Monday, June 02, 2014

Goodnight. Sleep well.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure about this ?
Have you the English version.

Tapestry said...


Anonymous said...

Henry this is superb please take the time to watch

Jennifer said...

I'm getting hooked on this Tibetan stuff. Wow.

Nollidge said...

Jennifer: Tibet's ok if you're one of the high-ups.If you're a lowly peasant it's hell on earth.Worse than being a black slave in the old US south.Google "what was daily life like for a tibetan peasant".Basically he was/is just like a serf in Norman England - the absolute property of his `owner'.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, I think you meant the bowls didn't you - you should listen to planet gongs ! Blow you r mind and help you relax and heal.
Phil & Rita

Jennifer said...

Yes, Phil and Rita, the bowls were amazing. I've never really listened to this kind of music before. It's like nourishing food for the soul. I will listen to the planet gongs. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

how would you copy this to a cd ?

Anonymous said...

re 12:28
in the short term it might be better to get a small USB memory stick under 1GB? to put your choice of music on this can then be played on many hardware's PC, car audio etc.

you can transfer to a new cd later?

Get:- "YTD video downloader" free to get music off youtube.

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