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20 Practical uses for coca cola - includes killing slugs and snails

20 Practical Uses For Coke

Coke acts as an acidic cleaner. The amount of acid in soda is enough to wear away at the enamel of your teeth, making them more susceptible to decay. In tests done on the acidity levels of soda, certain ones were found to have PH levels as low as 2.5. To put that into perspective, consider that battery acid has a pH of 1 and pure water has a pH of 7.
To prove Coke does not belong in the human body, here are 20 practical ways you can use Coke as a domestic cleaner:
  1. Removes grease stains from clothing and fabric
  2. Removes rust; methods include using fabric dipped in Coke, a sponge or even aluminum foil. Also loosens rusty bolts
  3. Removes blood stains from clothing and fabric.
  4. Cleans oil stains from a garage floor; let the stain soak, hose off.
  5. Kills slugs and snails; the acids kills them.
  6. Cleans burnt pans; let the pan soak in the Coke, then rinse.
  7. Descales a kettle (same method as with burnt pans)
  8. Cleans car battery terminals by pouring a small amount of Coke over each one.
  9. Cleans your engine; Coke distributors have been using this technique for decades.
  10. Makes pennies shine; soaking old pennies in Coke will remove the tarnish.
  11. Cleans tile grout; pour onto kitchen floor, leave for a few minutes, wipe up.
  12. Dissolves a tooth; Use a sealed container…takes a while but it does work.
  13. Removes gum from hair; dip into a small bowl of Coke, leave a few minutes. Gum will wipe off.
  14. Removes stains from vitreous china.
  15. Got a dirty pool? Adding two 2-liter bottles of Coke clears up rust.
  16. You can remove (or fade) dye from hair by pouring diet Coke over it.
  17. Remove marker stains from carpet. Applying Coke, scrubbing and then clean with soapy water will remove marker stains.
  18. Cleans a toilet; pour around bowl, leave for a while, flush clean.
  19. Coke and aluminum foil will bring Chrome to a high shine.
  20. Strips paint off metal furniture. Soak a towel in Coke and lay it on the paint surface.
Now can you imagine what is does to your stomach lining? 
Also used to abort foetus by many women in third world countries.
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Peoples' Voice. Picture of David Cameron alleged in possession of former call girl agency owner.

The Bullingdon boys ordered three girls from Natalie Rowe, and drugs.  The negotiator was George Osborne.  The story comes from the lady who ran the escort lady, Natalie Rowe.

The Chief Whip was also there.

Rowe describes the harassment she's had to live with as the elites try to keep her quiet.  The Drug Squad raiding her house.  N.O.W. journalists.  The Police dressed as postmen!   She doesn't deal drugs any more.

The Police asked her about her memoirs she was writing during the raid.  They brought twelve officers and no sniffer dogs.  They blamed government cuts for not having a dog.  They claimed they had a tip-off from the public about drugs.  She was worried they could plant something. 

Who is Joe in her memoirs? asks Sonia.  Joe is George Osborne.  There are bankers, politicians, heads of big companies.  Natalie (not real name) doesn't want to out people individually.  She wants people to know what kind of people run the country and how they behave.

'I'm a Black Yorkshire girl and had those kind of guys in her control - on all fours, being spanked'.  Many are gay, and she set them up with black boys. 

Max Clifford had a dispute with the News of the World.  They approached her direct, but she'd signed with Sunday Mirror.  The N.O.W. hacked her phone and wrote a self-written story before the Mirror could publish.  Osborne called her two days prior to the story coming out, and it was taped.  He's been offered a right of reply by The People's Voice. 

Osborne told her to lie and deny that he took cocaine and had girls.

She's never met David Cameron.  There was a 1994 photo, since taken out of circulation, which was put up on E-Bay, which attracted £50,000 bids.  It was not shown.  It had David Cameron in it, she 'believes'.  E-Bay took down the lot saying it was an inappropriate picture, a picture they'd never actually seen.  She won't reveal the photo publicly except in her defence in court.  Sonia's seen the photo.

The Sunday Mail and others are using dirty tactics to keep this under wraps.

She says if it had been Boris, he'd just admit it and say yes it was me.  By playing all these games with Natalie and trying to keep her under threat, Osborne is digging a big hole with me, she says.

Natalie Rowe and George Osborne in photo showing white powder on the table in front of them.  She knew him well.

