although, the Prophets of the Bible’s Old Testament and the Disciples of the New Testament
experienced metaphysical occurrences, today’s American­Europeanized Christianity denounces it
as evil or existing only in the minds of the mentally ill. Why is it we are always handed down
only two religious and two political options with a struggling third alternative that only
assures a monopoly of the first two?

I overheard a conversation between several men around the wall. They said that they had just come
back from Moscow and were talking about a secret experiment that was conducted in Sweden. It
involved CIA and KGB agents in an underground radio/television wave­proof room trance­
channeling to the dead. For the first time, they were able to bring from the dead Albert
Einstein and display him on television and ask him questions. (This merger of the CIA and
KGB happened several months before the Berlin Wall came down–thus the Cold War was still on,
but, only in the eyes of the public. For mass media mind control see their own brainwashing manual
written for newspaper editors and TV networks ­ called "Electronic Colonialism" written by
Thomas McPhael, 1987.) ........


The very people that want to save nature will destroy nature with HAARP, ELF, GWEN
and other weapons of mass destruction. These projects are not about saving nature. They are
about saving Satan in both a 3­D earthly battle and an inter­dimensional cosmic battle. Everything
else is just double­speak and conjecture as far as the power­elite occultists are concerned. The more
sincere environmentalist evolutionist–atheists will soon witness in the near future things that
will drive them out of their materialist narrow minds. History on occasion repeats itself and
Genesis 6:1 and 11: 1­9 is about to repeat itself again. The high­tech Tower of Babel is under
construction again.

West Virginia University and Fairmont State College had a NASA E.L.F. project also and sent
representatives to J.P.L. and they had another group that was sent to Shasta Mountain in California.
The UFO group was directly linked to Barb Marx Hubbard's U.S. Army 1st Earth Battalion.

This group is led by the California Church of Set’s satanic highest priest, Lt. Col. Mike Aquino
and Lt. Col. Jim Channon. Contact results were given to political "power­elite" like Maurice
Strong, and Ex­Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev who are also in touch with the
Ascended Masters.

At that time Gorby resided at Camp Presidio – camp of the president­ San
Francisco, California, with Satanists Aquino and Channon of the "New Ninja Night Warrior
Special Forces."

This base was a spy language­training center.

Remember the "Ascended Masters "
speak "Enochian?"

(See my article on how they plan on taking over and the real connections in

th Reich totalitarian police­state dictatorship of the filthy
high­tech Fascist Masonic rich.)

The Nazis at NASA wanted it but the NSA Nazis had it and refused to give it up to the UN New
World Order Nazis. I felt like I was surrounded by Coptic Order Luciferians and Fascists from all
sides and they were tearing me apart to get this "technology transfer." They wanted the ultimate
"war machine" …they wanted one of "God’s Chariots of Fire." With that type of technology they
though they could defeat any enemy even the coming of Christ. They can not do it with man­made
saucers or with the "Hell Wagons" of Lucifer that they presently are utilizing. That was one of the
reasons they were using Judea­Christians for this project. (Christians are their enemy, but the
churches do not know it yet and don’t want to know it, even when you try to warn them.)

When the "naïve human guinea pig" had outlived their usefulness, it was time for "Act Two" of the
project­ as the "agent" told me. They experiment with hitting the Christian with a barrage of
psychic­ demonic ­ cannon attacks. If that does not destroy the "test­rat", they move on to all out
microwaving E.L.F. techniques. If they can not force the individual into committing a mass murder,
suicide and/or both, they will force them into auto accidents via E.L.F mind control. If none of this
works, they move in at night while the individual sleeps and use the extremely dangerous so­called
"non­lethal" weapons to microwave them into a heart attack or dying of cancer. Of course, if none
of the above works, they must resort to framing the individual into a Federal prison to finish him
/her off or arranged a physically forced suicide at the victim’s home.


