Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why the manufactured food supply is designed to keep you addicted, not nourished

In this episode, you'll learn:

• The food supply is not designed to keep you nourished. Instead, the food supply is designed to keep you addicted.

• It is widely agreed that commercial corporations exist to maximize profits, not to serve the greater good of humankind. The food industry is no different.

• Food industry profits are maximized by leaving food consumers deficient and hungry so that they crave the same nutrient-deficient foods over and over again.

• This is why foods are heavily processed to remove nearly all key nutrients such as minerals, fresh oils and phytochemicals.

• Foods are engineered to invoke brain chemistry patterns of addictions by using chemical additives.

• Why your body experiences extreme cravings when it is kept in a state of nutritional deficiency. Popular foods are engineered to worsen these deficiencies.

The nutritive minerals removed from processed foods are fed to farm animals in order to promote their health and prevent their disease.

• Cravings are your brain's way to motivate you to locate and consume the nutrients you're missing. But processed foods don't contain those nutrients!

• The dark secret of food companies: The more they take out of the food, the more you'll keep buying in a fruitless effort to satisfy your cravings.

• Why food company profits would be crushed if their foods were rich in nutrients.

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Nooka The Nook said...

What constitutes food these days is no less than chemical warfare.

Anonymous said...

I stopped eating processed food 2 years ago, my body started rejecting it strangely enough - so I had little choice but to change to organic, natural and home grown.
At first I experienced a few cravings as the article mentions and when I gave in my health suffered which makes it easier to resist temptation.
The cravings soon stopped as my body adjusted and my health improved dramatically. Now when I go shopping I see shelves full of what to me is plastic food and I have no desires to consume it at all. When I'm hungry my thoughts instantly direct to wholesome food images now. Your body really does know what is best for it.
I am finding it is getting harder and harder to find foods in shops that do not contain some GMO additive. Standard cheeses are now containing GMO renet in their ingredients. You have to read the ingredients on everything very carefully as they are slyly slipping the GMO's in to what would normally appear to be a natural food.

Nooka The Nook said...

9:42: Fantastic post.

A lot of American imports on the shelves too. Regulation? Forget it.

When TAP gets signed - & it will - we really will be all in it together.

The sh*t that is.

Anonymous said...

Nooka the Nook...your right about American imports that's why I NEVER shop at Asda as it's American 'Wallmart'. They openly will tell anyone that asks that many of the foods they sell do contain GMO's. They make no secret about it.

Nooka The Nook said...

11:13: I only shop at supermarkets, 7-11s, convenience stores etc. when I'm absolutely desperate.

In the U.S. 6 corporations control the media & 5 corporations control the food supply. Perhaps they've got the people on the ropes to such a dreadful extent that they can 'afford' to be more in-your-face about the truth over there.

Anonymous said...
Topic #2--On October 5, 1976, just as the so-called "SWINE FLU"
inoculation program was getting under way, news reports suddenly
told us that we were experiencing fallout from an alleged Chinese
atmospheric nuclear blast on September 26. Oddly enough, the
initial reports about this came from the East Coast, especially
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut; but certain
areas of the Pacific Northwest were soon mentioned as being
affected too. We were told that radioactive iodine-131 was
showing up in milk at various locations; but we were also
assured, as we invariably are whenever any radioactive hazard
appears, that there was really no danger.

In the days that followed we continued to hear about the
supposed Chinese fallout, but other things probably seemed even
more worrisome. For example, elderly people began dying of heart
attacks shortly after taking swine flu shots, causing widespread
alarm at first. But the Government quickly assured us that their
deaths didn't really matter at all, that they would have died
anyway; and the swine flu inoculation program went right back
into high gear.

And then there were the strange outbreaks of an unknown
"mystery illness" at electronics plants in western Pennsylvania,
Ohio, and Oregon. The employees, most of them women, experienced
headaches, nausea, stomach pains, difficulty in breathing, a
feeling of being intoxicated in some cases, and even fainting
spells. This time the swine flu vaccine could not be the culprit
because the victims had not received it. Instead, some were
worried that the swine flu itself had struck. Others remembered,
with a shiver, the equally mysterious "Legionnaires Disease" that
had sickened nearly 200 people in Philadelphia and killed more
than two dozen of them two months earlier.