Bullingdon Club held their events (orgies) at Waddesdon Manor, the Rothschild property.  She sent her girls there to entertain members, three prostitutes.  The media asked if she could call them strippers, not prostitutes.  Nat Rothschild is a friend of George Osborne.  It's hypocrisy the way they try to hide who they are and what they do, and how they lie about their actions, and break loyalty with former friends.

George is slandering Natalie and lying, cheating and covering up.  Why doesn't he open up?  What else is there in his past and what's he doing to cover that up?

Glasgow helicopter. Was someone rocking the boat?

Hi Tap, just a thought regarding the Glasgow Helicopter Crash.

It would be easy to tamper with , & bring down an Establishment Helicopter where ever they wanted to.

Was this a Warning Not To Rock The Boat?

REGARDS. .......... WASP

TAP - strange how government and media were on site actually witnessing the crash as it happened.  That's very 911.  Interesting comments below point out today is St Andrews Day, and other possible connections.  The Clutha means The Clyde in Celtic.

From the Daily Express Online.

Gordon Smart, editor of the Sun's Scottish edition, saw the helicopter come down from a multi-storey car park around 250 yards away.

He told Sky News: "It was just such a surreal moment. It looked like it was dropping from a great height at a great speed. There was no fire ball and I did not hear an explosion. It fell like a stone. The engine seemed to be spluttering."

Passers-by helped punters escape from the dust-filled venue, forming a 'human chain' to lift those unconscious clear of the rubble.

One of those who helped was Labour's international development spokesman Jim Murphy, who saw a "pile of people clambering out" of the bar as he was driving past.

"I jumped out and tried to help," he said. 

"There were people with injuries. Bad gashes to the head. Some were unconscious. I don't know how many.

Anonymous said...
Also, Police Scotland have appealed for any video or audio footage and photos....why? to destroy any vital evidence that may go against the narrative?

Also check out the date. 29 Nov. 2+9 = 11 Nov 11 month. 11/11 A fav number to some! 

Allopaths versus homeopaths. Which do you prefer?

Savile. The Queen must have known.

Savile who was protecting him for decades and why?

By Justice Denied
When the Jimmy Savile scandal broke in late 2012, I wasn't particularly interested. A sleazy old DJ and TV presenter groping young girls - highly unpleasant, but not exactly big news as far as I could see.

But then all the pictures and stories started to emerge involving Savile and members of the Royal Family, as well as various prime ministers, and even the top Catholic clergyman in Britain.
He had Christmas dinner with Mrs. Thatcher and her husband eleven years in a row, we learned. There was the obvious question of why royalty and prime ministers would want to spend their time with this man, who by all accounts seems to have been quite transparently a self-serving, sociopathic bastard, hiding behind an "eccentric, fun loving" image which he successfully projected in the media (with the media's help!). No one who met him seems to have actually genuinely liked or befriended him, but we were fed this media line that he was some kind of selfless saint, so at the time of his death, his remarkable set of personal connections in royalty and politics seemed quite reasonable to most people. He did a lot of charity work, we all know about that... but these connections involved more than just a few promotional photo opportunities:

"Jimmy Savile - The Royal court jester" (Daily Express website, 30 October 2011)
"UK's top Catholic was long-standing friend of Savile" (Daily Mail website, 28 March 2013)

Anyone who gets that close to royalty and prime ministers (as well as holding a high-profile position in the BBC for fifty years) is thorougly checked out by the security services (MI5, etc.). That's exactly the kind of thing they're there for - "protecting the realm" includes protecting the sovereign and his/her family from contact with serial child rapists!
And anyone knighted by The Queen (which Savile was, in 1990) is thoroughly vetted to minimise the chance that disreputable behaviour won't come to light and embarrass the British monarchy by association.

So what happened? How much investigation, how much vetting went on? Did the British security services simply suffer from decades of incompetence? How did Savile get so close to the Royal Family? Were they not warned about him? If not, why? And if they were, why did they not shun him?

It now seems that any semi-competent detective could have learned that Savile was involved in some pretty sinister stuff - or at least could have established enough of a suspicion about him that he would have been kept at arms length rather than welcomed into the highest levels of the establishment. Consider:
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Lenny Harper on The People's Voice:
Online users can't have escaped the new Citizens Media outlet to hit the internet. The People's Voice launched only 4 days ago and is making an impact with its hard hitting, well researched, and professional journalism, something lacking in mainstream media, not only in Jersey, but globally.

