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Total GMO Ban By Russia Within Weeks

Total GMO Ban To Be Considered By Russia Within Weeks

As one of the few nations in the world with a GMO-free platform, Russia does not allow any cultivation of GMOs for commercial purposes. Their regulatory agencies recently suspended the import and use of an American GM corn following a study suggesting a link to breast cancer and organ damage. The Russian Prime Minister has now ordered the same agencies to consider a possible ban on all GMO imports into Russia.

The Russian Federal Environmental Assessment Commission has not adopted any commercialized GM varieties for agricultural use.

The recent decision by the Russians to suspend authorisation for American GM corn threatens to trigger a transatlantic commercial and diplomatic row.

growing body of scientific research - done mostly in Europe, Russia, and other countries - showing that diets containing engineered corn or soya cause serious health problems in laboratory mice and rats.

Experts at the University of Caen conducted an experiment running for the full lives of rats - two years.
The findings, which were peer reviewed by independent experts before being published in a respected scientific journal, found raised levels of breast cancer, liver and kidney damage.
Russian Prime Minister Announces Possible Ban On All Imports

Russia’s consumer rights watchdog and Health Ministry, Rospotrebnadzor, announced one year ago that it had suspended the import and use of the Monsanto GM corn. 

Now, the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has ordered the relevant agencies to consider a possible ban of all imports into Russia of products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) by October 15.

The order is addressed to Rospotrebnadzor, the Agriculture Ministry, and the Trade and Economic Development Ministry. They have been ordered to “submit proposals on amendments to the Russian legislation aimed at tightening control over the turnover of products containing components obtained from GMOs together with the relevant federal executive bodies.”

The aforementioned agencies are also ordered to submit proposals “on the possibility of banning the import of such products into the Russian Federation.”
A list of the prime minister’s orders was drawn up to fulfill the presidential orders issued after the meeting on the socio-economic development of the Rostov region held on September 18. Medvedev’s orders have been posted on the government website, Interfax news agency reported last September 25.
Russia is currently taking a hard line on GMOs -- in August the first independent project for identifying whether Russian farmers are growing illegal GM crops started in the Belgorod region.
NAGS (The National Association for Genetic Safety) conducted the first checks of agricultural crops for the presence of GMOs. No GMO plants were found in any Belgorod fields.
According to the current law, 19 GM lines are allowed in foodstuffs, but the cultivation of GMOs is not allowed.

After joining the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Russia is being pressured simplify the procedure for registration of genetically modified products, seed and feed, to stop their safety checks, and to stop controls over their distribution.

Nations Banning Monsanto's Glyphosate Herbicide 

Glyphosate is the world's top selling herbicide, and Monsanto's formulations Roundup is used with more than 80 percent of all genetically modified (GM) crops grown globally. But evidence of its extreme toxicity has been emerging within the past decade. Glyphosate was found to kill human placental cells at concentrations below that recommended for agricultural use and approved by our regulators, while Roundup was lethal at even lower concentrations.

The toxic effects of Roundup (R400) begin at 5 ppm, and the first endocrine disrupting action is already evident at 0.5 ppm, 800 times lower than the level of 400 ppm authorized by the US Environment Protection Agency in food or feed.

According to one analysis, GMO corn tested by Profit Pro contains a number of elements absent from traditional cord, including chlorides, formaldehyde and glyphosate. While those elements don’t appear naturally in corn, they were present in GMO samples to the tune of 60 ppm, 200pm and 13 ppm, respectively.

“Glyphosate is a strong organic phosphate chelator that immobilizes positively charged minerals such as manganese, cobalt, iron, zinc [and] copper,”Dr. Don Huber attested during a separate GMO study recently released, adding that those elements “are essential for normal physiological functions in soils, plants and animals.”

El Salvador has recently voted to ban glyphosate, the pesticide that most GM crops are designed to be grown with, along with 52 other chemicals.

Predictably, protests have been raised by the GM lobby group CropLife, which is scaremongering about losses of up to 60% in crop production if the chemicals are banned.
CropLife is funded by the big GM companies, including Monsanto.
The news of the historic El Salvadorean vote comes on the anniversary of the publication of the groundbreaking study led by Prof GE Seralini, which found that the glyphosate-based pesticide Roundup - and a GM maize engineered to tolerate it - caused severe organ damage and increased rates of tumours and premature death in rats. Roundup was found to be toxic at half the level permitted in EU drinking water.

Denmark has also imposed widespread bans on the spraying of glyphosate in response to research showing that the sprays have been contaminating the countrys groundwater.

The chemical has, against all expectations sieving down through the soil and polluting the ground water at a rate of five times more than the allowed level for drinking water, according to tests done by the Denmark and Greenland Geological Research Institution (DGGRI).

A decade ago, the Danish environment minister Hans Christian Schmidt announced unprecedented restrictions on glyphosate, the country's and Europe's most widely used herbicide.

TAP - While he's at it, Putin should throw out USAID that has worked hard to sterilise the Russian population for many years.