My friends, there is actually no mystery at all behind these
developments and more like them that you can expect to see. All
of these cases I have mentioned are man-made and deliberate, but
those who are responsible for them are neither telling you about
them nor leaving clues that will be found in normal medical
investigations of these episodes. We in the United States are
now under attack in a campaign of experimental testing of
chemical warfare weapons so that they can be employed later on
with precision and devastating effect against us in full scale
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For years all the major countries of the world have been in a
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to doomsday weapons capable of destroying all life on this
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A few years ago a nerve gas called sarin was perfected in a
facility in Colorado. A tiny amount escaped, and two shepherds
and their 7000 sheep were killed. In response to the public
outcry that resulted, a statement was issued that the Chemical
Warfare Service had destroyed the sarin gas and was no longer
doing such research--but that was a lie. Experimentation still
continues today on all kinds of such poisons, and at a furious

Anonymous said...

Cont'd As of right now, many hideous lethal ailments can be inflicted
on whole populations as operational weapons. These include black
plague, smallpox, meningitis, dysentery, gangrene, yellow fever,
tetanus, botulism, typhus, hepatitis, Bang's disease, and Q
fever. Thirty grams of Q fever is sufficient to infect over
150-million people, and it is considered especially convenient
since any individuals who are to be saved in such an attack can
first be immunized against it! Such selective immunization could
easily be done, for example, under the cover of a mass
inoculation program like the swine flu program.

Q fever, though, is mild by comparison to a nuclear gas called
AP-7 which is being manufactured in Uruguay and Argentina by
American and European subsidiaries of Rockefeller-controlled
conglomerate corporations. Two thimblefuls properly distributed
could kill 180-million people; and one pound, all life on the
face of the earth. Unless and until these hideous weapons are
unleashed on the earth, they remain in a condition in which they
can be destroyed and neutralized; and it is essential that they
be destroyed instead of just being handed around from one agency
to another, as Senator Frank Church permitted last year in his
shellfish toxin shell game. But other types of chemical and
biological weapons are also of great interest to weapons
researchers which can be used in more selective ways or to
produce lower-order effects than the poisons I have just

The Soviet KGB, which works hand in hand with the
Rockefeller-controlled CIA, now has access to whole families of
such chemical weapons which can be adjusted in exact dosage and
formula to produce a variety of effects on victims. These were
and are intended for use as part of the program to eliminate
effective opposition by the people of the United States to the
planned Rockefeller dictatorship here in America and our
conversion into the most valuable of all slave nations for the
Soviet Union.

Before these new weapons can be used with confidence though,
they must be tested, and that testing is going on now. As a
cover for the periodic episodes of strange illnesses that will
occur here and there around the United States while this testing
is going on, the trumped-up swine flu threat was developed.

Anonymous said...

cont'dOn March 24, 1976, President Ford announced his proposal for
the unprecedented nation-wide inoculation program supposedly to
fend off the strange swine flu virus. To this very day not a
single case of swine flu has been confirmed anywhere in the
United States since President Ford's announcement.

Last February in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 9 I revealed that
the Government had panicked because of my disclosure that the
Fort Knox Bullion Depository contained leaking canisters of
deadly plutonium superpoison, and in January 1976 dumped part of
the poison into underground streams beneath Fort Knox. Later
when the swine flu charade was announced, I was able to tell you
of the Government's plan to use this device to cover up the real
cause when and if the poison from Fort Knox began surfacing at
various points in the southeastern United States and causing
sickness and death. But it wasn't until July of this year 1976
that I received information about the rest of the swine flu
story, and at that time the far more imminent threat of the
Soviet missile crisis involving a Soviet double-cross of the four
Rockefeller Brothers had to take precedence.

The reason that the Government concluded last January 1976
that they could get away with dumping the plutonium poison from
Fort Knox into underground streams, which would surely carry the
poison elsewhere, was that the swine flu campaign had already
been planned for another purpose. That purpose was to serve as a
cover to explain the effects that would be caused when chemical
warfare experimentation began, as planned, in July 1976 in our
country. So when I revealed the presence of the leaking
plutonium superpoison in the Central Core Vault of the Fort Knox
Bullion Depository, they concluded that they could just dump some
of it underground and cover up that, too, with the swine flu

In late July 1976 the joint KGB-CIA chemical warfare
experimentation program began in Philadelphia at the American
Legion Convention. A convenient test group was assembled, and it
was exploited. Data was desired for the effects of a formulation
of the new family of poisons on older men in particular, and the
American Legion Convention was chosen as the perfect target.