The People's Voice, does what it says on the tin, and gives those who are voiceless an opportunity to tell the alternative to the mainstream media's version of "news" facts and evidence. It is a much bigger, and more professional, version of the Jersey Blogs (Jersey's only independent media) but covers much the same ground in that it provides its readers/viewers with the truth behind the lie of mainstream media.

Regular readers of this site will be aware that we pride ourselves on dealing with documented facts and evidence and leave the conspiracy theories to the local mainstream State Media. We have exposed the Jersey Child Abuse cover up with this documented facts and evidence while the State Media have peddled their conspiracy theories of tooth fairies, coconuts, disappearing cellars, collagen and baths.

The People's Voice was naturally interested in, what has become known as "the worst cover up in history" or "Jersey's dirty secrets" and made contact with those best placed to comment on Jersey's so-called "Justice" System and inner workings of those in power on the Island.

Last night a number of justice campaigners, truth seekers, and victims of Jersey's so-called "Justice" System were interviewed live on the Sonia Poulton show. To include former Senior Investigating Officer of Operation Rectangle (Jersey's Child Abuse Investigation) Lenny Harper.

As The People's Voice is still in its infancy it does not, as yet, have an archive or playback facility we have recorded last night's Sonia Poulton Show and offer below an edited (due to technical difficulties) version of last night's live interview with former Deputy Chief Police Officer and Senior Investigating Officer Lenny Harper.

Deputies Shona and Trevor Pitman were also interviewed live on the show and Deputy Trevor Pitman will be publishing his interview on his own BLOG tomorrow.

VFC credit, and thank, THE PEOPLE'S VOICE for this video recording.

Spotlight on abuse. Peter Righton and the pedophile ring that started in Number 10 Downing Street, and maybe still does

The Peter Righton case: Recommendations that were ignored by Department of Health

By spotlight on abuse:
This document below was written by the retired child protection expert who was the source of Tom Watson’s October 2012 PMQ about “a powerful political paedophile ring”.

It was written during the 1993 investigation into Peter Righton, a child care expert who was part of a network of paedophiles that had infiltrated children’s homes and schools across the UK. Sir William Utting, acting on behalf of the Department of Health, requested a report on the Righton case from the Director of Hereford & Worcester Social Services Department.

The report should have found its way to the Secretary of State for Health, Virginia Bottomley.
The document reproduced here: ‘A Personal Viewpoint’, gives recommendations for what should have happened to expose the national paedophile network that Righton was part of.
Instead, the  investiagtion was shut down, Righton died a free man, and most of his fellow abusers were never exposed and brought to justice.

War talk prompts House Bill seeking compulsory military service for Filipino college kids

Those who want to abolish ROTC must provide compelling reasons why they think society can progress without it. There are many benefits to military training: patriotism, moral guidance, promotion of martial values (endurance, courage, unity, cohesiveness, proficiency, loyalty, brotherhood/sisterhood, sacrifice), physical fitness, and skills development. Weekly military training over a two-year period hones the youths' energy, dedication, and commitment to common ideals and virtues. It gives them a standard on how to perform properly in difficult situations. Without military training, there is a tendency for freedom-loving youth to become anarchic, self-centered, and disconnected from their neighbors. Basic military training (without weapons) can support and enhance high-school and college education goals and will result in a more disciplined and organized society. Advanced military training (learning logistics, strategy, tactics, military engineering, and combat skills) will develop military leaders who have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to defend the country against armed threats. A big argument for having a strong combat capability is: It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.
House bills seek revival of compulsory military training for college students

With tensions mounting over regional territorial disputes, some lawmakers have revived proposals to make the Reserve Officers Training Corps mandatory again for college students, so that the country would have a pool of capable officers to provide military service should the need arise.

The House Committee on National Defense and Security is scheduled to tackle the proposal during the first week of December, but the matter could turn out to be a contentious one as a counter-proposal to abolish the ROTC is also to be taken up.