{WASP I have always been of the opinion that Genocide of The Jews & Christians, Carried
By The NAZIS, & COMMUNISTS, were the carried out as part of The Agenda, But Hitler
was only a Puppet Leader, The Real Power was, EXERCISED by High Ranking JESUIT

This makes total sense if looked at as An Inquisition, Both Himmler & Stalin, Being
INQUISITOR GENERALS, The Amount CN found as Residues in the Remnants of Gas
Chamber at Sites of Extermination Camps, is not the issue, the fact that they are present at
all proves the Point, that Gassings did take place. I would further suggest that denial on the
Gassings & Extermination Camps, is Forbidden as this might Bring to Light Hitler was a
PUPPET & HIMMLER was Responsible for The Programme of Mass Genocide Carried
Out. I have looked at this in some detail, & it makes a lot of sense if you think about it, in Terms of
The Reversal of The Reformation. I am still looking into to this stuff, and will keep you
informed, I have mentioned certain aspects of this already in Posts. There is a tremendous amount
of information of this stuff, so will keep you informed.

HIMMLER & BORMAN, who it appeared were on occasions INTOLERANT of one another.
This I have mentioned on Previous Occasions. There is much evidence to support this claim, which
begs The Question: Did Himmler Commit Suicide, or was he spirited away on The Rat Line, so
.there would be no possibility of anyone looking for him, thus leaving a Dead Patsy whist he ended
up in a SEMINARY possibly in Russia, looked after by his Mate, Jesuit Father Stalin } It is
unlikely he would have been Sacrificed,( Other Than That He May Have Been Considered An
Embarrassment, Should He Ever Be Put On Trial, In Which Case They Would Have Outed Him),
when lesser Nazis were rescued. Hitler's & Borman's Escape was assisted by Stalin, whilst
outwardly they were Adversaries, in reality they were Fellow Jesuits. Have you ever wondered
why Stalin didn't come to the Rescue in The Warsaw Uprising. & allowed the Germans to advance
so far into Russia ­ Simple it was to allow the Genocide of Orthodox Christians & Jews, the
same reason for the Inquisitions. Remember Stalin's Inquisitor General was a Jesuit, his
Mate from the same Seminary at Tiflis.

So, here it is.

Psychics (witches) telling world leaders to unite and exterminate the masses and enslave the
survivors for a super high‐tech occultic Luciferian Age. An endless network of paganists, masons, witches and occultists in an alliance with Nazis hired by the CIA in Project Paper Clip 50 years ago. A secret government sworn by oath to Satan itself to enslave the earth and destroy all those that do not worship him. Their goal is to bring the King of the Ascended Masters to Earth "in the physical"for all to see. That is why they called the CSETI project"Falling Star!"

The Alien Agenda is the same as the Ascended Master Agenda. The Ascended Master Agenda is the same as the Psychics Agenda. The Psychics Agenda is the same as the World Federalist Agenda. The World Federalist Agenda is the same as the United Nations Agenda. The United Nations Agenda is the same as the Fema Agenda. The Fema Agenda is the same as The New Constitution of the United States Agenda.

Through massive electronic networking and artificial intelligence the mind frequency and soul‐spirit
harmonics will be altered to allow a mass invasion of demonic ‘walk‐ins.’ The world will expode with
chaos and madness. Remember that the Masonic slogan is "Ordo Ab Chao" – out of chaos comes order
and out of the ashes of the Phoenix, the Serpent rises to power.

The aliens are the archangels of hell. The world leaders are taking orders from witches and demons
from Hell! This is exactly what is in the book of Revelations of the Bible. Even the description of the
evil spirits that bring the United Nations to the Battle of Armageddon appearing as frogs or alien
reptoids is in Revelations 16:12‐14 of the Bible.

