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Who's manipulating our weather, and why?

Interesting article as several of us here in Derbyshire have been discussing current weather over the last week as being unnatural and deliberately man created. 

We had a thunder storm last week which came out of the blue, totally unexpected with the strangest colour lightening, both sheet and fork lightening at the same time. It only lasted a few minutes but did quite some damage in Leicester. Immediately after the short storm the temperature outside dropped dramatically not by just 1 0r 2 degrees but by several degrees. Our TV weather reporters are giving incorrect temperature figures. Saying it's colder or warmer than it actually is. 

We had snow yesterday which is normal for January but prior to the storm the weather was extremely mild for the time of year as it has been the last few winters.

We are constantly chemtrailed every day here year in year out and prone to frequent flash flooding and I could not understand why as we have nothing in this area of much consequence that any establishment would want to destroy until a colleague pointed out recently the nuclear plants near by. 

I have no idea what else is around the bases but it's the only reason we can come up with.
Who is responsible for manipulating our weather we still can't work it out but if anyone has any ideas to share they will be most welcome.

World War Two was made in Wall Street

Standard Oil and Synthetic Fuel

"In two years Germany will be manufacturing oil and gas enough out of soft coal for a long war. The Standard Oil of New York is furnishing millions of dollars to help."
-- (Report from the Commercial Attache, U.S. Embassy in Berlin, Germany, January 1933, to State Department in Washington, D.C,)
The Standard Oil group of companies, in which the Rockefeller family owned a one-quarter (and controlling) interest, [1] was of critical assistance in helping Nazi Germany prepare for World War II. This assistance in military preparation came about because Germany's relatively insignificant supplies of crude petroleum were quite insufficient for modern mechanized warfare; in 1934 for instance about 85 percent of German finished petroleum products were imported. The solution adopted by Nazi Germany was to manufacture synthetic gasoline from its plentiful domestic coal supplies. It was the hydrogenation process of producing synthetic gasoline and iso-octane properties in gasoline that enabled Germany to go to war in 1940 -- and this hydrogenation process was developed and financed by the Standard Oil laboratories in the United States in partnership with I.G. Farben.

Evidence presented to the Truman, Bone, and Kilgore Committees after World War II confirmed that Standard Oil had at the same time "seriously imperiled the war preparations of the United States." [2]Documentary evidence was presented to all three Congressional committees that before World War II, Standard Oil had agreed with I.G. Farben, in the so-called Jasco agreement, that synthetic rubber was within Farben's sphere of influence, while Standard Oil was to have an absolute monopoly in the U.S. only if and when Farben allowed development of synthetic rubber to take place in the U.S.:
"Accordingly [concluded the Kilgore Committee] Standard fully accomplished I.G.'s purpose of preventing United States production by dissuading American rubber companies from undertaking independent research in developing synthetic rubber processes." [3]
Regrettably, the Congressional committees did not explore an even more ominous aspect of this Standard Oil -- I.G. Farben collusion: that at this time directors of Standard Oil of New Jersey had not only strategic warfare affiliations to I.G. Farben, but had other links with Hitler's Germany -- even to the extent of contributing, through German subsidiary companies, to Heinrich Himmler's personal fund and with membership in Himmler's Circle of Friends as late as 1944.

During World War II, Standard Oil of New Jersey was accused of treason for this pre-war alliance with Farben, even while its continuing wartime activities within Himmler's Circle of Friends were unknown. The accusations of treason were vehemently denied by Standard Oil. One of the more prominent of these defenses was published by R.T. Haslam, a director of Standard Oil of New Jersey, inThe Petroleum Times (December 25, 1943), and entitled "Secrets Turned into Mighty War Weapons Through I.G. Farben Agreement." [4] This was an attempt to turn the tables and present the pre-war collusion as advantageous to the United States.

