Friday, June 13, 2014

'Kids are dying from vaccinations' Jenny McArthy


NPP said...

"There is such a huge business in pharmaceuticals"

Change the diet!

Use fricking / freeking to swear.

Is this woman famous? I don't know. She speaks strongly and determinedly.

I do sense the beginning of the end of Big Pharma approach to health.

The internet continues to be the game changer.

Nollidge said...

Briefly,it's the ADJUVANTS (hope that spelling is correct)in vaccines that are ramping up the problems.Years ago a
"peanut allergy" was unknown,but then,peanut oil began to be added to vaccines.Now,you have young people dying as a result of an allergy to nuts.Go figure,as the Yanks say

Anonymous said...

This comes from the magnificent david irving website
yet another war time diary which claims the common belief that winston churchill was a madman
incidentally both allan rusbridger and T stokes both have spoken of these secret diaries in the past