REGARDS .............. WASP

TAP - I'm reading Sinister Forces Book One:The Nine by Peter Levenda which comes to a conclusion very similar to WASP's title.   Evil is woven deep into the story of the American nation, an evil which has no clear origin, but which manifests consistently and leaves a trail.  At one point he describes an occult ritual seance participated in by The Nine, who were given instructions to assassinate JFK.

COMMENT by email

Nazmin Ahmed
10:46 AM (54 minutes ago)
to me
I have always tried to support you and the blog, but after listening to dissident radio hour, found people were 
laughing about your jesuits behind the jews stuf, i just read the total nonsense about hitler jews etc
and i feel sure you know this is bollox, i cant support you any more, and myslelf andrew and colin who had 
all sent you info want nothing more to do with you
and we will block you from now on
Henry Curteis <>
11:28 AM (11 minutes ago)
to Nazmin
Block me?  Just had a great dump thanks.

Anonymous said...
Those that laugh last, laugh loudest.

I believe Tap had the last laugh there in response to that trolling and childish comment. :o

I've posted this link before (and no doubt there are more). The Jesuits run the show, and Israel was sold out by Shimon Peres to the Vatican/Jesuits:


Hi Henry

I live in Australia and am interested in how our local, state and federal governments 
claim authority to impose statutes on We The People.

It seems that at some point we got a "Queen of Australia". Who ever that is. Does 
this person hold authority?

Did I at some point make an agreement with them?

Does my birth certificate hand over authority?

If I state my independence and stand on my own authority will this be recognised?

Wondering if you have any thoughts?

Regards Phil Curtis
Henry Curteis <>
1:08 PM (0 minutes ago)
to Phil
Search the site for a post re 'commonwealth of australia'.  It's a business registered 
in (from memory) Chicago, and has a coat of arms indistinguishable from the 
supposed 'Commonwealth of Australia', with emu and kangaroo and all.  Australia is
 nothing more than a business, in the same way as the USA, in fact a subsidiary of
 that subsidiary of the City of London, which is in turn owned by the Vatican. 
The Queen is kept in place by the Vatican, which is under the control of the Jesuits.  
Who guides the Jesuits, I am not sure.  There is the occult or hidden world which
suggests off planet sources for earth's power structures.  

We are all searching as you are for the answers, Phil.

