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Australian government proposes to sterilise children without consulting their parents

No pressure now, but which of you kids want to help save the earth?

(NaturalNews) -- If you have ever seen the famous 1975 movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, you likely recall several disturbing scenes in which mental health patients are given frontal-lobe lobotomies, or the iconic scene where actor Jack Nicholson's character undergoes electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Today, these horrific forms of so-called mental health treatment are considered to be cruel relics of the past, but a new bill in Australia proposes that young children be given these treatments without parental consent, and even be permitted to undergo sterilization procedures without parental consent.

The Government of Western Australia's Mental Health Commission (WAMHC) has basically conjured up a proposal for new mental health legislation that bypasses parental involvement in the mental health treatment process, and instead tasks children under age 18, and of any age, with making the decision about whether or not to be sterilized, or whether or not to have their brain tissue destroyed with psychosurgery procedures. If a "mental health professional" can convince children that they need such treatments for their own good, in other words, than Australia's youngest members of society will be open game for the eugenicist agenda.

It almost sounds like the plot of a sick movie, but it is all true and fully documented right in the WAMHCMental Health Bill 2011, which you can access here:

Eugenicists want to sterilize Australian children without ever telling the kids' parents

In the twisted minds of those who have seized positions of power all over the world, separating children from their parents and performing medical experiments on them in secret is a fully acceptable form of "medicine." And this form of child abuse is exactly what WAMHC has proposed in its new mental health bill.

Pages 135 and 136 of the bill (pages 157 and 158 of the PDF) cover the issue of sterilization, explaining that if a psychiatrist decides that a child under 18 years of age "has sufficient maturity," he or she will be able to consent to sterilization without parental consent. It also goes on to say that parents will never be notified that the sterilization procedure occurred, as only the "Chief Psychiatrist" will be privy to this information.

It sounds an awful lot like the euthanasia programs that emerged in Germany during the 1930s, when Nazis began secretly sterilizing individuals with physical or mental disabilities as part of "Operation T4" ( This eugenics program was later intensified, of course, when German physicians at Nazi death camps routinely sterilized men, women, and children, and later killed them, as part of the Nazi regime's utterly revolting ethnic cleansing experiments (

Medical 'authorities' want to arbitrarily commit children to mental institutions, indefinitely restrain them, and force them to undergo brain-damaging procedures

All of this gets worse, however, with other language scattered throughout the bill that would allow psychiatrists to involuntarily and indefinitely detain children who are "suspected" of having a mental illness. And during their detainment, such children can be forced to comply with drug, restraint, and seclusion protocols, as well as be forced to undergo permanently-damaging procedures like psychosurgery or ECT.


Mike Adams — Natural News July 29, 2013

Today Natural News denounces Melissa Harris-Perry, the latest talking head “death worshipper” to publicly imply that she supports the murder of living, breathing newborn children. According to Harris-Perry, life begins when the parents feel like life begins. And together with some twisted new “ethics” arguments from the radical left, this can include months or years after a child is born.
That’s why I need to premise this article with a disclaimer: This article is not about abortion. It’s about the murder of children after they are born. Because once a child is born alive, terminating that life is no longer a “choice” … it’s murder by every legal and moral standard. Because while abortion friends and foes can argue about when life begins in the womb, no one disagrees that a child born alive is, well, ALIVE… do they?
Indeed, they do. MSNBC talking head Melissa Harris-Perry insists that life only begins when the parents have a “feeling” that it begins. “When does life begin? I submit the answer depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents. A powerful feeling — but not science,” Harris-Perry said to nationwide astonishment on her July 21 MSNBC show.
And in one stroke, she simultaneously condones the murder of newborn infants (i.e. “post-birth abortion”) while attacking the science of biology which unambiguously states that a living, breathing infant with a heartbeat and brain function is alive, not dead.
But don’t tell that to the radical abortion whackos. Far beyond arguing for the “right” to abort a baby in the first or second trimester, many abortion advocates who run in the same circles as Melissa Harris-Perry are now publicly arguing that it is okay for parents to kill their children up to age three. This is now being promoted as a “post-birth abortion.”