Ted Perez
Selwyn, other than marching around school grounds, what did ROTC in your school involve? did you (or anyone else) have, say, basic weapons proficiency training w/ firing...? i suppose some parents will not be okay with schools having stored weapons & ammo?! perhaps, we, as a nation, should take advantage of the fact that our country is surrounded by water, and that a would be invader would need to transport troops by sea & air.... so, it becomes necessary to have 24-hour all-weather air & maritime radar & surveillance systems.... and hopefully, someday soon, our own spy satellite which can keep tabs on where ships & planes & troops are.... we will also need weapons delivery platform systems that can neutralize sea & airborne threats. since, we can't afford expensive boats & aircraft.... it may be possible to develop / acquire instead interceptor-hunter UAVs equipped with missiles.... perhaps ROTC should gear up for training with such tech?! i see it can even be like a video game! the UAV bases will be scattered in secret remote & secure locations.... hopefully someone with clusters or stars on his/her collar is pushing for something similar! just my two-cents

Facebook is watching you 24/7. Block your camera when not in use.

Facebook Wants to Listen to Your Phone Calls

As the screenshot above illustrates (click for enlargement), users are made to accept an agreement that allows Facebook to “record audio with the microphone….at any time without your confirmation.”
The TOS also authorizes Facebook to take videos and pictures using the phone’s camera at any time without permission, as well as directly calling numbers, again without permission, that could incur charges.

But wait, there’s more! Facebook can also “read your phone’s call log” and “read data about contacts stored on your phone, including the frequency with which you’ve called, emailed or communicated in other ways with specific individuals.”

Although most apps on Android and Apple devices include similar terms to those pictured above, this is easily the most privacy-busting set of mandates we’ve seen so far.
Since the vast majority of people will agree to these terms without even reading them, cellphone users are agreeing to let Facebook monitor them 24/7, green lighting the kind of open ended wiretap that would make even the NSA jealous.

Other app companies are also requiring you to allow them to approximate your location, send SMS messages from your phone that cost you money, read your contacts, read your phone status and identity, get “full network access” to your communications (in other words listen to your phone calls), modify or delete the contents of your USB storage, and disable your screen lock (the 4 digit code that password-protects your phone).

As we have previously highlighted, embedded microphones in everything from Xbox Kinect consoles to high-tech street lights that can record private conversations in real time represent the final nail in the coffin of privacy as the ‘Internet of things’ becomes a part of our daily lives.

Earthquake and tsunami predicted to strike General Santos City in 2014

Phillippines and Indonesia highly populated areas are under attack once more from the earthquake/tsunami weapon.  No doubt to be followed up by military (humanitarian) invasion and mass vaccination (= mass sterilisation/cancer) programmes, as is now happening in Leyte and Samar, a few hundred miles north from here.

A magnitude 8 earthquake is predicted to hit this area with tsunami warning sometime between now and December 2014, the quake to take place in the Molucca Sea, at 4 21N, 126 26E, near the islands of Talaud and Sangihe.

2 million people are in the danger zone and likely to be directly affected.  The tsunami is the weapon of choice of the United Nations' Depopulation Agenda, backed up by mass vaccination.  Tacloban has just been heavily hit and other places in the Visayas.  This prediction is warning Davao and General Santos City, and the southern shores of Mindanao.  Davao is a city of 4 million people.

International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center,
P.O.Box 607147
Orlando, Florida

They state - 'This warning comes after the IEVPC has recently completed its highly successful test program predicting three important earthquake events with a high degree of accuracy.'

TAP - Nothing to do with HAARP, or other earthquake causing devices, I suppose??!!

Jim Stone, who studies these things in some detail, says that an artificially induced earthquake feels completely different, and looks very different on a seismograph.

Why are 35 volcanoes erupting all at once?

China: 'Baby box' plan for unwanted newborns causes stir

A Chinese city's plan for a "baby box" where parents can anonymously leave their unwanted infants is proving controversial, it's reported.

Shenzhen has apparently applied to the Guangdong provincial authorities to pilot such a facility next year. Some social media users have warned that the box will encourage "irresponsible parents" to give away their unwanted children, the People's Daily newspaper says.

But the head of Shenzhen's social welfare centre, Tang Rongsheng, points out that nearly 100 abandoned infants have been handed over to his centre this year. "The shelter embodies the idea of prioritising the interest of the child," he says.

Shenzhen is not the only Chinese city to consider such a system. Shijiazhuang apparently launched one in 2011 and has since received 170 infants. Other cities are expected to follow suit, the Jiangsu Province web portal reports. Baby boxes, common in medieval Europe, are making a comeback in countries such as Germany. But the boxes have been criticised by the UN for violating the rights of children.