LA to NY in 30 minutes

A dedication stone placed on Denver airport grounds dated March of 1994, is said to have a time-capsule buried underneath it and even makes mention of a “New World Airport Commission”. The stone was placed at the airport by the Freemasons, as a masonic logo is etched into the stone. However, there is currently no mention of this “New World Airport Commission” publicly. Some say that this is an open reference to the New World Order hidden in plain sight.
So where did this term “New World Order” come from?
While Adolph Hitler made reference of it, President George H.W. Bush announced the need for a New World Order in a famous 1991 speech, where he claims “we have a real chance at this New World Order” and that we would see “a new world coming into view”.
There are also other details that stand out regarding the airport. Another being that the airport also went nearly $2 billion over budget as some say the costs were inclusive to the secret construction of a massive secret underground complex. Wikipedia states, “DIA finally replaced Stapleton on February 28, 1995, 16 months behind schedule and at a cost of $4.8 billion, nearly $2 billion over budget. The construction employed 11,000 workers. United flight 1062 to Kansas City International Airport was the first to depart and United flight 1474 from Colorado Springs Airport was the first to arrive.”
Although we do know that the airport houses a massive underground structure in terms of train tunnels and endless amounts of baggage conveyors, one must consider other possibilities as the total cost publicly announced almost topped  $5 billion in taxpayer funding.
So why build this airport when reports claim that the old one worked just fine?
Some speculate the reason was to mask the construction of a massive underground base or a D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Base), which are commonly found in and around Colorado. The massive facility would then in turn be connected by Very High Speed Transit systems originally designed by the Rand corporation then connecting the facility to D.U.M.B.’s that sprawl out across the US in more than 132 locations according to some such as Phil Shneider, a geologist reportedly employed by the US Navy to aid in the construction of some of these underground facilities. Phil Scheider was found dead in his apartment shortly after going public on the governments black projects.
In an article I authored in April of 2012 entitled, “L.A. to N.Y. in Half an Hour: 10,000 MPH Tunnel Train Used for Underground Bases” I pointed out, The Vary High Speed Transit System (VHST) was a Rand Corporation concept that was presented to the military industrial complex in the 1970′s.
The concept was way ahead of it’s time, exactly what the secret sinister government needed to connect their vast expansions of underground bases throughout the United States and in various regions worldwide.
This could offer an explanation for some of the recent strange sounds and booms across the country.
The late (and presumably murdered) Phil Schneider spoke about what he called an Electro Magneto Leviton Train System that traveled at speeds in excess of Mach 2.
The VHST and its proposed routes, (vast advanced tunnel systems) at the time of it’s conception in the early 1970′s, fit and follow other underground base researchers findings as well as some of my own.
An interesting aspect within the Rand Corp. document is the fact that the tunnels are way to expansive to pump all of the air out at once to create the frictionless environment needed travel at speeds in excess of 10,000+ MPH.
The air has to be evacuated from the tunnel system in segments with large crucially timed mechanized door systems as the train passes through each vapor locked section.
Electrical and mechanical noises would ensue from such operation of massive airlock doors throughout the tunnel system once the underground bases or VHST were fully operational.
During this process strange air like sounds, hums, and mechanized sounds would persist especially if the tunnels were at a depth of 400 – 800 feet (semi shallow in underground base terms). Energy is also returned into the system as the trains decelerate.
The recent Clintonville booms might also be explained as underground sonic booms.
As the trains reach the speed of sound, a sonic boom could be heard and felt. Multiple booms could persist in one area as the train reaches the speed of sound at the same point in the tunnel system every trip.
VHST Tunnel Map - Rand Corp.
VHST Tunnel Map – Rand Corp.
The following article entitled ‘L.A. to N.Y. in Half an Hour? 10,000 – M.P.H. Tunnel Train Plan Developed’, was first published in the year 1972 by the LA Times June 11, 1972, “A Rand corporation physicist has devised a rapid transit system to get you from Los Angeles to NY in half an hour for a $50 fare. 
