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Don't bother watching the World Cup.

FIFA & Brazilian Government Killing Street Kids to Prepare for 2014 World Cup

This picture was posted by the police on their Facebook page where they bragged about their “successful” work. They say: “We don’t go into favelas to die. We go in there to kill.”

Brazil: “Pacification” Unleashes Terror On Favelas, Aims to Silence Anti-Capitalist Social Movements

By  on 03/24/2014 BrazilRevolution News
Military police occupying slums in Rio de Janeiro, in a new wave of terror against poor people.

As thousands took to the streets this weekend to protest the civil and militarydictatorship – which left a legacy of some of the most sadistic and brutal repression against political prisoners seen in Latin America – the military police have unleashed a new war on the poor of Brazil, and the State is preparing to enforce new “anti-terrorism” laws which raise legitimate fears that they will bring back the practices of the fascist dictatorship. (Note: On March 22nd, Brazilian fascists called for protests under the slogan “march for family.” They were a failure, much like the white man march in North America. In some places, groups of six or less people participated.)

Police have used fabricated reasons to justify repression against poor communities and anti-capitalist social movements, ahead of a powerfully contested Word Cup in Brazil.
A police station was set on fire, and cops came under armed attack, possibly by drug lords they haven’t “pacified” yet. Drug leaders in pacified communities are typically ex-military police, who the capitalist media misrepresent as “community leaders,” in order to forcefully associate them with social movements against capitalist oppression. The mainstream capitalist media have consistently referred to Brazilians living in favelas as “criminals,” in a clear attempt to increase hatred against poor people, who mostly have nothing to do with drug trafficking.

These are the results of police raiding a building occupied by poor people: they forcefully evicted them, at gun point, again.
UPP in Manguinhos
Residents protested, and unrest spread in some favelas (slums).

This recent act of brutal oppression against poor people came just as the country was enraged by the most sadistic crime committed by Brazilian police in recent memory – which they try to cover up now: they killed a 38 year old mom of 4 kids, threw her in the trunk of their car and later dragged her body on a main boulevard in broad daylight.

Claudia’s assassination raised even more questions about some 6,000 people that have disappeared. Many of their families are convinced they were police victims.
A child looks at military police during a demonstration against the police murder of a mother of 4 kids.

Fracking's about to go broke

The Fracking Shakeout: Coming This Summer
By Christian A. DeHaemer | Thursday, May 29th, 2014
Christian A. DeHaemer
We've known for a while now that natural gas fracking companies weren't making a lot of money.
The low cost of natural gas and the high supply meant margins were tight or nonexistent. That's why experts like Keith Kohl have been digging into balance sheets and picking the winners from the losers.
In my trading service Crisis and Opportunity, I haven't been buying fracking companies — rather, I've been buying those companies that benefit from the fracking boom. For example, there are firms selling fracking sand (one company is up more than 350%) that are growing 30% a year.
One company that makes railcars for shipping oil and gas just got a 7,000-car order. And others that provide storage tanks and port facilities have doubled in the past year.
It is no surprise to us here at Energy and Capital that a fracking shakeout is coming. We've been ahead of the fracking curve for about ten years now.
But yesterday, Bloomberg stated the obvious in an article entitled, “Shakeout Threatens Shale Patch as Frackers Go for Broke.”

TAP - Fracking's a short term play which long term destroys all underground water, drains away all water reserves and makes future mining impossible.  On top of that it destroys the real estate market.  Politicians like Paterson that go around advocating fracking are incredibly dumb or paid off by big money or both.  Those behind it like David Cameron and Prince Charles are nothing less than criminals.  Fracking could leads to more loss of life than war.  That of course is why they want it as part of their Agenda for the 21st century.  When Charles talks obliquely as tough decisions being taken for the long term future of humanity, he means killing people.   See his recent speech at Inclusive Capitalism.

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Frack Off Scotland. Gas from the north sea is plentiful. Why ruin the land?

Hi Tap,

Further to your article "Let's Talk About Fracking. "What The BBC Failed To Broadcast."" Three thoughts came to light while at work today.

1). Do we really need Fracked gas when we have North Sea gas?
2). How long will North Sea gas last?
3).What's the Fracking proposals for Scotland?