Whatever may have been Standard Oil's wartime recollections and hasty defense, the 1929 negotiations and contracts between Standard and I.G. Farben were recorded in the contemporary press and describe the agreements between Standard Oil of New Jersey and I.G. Farben and their intent. In April 1929, Walter C. Teagle, president of Standard Oil of New Jersey, became a director of the newly organized American I.G. Farben. Not because Teagle was interested in the chemical industry but because,
"It has for some years past enjoyed a very close relationship with certain branches of the research work of the I.G. Farben industrie which bear closely upon the oil industry." [5]
It was announced by Teagle that joint research work on production of oil from coal had been carried on for some time and that a research laboratory for this work was to be established in the United States[6] In November 1929 this jointly owned Standard -- Farben research company was established under the management of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, and all research and patents relating to production of oil from coal held by both I.G. and Standard were pooled. Previously, during the period 1926-29, the two companies had cooperated in development of the hydrogenation process, and experimental plants had been placed in operation in both the U.S. and Germany. It was now proposed to erect new plants in the U.S. at Bayway, New Jersey and Baytown, Texas, in addition to expansion of the earlier experimental plant at Baton Rouge. Standard announced:
"... the importance of the new contract as applied to this country lay in the fact that it made certain that the hydrogenation process would be developed commercially in this country under the guidance of American oil interests." [7]
In December 1929 the new company, Standard I.G. Company, was organized. F.A. Howard was named president, and its German and American directors were announced as follows:
  • E.M. Clark
  • Walter Duisberg
  • Peter Hurll
  • R.A. Reidemann
  • H.G. Seidel
  • Otto von Schenck
  • Guy Wellman
The majority of the stock in the research company was owned by Standard Oil. The technical work, the process development work, and the construction of three new oil-from-coal plants in the United States was placed in the hands of the Standard Oil Development Company, the Standard Oil technical subsidiary. It is clear from these contemporary reports that the development work on oil from coal was undertaken by Standard Oil of New Jersey within the United States, in Standard Oil plants and with majority financing and control by Standard. The results of this research were made available toI.G. Farben and became the basis for the development of Hitler's oil from-coal-program which made World War II possible.

The Haslam article, written by a former Professor of Chemical Engineering at M.I.T. (then vice president of Standard Oil of New Jersey) argued -- contrary to these recorded facts -- that Standard Oil was able, through its Farben agreements, to obtain German technology for the United States. Haslam cited the manufacture of toluol and paratone (Op-panol), used to stabilize viscosity of oil, an essential material for desert and Russian winter tank operations, and buna [synthetic] rubber.

However, this article, with its erroneous self-serving claims, found its way to wartime Germany and became the subject of a "Secret" I.G. Farben memorandum dated June 6, 1944 from Nuremburg defendent and then-Farben official von Knieriem to fellow Farben management officials. This von Knieriem "Secret" memo set out those facts Haslam avoided in his Petroleum Times article. The memo was in fact a summary of what Standard was unwilling to reveal to the American public -- i.e., the major contribution made by Standard Oil of New Jersey to the Nazi war machine. The Farben memorandum states that the Standard Oil agreements were absolutely essential for I.G. Farben:
"The closing of an agreement with Standard was necessary for technical, commercial, and financial reasons: technically, because the specialized experience which was available only in a big oil company was necessary to the further development of our process, and no such industry existed in Germany; commercially, because in the absence of state economic control in Germany at that time, IG had to avoid a competitive struggle with the great oil powers, who always sold the best gasoline at the lowest price in contested markets; financially, because IG, which had already spent extraordinarily large sums for the development of the process, had to seek financial relief in order to be able to continue development in other new technical fields, such as buna." [8]

The Farben memorandum then answered the key question: What did I.G. Farben acquire from Standard Oil that was "vital for the conduct of war?" The memo examines those products cited by Haslam -- i.e., iso-octane, tuluol, Oppanol-Paratone, and buna -- and demonstrates that contrary to Standard Oil's public claim, their technology came to a great extent from the U.S., not from Germany.

Just another dead Palestinian boy

Thursday, January 30, 2014


This is 22 year old Muhammad Mubarak from Al Jalazun refugee camp in the West Bank. Today, he was shot in the back three times by the Israeli army and left to bleed to death. 

By Noor
January 30, 2014

In this picture, he's wearing a shirt printed with a photo of 13-year-old Wajih al Ramahi, also from Al Jalazun, who was shot dead by the Israeli army last month in front of his school.

I am shaking as I throw this hasty post together in honour of this young martyr ~ his sparkling eyes which had most likely seen far too much in his 22 years ~ dulled forever. My thoughts swirl and my ability to even remember what I was doing when I found this image is gone. I have posted images of other young martyrs and it never gets stale. Every time, I cry at what is being done to the people, especially the youth, of Palestine.

It appears he was armed from the one photograph, the Israelis claim his terrorist status of course. But what brought this young man to such a point in his life?

