Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We have a public inquiry into 'The Jersey House of Horrors'.

''An inquiry panel investigating allegations of historic child abuse in Jersey's care system has set a date for its first hearing.

The year-long £6m inquiry will probe reports of abuse in the island's children's homes and fostering services from 1960 to the present day.

Screens have been erected in Seaton Place, where the inquiry will be held, to protect witnesses' identities. 

The preliminary hearing will take place on Monday 16 June at 14:00 BST.''

''The first public hearing of Jersey's independent inquiry into historical child abuse will take place on Monday.

The panel says it is mainly to deal with legal and procedural matters, but islanders will be allowed in to watch.

It will take place at the Seaton Place headquarters in St Helier at 2pm.

Full details of everything that was dealt with will be placed on the inquiry website and social media. 

The inquiry team continues to appeal to anyone with information or experience that might be relevant to contact them on:

Jersey/ UK: 0800 735 0100
International: +44 (0) 1534 828 798
Post: PO Box 551, St Helier, Jersey JE4 8XN​ 

Their website can be found here.''

Im sure former Jersey detective and whistleblower Lenny 'I served in Northern Irleand.. Why would I be intimidated by these people?' Harper will be taking note (if not attending, and giving evidence on EVERYTHING he discovered in 2008)

Jersey - Haut de la Garron (Jersey House of Horrors)... SATANIC child abuse and murder dating back possibly to Victorian times (1960's at least)... Former Prime Minister Edward Heath use to 'procure' boys from the home, take them aboard his yacht where he would rape, strangle and then throw them overboard (Victor Rothschild and MI5 then blackmailed him)... the late Jimmy Saville was involved.



Nooka The Nook said...

Not holding my breath or wetting my pants just yet.

Anonymous said...

i knew an old lady who ran the local hospital, and she said mainly boys but some girls too raped and sodomised, she said even girls were 'done up the bum'
this is always how it happens with young kids, it doesnt matter whether they are boys or girls because up the bum is homosexual abuse, and this is what the government want kept out of the proceedings