To save much ado I'm sure you'll find the links below of much interest and would add that our First Minister Alex Salmond's constant rhetoric about a green and sustainable future for Scotland fairs no better than Westminster's decision to allow Fracking on England's green and pleasant land. 

Kind Regards,

Dutch Government offers $1.6 billion in compensation for houses ruined by fracking in Groningen province

Dutch Government to Pay $1.6 Billion in Gas Extraction Damages

By Corina Ruhe and Fred Pals
January 17, 2014 11:11 AM EST
The Netherlands will spend 1.2 billion euros ($1.6 billion) to compensate for damaged houses and buildings after temblors linked to extraction of natural gas in the Groningen province led to a public backlash.
“There is no doubt anymore that those tremors were caused by gas extraction,” Henk Kamp, minister of Economic Affairs, said today in Loppersum, a village in the Groningen province 127 miles north of Amsterdam. The government will cut gas production by 21 percent to 42.5 billion cubic meters in 2014 and 2015, lowering gas proceeds by 700 million euros this year, 600 million in 2015 and 1 billion in 2016, he said.
The Dutch budget deficit will hit 3.3 percent of gross domestic product in 2014, The Hague-based government’s planning agency CPB said last month. The Netherlands, the European Union’s biggest gas producer, has been in breach of the bloc’s limit of 3 percent of GDP since the beginning of the crisis in 2008. The government and opposition parties reached an accord in October for a 6 billion-euro austerity package for 2014 on top of a four-year, 16 billion-euro cut approved in 2012.
“This spring we will have a complete picture on economic developments, positive developments, adverse developments and then we can make the calculation again,” Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem said today in The Hague. The consequence of less gas output could lead to additional austerity measures, Dijsselbloem said.
The strength of earthquakes triggered by gas production in the Groningen region where the Slochteren field is located may rise to a magnitude of 5 on the Richter scale, according to a study released in January last year by the State Supervision of Mining at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. An Aug. 16 temblor last year, measuring 3.4, damaged the property of about 2,500 people. The biggest earthquake ever in the Netherlands hit the southern province of Limburg in 1992, reaching 5.8 on the scale.

Earthquake Damage

“This is a big political issue in the Netherlands, so the government has to be seen to be doing something,” Trevor Sikorski, the head of natural gas, coal and carbon at Energy Aspects Ltd., a consulting company in London, said today by telephone. “On the other hand, the Dutch government has budget issues and Groningen gas is a big revenue provider for the Dutch government. It’s a lot of money.”
The Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij BV, or NAM, the Dutch gas-production venture of Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA) and ExxonMobil Corp., have said they will compensate all damage resulting from the quakes, caused by a drop in gas pressure leading to subsidence in the ground above. The company has set aside 100 million euros for claims and has paid out about 50 million euros so far. Max van den Berg, the head of the Groningen province council, has said he wants one billion euros as compensation for owners of damaged houses.

Gas Proceeds

The Slochteren field has generated about two-thirds of the more than 200 billion euros in gas proceeds for the Netherlands since its discovery in 1959, according to NAM. Last year, gas production from the Groningen field rose to a record of about 53.8 billion cubic meters, NAM said yesterday.
NAM is allowed to produce 425 billion cubic meters in the 10 years from 2011 through 2020, Karin Donk, a spokeswoman for the State Supervision of Mining, said by phone yesterday. This is on top of 20 billion cubic meters that was unused in the former period, she said.
“A cut in the 2012-2020 production cap of more than 5 percent would move the markets as well as impacting the Dutch trade balance,” Sikorski said in a report before the announcement.
Dutch gas for 2015 has gained 1 percent this week to 26.25 euros/megawatt-hour, it’s first gain in three weeks, according to broker data compiled by Bloomberg.
To contact the reporters on this story: Corina Ruhe in Amsterdam at; Fred Pals in Amsterdam at
To contact the editor responsible for this story: Lars Paulsson at

Why poor countries are happier than rich countries

The Geography of Time by Robert Levine.