Cameron looks to China to supply Europe's internet censorship

Cameron Looks to China to Supply Europe’s First Internet Censorship Wall in Britain

21st Century Wire

1-British-Censorship-China-HuaweiNever let a good crisis go to waste…

So David Cameron’s government has finally laid his cards on the table.

Getting the press and the public to comply with the draconian Leveson Star Chamber’s clampdown on freedom of expression and information was a hard sell, to say the least. 

Leveson’s secret closed door agreement to require UK bloggers to sign up to a “Royal Charter” in order to post on independent websites revealed Leveson’s long game. The public would never buy it. So now on to plan B…

The latest outcry over pornographic images on the internet has provided the pretext for the state to step in and set-up their infrastructure for regulating the UK’s internet Chinese-style. Once the system is in place, you can expect that the government will not be able to resist extending their filtering from porn to blocking dissenting and alternative analysis that exposes the government for being either incompetent, criminal, or corrupt. Government firewalls designed to block child porn or pedophilia could also block  thousands of damning articles on the same subject which implicate members of the government and the establishment for participating in child sex abuse.

The pornography filtering system praised by David Cameron will be run by the Chinese firm, Huawei. They should know a thing or two about how to keep citizens from accessing information the government doesn’t want people to see.

Huawei’s penetration into the UK’s telecommunications industry and networks is already significant…

The UK government’s own reports on this subject raise more concerns and questions than answers. See this June 2013 report entitled, Foreign involvement in the Critical National Infrastructure and The Implications for National Securityfound here:

The UK’s latest fabricated, and highly reactive crisis is set to give up way too much power to this Chinese company. Australians rejected Huawei’s involvement to provide infrastructure for the National Broadband Network because nobody could prove that the Chinese DID NOT have a root back door access to all the fibre connected via their hardware.

As a result of the Snowden leaks, we now know more about the full scope of the UK Government’s GCHQ spying and data harvesting operations. But what does it mean if the Chinese are also doing it inside the UK – by stealth?

TAP - Isn't that what Boris Johnson's Dad's novel said would happen in the book that was said to be based on Cameron - that Cameron was in cahoots with the Chinese?  His family's bank - Standard - has always been a big operator out in the Far East.

I, sitting at my desk," said Snowden, could "wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant, to a federal judge or even the president

XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'

• XKeyscore gives 'widest-reaching' collection of online data
• NSA analysts require no prior authorization for searches
• Sweeps up emails, social media activity and browsing history
• NSA's XKeyscore program – read one of the presentations
A top secret National Security Agency program allows analysts to search with no prior authorization through vast databases containing emails, online chats and the browsing histories of millions of individuals, according to documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The NSA boasts in training materials that the program, called XKeyscore, is its "widest-reaching" system for developing intelligence from the internet.

The latest revelations will add to the intense public and congressional debate around the extent of NSA surveillance programs. They come as senior intelligence officials testify to the Senate judiciary committee on Wednesday, releasing classified documents in response to the Guardian's earlier stories on bulk collection of phone records and Fisa surveillance court oversight.

The files shed light on one of Snowden's most controversial statements, made in his first video interview published by the Guardian on June 10.

"I, sitting at my desk," said Snowden, could "wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant, to a federal judge or even the president, if I had a personal email".

US officials vehemently denied this specific claim. Mike Rogers, the Republican chairman of the House intelligence committee, said of Snowden's assertion: "He's lying. It's impossible for him to do what he was saying he could do."

But training materials for XKeyscore detail how analysts can use it and other systems to mine enormous agency databases by filling in a simple on-screen form giving only a broad justification for the search. The request is not reviewed by a court or any NSA personnel before it is processed.

XKeyscore, the documents boast, is the NSA's "widest reaching" system developing intelligence from computer networks – what the agency calls Digital Network Intelligence (DNI). One presentation claims the program covers "nearly everything a typical user does on the internet", including the content of emails, websites visited and searches, as well as their metadata.

Analysts can also use XKeyscore and other NSA systems to obtain ongoing "real-time" interception of an individual's internet activity.

UFO disclosure will signal the NWO's big move

I had to shut my last email address down from all the hacking. This guys story conflicts with the William Cooper files that Eisenhower knew about Greys in 1954 at Edwards AFB, which if this guy is telling the truth, confirms Coopers suspicions that some of what he saw was disinformation.