Are Seven Israelis on Syria OPCW Chemical Weapons Team?

The French Anti-Zionist party “Parti Antisioniste” revealed on its website [yet to be confirmed, GR Ed] that the team designated to dismantle the chemical weapons arsenal in Syria includes 7 “Israeli” members.

Quoting sources close to the secretariat of the ‘Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons’ (OPCW), the report noted that 7 out of 9 “Israeli” experts the organization had contacted agreed to join the team and enter the Syrian territories. It further noted that the 7 experts hold ‘honorary’ nationalities among which are German, Russian, Ukrainian, French and Canadian.

Moreover, the source uncovered that by virtue of the agreement signed between Russia and the United States, the organization can make use of “Israeli” experts despite the fact that Tel Aviv is not a member in the organization. This, according to the sources is viable only if these experts hold other nationalities that allow them entry into Syria’s territories.

In this context, the same source underlined that these were contacted upon direct request made by Head of the investigation committee in Ghouta Scott Krenz, and the Director General of the organization, Ambassador Ahmet Üzümcü of Turkey.

Furthermore, the report published by the French Party’s website quoted the source “5 of the “Israeli” experts who agreed to be part of the team are originally researchers in the “Israel” Institute for Biological Research (IIBR); a governmental, applied research institute specializing in the field of researching and developing chemical and biological weapons. As for the other two inspectors, they work in Europe and Canada.”

 Expecting that scandals will unravel soon on the mission of the team designated to dismantle the chemical weapons arsenal in Syria, the source anticipated these scandals will be worse than the Iraqi case when “Israeli” and American experts entered Iraq to gather information for Tel Aviv and Washington. Not only that but also they had contaminated Iraqi arms with prohibited chemical material to accuse the Iraqi government back then of using chemical weapons.

The source recalled that last summer, a number of “Israeli” Mossad members entered the Syrian village of Sfeira North of Aleppo, who were smuggled into the territories by Turkish Security apparatuses through the borders.

Federal Agencies Lay Out Contingency Plans for Possible Shutdown

WASHINGTON — As Congress continued to spar on Saturday over a stopgap spending measure to keep the government running, federal agencies made contingency plans for a potential shutdown.

Each cabinet-level department and federal agency was required to identify essential personnel and determine which operations would continue if no deal were reached by Tuesday, the first day of the new fiscal year.
Although huge parts of the federal bureaucracy could be forced to close, many government functions would continue.

Senior Pentagon officials said on Friday that the more than 1.3 million active military personnel would remain on duty during a shutdown but would probably not receive their paychecks until a spending agreement was reached. The service members and civilians who stay on the job would be categorized as essential to the protection of life and property and to national security.

About half of the Defense Department’s approximately 800,000 civilian employees would be furloughed without pay.
There is little question that troops deployed to Afghanistan would continue their missions, as would warships now off the coast of Syria to pressure President Bashar al-Assad’s government to adhere to a plan to surrender its chemical weapons stockpile.

Documents released on Friday by the Pentagon listed essential duties that would be carried out during a government shutdown, including recruitment, intelligence and surveillance, fire protection, counseling and other services for sexual assault victims, operations of mortuary facilities for fallen service members, and a broad range of medical care.
The military is one of several departments whose employees are considered essential for national security purposes. The Department of Homeland Security, which comprises organizations like the Secret Service, Customs and Border Protection and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, would have to furlough roughly 14 percent of its employees, far lower than many other cabinet-level agencies.

Nearly all of the F.B.I.’s roughly 16,000 agents and analysts at its headquarters and its 56 field offices across the country would continue to work because they are considered essential to protecting the country. “Nonessential” employees like carpenters and dock employees who unload shipments would be told to stay home.

Three days of darkness in November. Manufactured terror threats have a nasty habit of turning real.


By John Kaminski

U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) hints that the biggest city in his own state might be blown up by a nuclear bomb unless the war crazy government of which he is a rabid and duplicitous cheerleader is allowed to bomb the war-torn nation of Syria  because of a chemical weapons atrocity the U.S. itself has engineered using mercenaries it hired for the job. Simultaneously in South Carolina, a nuclear weapon goes missing from America's military network, and then a report adds that off the coast another nuclear bomb that was lost decades ago and never found might go off at any time.

American citizens across the country have been conditioned to accept the twisted fact that they themselves are potential terrorists as they allow their private parts to be fondled at airports and every detail of their own lives to be scrutinized by electronic eavesdroppers while their savings are stolen and their bodies poisoned by morbid maneuvers that their government flatly refuses to discuss.

Their government purchases millions of rounds of hollow point bullets — used only for maximum damage to living tissue — as well as all manner of exotic weapons, which are distributed to local police departments in violation of Constitutional law, all to fight this terror threat gone viral that is enthusiastically promoted by out-of-control media hysterics who never furnish anything of real value to their listeners, and rigorously avoid discussing the real threats to their lives.