What The History Channel didn't want you to know

The interview you are about to hear contains some of the most shocking information we’ve ever heard. Our friend and fellow precious metals researcher Road to Roota’s Bix Weir was recently interviewed by History Channel 2 for THREE HOURS as part of their new documentary style seriesAmerica’s Book of Secrets

The information Bix shared with them on camera was to be aired in the episode titled America’s Book of Secrets: Secret Underground. What Bix said on camera was so shocking, after the interview the entire crew told him that they were going to pull all funds out of their bank accounts. But when Book of Secrets: Secret Underground aired, Bix had been cut from the show — Not one word Bix shared with them was allowed to be broadcast. 

But you can know it all right now… Find out the shocking secrets the History Channel could NOT broadcast.

'Let's talk about fracking'. What the BBC failed to broadcast.

Readers suggested I made a video after the BBC Radio Shropshire failed to broadcast my interview on fracking two days ago.  Here 'tis.  We've titled it 'Let's talk about fracking'.  It's on youtube, facebook and twitter.  The subject is explained.  What's fracking all about.  The movement to get rid of Owen Paterson as the MP for North Shropshire is gathering steam, as people realise he's sold out to vested interests.

The BBC claimed they didn't run my interview as I was talking about fracking.  Dart Energy insist they are only applying to make exploratory drills, and any discussion about fracking is therefore inappropriate, and the BBC, like wet rags, comply with the wishes of Dart Energy.  Dart Energy themselves admit that if they find shale gas in the test drill, they will then apply for permission to frack.  The BBC is quite wrong to block discussion of the real topic.   We all know why they don't want the real issues to come out, as I explain in the video.  Have a listen if you're interested.

(Had over 200 views in first 24 hours)

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Will sinkhole in the main street lose UKIP the Newark byelection?

Sudden sink hole shuts Newark street
3:55pm Tue May 20, 2014

A Newark road will remain closed over the Bank Holiday weekend after a large sinkhole appeared.
Mr Malcolm Peet examines the hole on Queen's Road. 200514DD3-7
Mr Malcolm Peet examines the hole on Queen's Road. 200514DD3-7
Queen's Road, Newark, was closed on Monday at its junction with Bargate, Northgate and Appletongate following the discovery of the hole which is estimated to be between 6ft and 10ft deep.

It extends from the centre of the road towards Morrisons carpark.

Engineers from Nottinghamshire County Council and Severn Trent Water have examined the hole but have yet to establish its cause.

The county council said the road would remain closed until at least Bank Holiday Monday.

Mr Malcolm Peet of Malcolm Peet Ltd said staff at his garage noticed the road was sinking yesterday and contacted the county council who sent repairmen out to fill the dip.

Mr Peet said when they tried to fill the dip the road fell through to reveal the cavernous hole beneath.

A spokesman for the county council said the road would remain closed while work took place to establish the cause of the collapse and repair the damage.

Things to come.  Things that will swing elections.  Sinkholes caused by fracking.

TAP - I'm not saying this hole is caused by a frack, although it could be.  If the hole grows any bigger and threatens the footings of Morrisons supermarket, it could alert even more people in Newark to the dangers of fracturing underground rock formations.  Local people are already up in arms about the fracking that's been done there, and the Green candidate is cleaning up support based on opposing fracking, potentially depriving UKIP of their much longed for first Westminster seat.

The Green Party candidate says - "It's hard to tell how we will do in this by-election ... We are the only party to oppose HS2, and one of our main issues is being against fracking, which a lot of people are concerned about."

UNISON worker Mr Kirwan, who says he is the only local candidate within the main five parties, said he would campaign to stop fracking in the Newark area, pointing instead to solar panels as a better way to provide renewable energy.

"It's important that people understand the repercussions of fracking, it's a short-term energy solution, and the fact that the government are planning to buy people out in exchange for drilling under their house tells you it's a bad idea.

TAP - Roger Helmer (Pictured) has already dropped talk of fracking in his recent Newark speech on energy, saying the future is coal.  It would be just great if one sinkhole could turn the result of the byelection.  Farage should go ahead and declare his new policy programme, with a ban on fracking.  That is if he seriously wants to win seats at Westminster.  Let's move on from 'Love Britain' to saving the place.  

