Wednesday, June 11, 2014

'This is remarkable to see. A real grass roots campaign is forming' - Tom Watson

33 MP'S (the magic number in Freemasonry) ARE BACKING THE CALL FOR AN INQUIRY INTO 'HISTORIC VIP' INSTITUTIONALISED CHILD ABUSE (and snuff... don't forget the Belgian child snuff tapes!)
Im not having a moan, but this should have been done in late 2012 (well... the early 80's really... I wasn't even born)


INVESTIGATIONG ANYONE THAT THEY HAVE EVIDENCE AGAINST!!! (Parliament, MP's, Lords, MI5, Social workers, lawyers)... we want GCHQ on board, ERADICATING online child pornography, and providing evidence of those who use it, and produce it (EVERYONE NOW KNOWS THEY HAVE THE MEANS AND RESOURCES TO DO SO!!!)

:') (im in tears)



Anonymous said...

Could the '33' be gatekeepers though? it's a coincidential number to be random don't you think?

Nooka The Nook said...

I'll withhold my tears for the time being, thanks.

Anonymous said...

it wont work hitler brought in the german child protection act and anyone with more than one conviction was sent to work in the camps, the jews were behind the porn industry then as now, they just moved to london and new york and started again
fith homosexuality and corruption all go hand in hand with jews

Anonymous said...

at last some real news, all i get on TV is football bollox and big brother crap.
lets hope this works and we can actually get some truth out in the public domain
thanks shirlz

Anonymous said...

Some history
1.The Truth about the Assassination of President John F.
2. Some little known examples of economic power held by the
Rockefellers and how they hold that power.
3. How the Rockefeller Plans for World War III are being
altered by Indira Gandhi's crackdown on the CIA in India.

Anonymous said...

"The demand for an inquiry ... began with an initiative by Zac Goldsmith, MP for Richmond."

Zac Goldmith is married to a Rothschild. Kinda puts the dampers on it for me.

charlie drake said...

many times
must it be said
tom watson believes in cake and cash
and does what he is blackmail told.
a stinking useless gatekeeper.
like esther and vanessa feltz these folks pass on intel to the relevant parties.
put pressure on fatty if you want fatty.
33 rothschild men and woman fighting for us really.
come on dolts work it out.

Nooka The Nook said...


Oh dear.

That's like being in an abusive marriage & asking your partners friends to help you escape.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe anything will be done just looking at the names on list ..urrr Pedophiles how long necks ...