As their food supply is turned to poison by genetic engineering, the prices for it skyrocket while the currency is dangerously inflated, reducing the value of everything they own to practically nothing. As their possessions are stolen and their homes repossessed, they autistically fiddle with their electronic devices, even as the information they use to guide their lives is whittled down to manipulative programming by the evil Jewish geniuses who run Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the New York Stock Exchange.

Their president, a man with no public history who spends millions on vacations while the citizens he is supposed to protect are overwhelmed by a tidal wave of immigrants who are bathed in benefits ordinary taxpayers do not receive, abruptly declares that he may assassinate anyone he selects, without having to explain why, thereby vaporizing the Constitutional safeguards everyone thought guaranteed their safety. Meanwhile, journalists and whistleblowers are being murdered, imprisoned or exiled in record numbers, and their elected officials cower in cowardly obedience to a foreign leader of an outlaw state who controls their campaign funds.

Through nuclear plants that are rigged to fail in an environment sorely degraded by the Fukushima disaster, and air that gets harder to breathe every day because of those skinny poison clouds now dominating the skylines of the world, their life expectancy plummets as their wheezes accelerate, while the Arctic tundra bursts into methane flames, and sea creatures, for the past several decades, have been beaching themselves because of the unendurable horror their environment has become. 

How the American government can claim to be so concerned with the safety of its citizens and yet practice such sociopathic behavior against them, of course, is the ruse that has led the USA, throughout the 20th century, down this garden path to destruction. The government says, this is for your own good. And of course it isn't. It is the treating of people as commodities, and then discarding them when they are of nor further use to the pathologues running things.

By now you doubtless already know that the USA is attacking itself, not to mention every other country in the world — except Israel, by whom it is run. 

But the coup de grace — the kill shot — might be delivered, depending on your source, on either Oct. 1 (Rev. Michelle Hopkins) or Nov. 13 (the government), when the latest, newest and most dangerous government "drill" is schedule to "go live", which contains the possibility that a record number of innocents could possibly "go dead". (See links below.)

Granted, this could merely be another chapter of the Y2K saga, when hysteria ran rampant anticipating a predicted catastrophe that never happened. But judging by the last few "drills" — Aurora, Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon "drill" — the odds of ugly developments happening to the detriment of millions seem fairly high.

After all, 9/11/2001 was originally a drill for which FEMA crews were in place the night before. Even Israel sent a team of "observers" to that tragic drill that went live.

An electrical grid joint drill simulation is being planned in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Thousands of utility workers, FBI agents, anti-terrorism experts, governmental agencies, and more than 150 private businesses are involved in the November power grid drill.
Of course, the government spinmasters insist the power won't really be cut off. It's just a "drill", a simulated disaster. On the other hand, conspiracy theorists have gone ballistic with their dire predictions.

Consider over time who has been the more accurate — the government shills or the conspiracy theorists? Were there ever any dead bodies produced at Aurora, Sandy Hook or in Boston? Why was there so much talk of "crisis actors" as well as official practice sessions for a "zombie apocalypse"?

In a beleaguered country that is about to have its economy smashed to smithereens, in a world where environmental degradation the government will not discuss promises to boil everyone alive in a matter of decades, and in a political situation where everyone's money has already been stolen by the people who control the banks, why do people still believe what their government says?

Are they in some kind of trance that doesn't allow them to see what is taking place before their eyes?

Then, authoritative sounding people tell you not to worry, to remain calm, because nothing has really changed, that this is the way the relationship between those who have commandeered power and those whom they have power over has always been, ever since the time of the Magna Carta. The power mad will take what they can until they are stopped in their tracks by the people.

In any case, the Grid-Ex 2 Power Grid Down drill scheduled for Nov. 13-14, 2013 is merely the latest installment of the ages-old contest between terror and enlightenment, in an era when we have been conditioned to believe that terrorists lurk in every neighborhood and vampires are real, which will make it a lot of easier to shoot your neighbors when the right buttons are pushed and the lights go out.

If the conspiracy theorists are correct, this will be a false flag nightmare during which millions will die, followed by an incalculable period of unending warfare and indescribable agony. Yet a faint hope lingers that this is the moment of truth when the besieged remnant of the hopeful and truthful would rally to put the criminals out of business. Fat chance.

Like vulcanologists watching seismographs anticipating imminent disasters, we watch our world seemingly coming apart at the seams, and wonder how our lovely lives could have descended so quickly into this depressing abyss, when our future seems to depend on buying gold and storing nonperishable foodstuffs for the day when the lights go out and the supply lines are cut off.

The Catholics have a theological tradition called "the three days of darkness" in which the apocalypse arrives and deprives us of all light, during which we are supposed to pray for our salvation until the new world arrives and we are saved, if not killed. What was once an obscure paranoid religious fantasy is now a virtual geopolitical certainty as the machinations of government and the laws of science are now poised to thrust people into darkness and assist in their timely departures.