The reason Snowden got snowed in at the Russian airport is because everyone is waiting for Obama to come forward and disclose, including Putin.

Benghazi has something to do with disclosure too and the Russians are just licking their chaps waiting for America's Christian Tea Partiers to point their fingers at Aliens and call them the Devil. As soon as that happens, America falls and we all find ourselves in the middle of a second civil war.

The NWO better grab up all the guns soon and get everyone into a database before the lid blows off UFO Disclosure. 

I cannot wait to see the look on the American Pastors faces when they see UFOs and Aliens and start back peddling off the Sethite View and go back to the Angel View concerning Genesis 6:4. It's going to be complete circus and total confusion with Christian denominations all scrambling to digest what has just occurred. 

Good thing the Catholics, Mormons..aka..Glenn Beck and Seventh Day' ers our all on board with UFO Disclosure. That will leave more room in the FEMA Camps for Evangelicals to be reeducated about where Aliens come from.  

Good thing they got Alex Jones on board too, there's your list of all your Die Hard Constitutionalists that won't give up on America

OK, Class can we all say together.  "Plane, Must, Hit, Steal………Thank You very much and here is your Pet Goat. 

You can now return to society, just take this MARK before you leave and welcome to the New World Order. Here's your card, cash is no longer needed.

Sent by Gregory Pitchford

Dying Ex-CIA Director Comes Forward About Area 51 & Aleins

At an undisclosed location, with Richard Dolans. My gut feeling is this guy is telling the truth, I mean it REALLY seems like he isn't…

EVERYTHING YOU SEE, 666, 322, 911, IT ALL LEADS TO UFO DISCLOSURE, GENESIS 6:4 AND 2 THES 2. These videos are here to help you understand the decision we all will have to make soon, possibly in this generation. 

At this point a peace treaty in the Middle East could possibly be what leads to 2 Thes 2. Time will only tell. One thing is for sure. As soon as the government signs the Internet Bill, videos like this will be taken down for copyright violations. 

Obama & the Antichrist (I, Pet Goat II Explained) The Birth of a New Race ! 666

As the world sleeps, few of us remain vigilant to what's happening around us. At the very least, i hope this video inspires you to se…

New FBI Director is a fan of torture

Twitter replies - 'Sign him up for some'!!!

Senate confirms Comey to be next FBI director

The United States Senate confirmed on Monday James Comey as the new director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Comey, 52, will replace Robert Mueller, who has led the bureau since shortly before the September 11, 2001, attacks. He served as deputy attorney general from 2003 to 2005 under George W. Bush.

The Senate confirmed Comey overwhelmingly by a 93 to 1 margin. Republican Senator Rand Paul casted the only no vote over his concerns about the FBI's use of domestic drones.

Senator Paul had threatened to filibuster Comey’s nomination unless the FBI answered questions about its use of domestic drones. He later released his hold when the FBI responded to his query.

Paul said in a statement that he disagreed with the FBI's position that a warrant shouldn’t be required to deploy a spying drone.

Privacy advocates have also been alarmed at the number of loopholes the federal government uses to spy on its own citizens.

Comey admitted earlier this month that he signed a controversial memo in 2005 allowing the use of torture. He approved the torture memo that allowed the use of enhanced interrogation techniques like waterboarding and sleep deprivation on captured terrorism suspects.

The torture memos, which were drafted and signed in 2002, have been widely criticized by civil liberties advocates and legal scholars.

Saudi blogger sentenced to 600 lashes and 7 years in jail

'When is Dad coming home?'

  • NEW: Activist's wife calls sentence "devastating"
  • Raif Badawi has been in prison since June 2012
  • Human Rights Watch calls the sentence a "mockery"
  • Rights groups say Saudi authorities are targeting activists through the courts, travel bans
(CNN) -- A Saudi court has sentenced a activist to seven years in prison and 600 lashes for violating the nation's anti-cybercrime law, Human Rights Watch reported Wednesday.
A Jeddah Criminal Court found Raif Badawi, who has been in prison since June 2012, guilty this week of insulting Islam through his website and in television comments.
"This incredibly harsh sentence for a peaceful blogger makes a mockery of Saudi Arabia's claims that it supports reform and religious dialogue," said Nadim Houry, the deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. "A man who wanted to discuss religion has already been locked up for a year and now faces 600 lashes and seven years in prison."
His lawyer, Waleed Abu al-Khair, told Human Rights Watch that Judge al-Harbi read the verdict Monday. The court is expected to send him a written notification by August 6. They'll have 30 days to appeal.

