Friday, June 13, 2014

Do you really know what's in the beer you're drinking?

 (If you drink beer, that is...)
It turns out that beer ingredients are a corporate secret, and beer companies have now been caught trying to deceive customers about the real ingredients they're using, such as GMO corn syrup!
Today, I've interviewed the Food Babe with this breaking news about MillerCoors caught hiding corn syrup in their beer:

Iraq is falling to Islamic militants! All the battles won by U.S. soldiers over the last decade have just been rendered irrelevant by a massive militant backlash, and they're headed straight for Baghdad to seize the capitol:

Germs are nature's vaccines! And it turns out that too much hygiene actually harms children:

U.S. nuclear workers are suffering severe brain damage from exposure to chemicals and radiation; but the government remains totally silent:

Check out the top 5 health benefits of eating mangos:

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