The mysterious Jim Stone, an insider gone rogue, wrote about the dangers of tinkering with the power grid with great trepidation. Once you turn it off, it won't easily come back on.

This would provide a perfect opportunity for culling the population, in keeping with all these other false flag catastrophes that start out as drills and wind up as mysteries like Aurora, Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon, where you can't ever really find out if anybody really died; the only thing you can be sure of is the patsy they blamed for the crimes didn't do it.

When the lights go out, the elderly will be hurt worst. The systems they rely upon to survive simply won't work, and within a week millions will die.

No power means no Internet, no radio or TV, no light no heat, no way to call for help. Do you trust your neighbor? Do you even know him? Will you attempt to work together, or just shoot it out? What do you think the answer to that question will be in Detroit? Or a thousand other American cities where crime in the darkness is a way of life.

No power means no work, no work means no money, no money means no food, no food means death. How long will your food last when you can't cook it? Where will you run to for help when the gas pumps don't work because there is no electricity?

Three days of darkness could easily turn into an infinity of chaos, annihilation and mayhem. What is to stop the controllers of the drill from restoring power to some areas so their businesses can operate, but leaving it out in other regions until a sufficient number of undesirables are liquidated?

But of course, this is all mere speculation, mere conspiracy theory hysteria. After all, they wouldn't poison the entire Gulf of Mexico, they wouldn't blow up Fukushima and irradiate the whole world, they wouldn't slaughter millions of people in phony wars they fabricated themselves, they wouldn't kill 3,000 of their own people in their biggest city so they could go play cowboys and indians with half the population of the world. These are just conspiracy theories, uttered by paranoid loonies.

They wouldn't do any of these things, would they?

You can watch TV and try to see what's really real. Jews own all the TV networks. You can seek out info in a magazine or newspapers. They're all owned by Jews. You can search for answers on the Internet, which was designed and is controlled by Jews. You can ask the advice of your doctor, your lawyer, your teacher, your preacher, or even your president or your senator — they're all trained and controlled by Jews.

Three days of darkness. Drills never turn real, do they?


Rev. Michelle Hopkins

Jim Stone

Three Days of Darkness

Capitol quiet as government shutdown nears

Warmongers. Let's hit them with everything we've got.

Time to turn table on West warmongers
by Finian Cunningham
Members of the UN Security Council raise their hands as they vote to approve a resolution, which condemns the use of chemical weapons in Syria and calls for their destruction, on September 27, 2013.
Members of the UN Security Council raise their hands as they vote to approve a resolution, which condemns the use of chemical weapons in Syria and calls for their destruction, on September 27, 2013.
Sun Sep 29, 2013 6:52PM GMT
By Finian Cunningham
Notable is the reiterated inclusion of members of the present government. This provision scotches, at least legally speaking, the Western agenda of regime change through covert terrorism. It pours egg on the face of the likes of John Kerry, William Hague and Laurent Fabius who have been harping on about Assad standing down and “having no place on this earth.""
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US President Barack Obama described the latest Security Council resolution on Syrian chemical weapons as “a huge victory for the world”. It certainly was a huge victory for diplomacy over war, to the relief of the world’s people.

But for Obama to seek credit in the passing of this resolution is contemptible. It was a defeat for warmongers led by the likes of Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry, who were clamoring for unilateral missile strikes on Syria.

Also among those defeated are the American warmonger puppets of Britain and France, David Cameron and Francois Hollande. Nursing wounded egos are those other cheerleaders of American imperialism, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Recall that only a few weeks ago, these protagonists and proxies were on the cusp of launching an all-out criminal war of aggression on the Syrian Arab Republic.

Some of these warmongers seem to still retain residual fantasies of a military attack. President Obama hasm since the signing of the UN Security Council resolution last Friday, warned that Syria’s government will “face consequences” if it does not comply with the disarmament of its chemical weapons stockpile.

The Israeli minister of military affairs Moshe Yaalon went even further, reportedly telling media “after dismantling Syria’s chemical weapons, the regime in Damascus must be changed”.

The truth is that the UN resolution successfully de-fangs the warmongers. They now sound like sore losers whose diminishing threats are impotent attempts at flexing muscle. In this regard, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has safely steered the American war machine off the road.

In the wording of the resolution, which is binding to all parties, there is no mention of the use of military force. Use of force was precisely what Washington and its puppets and cheerleaders were threatening. Now there is a legal framework in place where such threats have been excluded.

Admittedly, in the final provision of the resolution, number 21, it is stated “in the event of non-compliance with this resolution, including unauthorized transfer of chemical weapons, or any use of chemical weapons by anyone in the Syrian Arab Republic, [permits] to impose measures under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter”.

The ominous Chapter VII may, in theory, lead to military force. But that eventuality would require another unanimous resolution, which Russia and China will veto.

This is no guarantee that the warmongers will not persist at some stage in the future with their plans of aggression and regime change in Syria. After all there are countless laws and charters already in existence for many decades that prohibit illegal violence, but which have not deterred American, British, French or Israeli terrorism.