Benghasi Consulate was another Sandy Hook - a totally fake event

I was completely right about Benghasi

By Jim Stone

In my original Benghasi coverage I stated the consulate never existed and the event never happened and that it was all just a CIA stunt to frame Arabs as terrorists. Looks like I was right.

CBS apologizes for airing fake Benghazi eyewitness: `We Were Wrong. We Made A Mistake`

CBS News apologized this morning for airing the accusations of a now-apparently-fake Benghazi whistleblower, Dylan Davies.

Davies is the author of a new bombshell book accusing the Obama administration of massive security failures leading up to the fatal attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya in September of 2012...

Or at least, that’s what Davies told 60 Minutes. What he reportedly told the FBI is another story entirely.

Benghazi attack “witness” Dylan Davies told FBI he was nowhere near the attack
According to a blockbuster story last night from the New York Times, Davies told the FBI that he was never anywhere near the US consulate in Benghazi during the firefight. He told the FBI that he didn’t get to the consulate until the next morning, long after the fighting was over
And now that we have a witness as a confirmed liar, I am saying it again - THEY ARE ALL LIARS, THERE IS NOT AND NEVER WAS A CONSULATE IN BENGASI, AND AMBASSADOR STEVENS NEVER GOT A FUNERAL.

After I pointed out Stevens never got a funeral, a fake "memorial" was hatched in California. But NOT A FUNERAL BECAUSE IT NEVER HAPPENED.
What we had in Bengasi was an "attack" on a house the CIA was renting to front their false flag B.S. on the Libyan people, NOTHING MORE.

Read more about the B.S. whistleblower HERE And after doing so, consider this - Here we have a high profile Benghasi witness flushed out as a total liar. My guess? Benghasi was nothing more than a Sandy Hook, where the CIA rented and burned the home of an innocent Libyan to stage a line of B.S. to feed the press with an "arab spring" and subsequent bag of lies fronted by many people for the purpose of occupying the press with something fake and irrelevant while the nation was gutted from within.

There is not and never was a consulate in Benghasi. To this day, the state department web site PROVES IT. If an ambassador died, SHOW ME THE GRAVE - or was he "buried at sea" along with Osama?

And remember, I called them on this B.S. over a year ago!

An artificial earthquake feels totally different, and looks different on a seismograph

By Jim Stone 

My much needed update on this topic and response:

"They" have definitely used their earthquake machine repeatedly, and I have felt both it and natural quakes. Let me start by telling you the difference in the feel -
I have felt several natural quakes. And they have the same feel to the shake as riding in a 4 wheel drive truck over rough trails. Natural quakes have sudden jolts and bounces at random intervals and you can't guess what will happen next.

I also experienced the totally FAKE man-made Chiapas quake, and it felt completely different from a natural quake. It felt more like being aboard a perfectly smoothly accelerating jet taking off of a smooth runway. It's pure acceleration with absolutely no bouncing. A creepy liquid gooey dizzy feeling. YOU CAN FEEL THE DIFFERENCE between a natural quake and the earthquake machine VERY EASILY.

None of the natural quakes ever made me feel like I would get motion sickness, but the fake quake did. It first accelerated West, then South, then back East. And like I said, there was absolutely no shaking our bouncing, it was perfectly smooth fluid motion.

How can you tell it was the earthquake machine, in solid concrete terms?

The most obvious for me was the feel. The second most obvious is that the earthquake machine somehow pulls on the surface of the earth, so any quake made by it registers at 15 KM depth or less. Typically they register at 10 KM depth. Natural quakes do not do that. Natural quakes are virtually always 50 km or more down, up to 700 km. On rare occasion they can be at 25 KM, but NEVER at 10 KM. The Japan earthquake was measured at 10 km depth, a dead giveaway.

Another obvious indicator it is a man made quake is lack of seismic damage per magnitude rating. Since the earthquake machine has a smooth pull and virtually no bumps or shakes, damage totals have been (from all the observations I have made) a full magnitude less than natural quakes. That is a very key indicator. AND FINALLY

As shown with the advertisement for the state wide Chiapas earthquake drill, The 20 March 2012 Chiapas quake coincided TO THE MINUTE with an earthquake drill for the exact same quake of the exact same magnitude, at the exact same location President Obama's daughter was vacationing at the time. How can you have an earthquake exactly matching your drill scenario, with the exact same magnitude happening at the exact same time as your drill?