UKIP's likely new partners in the Euro parliament

The 17 M5S elected representatives in the European Parliament

According to the official information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the 5 Star MoVement got votes from 5,807,362 Italians, that is 21.15% of the valid votes and this gives a total of 17 seats in the European Parliament.
It’s never happened before that a political organisation standing for the first time ever in European elections has gained such magnificent results. 17 people have been elected, and their average age is below 36. There are 9 women and 8 men. We have exceeded the “pink quotas” or

 the percentage of elected representatives who are female. They are young people, graduates, entrepreneurs and freelance professionals. There are those who have a Masters degree, a PhD, or two degrees. There are those who speak two languages and even three or four languages. All of them have no criminal record and they are not known to the prosecutors.

In the North-

West constituency, the elected representatives are: Beghin TizianaEvi EleonoraValli Marco and Zanni Marco.
In the North-East constituency: Affronte MarcoBorrelli David and Gibertoni Giulia
In the Central constituency: Agea LauraCastaldo Fabio Massimo and Tamburrano Dario.
In the Southern constituency: Adinolfi IsabellaAiuto DanielaD'amato RosaFerrara Laura and Pedicini Piernicola.
In the constituency of the Italian is

lands: Moi Giulia and Corrao Ignazio.


While Ukip wants the UK out of the European Union, Mr Grillo has called for a referendum on Italy dropping the euro.
Mr Grillo said he saw much common ground with Mr Farage on immigration.
"He is not the way he is described, just as I am not the fascist and Nazi the Italian papers describe me as," Mr Grillo, a former comedian, toldThe Telegraph on Thursday.
“He wants to control flows of immigration in Europe like us,” he said. “It is not true he is a racist,” he added, pointing out how Mr Farage had chosen not to ally with Italy’s anti-immigration Northern League, which won six per cent of the Italian vote on Sunday.
Mr Grillo added he had not struck a deal yet with Mr Farage. “The meeting was just to get to know him,” he said.
The next step would be for the Five Star Movement’s supporters to decide, via its online forum what, if any, positions it had in common with Ukip, he added.
“We won’t change our program, we won’t change our ideas, but if we are talking about concepts like direct democracy then we have something in common,” he said.
Mr Grillo said the movement was compelled to find partners at the European parliament.
“With 17 MEPs, if you form an autonomous group, you are on the outside,” he said.
After the lunch, Ukip said in a statement that parties in a potential new group would be able to campaign and vote as they choose within a framework of basic agreements.


The Tories are ahead in this poll for the Sun by Survation, but down nearly 18% since the general election.  With a strong campaign, I can see either UKIP or Labour winning, the fact that UKIP are up over 24% since the General Election, compared to 4.7% that Labour are up since the election, shows the momentum is with UKIP.

Rebels with a Cause – When Nigel met Beppe 

A US Military-Intelligence Agenda Which Seeks to Destabilize the Planet

By Joachim Hagopian

Global Research, May 28, 2014

It has been a busy weak for President Obama. On Memorial day he secretly flew off to Afghanistan just to let the troops know he genuinely cares and is thinking about them. Or so his PR advisors want it to appear as his ratings continue slumping and his disastrous foreign policy continues to come under heavy fire from all sides. A true characteristic of psychopaths is that everything they do is to self-servingly promote their own image and position. Currently finding himself on the defensive, what does Obama the psychopath do? He opportunistically rushes off as Commander-in -Chief to spend the day that America mourns its fallen warriors with the live ones still fighting his lost cause in Afghanistan.

Then as a lead-up to today’s foreign policy initiatives detailed in his graduation speech at West Point today, yesterday President Obama declared that America’s longest running wars in history in both Iraq and Afghanistan are over almost for the US military occupiers. But he did stipulate just under 10,000 US troops will remain in Afghanistan as “advisors” and counterinsurgency support forces for the national Afghan Army at least for the next two years until 2017.