Nevertheless, Resolution 2118 on Syria is an important impediment to the illicit war agenda and raises the political price for parties that might try to embark on a belligerent path. This is in the crucial context of worldwide public opposition to the warpath. No less important is that the American and European public is trenchantly against any such bellicose adventurism by rogue leaders.

In that way, the resolution is not so much a framework that puts Syria’s chemical weapons under international control but rather it puts American lawlessness and recourse to unilateral aggression, or state terrorism, under international control.

There are more positive aspects. For a start, if we accept the assumption that the Syrian government did not use or has no intention of using chemical weapons and that it has signed up in good faith to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, then there will be no such contingency as “non-compliance”.

The Syrian government has therefore found a legal way to safely dispose of a dangerous liability in the form of its chemical munitions stockpile. Maintaining this arsenal imposes unnecessary financial costs on the Syrian government. In an analogous way to Iran’s argument that nuclear weapons are an obsolete instrument at this point in history, so too it can be said about chemical weapons. To get rid of them is thus a relief from a burden.

The beauty is that this seeming concession is actually a gain, while the West’s concession of disposing its war plans is obviously a double gain for Syria.

Furthermore, the resolution agreed to last Friday by Washington, London and Paris, does not attribute the blame for the chemical weapon incident near Damascus on 21 August to the government of President Bashar al-Assad. The significance of that is that it discards from the official discourse the erstwhile and spurious allegations from these Western powers that the Syrian government forces were the perpetrators. That is an important nullification on the record of the West’s propaganda line.

In addition, the resolution places explicit onus that “no party in Syria should use, develop, produce, acquire, stockpile, retain, or transfer chemical weapons”.

This means it is not just the Syrian government that might be faulted and sanctioned for non-compliance (which it won’t); the Western-backed militants are now under scrutiny. And not just the militants, but all those who support, sponsor and supply them.

The resolution is not a one-way street compelling the Syrian government to walk alone. It rightly allows for the focus to be put on the Western-backed mercenaries and their masters. Washington, London and Paris can be made to do some serious walking by the assiduous application of their own signed-up-to words.

There is a risk, of course, that the Western-sponsored militants will try another false flag with chemical weapons to pin on the Assad government.

But, again, this risk is minimized by the Syrian government putting its arsenal under verifiable jurisdiction. If anything, it should become more apparent who the real perpetrators of misusing chemicals are: the Western-backed Takfiri groups.

In that case, the UNSC resolution permits legal and political sanctions to be slapped on the Western governments or their regional proxies in Tel Aviv, Riyadh and Ankara.

As time goes by, the evidential case points more strongly and irrefutably to the Western-backed militants as having used these ghastly chemical weapons. Just this weekend, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov disclosed that Moscow has further evidence connecting the Western-sponsored militants in the deadly sarin attack on Khan al Assal in Aleppo on 19 March earlier this year with the atrocity on 21 August near Damascus.

Sooner or later the full truth will emerge; and in that event the Western governments will be gravely liable on the basis of the latest UNSC resolution.

Finally, another advantage from the latest resolution is that under provision 16, it “endorses fully the Geneva Communiqué of 30 June 2012 (Annex II), which sets out a number of key steps beginning with the establishment of a transitional governing body exercising full executive powers, which could include members of the present government and the opposition and other groups and shall be formed on the basis of mutual consent.”

Notable is the reiterated inclusion of members of the present government. This provision scotches, at least legally speaking, the Western agenda of regime change through covert terrorism. It pours egg on the face of the likes of John Kerry, William Hague and Laurent Fabius who have been harping on about Assad standing down and “having no place on this earth”.

To be sure, it would be foolish to complacently place all trust in a UN Security Council resolution. The warmongers have been de-fanged for now but they can grow back new teeth.

However, it should not be underestimated that the legal framework has been carved out through the diligent work of Russia, Syria and Iran to turn the table on the Western warmongers.

The ultimate weapons are knowledge and intelligence; and these warmongers, while they are sneaky, are fatally weakened by their own stupid contradictions and lies. Let’s hit them with everything.

Your dumbed down dentist is a danger to your health

Hi Tap,

If only people knew what was going on in their mouth they would be more reluctant in allowing the dentist to do what he wanted and not what was best for the patient. Time to get rid of amalgams I guess.

What A Dentist Sees On the Back of a Package of New Amalgam

A kind gentleman from Florida sent us a picture of what a dentists sees on the back of a new package of amalgam.

This should be very thought provoking for everyone.

Please visit our Mercury/Amalgam Forum for more information and videos.

Amalgam Package, Back Side, Processed.jpg

The Smoking Tooth Video
Did you know that mercury vapour off gasses from amalgam ("silver") dental fillings?
This amazing video demonstrates mercury vapour coming off an actual tooth with an amalgam ("silver") dental filling in it.
This famous video has demonstrated to millions what the dental profession and the American Dental Assocation (ADA) has denied for decades.
Please consider sending a link to this video to everyone you know, and your dentist too! See above for a short convenient link to this page.