There is little doubt the powers that be did it to threaten Obama. Since the drill had everyone outdoors near the "epicenter" at the time the "quake" happened to match the drill, only a few hundred people died even though thousands of homes were destroyed. And Obama's daughter was safely outside while the threat was delivered because of the drill. 

Interesting it is that so many other "terror" events have coincided with drills, which made this particular "coincidence" an OBVIOUS one, So if you do get hit by that earthquake down there in El Salvador, all you have to do is pay attention to what I have said here to know if it was an act of war or not. Check the magnitude and compare it against damage. If the damage is less than the rating for the quake, that's an indicator. Pay attention to how the quake feels. If it's a smooth ride absent any bumps and jolts, like accelerating in a jet at takeoff, that is another indicator. And most importantly, if it is at a depth of less than 15 KM, that's the smoking gun.

For reference, the Chiapas report follows:

This was my initial report of the March 20 Chiapas quake

I felt the earthquake in Mexico city, it happened at high noon.

I was in a Starbucks next to the Sams Club in the Santa Fe district of Mexico City. The quake lasted about 20 seconds, and whatever the magnitude, people gawked at the swaying buildings. SO, tie whatever magnitude this was into the Tokyo footage on 3/11. This swayed buildings and flickered the power. How much does it take to sway buildings and cause power glitches? At any rate, I was unimpressed with the 3/11 Tokyo footage.

Ok, I got the details, it was a 7.6 in Oaxaca Mexico, on the coast about 500 km away. My guestimate of the magnitude in Mexico City is that it was about a 4.5 - 5.0 at this distance. It felt like accelerating back and forth, and from the feel of it I would say the earth had to have moved 10 feet back and forth but it was not a violent movement. It disoriented drivers, after evacuation I saw a guy on a motorcycle talking to a cop, and the cop was sort of laughing, re-assuring the rider he was not delerious.

Hmm, a 7.6 500KM away swaying buildings and flickering power. Remind me, how big is Japan? No seismograph on 3/11 registered anything higher than a 6.67, consider that. What happened in Mexico today was much bigger. And the construction here is not that good, so I think there may have been a disaster at the epicenter, though everything is business as usual in Mexico City.

March 20 Mexico quake verified MAN MADE

A reader sent me a mail with a link to a report by Dutchsince, which claimed that the march 20 quake in Mexico was man made. I was skeptical, but then took a look at his report which documented that a very well planned and advertised earthquake drill matching the exact same scenario at the exact same magnitude at the exact same time had taken place. If you look at what I said in my initial report - it felt like accelerating back and forth, not a violent movement, and in mails I also added that it had no vibration of any sort. This matches the descriptions of the Fukushima quake that came out of Japan. 

Furthermore, if you read my mails from Japan, in there my writers said that all the quakes were happening at a depth of 10 KM and because of that, and the way the quakes felt un natural, they believed the spate of recent quakes in Japan were from an earthquake machine, the existence of which is documented in the Fukushima report. Well, the USGS said this quake happened at a depth of 10 km, which matches Japan exactly. Usually quakes are much deeper, and this similarity with Japan is suspicious ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING

THIS!!!UPDATE: LaVoz Del Norte pulled the article about the drill but I have a backup (linked below)

To Lavoz Del Norte and others who will bury the facts when they are inconvenient, Now you know what will happen on this site; (explanation to readers on the next line . . . . .

Note - The newspaper La Voz Del Norte, which posted this article has banned all access to it and all others on their site related to it. SO,

It's a good thing I made a back up!

. . . . . . After a while in this business of busting lies and cover ups, you learn to do that!)
This text article is dated March 13, and verifies that indeed, this quake HAD TO BE man made and that the graphics for the drill, which the article speaks about are not phony.

It is verified truth the quake in mexico was indeed man made, the depth, which matches the suspicious quakes in Japan, and the fact it coincided with an earthquake drill matching the exact same scenario puts it over the top into the false flag terror category. Many of my readers are well read enough to know that on 9/11 there was a terror drill covering the EXACT SAME SCENARIO happening nationwide, including at NORAD, which caused them to fail to address and react to a very real situation, and the London train bombings, where the same thing happened. Now that terror in the name of Arabs has failed, they are attempting a new approach - terror in the name of the environment. You would think they would come up with a different bag of tricks, the whole "drill coincidence" theme is getting a little obvious. I made good and sure I got the real info from the real source before posting this, and now, I applaud Dutchsince for the WONDERFUL work!