Over the last few years Israel has really been stepping up the pressure in Palestine ~ Gaza and the West Bank both. They are doing this, pushing and pushing, trying to get the Palestinians to break and give them a chance for all out annihilation of these unwanted "cockroach Arabs". This is their way, goading until they can claim victim status as they strike with impunity.

How the food industry kills the competition - literally

(NaturalNews) A Michigan farmer says he could be facing an armed raid by government agents soon, following a lengthy disagreement with state Department of Natural Resources officials over his refusal to obey an order to kill his feral pigs.

Mark Baker, owner of Baker's Green Acres, told Natural News in an interview that he was informed recently by a former business associate that local state and federal agriculture officials have been forbidden from contacting him because he is potentially dangerous.

In particular, he said, one USDA field agent whom the associate identified as Tom Gallagher, allegedly labeled Baker, a disabled U.S. Air Force veteran, as a "gun-wielding lunatic" and said agency supervisors have made it clear that only "armed DNR [Department of Natural Resources] agents" are allowed to visit Baker's property.

"[H]e stated vehemently that he and any other MDARD [Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development] employee[s] were expressly forbidden from visiting or in any way contacting Mark Baker or Baker's Green Acres," Baker said in a letter to the Missaukee County Sheriff's Department, informing law enforcement officials of the incident. "This was an order that 'came down from the top.' He also stated that only 'armed DNR agents' would visit our farm and that [I] was portrayed as a 'gun-wielding lunatic.'"

"I consider this to be a threat to me and my family," Baker, who retired from the Air Force, wrote.

Heavy fines and and a longstanding dispute

Baker's troubles with state and federal officials began in 2012 when the Michigan Department of Natural Resources issued new guidance on what constitutes feral - wild - pigs. A December 2011 "Declaratory Ruling" issued by the MDNR listed nine traits which redefined Baker's pigs - and thousands of others across the state that were being raised by other farmers - as "invasive species," which, as such, must be destroyed.

But Baker says he and other family farmers in the state have been raising the same species of pigs for decades; they believe that the Declaratory Ruling, which was issued following a petition by the Michigan Animal Farmers Association, was arbitrary and made in deference to the conventional pork industry as a way to destroy competition.

Baker has thus far defied the order, drawing a $700,000 fine and, apparently, the ire of agriculture officials. He says he is scheduled to take the issue to court in March, where he is confident that he will be vindicated.

In the meantime, however, he believes that Gallagher's comments are an indication that the "threat level is increasing," and he says he fears that a further escalation of tensions - already thick in the area - is taking place, albeit needlessly.

"I spoke to (Missaukee County Sheriff James) Bosscher a couple of summers ago when all of this started," Baker told Natural News. "He wasn't interested."

"He can diffuse all of this," Baker continued, "but he refuses to do so."

Learn more:

Is Britain about to be tsunamied Filipino-style?

'Brigid' gathering strength out in the Atlantic will hit Britain on Saturday causing massive problems.

See Is South East Britain being hit with the weather weapon?
Forecasters warned the entire country faces yet another day of heavy rain tomorrow before the full force of the Atlantic storm hits on Saturday.
A deep low pressure system off the coast is timed to coincide with high tides sparking warnings of colossal coastal storm surges.

(TAP - 'Storm surges' are the exact same warning that accompanied Haiyan.  Then in the midst of the typhoon hitting Leyte, a tsunami crashed ashore killing tens of thousands.  Is this the weather weapon being deployed once more, this time to inflict misery on coastal and other Britons?)
Jonathan Powell, forecaster for Vantage Weather Services, said ferocious storms threaten to hold out until the end of next week.
He said a deep area of low pressure currently hurtling towards the UK will unleash 90mph gales and bring inches of rain in a mater of hours.
He said: “A very intense low pressure system is coming in from the Atlantic which is going to affect the whole of the country.
“The weekend and into Monday and Tuesday is looking very bad with another battering due at the end of next week.
“Fierce winds along the coast will whip up large waves capable of breaching defences, in colder parts of the north the rain will turn to snow.”
Netweather forecaster Jo Farrow said: “By the start of Friday, the snow risk is only really for Scotland.  
“Friday night rush hour will be miserable with strong southerly winds and heavy rain and sleet. Conditions on the roads will be difficult.
“As that clears there could be some stormy weather for southern Britain on Saturday as another low pressure moves in, bringing westerly gales  through the Channel.”

Dutchsinse on Haiyan -

God Save Our Gracious Criminal

Queen guilty in missing children case……………………..