Kind regards,

TAP - Add to this the promotion of fluoride by dentists and they have to be seen as a primary agents of the depopulation agenda.

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Jet stream blamed for bad weather. HAARP suspected.

scotland-weather-extremes-seasons-rain-wind-sunny-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationThe first Autumn storm swept across Scotland yesterday, and residentsexperienced all four seasons in one day, bringing chaos to the winding roads.
Torrential rain, along with gale-force winds, turned into sunny periods, before the wet weather came back. The Cairngorms were hit by 100 mph gusts, with snow anticipated last night, and the Forth Road Bridge was closed to some vehicles after wind speeds of 69 mph were recorded.
The weather for windsurfers and kitesurfers competing at the Scottish Windfest at Barassie Beach in Troon, however, was perfect. Last night, a blanket “yellow warning” was issued that forecast blustery winds continuing on into today.
They said that high-altitude jetstream winds from the Atlantic pushing 200 mph – almost twice the usual – triggered the storm. It brought torrential rain yesterday morning, which flooded Nitshill Road and Thornliebank Road, in the south of Glasgow, with motorists in Dumfries suffering the worst driving conditions in the country with heavy spray on main roads.
The weather also caused severe disruption to Caledonian MacBrayne’s ferry timetable on the west coast, where dozens of sailings were either delayed or cancelled. Worst affected were the routes between Oban, Coll and Tiree, the new link between Ardrossan and Campbeltown, and the Tarbert to Portavadie crossing.
TAP - The strange weather patterns we all suffer from these days are not to do with global warming.  HAARP can be used to bend, to accelerate and to slow the jet stream.


By Sherwood Ross

Let’s hope President Obama defends his opening with Iran from the inevitable assault by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when they meet Monday.(September 28)

They appear certain to clash over Obama’s historic good will phone call last Friday to Iran’s new President Hassan Rouhani, a leader who earlier indicated his willingness to make a fresh start at negotiations with the West.

No sooner had Rouhani sent world Jewry Rosh Hashana greetings via Twitter, exchanged letters with Obama through the Swiss, etc., than Netanyahu dismissed these harbingers as a superficial “charm offensive.” One wonders what the new Iranian leader would have to do to satisfy Netanyahu that he is in earnest? “One must not be fooled by the Iranian president’s fraudulent words,” Netanyahu said.

Still, the Obama-Rouhani conversation rocked diplomatic observers. According to McClatchy News Service, Suzanne Maloney of Brookings Institute called Obama’s action “hugely positive”; senior fellow Sam Brannen of think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies called it “historic but long overdue”; and Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice told CNN it was a “groundbreaking event.”

Obama’s call shattered 30 years of total diplomatic silence between the two nations and the ensuing sound waves are being welcomed by many world leaders.

McClatchy predicted both Obama and Rouhani “are likely to encounter fierce resistance from domestic opponents and close allies.”

In America’s case, hostility to rappprochement may irritate the Pentagon,  which, as far back as  2003, had drawn up plans for an attack on Iran, according to Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization, Montreal, Canada. The battle plan included both conventional and nuclear weapons.

Pro-war advocacy may also come from the U.S. military-industrial complex, a corporate consortium that has raked in record profits during the Iraqi invasion and occupation. Some of its executives would welcome a continuing state of tension, if not outright hostility against Iran, that would reinforce the Pentagon demand for weapons systems paid for out of its swollen $700 billion budget.

The two entities most favorable to dispute settlement with Iran are, according to the polls, the Israeli and the American peoples. According to a report in “Israel News” a year ago April by Anshel Pfeiffer, “only 19 percent of Israelis would support a strike (against Iran) without American backing” and only 34 percent were against striking in any case” (whether the U.S. is aboard or not.) In another poll about the same time, the Program on International Policy Attitudes and the University of Maryland concluded that only one in four Americans favor an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities while an impressive 70 percent favor a diplomatic solution.

Perhaps this last is the reason Obama is willing to buck Netanyahu---because he knows he has overwhelming support of the American people for peace. I don’t know what the average American Man On The Street thinks he or she has gained from the U.S. invasions of  Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, or from the fighting in Pakistan, but I don’t think it’s much, if anything. Meanwhile, Joe American does know his wallet is shrinking as the military industrial complex lives high on the hog while good jobs outside the defense sector in most areas are shrinking; while growing numbers are living in poverty and food stamps, and while the medical system for tens of millions of people is broken.  Obama may recognize this better than anyone and so may have become, willy-nilly, a peace president in his legacy term.  #

(Disclosure: Sherwood Ross in the past has worked as a publicist for the Centre for Research on Globalization. Reach him at

7/7 2005 London - They knew what they were doing. The government that is, not any terrorists.