And now, since this is proven, I am going to make a real good guess. I would be willing to bet that a gravity wave, or gravity machine has been invented. This would be prime for triggering earthquakes, because if you could put a gravity pull on the crust of the earth, in a direction other than down or up, it would indeed move the earth back and forth the way I felt it. I think that is what we are witnessing here and I would bet 500 pesos the Mexican government was not in on this particular joke.

Who wants to be a billionaire - building an electronic bunker to hold the world back?

Al Corbi’s residence in the Hollywood Hills has the requisite white walls covered in artwork and picture windows offering breathtaking views of downtown Los Angeles, but it has more in common with NSA headquarters than with the other contemporary homes on the block. The Corbi family doesn’t need keys (thanks to biometric recognition software), doesn’t fear earthquakes (thanks to steel-reinforced concrete caissons that burrow 30 feet into the private hilltop) and sleeps easily inside a 2,500-square-foot home within a home: a ballistics-proof panic suite that Corbi refers to as a “safe core.”

Paranoid? Perhaps. But also increasingly commonplace. Futuristic security technologies–many developed for the military but sounding as though they came straight from James Bond’s Q–have made their way into the home, available to deep-pocketed owners whose peace of mind comes from knowing that their sensors can detect and adjust for, say, a person lurking in the bushes a half-mile away.

“If you saw this stuff in a movie you would think it is all made up,” says Corbi, whose fortress-like abode doubles as the demonstration house for his firm, Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments (SAFE).

Biometric technologies are becoming more prevalent, too. Moving beyond a fingerprint scan, some programs don’t require a homeowner to touch anything at all. Former Israeli major general Aharon Ze’evi-Farkash, onetime head of the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate, has spent the past three years with his company, FST21, creating a software product that merges facial, voice and behavioral recognition technology into a keyless entry system. “It transforms you into the key for your building in under two seconds,” he says.

Corporations target kids. Parents need to understand how to defend them.

Corporate behaviour is similar to that of a psychopath.  No concern for others.  Trouble obeying the law and convention.  A corporation is a person under the law.  A corporation has no authority to serve the interests of anything other than itself.  It has no internal or other moral constraints.  That's what makes them dangerous.

Governments have withdrawn all regulation.  In 1958 all marketers had was the comic book.  Now the internet gives corporations total access to their minds.  They design the content to be 'sticky' - to keep them glued to the screen.  They ramp up violence, entice them with sexuality, make them feel older than they really are.  They are designed to get kids addicted.

They inflict emotional pain on the kids if they leave.  They get them attached with pets that get sick if they don't stay online, or come back to the site all the time.  They sell food, habitat for the pet.

Honesty Box on facebook allows kids to make anonymous comments on their friends, and many kids get addicted.  This is also monetised to pay cash to be able to bribe the other kids to reveal who they are.

Many kids live their lives on a marketing platform, such as Facebook.  Ten hours a day is what kids spend on electronic media.  College age kids are not reading any more.  They only follow the world in shallow ways on Twitter, excessive consumerism, less authority of parents, weakens the bond between parent and child and makes the parental role more difficult.

Add this to the effects of pharmaceutical drugs, the chemicals pouring out into the environment.  Joel advocates a precautionary approach.  Corporations always argue that the damage alleged hasn't been proved scientifically.  Proof is usually very hard to achieve such as smoking causes cancer.  We should ash how bad is the harm that is happening.

There's an explosion of child mental health problems, even two year old kids.  In 1980 very few kids had mental illnesses.  Now kids suffer compulsive disorders, depression.  There is overdiagnosis, over medication.  Medical practitioners are too heavily dependent on the pharmaceutical industry.  Corruption.  Former cheer leaders are heavily represented as medical reps.  Sexual favours.  Free meals.  Gifts.  The studies manipulate the grey areas in medical science.  Studies find what the corporations need them to find out.

Doctors are allowed to prescribe any drug to anybody.  Even a drug that hasn't been tested on children at all can be prescribed for children.  Medical books are systemically biased.

Parents need to be aware to make better decisions.  You can't control your kids' exposure to the things going on in the world.  These are societal problems.  To be a good parent you have to become activist in controlling the societal environment.