See also

What would happen if you tried to serve an arrest warrant on Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip? Last week British citizen David Compan found out.
Compan was twice arrested without charges, accosted and drugged, as was his wife. He remained incarcerated for at least a month in the London Park Royal Mental Health Centre.
His crime? He doesn't know as this video of his arrest verified:
Compan's problems began on Oct.10 1964 when ten indigent children of the Canadian Kamloops Indian Residential School headed for a picnic with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. Grieving parents haven't seen them since.
It wasn't the first time native children disappeared. There were 50,000 missing children from 80 Indian residential schools run by the Canadian government, English Crown and Anglican, Catholic and United Church of Canada. Child mass gravesites numbering 31 have been discovered on Canadian Indian residential school grounds.
If 50,000 children have gone missing at the hands of global elites, were any of our children safe?
When the Canadian judicial system refused native Indians court time, Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Church and State took the case to a Brussels international court. On Feb. 25 2013 six judges found Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger and 37 other elites guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.
An arrest warrant was served on Ratzinger, who immediately resigned from office. This week Compan served Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip's arrest warrants to those who were detaining him.
It appeared that Compan was lucky. Two who witnessed the ten children leave with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip have died of mysterious causes. In 2012 Harry Wilson sustained massive head and brain injuries from an undisclosed source just prior to giving his testimony against Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. Months prior the second witness to the apparent kidnapping by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip preceded Wilson in death via a so-called 'suicide.'"
David Compan was not the first ITCCS activist to be imprisoned without charges. Annett was detained in London, held overnight in jail, then deported - all done without being charged. Last October Steve Finney of Kitchener, Ontario Canada was arrested without cause and held in prison for three days. Protests around the globe appeared effective in his release.
Unlawful detention of innocent citizens might continue with the ITCCS plans to convene more common law courts in early 2014. Child abuse victims from 21 countries included at least two witnesses who named former Catholic Pope Ratzinger as present when children were murdered in Satanic rites. Victims of Argentine's "Dirty War" accused the present Catholic Pope Francis Bergoglio of involvement in a child sex abuse ring at the Vatican. Then there's that apparent Vatican cover-up in the estimated over nine-million-victim Catholic priest sex abuse scandal. Other victims named as their perpetrators Catholic Cardinal Bernard Alfrink of Utrecht, a second Catholic Cardinal, a French judge, Belgian priests, additional members of the British Royal family and Prince Bernhard of Holland.
Human remains at a Canadian Mohawk Residential School child mass grave site were uncovered by a team of archeologists - after which their four-day dig was shut down. Repeated requests to excavate the Mohawk child mass grave site, plus the other 30 child mass grave sites of the 50,000 missing children, have been thwarted.
In July 2012 a former staff member at the Anglican Church office in Toronto claimed legal efforts to expose child mass grave sites of the 50,000 missing children were blocked by "orders from London" and representatives of the Queen in Ontario.
What was going on?
The Brussels court was held in behalf of 50,000 missing children. Evidence used was published in Kevin Annett's "Hidden No Longer" read for free at:
The ITCCS Central Office in Brussels asked supporters to help with Compan’s release by contacting British diplomatic offices in their own countries, plus the Park Royal Mental Health Centre, Central Way, London, NW10 7NS, United Kingdom. Telephone: (country code 44) 020 8955 4490 or 020 8955 4482 or 020 8955 4470.

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The State gets tighter control of children by shortening school holidays

That's the first story.  KPMG are advertising the onset of this removal of control by parents to the State on their website.

Cars that can be stopped by em signalling are coming in.  Only if you have one can you get cheap insurance rates.

Fracking is being made easy by homeowners being fracked under will not be notified.  Insurers will not insure houses damaged by fracking, or in tracking areas.  House prices fall by 11% plus if there's tracking in your area.  Water pollution.  Earthquakes.  Things simply not being talked about by the BBC.

Disney grooming children for nanny/spying state - Special Agent Oso.  Miss Shutterbug films child on nano spy camera, beaming image to NSA, of child not wearing seat belt, effectively saying to kids it's alright and normal for the State to be filming you in your own car.


Why are Jews hated?

Apologies are not enough, by John Kaminski

Jew musician’s crocodile tears can’t atone for centuries of crimes against humanity

Reacting to last weekend’s massive anti-Jewish demonstrations in Paris, Jewish musician, author and popular columnist Gilad Atzmon has issued a statement suggesting Jews apologize for hiding their colossal and never-ending crimes against humanity behind their disingenuous shouts of anti-Semitism.