Prepare for something big in the US

They're gonna blow the Hoover Dam

Jim Stone Sep 26 13


If you have a storage scope, right now would be a good time to use it to capture a nuclear weapon blast. Do this by using a coil of wire that will pass a frequency between 1 mhz and 10 Mhz. Hook it up to your scope and set your scope to event capture. Have it look for a damped wave form between 8 and 12 cycles in length. If you have multiple channels, choose different voltage settings starting with the most sensitive your scope can do. If you have four channels that would be a real bonus. It's either going to be really weak or really strong but scopes can shrug of practically any abuse with a damped wave form that short. So use at least one max sensitivity setting. If anything happens, if you capture that event, do not contact authorities - contact either this site or another trustworthy one like after making many copies of your screen and delivering them to people.

It's more than rumor - it is happening. Too many people are confirming this - something huge is underway in Puerto Rico, and the military is being told it will be a meteor strike. I call TOTAL B.S., if anything happens it will be nuclear, an ICBM looks like a meteor coming in, hence my instructions above . . . . . if this was a meteor it would be ALL OVER THE FREAKING MSM, yet not even a peep out of even GLP. I will probably call this bogus and delete it.

Emergency preparedness tips:

Don't waste your money on 10X over priced emergency kits, buy regular stuff you eat and use anyway because the quality is superior and it stores just as well and in the end, if nothing happens, you won't be sitting on 50 cases of emergency essentials. Get big bags of sugar, rice, oats, etc, whatever you use anyway. If nothing happens, you will have gobs and gobs of GOOD food for cheap. Don't waste time on whole wheat unless you want to plant it, just get flour. BUY NORMAL STUFF - spaghetti o's chili, mac and cheese, canned meats and tuna - you know, STUFF YOU WON'T ADMIT YOU LIKE. Even cereal stores practically forever in dry climates. The only oddball stuff would be things like dried milk and don't forget to buy a lot of cooking oil to replace butter. I don't have to tell you to avoid Canola oil if you are aware enough to read this site.

If nothing happens, you won't be the idiot sitting there with 50 boxes of crap.
And as a side note - popcorn is shipped alive and will grow when planted. It's a great way to get a huge bag of non GMO seed, even though it's not ideal corn for many things it's still good corn and if treated as seed corn it's practically FREE. Plus it stores well and is easy to prepare if you use it as popcorn after harvest. It's not junk food, it's just corn.

Ned on Sunday. The 10 false assumptions of modern science.

Dear Tap,

I have returned to painting for the first time in 2-3 years; painting my village inspired by a Jeff Rense interview 14 August 2013
.... during which Gerald Celente said:

“Verdi’s main objective in composing the music that he did was to raise the spirit of the Italian people... It was almost a bloodless revolution. It worked. The model exists. He did it with music... calm the savage breast.”

Raising the spirit of people through the power of art: Verdi used music. Ned is using paint. I am working to a deadline and while painting listen to the radio and internet. Thoughts from the week Tap. If anything grabs you, use as you wish.

From David Icke's site:
‘The number of donors shifting support from Britain’s ruling Conservative Party to the UK Independence Party (UKIP) is increasingly on the rise, a new report has found.
Conservative Party donors are leaving Prime Minister David Cameron behind pouring almost half a million pounds into boosting UKIP on its way to the next general election in 2015, said the report in the Independent on Sunday.

According to the report at least 1,923 donors helped the Conservative Party financially between when David Cameron was promoted as leader in December 2005 and the May 2010 general elections.’

So, UKIP appear to be on the up and Farage an impressive public speaker with determined focus. Why then, is Neil Hamilton being used as a UKIP representative? His latest outing was Friday 27 Sept BBC Radio 4 Friday Any Questions:

He will put people off. No, I didn't listen to the programme.

As if Green MP Caroline Lucas, Kenneth Clarke MP, minister without portfolio in the cabinet office and Labour peer Lord Falconer were not enough, I would have to also stomach UKIP's Campaign Director for the 2014 Euro elections Neil Hamilton... no thanks. What on earth are UKIP thinking? Neil Hamilton, UKIP's Campaign Director for the 2014 Euro elections?!

Nigel, I ain't voting for Neil Hamilton. I understand
Godfrey Bloom was the planned guest for this edition of Any Questions until his recent 'sluts' comment and subsequent sacking:

I would have listened to the programme had it included Godfrey Bloom simply because he is entertaining, whether I agree with him or not. We are tired of programmed policy repeating robots; at least I am. Bring back Godfrey Bloom! At least he's funny.

TAP - UKIP is controlled not by Nigel Farage but from the shadows by a Mike Nattrass.  The party runs from his business offices in Solihull - Nattrass & Giles.  No one gets selected unless he and his cronies (who are they, one wonders?) say so.  He came from a a party called New Britain which was entirely racist and unelectable.  One suspects the hand of the Zionists and probably the Jesuits.  Don't imagine UKIP to be clean.

UKIP Constituencies have to be very careful to elect a representative, a PPC who is genuinely on their side.  The more the PPCs are approved by the regional controllers, the more likely they are to be snakes in the grass, or if they seem very well funded.