Plus a small contingent of NATO forces will likely continue their deployment in Afghanistan as well. The two leading candidates facing off in the Afghan presidential runoff election on June 25th have both already pledged to sign the agreement for US security forces to remain as “unofficial” occupiers that Obama assures will no longer be engaging in combat missions and patrols. Meanwhile, a number of US military officers are expressing doubt that that amount of US troops will be enough to hold back the surging onslaught of a revitalized Taliban enemy.
It is also worth noting that Obama bragged in today’s speech to West Point cadets that “al Qaeda has been decimated.” That is just one more in an endless supply of lies from the lips of a psychopath who will never admit the truth nor ever admit error, two hallmarks of a psychopath. The truth is that the enemy al Qaeda now occupies more area in Iraq and the Middle East than ever before and the enemy in Afghanistan likewise holds more territory outside the cities in Afghanistan than any time since the Taliban government was overthrown twelve years ago.

Today Obama emphatically reiterated the rhetoric that “America must always lead,” which is nothing more than his invoking the stand-by foreign policy of exceptionalism – “do as I say, not as I do.” He formally announced moving away from the costly protracted wars with which the US has drained the national economy and middle class taxpayers for over a dozen years. Obama’s plan for the US to lead the world involves countless dirty little secret wars waged on every continent involving Special Operations forces consisting of Green Beret, Delta Force and Navy Seals. Nothing will change in terms of the US military’s role in foreign policy continuing to act as world policemen and bully, only using smaller elite counterinsurgency units deployed in at last count and rising
134 nations. Because their operations are covert, oversight and accountability is virtually absent.

The only truth we know is their funding is virtually unlimited because it is hidden from public awareness justified by secrecy under the familiar guise of national security. What we also know based on past history is these secret unlimited US taxpayer dollars will continue to be given away to warlords to “rat out” their fellow countrymen deemed anti-US, so called insurgent terrorists or al Qaeda (to be differentiated from the al Qaeda mercenary Islamic extremists in whose pockets more US tax dollars are going to fight US proxy wars in places like Syria and Libya). Outsourcing with al Qaeda thugs has become a new way America “leads the world” in its desire to destabilize and promote regime changes wherever the US does not want to bother placing black ops on the ground.

For convenience sake, the Obama administration embraces a policy of al Qaeda the enemy whenever Washington says so, but simultaneously supports, finances and allies with (ever since the pre-al Qaeda Mujahideen in the late 70’s) certain al Qaeda terrorists to oppose selected sovereign nations that Washington dislikes and is committed to the imperialistic agenda of regime changes – calling it US exceptionalism. What’s good for the US government is good for the entire world like it or not, because the US as still the sole global superpower says so (despite the surging power of Russia and China in the renewed cold war challenge Obama instigated). Exceptionalism amounts to one set of international rules applying to the rest of the world subject to arbitrary US enforcement through bullying and extermination and another set that defies and remains immune from all international laws and governance that apply exclusively to the US only. Obama’s meta-message is that the US will continue our “might makes right” policy.

Obama’s graduation speech at West Point today in large part was a defensive maneuver to answer all his hawkish foreign policy critics, typical Republicans like McCain who have basically called Obama a wimp that has only weakened America’s global superpower status for not starting more major wars around the world. If they had their way, the US would have GI boots on the ground in Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Libya and God knows where else. Obama may be a psychopathic war criminal, but he is not quite that crazy – though that is debatable in view of last September when Obama was hell bent on launching a military strike on Syria until the whole world stopped him.

Basically Obama’s form of Teddy Roosevelt’s “walk softly but carry a big stick” means continued US night raids invading homes in secret unknown places all around the world, killing, detaining and torturing many innocent victims under the umbrage of counterinsurgency warfare. Or it might entail financing, training, accompanying and supporting death squad commando units doing the same thing in their own countries against their fellow countrymen.

Since the Bush days the US has maintained a standard foreign policy toward people in every nation, “either they are with us,” us including the US puppet government, allied warlords “or they are against us/US puppet government/allied warlords.” In this way, by design the US polarizes, destabilizes and otherwise stirs up civil wars everywhere the US goes at will. A more accurate way to describe Obama’s so called foreign policy initiatives is the King Midas touch in reverse. Cases in point include the ongoing civil wars that the US has purposely created in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, Sudan and to some extent Pakistan, Yemen, Mali, Somalia and Venezuela.