TAP - Joel Bakan is a lawyer and still believes he's living in a democracy.  Heaven help him!  He doesn't realise how far gone our freedoms are.  He still thinks things can be repaired with a bit more effort from the lawyers.  He looks for explanations such as profit for the actions of the corporations.  He doesn't realise there is a depopulation and mind control objective behind the assault on our kids' minds and bodies.

Water Industry Admits Fracking Compromises UK’s Water Supply

Kaye Spector.

Today, two industry groups signed a Memorandum of Understanding stating that their members will minimize the impact of onshore oil and gas development in the UK on the country’s water resources.

The memorandum accompanies a report released by Water UK. The report concludes that ”where water is in short supply there may not be enough available from public water supplies or the environment to meet the requirements for hydraulic fracturing.”While the aim of the mutual agreement was to give the public greater confidence and reassurance that everything will be done to minimize the effects on water resources and the environment during fracking, some organizations are speaking out against agreement.

“Water is a key concern for people in areas where drilling is proposed, particularly among farmers, who’re worried for their livestock,” said Greenpeace energy spokesperson Anna Jones. ”A voluntary agreement between Water UK and its major new client is unlikely to alleviate these concerns.”

Under the memorandum, members of Water UK and UK Onshore Operators Group pledge to work together to identify and resolve risks around water or wastewater including:
  • Baseline monitoring requirements to assess impacts of onshore oil and gas development on the quality and quantity of local water resources.
  • Plans relating to site water management, especially water reuse, to improve understanding of local impacts
  • Onshore oil and gas company development plans, including scenarios for expansion of exploration and development within a local area and what this means for short and long-term demand for water at specific locations.
  • The expected volumes and chemical and biological composition of waste water as well as preferred disposal routes.
“This agreement acknowledges that fracking will impact and affect the UK’s water resources and environment,” Jones said. But she also warns, “you will never regulate away the risks of fracking.”

The UK is not the only nation feeling a strain on water resources from the fracking boom. In the U.S. record temperatures this summer led to water shortages and drought in states like Texas and Colorado. According to an AP analysis, the vast majority of counties in these states have fracking operations. In October, a report was released showing that the volumes of water used for fracking in the Marcellus Shale states of West Virginia and Pennsylvania are putting a major strain on freshwater reserves.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Gog & Magog, guardians of The City - the state within a state

Hi Tap

People on the whole still don't get it.  When the public vote for any of the political parties
they are voting for a criminal banking cabal.  

Today all the mainstream media were reporting on the banker's bonuses.

"Bankers pay rise: Bonuses for fatcat bankers are worth 3.7 times their salary and pay rises 35% in two years - Mirror Online

The UK topped a European league of mega earners, after 2,714 bankers pocketed more than £833,000 – up from 2,436 of them in 2011"

Clement Attlee, British Prime Minister 1945-1951 said
 "over and over again we have seen that there is in this country another power than that which has its seat at Westminster."

He was talking about the unaccountable Corporation of the City of London. As the Guardian wrote:
"The City has exploited this remarkable position to establish itself as a kind of offshore state, a secrecy jurisdiction which controls the network of tax havens housed in the UK's crown dependencies and overseas territories. This autonomous state within our borders is in a position to launder the ill-gotten cash of oligarchs, kleptocrats, gangsters and drug barons". 

The "City Remembrancer" is the only unelected person to sit in the House of Commons.  He is there to protect the interests of the criminality in the Corporation of the City of London.  

E Knuth wrote about this in 1946, in his book  "Empire of the City".

"The author presents a behind the scenes look at the secretive international policies of the British government and how their successes allowed them to rise to the top of a vast secret order of World Finance. According to the author, he has pieced enough information together, presented in this book, which clearly shows that a colossal financial and political organization is run from a area of London called "The City". Due to its power, The City is claimed to operate as a super-government of the world, and plays some kind of role or has influence in virtually every major world event".  

And this is the killer  ..... and it's happening now, but few people care or are aware:
Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England 1924 speech to bankers in New York:

"When, through process of law, the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of the government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers.
These truths are well known among our principal men, who are now engaged in forming an imperialism to govern the world. By dividing the voter through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. It is thus, by discrete action, we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished.” 

And here's Gog & Magog,   the traditional guardians of the City of London, and they have been carried in the Lord Mayor's Show since the reign of Henry V.