Onto Kenya. The BBC ran an investigative programme on Samantha Lewthwaite: From the Shires to Al-Shababhttp:
Even the programme notes state:
"While it is not yet confirmed that she was at Westgate..."
It was garbage reporting; really appalling propaganda. So called witnesses reported a woman in a veil they rarely saw the face of and it seems no one actually saw her at the Kenyan shopping centre. But hey, it warrants an entire BBC programme suggesting she was there and is an integral component of this latest terrorist attack. The Kenyan gig looks like another set up job. Be aware. The following Friday morning, the website link states:
'The issuing of an international arrest warrant for the woman who has been dubbed the "white widow" dominates many of the front pages.'
Yeah, sure it does BBC and how appropriately convenient for you, you government tools and fools.
I add, if you ever hear BBC foregin correspondent Frank Gardener reporting, alert your bullshit anntennae. Hey Frank, I'm open to being proved otherise, but you sound well dodgy to me, while the studio staff always treat you as a sacrosanct journalist; just like your fellow presstitute John Simpson. Am I being rude and purporting unsubstantiated 'conspiracy theory'? I'm being blunt and relaying what my common sense tells me.

The latest Climate Change report: Dear oh dear. James Naughtie on BBC Radio 4 Today programme was bias and slanted, illustrating further poor quality mainstream journalism while pretending to be taking the higher moral ground. F--- o-- Jim. As for newer recruit Sarah Montague, equally useless.
The previous week David Attenborough talking up the necessity of de-population. These people are the old paradigm along with Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking and BBC poster boy Brian 'I don't believe in ghosts' Cox.
My article from July 2012 on Sir David Attenborough: Carbon Cultist:

As usual, the alternative media provide interesting presentations of alternative views:
The great global warming swindle - Full version

The Corbett Report: The IPCC Exposed
James Corbett would be an excellent addition to a BBC flagship news programme.
This climate change story seems to be part of implementing Agenda 21...

Understanding Sustainable Development Agenda 21:

For all those pious scientists of conventional wisdom, check Rupert Sheldrake - Richard Dawkins comes to call:

The 10 false assumptions of modern science:

I only recently viewed this lovely 1994 BBC programme: Rupert Sheldrake - Heretic:
This is why I love the internet; there is always a little gem to be found. Note at the beginning, Rupert the committed Christian 'singing' prayers with his family at the supper table. Bizarre and wonderful.

I had an e-mail from Rupert Sheldrake (super exciting!): 'Dear Ned, Thank you for your invitation and letter...' and so forth. My reply included:
".... Please, please, please contribute to The People's Voice I would be surprised if you have not already been approached. Surely, this is a perfect platform for the likes of you, Lipton, Hancock et al. 'We' need you guys to come froward even more. While it is cool to name check Rupert Sheldrake, David Icke remains a taboo reference in many quarters. Fear is a huge factor among our community."

From Sheldrake to Graham Hancock -
Graham Hancock thanks Pedro Branco, Eduardo Costa, Viviana Lopes, Daniel Mendes, Jo Anne Taisbin and others who have messaged him about the man-made pyramid 130 feet underwater off the Azores. The name of the discoverer, featured in the video is Diocleciano Silva. According to the video the discovery was made five months ago but there has been minimal international coverage up to now. Eduardo Costa and Daniel Mendes both sent Hancock a link to this short article on the subject in English:
Pedro Branco sent two further links:
and: latter story states that the Portuguese navy is investigating.
Hancock later sent through:
What our purpose is we established long ago. We were obliged to forget it, and our true origins, when we drank the waters of the river Lethe before we reincarnated here. Our challenge now is to remember.

As a follow up to Tap post 'British painter believes in mermaids' (ha ha funny Tap):
.... watch this one: Mermaids The New Evidence HDTV
Again, why isn't David Attenborough addressing such material? Is it complete rubbish and all a hoax?

Last Thursday night I stood under the stars after hours sat painting, and while taking in some fresh air before bed I heard a helicopter, low, loud and apparently close. This is a frequent event as the military are persistently on training exercises in my home area. However, as low as the helicopter sounded, I couldn't see it. They usually have lights or I can at least see the silhouette in the moonlight. Of course, I assumed it must have been out of sight beyond the tree and hedge line, but I have heard and seen these vehicles on numerous occasions, used to witnessing their sound and proximity and this was very close. My thought was invisible cloaking technology. I know, probably not, but that was my fun thought and I laughed to myself as Harry Potter technology whirled in my imagination. You never know, maybe others have experienced 'invisible' noisy helicopters and at least my perceived experience is now publicly chronicled.

But enough of this frivolous stuff. D'Arcy is dead. Yes, BBC Five Live are analysing it and informed me this morning. In the latest Bridget Jones Diary book, D'Arcy is dead. I've googled it and the Swindon Advertiser confirms it:

So Tap, you are concerned about war in the world and a melting planet? D'Arcy is dead. Get your priorities sorted out sunshine!