“It is time for Jews to look in the mirror and try to identify what it is in Jews in their culture that evokes so much fury,” Atzmon writes.

 Upwards of a hundred thousands demonstrators on the streets of Paris had plenty of suggestions for Atzmon and his Jew brethren, as outraged French citizens protested in a “day of anger” against the policies of President Francoise Hollande, especially new laws approving gay marriage which guarantee the further disintegration of traditional nuclear families.
A long-running feud over the social criticism of Holocaust Revisionist comedian Dieudonné helped fuel the recent outburst of anger at Jewish political manipulation in France, whose recent president Nicolas Sarkozy is on the record as having worked for both the Mossad and the CIA.
Dieudonné’s concerts have been banned by the government because he speaks openly of the Jewish lies about World War II. His on-stage antics started a movement called “the quenelle” that has gone viral on the Internet and worldwide on the planet. Jews claim it is cryptic Nazi salute. Those who laughingly use the quenelle movement know it is a forbidden criticism of the powers that be.
Robert Faurisson, whose half century crusade to correct the false Jewish version of WW II history has earned him the title of “dean of Holocaust Revisionism, reported on today’s events:
News from France – January 28, 2014
1) At the big demonstration in Paris last Saturday (January 26, “day of anger”) against President Hollande and his government some participants, at least one with a megaphone, were heard chanting a slogan that can be translated “Faurisson is right: the gas chambers are a sham”. The demonstration gave rise to clashes between marchers and police: there were 262 arrests and 19 policemen injured. Those arrested were all subjected to the burdensome procedure of detention in isolation (garde à vue), in which a lawyer and a physician must be called for each person held. See
 2) The well-known revisionist “Joe Lecorbeau”, graphic artist and publicist (, is under arrest in Toulouse in the context of an inquiry into the posting on the Internet of a photo of a young man making the “quenelle” gesture in front of a Jewish  school in that city: the police have searched his house and seized his computer and other belongings .
3) This morning the comic Dieudonné, friend of the revisionists, saw both his theatre in Paris and his residence in the countryside to the west of the city searched by the police. 
France, of course, is one of those European countries in which it is against the law to challenge the Jewish version of the events of World War II, which assert that 6 million Jews were killed by the Germans in their concentration camps. Despite the fact that Jews have reduced the supposed death toll in the Auschwitz camp from 4 million to 1.4 million, it remains a crime throughout Europe to challenge the 6 million figure or other details of Jewish lies about that tragic period in history.
Atzmon, a popular fixture on such well-known false opposition websites as and Veterans Today, claimed in his statement that the majority of Jews “failed to appreciate the growing mass fatigue of Shoah indoctrination (Holocaust propaganda) and belligerent lobby politics (which is shorthand for Jewish control of all the major governments in the world).
The award-winning saxophone player urged Jews to, “instead of whining about the ‘rise of anti-Semitism’, Jews better, once and for all learn to ask why? Why the Jews again? Why are they hated? What is it in Jewish politics that evokes so much resentment? Why does it happen time after time?”
For someone as popular as Atzmon NOT to know why Jews are resented and hated all over the world strikes me as particularly disingenuous and particularly Jewish, one of the leading traits for why Jews are hated to begin with, which is their utter inability to tell the truth about anything.
In any case, here are some suggestions for Atzmon so that he may better know why Jews are hated everywhere, and why the people of France and every other country have had it up to here with them. Sigh. Where to begin?

Rest of post on -

Everything 'cultural' is contrived, and designed to stunt your potential

What is culture? Henry Makow writes the truth. "How do we know what we know? We are taught by the mass media and the education system. But what if they were subverted by a satanic secret society, i.e. the Illuminati? (i.e. Cabalist Judaism and Freemasonry.) 

"Modernism" mirrors a gradual perversion of reality and morality by the Illuminati bankers. What we regard as "progress" is really the advance of their satanist agenda. It is the change in "changing the world." 

The mass media and education system promote this suspension of reality. Truth is suppressed. Lies are promulgated. Negative or self-destructive behavior is portrayed in a positive light.

Modernism is a solipsism where the bankers' perversity becomes the norm. For example, the CIA actively promoted modern abstract art, an art disconnected from human identity and aspirations, an art any child or monkey could produce. 

Princess Diana was a mind control victim.