 He said existing technology made such a system feasible and so does a cost analysis. The essence of the idea is to dig a tunnel more or less along the present routes of U.S. highways 66 and thirty. The tunnel would contain several large tubes for East West travel of trains that float on magnetic fields, moving at top speeds of 10,000 mph. Passengers would faced forwarded during acceleration, backward during deceleration.
 According to R. M. Salter Jr. head of the physical sciences department at Rand, the idea of high-speed train travel using electromagnetic suspension was first put forward in 1905 and actually patented in 1912. The trains he suggested now would be single cars rather than actual trains, and would be big enough to carry both passengers and freight, including large containers and automobiles.
 The cars, or gondolas, would leave the New York and Los Angeles terminals at one minute or even 30-second intervals. On the main line, there would be intermediate stops at Amarillo and Chicago. Feeder lines would meet the main lines at both locations.
There would also be subsidiary lines coming into the two main terminals from such cities as San Francisco, Boston and Washington. The main idea of VHST, or Very High Speed Transit, developed originally in thinking about the satellite program and hyper sonic aircraft speeds.” Salter said in an interview at Rand.
 “The underground tubes were for suggested as alternatives, perhaps not quite seriously, but it was soon apparent that the idea of a tunnel containing such tubes had a lot of real advantages.” he said.
 In the first place, he explained there is the extremely important matter of the use and conservation of immense amounts of energy needed to move the vehicles at such great speed. “An airplane that travels faster than sound uses up a large part of its available energy supply just in climbing to an altitude where the speeds for which it is designed are possible.” Salter said. “That’s true of rockets to. Much of their energy is spent and lost forever and getting above the atmosphere.”
 This would not be true for the VHST gondolas traveling on their electromagnetic rail beds, according to Salter. The tubes would be emptied of air, almost to the point of vacuum, so the trains would not need much power to overcome air resistance. They would not even have to be streamlined. In addition to an electromagnetic roadbeds, the opposing electromagnetic loops of wires in the floors of the gondolas would be super cooled with liquid Helium to further eliminate electrical resistance.
 Just as important, the gondolas would, like old-fashioned trolley cars, generate power as they break to a stop. “Since the trains would be leaving New York and Los Angeles simultaneously every minute, the power generated by cars breaking coming into the terminal would be transferred to the power lines propelling the cars going the other way.”
 “For example, there will be halfway points between each stop. Trains would use power and getting to that halfway point, and generate power going the other half of the way to the stop. Each would use power generated by trains going in the other direction.” That is the way trolley cars have operated for eighty years – taking power from the overhead lines while accelerating or running along at a steady speed, and putting power back into the lines while breaking or coasting.
The big drawback to the Salter scheme is the cost of tunneling across the nation. He admitted that it would be expensive but it does not daunt him. “After the tunneling was finished, everything else would be practically free.” He said. Even at the low fair he proposes, the enormous debt created by the tunneling would be amortized within a reasonable period if the number of passengers and the amount of freight came up to Salter’s expectations.
He figures the tunnel’s would carry seven or 8 million tons of freight a day and that passengers would take to traveling back and forth between the Eastern West Coast has readily as they now fly between San Francisco and Los Angeles. “The technology of this is much easier than was developed for the space program, ”Salter said. And tunnels, he added, need not be so expensive to dig is people think.
The most expensive thing about surface routes is the acquiring right-of-way and removing buildings that stand on the chosen route. The tunnel would not incur this expense. The tunnel, besides carrying tubes for passenger and freight gondolas, would carry many of the utilities now strung across the countryside on high wires. Salter said these underground power “lines” could be super-cooled with helium, like the electromagnetic loops in the floors of the gondolas. He said this would so reduce resistance that power could be transferred from one end of the country to the other without appreciable loss.