Paedophiles' DNA being deleted from Police records

COMMENT -  Anonymous said...
Interestingly when attending the Elm Guest house Anthony Blunt used the name 'Anthony Goldstein'

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Savile's trail leads to Buckingham Palace":

A politician's advantage?

UK Police are scrubbing their computers of all known peadaphile DNA evidence to 
bin 13 forever.

All free great escape to walk freely in your neighbourhood.


Are your kids the next hidden statistics?

31 July 2013 Last updated at 00:00

Suspects' DNA deleted due to 'Home Office incompetence'
DNA profiles being analysed by a researcher Police will be required to delete most of 
the DNA profiles of people who have not been charged

Thousands of DNA profiles of suspected sex offenders are being deleted from the 
national database because of Home Office incompetence, Labour claims.

31 July 2013 Last updated at 00:15

The village where half the population are sex offenders


Posted by Anonymous to the tap at 6:55 am
3:35 PM (1 hour ago)
to me
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Savile's trail leads to 
The russian royal family the french royal family etc were all eposed in jew 
sponsored acts of terror, the exception was the british royals, because according to 
sir anthony blunt they were secret jews, which is why he was accepted into the 
royal household on rothschilds recommendation
It has sod all to do with jesuits, as rothschilds are jewish.

The ADL protected through the board of british deputies ( jewish government 
within our country )
the queen mother anthony blunt paul kidd and jimmy saville among others.
remember in jewish law child rape and murder is no crime unless they are jews, 
which is why the laws are being changed in line with jewish lore. 

Posted by Anonymous to the tap at 2:35 pm

TAP - The British Royal family are not only Jewish, but more significantly Rothschilds.  
Queen Victoria was the illegitimate daughter of Nathan Mayer Rothschild.  
The Jesuits and the Rothschilds are capable of both having a handle on events.

The end of Freedom of Assembly in England & Wales

NPP has left a new comment on your post "Bill to reintroduce national service going through...":

Re: National Service Bill 2013-14
This is new to me. Thank you for posting. Incredible. I am still drafting a letter 
response to my MP about UK involvement in Syria. This Bill will be mentioned in my letter.

Posted by NPP to the tap at 10:15 pm
11:32 PM (12 hours ago)
to me
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Bill to reintroduce national service going through...":

The one to really go after is the Orwellian Police State bill, a.k.a. the Anti-social 


"The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill, which passed the committee 
tage of its progress through the House of Commons on Monday 15th July, purports 
to simplify this legacy of New Labour’s legislative promiscuity. In reality, it creates 
a series of wildly ambiguous, generic orders which grant officers of the state and 
private sector even greater powers to issue tougher sentences, with fewer checks 
and balances to protect citizens."

ASBO replaced by "IPNA":

"Whereas an ASBO could only desist the subject from certain actions, the IPNA 
includes ‘positive obligations’ (p10). This means the subject of an IPNA can be 
found in breach not simply for doing things they have been banned from doing, but 
from not doing things that the IPNA states they must. This makes an IPNA much 
closer to probation and other post-conviction arrangements than a civil order."

Introduction of "Public Space Protection Orders":

"PSPOs will be granted where ‘activities carried on or likely to be carried on in a 
public place will have or have had a detrimental effect on the quality of life of 
those in the locality’ (p21). They can be used to restrict an activity or require 
people to perform an activity in a certain way. They require substantially less 
consultation than current alcohol free zones or dog control zones and rather than 
applying to everyone, they can be applied to specific groups of people (the 
homeless, the unemployed, racial/religious groups etc.) – opening the door for 
discrimination. These rules could see homeless people or young people lawfully 
excluded from public spaces.

