Thursday, June 05, 2014

Black chemtrails are seen over Europe. 'Smokers'.

Turn off irritating sound.

Smokers from Supercollider Productions on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

BBC r4 midnight News our moon made by a passing planet states germany scientists yeah right


shirlz007 said...

We now have SEVEN MP's (three up from four) calling for a national inquiry and 'all encompassing' police investigation, into rampant institutionalised paedophilia and child snuff rings, operating in and around Parliament and the establishment (MI5 won't be immune from this!)...

NOTE! The initiative DID NOT come from Zac Goldsmit! IT CAME FROM ME! as some may recall...
(I don't trust Goldsmith... NOT AT ALL! Aangirfan can tell you bout Goldsmith! Zac Goldsmith leading a campaign against institutionalised child abuse and snuff rings?)
:D playing the game now gents!

shirlz007 said...


(it doesn't matter where the initiative came from! SURE AS FUCK WAS NOT ZAC GOLDSMITH!)

SOCA and National Crime Agency are best qualified and resourced to carry out such an investigation!!!... being saying it since 2012!!!

The Doors - Five to One! ;D

Anonymous said...

Well at least the black smoke won't pass for condensation so the contrail vs chemtrail argument is out the window.

Anonymous said...

Interesting , thanks for sharing.
We have been getting those black trails here in Central Alberta, Canada for at least a year now. They are very disturbing. The first time we saw the large black trail, it was so obvious and large that we thought the engines must have failed and the plane was about to crash. We have since seen many of them.