At the present time long distance transportation of power is difficult because of the amount of energy wasted. He said laser beams could be carried in the tunnel for the instantaneous transmission of messages. Even the mail could go cross-country in pneumatic tubes carried in the tunnel. All this would save money and speed amortization, thus cutting the overall cost of tunneling. Salter said approximately 8000 miles of tunnel were dug in America and Western Europe in the 1960s.
 That includes mine shafts. But he said existing tunneling technology could be vastly improved. Salter said many tunnels are dug nowadays almost as they would have been in the dark ages. Drilling holes in tunnel faces, and using machines with rotary bits are methods of tunneling that can be improved, according to him. He said the tunnel could be worked on from a great many “faces,” for instance. Salter suggested, too, that electronic beams or even water be used to drill holes for blasting. The high-powered electrons would drill blasting holes almost instantaneously.
 Projections of future airplane and automobile travels in the United States, and the future train and truck transfer of freight, show that Salter’s tunnel idea is not a science fiction fantasy.
There will be more room in the tunnels for all the necessary transport than there will be over any feasible number of Airways and freeways and tracks. Salter’s suggestion, according to the experts who have had a look at it, is an eminently practical one for handling all the necessary traffic cleanly and without clogging up the air and surface pathways. But it will such a system ever be developed? Salter himself is not optimistic.
Possible ventilation shafts at Denver International Airport (Image: Google Earth)
“Perhaps” is how he puts it. “I am not nearly so optimistic about the political aspects of the problem as I am about our technical capability of doing the job.” He said. “History shows that some obviously feasible and practical projects, such as the tunnel proposed over and over again for connecting England and France under the English channel, can be put off for centuries because of political pressure.
 On the other hand, societies with relatively primitive technology can perform such engineering feats as the erection of impairments.” Is the VHS T too far out? Salter suggested that to get the right perspective we should look back 100 years.
By comparing transportation a century ago and transportation today, one gets a better feel for just how practical VHST is. It appears to be a logical next step, and much more practical than its alternatives of filling the highways and Airways with more and more individually guided vehicles. “This alone is a compelling reason for the high-speed system.”, Salter said. There are others, according to him. “We can’t afford any longer to continue indefinitely to pollute the skies with heat, chemicals, not to mention noise, or to carve up the land with pavement.” He said. “We also need to get the trucks and many of the cars off the highway to make the roads available to drivers who drive the family car for fun and convenience.”
So there you have it. So many things are possible with modern technology. 
But how would such an underground base (city) or facility function without air vents?
The official story suggests that the airport needs the 33,457 acres of land it sits on for future expansion. And that the state needed a massive facility to handle upcoming air traffic and allow for expansion. Although some say that this is merely a cop-out for what is really taking place under the airport.
In fact massive vent shafts have been spotted around the airport property. These vent shafts are so massive in some cases that a 747 would fit into them. These vent shafts would be needed if a massive underground complex was indeed there.
Late December I flew into DIA again on a trip to New York. This time I decided to see what type information I could acquire in the short amount of time I was in the airport. As I exited the underground train I was ushered up a stairway where I bumped into a group of police officers guarding the airport grounds. I approached one of the officers with extream confidenece asking him if believed that there is a secret underground base housed within the airport property, his reply was startling. He simply said, “It’s more massive than you could ever imagine down there”. I nodded my head and continued on my way.
Left to Right: Rocky Mountain Arsenal Widlife Refuge, Denver International Airport. (Image: Google Maps)
Left to Right: Rocky Mountain Arsenal Widlife Refuge, Denver International Airport. (Image: Google Maps)
Another factor that peaks my interest near the airport if the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge. The reason this peak my interest is that the majority if not all D.U.M.B.’s located within the US are typically located on Indian Reservation land or within a wildlife refuge. There are many possible reasons for this. However, secrecy is amongst the top.
In November of 2012, a local Denver man made local news when he filmed some type of fast moving craft while his camera was pointed toward DIA and the wildlife refuge.
The report placed by Fox31 read, “He said, “The flying objects appear around noon or 1:00 p.m. at least a couple of times a week.” The strangest part is they are flying too fast to see with the naked eye, but when we slowed down the video, several UFOs appear.
We altered the color contrast to make it easier to see. You can take a look for yourself by watching the video clip.
We wanted to verify the video we saw was legitimate and not doctored in anyway. So our photojournalist set up his camera in the same spot, and shot video from just before noon until just after 1:00 p.m. He also captured something unexplained on video.
Aviation expert Steve Cowell is a former commercial pilot, instructor and FAA accident prevention counselor.
He thought he would have a logical explanation, until he watched the video. “That is not an airplane, that is not a helicopter, those are not birds, I can’t identify it,” he said. He also told us the objects are not insects.
He said he knows of no aircraft that flies as fast. He did tell us there is one other possibility. “Perhaps there’s some sort of debris that is being raised up by some of the atmospheric winds.”
 The video captured literally appears to be some sort of advanced technology invisible to the human eye.
However, the most intriguing element to all of this is a conversation I overheard one time. A man was explaining what happened to him during a layover at DIA to someone he knew, it peaked my interest. The man sounded frightened and nervous, spouting aloud something to this nature, “I went into a freight elevator, the doors closed and took me down for a long while, it felt very fast. When the doors opened I was in an elaborate looking hallway with rather high ceilings, the markings and languages looked foreign to me.
I then tried to use what looked like the restroom. As I walked in I noticed it indeed was a restroom, but the urinals and toilets were about three times the normal size, they appeared to be built for giants.”
This has stood out in the back of my mind for a while now as I have speculated that yes, the Denver International Airport could house a massive underground facility.