Two mind control victims who broke away from control and were eliminated as a result.  Great lesson for all the others.

The Illuminati have to control everyone, especially those in the royal and aristocratic families.  They mind control all their children from birth.  The goings-on in Royal Palaces are horrific.  Chris Everard and David Icke describe their reactions to the evidence.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pete Seeger May 3rd 1919 - 27th Jan 2014

One of the good guys
He wasn't just a folk singer and great banjo player.

Here's what he said to Congress when they tried to intimidate him into "naming names" during the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings.

"I am not going to answer any questions as to my association, my philosophical or religious beliefs or my political beliefs, or how I voted in any election, or any of these private affairs. I think these are very improper questions for any American to be asked, especially under such compulsion as this."

He paid with a ruined career - which he eventually revived - and he outlived in good health all the bastards who tried to grind him down.

- See more at:

TAP -  A great voice and song writer.  Many will not even have heard of him.  He stood up against the bullies, and sacrificed his career for his principles.  I played Little Boxes when learning to play the guitar as a teenager in the 1960s!  I thought it fitting to mark his passing with a Tap Blog mention.

Vietnam. The Illuminati manipulated me using my youth and idealism.

Henry Makow is Jewish. He says:

The Vietnam war was engineered by Illuminati Jews (Rockefeller, Rothschilds) partly to alienate a whole generation.The "WASP establishment" were their errand boys for some time. I was socially engineered. My mind was moulded. They manipulated me using my youth and idealism. 

Illuminati social engineers promoted a powerful Jewish meme: the universe is unjust if they don't run it. You see Cabalist (Illuminati) Jews believe that God's will is expressed through them. 

The Illuminati control the mass media and use it to induct us into their Cabalist nightmare. We become what we contemplate: violence, greed, lust (pornography,) homosexuality,and the occult. Art and entertainment are designed to remove us from historical reality. Does anyone believe the Oscar nominated Lincoln, written and directed by Illuminati Jews, tells us the true story? The real story, mankind's possession by a satanic secret society, is never told. 

Mass media-control allows them to perform their Black Magic : Conjure wars, demolish iconic skyscrapers or murder children. 

- See more at: 

Confessions of an Ex-Luciferian Jew
January 21, 2013
snowwhite.pngAlthough this obscene 1966 depiction of the seven dwarfs ravishing Snow White was a protest against the Vietnam war, it expresses the Luciferian Jews' visceral hatred of the Christian worldview.

"We have already contrived to possess the minds of the goy communities...[they are] looking through the spectacles we are setting astride their noses." (Protocols of Zion, 12)

"Jews don't know it but their God is Lucifer," Harold Rosenthal 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

I'm talking about myself. I'm not interested in the distinction between Luciferian and Satanist. Until the age of roughly 50, I was another mass-produced Luciferian Jew --Zionist, liberal, socialist and feminist.

Luciferian Jews are "revolutionaries," - people who deny and often defy God by overturning His design, the natural and moral order of the universe. They have defined the modern world,which is built on the ruins of religious "superstition." 

I was 17 in 1966 and swept up in the anti-war movement. The American invasion of Vietnam was a heinous injustice that discredited everything the US pretended to represent. 

(left, Paul Krassner, making Eye of Horus)

Wally Wood's obscene "Disneyland Memorial Orgy" (shown above) published in Paul Krassner's Realist magazine expressed my outrage at society's fundamental hypocrisy. Snow White, the ideal of American innocence, was being ravished by the seven dwarfs. The WASP establishment were evil hypocrites.

Jewish revolutionaries like Paul Krassner and I were useful idiots. The Vietnam war was engineered by Illuminati Jews (Rockefeller, Rothschilds) partly to alienate a whole generation.The "WASP establishment" were their errand boys for some time. I was socially engineered. My mind was moulded. They manipulated me using my youth and idealism. 

Illuminati social engineers promoted a powerful Jewish meme: the universe is unjust if they don't run it. You see Cabalist (Illuminati) Jews believe that God's will is expressed through them. 

(left, Abbie Hoffman)

Throughout history,this demented ideology took the form of a desire to destroy the world and rebuild it in their own image. Thus,they fomented wars to destroy the Gentiles and concentrate money & power in their hands. They put the entire Gentile establishment in place -- mostly Freemason collaborators. Collaboration is a prerequisite for success in the public sphere today. Mankind is satanically possessed

Their goal was to undermine wholesome virtues practised by their Christian neighbours. For example, they broke down all sexual restraint, labelling this (with their usual guile), "sexual liberation."