"PSPOs are subject to ‘on the spot’ fines, rather than attendance at a Magistrates 

Court, reducing the scrutiny and checks on police power.

"These orders are also by no means short term. They can be applied for up to 
three years, and continued for another three years at the end of their term.

"The orders have been heavily challenged by Liberty and The Manifesto Club on 
the basis that they will seriously infringe upon people’s freedom to assemble, 
associate and protest. The Ramblers (the walking charity) have also given 
written evidence to the government raising their fears about the further appropriation 
of public highways, by ways and footpaths under the PSPO powers."

New "Dispersal Powers":

"The new Dispersal Powers mean police constables and even Police Community 
Support Officers (PCSOs) can issue dispersal orders if they think a group of two 
or more persons might harass, alarm or distress others in the vicinity (p16). The 
PCSO or constable can specify how long the person/group must remain out of 
the designated area, and by which route they must leave, and also confiscate 
any items of their property which they deem anti-social. Failure to comply with 
any element of these orders results in a fine of up to £5,000 or three months in 
prison. The new legislation also fails to define ‘locality’ – meaning a person could 
be excluded from a city, a county or even a whole country (p17). In fact, York 
couldn’t even wait for the new legislation to pass and is already implementing 
the powers.

"These new laws effectively end freedom of assembly in England and Wales, 
as any lawful assembly can be instantly redefined as illegal on the spot by 
some part time PCSO, people’s personal possessions can be confiscated, 
and anyone who dares to challenge the process will end up in jail."

Now you see why they want out of the Convention? 

Food allergies caused by lack of sunlight

Food Allergies Linked with Lack of Vitamin D and Sunshine

We already knew sunshine and vitamin D were important to health - given the over 70 diseases now associated with their deficiency. Now research is proving their role in food allergies.

Researchers from the University of Melbourne have determined that children who had lower levels of vitamin D are more likely to have multiple food allergies.
The researchers tested 5,276 one year-old children. They gave the children skin prick tests to determine their allergies to peanuts, eggs, sesame, cow's milk or shrimp. They also analyzed blood samples from 577 children, of which 344 had food allergies and 74 more sensitized but tolerant.

Australian children with parents who were vitamin D deficient were over 11 times more likely to have peanut allergens and nearly four times more likely to have a the allergies when compared to those who had healthy levels of vitamin D.

Overall, infants who were vitamin D deficient were over 10 times more likely to have multiple food allergies – meaning being allergic to more than two foods.
The researchers quantified vitamin D deficiency as having less than 50 and nmol/L of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in their blood, as measured by liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry.

The researchers wrote in their conclusion:
These results provide the first direct evidence that vitamin D sufficiency may be an important protective factor for food allergy in the first year of life."

Rothschild's home is chemtrail free 24/7

Ascott House

Hi Tap, Have noticed they are Chemtrailing Yorkshire
during the night again.
Also they are making it rain during the night using Haarp.
This follows what happened last year, where they made
the ground waterlogged.
Farmers had to plough lots of crops back into the ground
as they were rotting, due to continual rain.

Posted by Anonymous to the tap at 9:55 pm
9:22 AM (2 hours ago)
to me
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post
 "Aluminium for dinner again?":
US airmen based nearby come into my small cafe and
chat, they told me that it is to do with population control,
not weather modification as said, this is a rothschild
operation and peter mandelson bought the aliminium
from deripaska a russian mafia jew to spray us with,
this kills natural vegetaion and trees, but GM crops
are resistant, these are all owned by rothschild

Posted by Anonymous to the tap at 8:22 am
10:15 AM (1 hour ago)
to me
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post
 "Aluminium for dinner again?":
they are chem trailing everywhere atnight, my nephew
 is staying with his mibile home near the rothschild
mansion as unbeliveably its pretty clear there 24/7,
he says itsa great place, his runny eyes have
cleared up and he no longer needs his asthma inhaler,
maybe we should all go there ?
i can forseee a situation where these communists
will have to be cleared out of government by
whatever means possible
Tony Taylor

TAP - sadly the last two comments are probably 'planted' to colour
in the presumed enemy - the jews -, but
nevertheless they raise interesting points.
The pilots wouldn't know their sprays are for depopulation,
not weather modification, for example.