Even before the Vietnam war, I followed this Luciferian agenda. At age 15, I was almost thrown out of high school for buying a subscription to PLAYBOY for the school library. The story made the local newspaper, and the Principal was in hot water.

(Hugh the crypto-Jew?)

Little did I understand PLAYBOY magazine was crucial to the Luciferian goal of equating sex with the meaning of life. This contributed to society's current adolescent obsession with sex, and the breakdown of marriage and family. 

I didn't understand that this satanic cult is hidden within Judaism.  Judaism is a satanic cult (Cabala, Talmud) masquerading as a religion (Torah, Old Testament.) I had nothing to do with "Jewish teachings." I was secular. But secularism is Judaism: Materialism, and the denial of God. 

Any true religion renounces the world, especially the pursuit of sex and money. Judaism encourages both. "Be successful children,"my aunt used to say. 

In true religion, like Christianity or Islam, God is universal. In Judaism, God (Lucifer) is exclusively Jewish. Non-Jews are considered animals intended to serve Jews. I didn't know this then. Most Jews don't. (The Real Talmud

Although my intentions were pure, I was one of Satan's little helpers. Satan loves idealists. 

"Useful idiots." he calls them. Millions have died believing satanic Judaism (Communism) really stood for "social justice and equality."  These are tricks used to put their agents into power. 


(Jerry Rubin,left)


Modern history and culture is the story of man's induction into Satanism, i.e. Cabala Judaism.  All that nonsense about God not existing, and man's "alienation" from God, is pure Satanism. 

Since when do values like love, peace, beauty, truth and justice not exist? They inspire all human beings. Of course creation is infused with Intelligence. A minor example: When I stubbed my toe, my body grew a brand new toenail. I couldn't do that!  

Every time I eat an orange or drink pure spring water, I know God exists. My friend's baby is an unfolding miracle. How can we deny God? 

"Modernism" was engineered by Illuminati Jewish bankers as part of a long-term conspiracy to divorce us from God and enslave mankind. 

"The modern age is the Jewish Age, and the Twentieth Century in particular is the Jewish Century, " Professor Yuri Slezkine begins his book, The Jewish Century. 

At the beginning of the twentieth century, "Jews began to see themselves as the real bearers of the Enlightenment..."

(The disgusting Sarah Silverman) 

(The "Enlightenment" is where Illuminati-sponsored "great men" redefine reality.)  

In Vienna in 1903, Solomon Ehrmann told a B'nai Brith (i.e. Freemason) meeting that the future was going to be fundamentally Jewish. "All of mankind will have been Jewified and joined in unison with the B'nai Brith." (Lindemann, Esau's Tears, p. 331) 

As I have said, like Lucifer, Cabalist Jews are metaphysical outcasts. This is the reason many Jews are so restless; they are "alienated" from God, i.e. their soul, or sense of Being. They constantly have to justify their existence. 

In the words of Goethe, "No Jew, not even the most insignificant, but is busy towards the achievement of some worldly, temporary or momentary aim." 

According to Werner Sombart, "This activity often enough degenerates into restlessness. He must forever be up and doing, forever managing something and carrying it to fruition." (Jews & Modern Capitalism)

Jews feel unloved because they deny God's Love.  In order to finally feel loved, I had to write a syndicated column for 47 newspapers at age 11. 

kp1.jpeg(Katy "I kissed a Girl" Perry performs at Obama inauguration. She says she "sold her soul to the devil" to become a star.)



The Illuminati control the mass media and use it to induct us into their Cabalist nightmare. We become what we contemplate: violence, greed, lust (pornography,) homosexuality,and the occult.  Art and entertainment are designed to remove us from historical reality. Does anyone believe the Oscar nominated Lincoln, written and directed by Illuminati Jews, tells us the true story? The real story, mankind's possession by a satanic secret society, is never told.  

Mass media-control allows them to perform their Black Magic : Conjure wars, demolish iconic skyscrapers or murder children. 

Jews need to disown the Satanists in their ranks or take the blame for them. (This applies to all groups.) The days when Jews can pretend anti-Semitism is an irrational sickness are over. 

Like my past self, most people are unwitting collaborators. Often, they are idealists. But it's never too late to acknowledge they were duped, and face reality.

Thanks to JA for a quote.

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