And based on recent revelations of how the CIA has lied for years to the pro-CIA Congressional Intelligence Committees and America, the CIA and Special Operations continue their practice of torture that no doubt includes waterboarding in secret detainment prisons around the globe, the most notorious one 90 miles from the US homeland in Guantanamo, Cuba. Despite a campaign
promise in both 2008 and again in 2012 to close Guantanamo Prison down once and for all, for over half a dozen years as president Obama continues failing to keep his word.

But then broken promises to the American people have become an Obama trademark. So somewhere in the world more innocent civilians who have been fingered by some informant being paid to lie with US taxpayer money is suddenly being apprehended in one of those counterinsurgency night raids and brought to a secret location in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Central Asia or Guantanamo and without charges being tortured and imprisoned for years at a time. The US is still holding innocent victims at Guantanamo who have been cleared of all charges for at least a dozen years. If we know this is true of cases in Guantanamo, hidden from the public are likely hundreds if not thousands of other victims whose human rights have been violated for decades in numerous secret locations.

And then there is Obama’s favorite form of modern warfare that he personally prefers hand picking his targets himself that include Americans in the crosshairs of thousands of drone attacks. Obama’s foreign policy signature calling card consists of launching missile strikes from his terror drones in the skies on mostly what turns out to be innocent victims in a number of nations. Drone warfare has been escalated over tenfold on Obama’s watch. His open admission that he could foresee killing Americans on foreign soil reflects his “world is changing” views. Today he simply repeated his past promise of turning drone deployments over from the CIA to the military to give the illusion of “more transparency.” Americans have heard that empty word before as just another broken promise since Obama’s track record has only demonstrated that he is the most secretive, least transparent president in US history.

Obama’s rhetoric today at West Point that the US will show restraint in looking for non-military solutions uttered in one breath, and then in the next breath that the US will continue to support “anti-terrorism” all around the world is just more psychopathic double talk. The bottom line is the US will continue leading by example as the world’s worst human rights offender while supporting regimes all over the planet that also have abysmal human rights records.

More of the same disastrous, unethical, haphazard and inconsistent, imperialistic foreign policy means that the US will continue financing corrupt weak puppet governments that permit transnational corporations to rape and steal their precious natural resources while enslaving its people that become even more exploited once their nations cannot repay IMF and world bank loans. In other words, there is absolutely nothing new that came out of Obama’s speech today. It will simply be business as usual, polarizing and destabilizing the world on the global chessboard stage ushering in more death, destruction and austerity paving the way toward the oligarch New World Order. Obama is simply doing his psychopathic doubletalk dance for his oligarch puppet masters.
Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former Army officer. His written manuscript based on his military experience examines leadership and national security issues and can beconsulted at After the military, Joachim earned a masters degree in psychology and became a licensed therapist working in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now focuses on writing.
Copyright © 2014 Global Research

Robin Cook - 'There is no AlQaeda'

TAP - Robin Cook was poisoned in the hotel where he was staying.  He was still alive and not apparently critical when airlifted alone with the 'medics'.

Must See!!

Hilary Clinton Admits The U.S. Government Created Al-Qaeda.
Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist or How The US Created Al Qaeda (Documentary)

The earth is the centre of the known observable universe



Please amend this post:

Dr Humphreys has NOT claimed that the earth is the centre of the known and observable universe.

Apparently, Dr Humphrey’s research has led him to believe that the centre of the universe might be our Milky Way galaxy, or the cluster of galaxies that the Milky Way is part of.

Apologies - my error. 


We’re all aware that those Occult weirdos teaching that ‘you are the centre of your universe’, which really means that there is no truth and that ‘truth’ and morality are relative, meaning that my ‘truth’ and morality are different from yours – but, in this age of inclusivity, both are equally valid…along with other such nonsense.
Well, they are a very little bit closer to the truth (real, objective truth, like 2+2=4) than they realise, because a cosmologist has discovered something very interesting that I think everyone should know about.
His name is D. Russell Humphreys; he has a Ph.D. in physics and is a physicist at Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, USA.
Dr Humphreys first shot to fame in the academic world as the Creation scientist who correctly and accurately made predictions about the magnetic fields of Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  The materialist, man-centred, humanist, evolutionary scientists (yes, they actually apply the term ‘evolution’ to the existence of the universe, as well..) were all wrong!  Follow the link for more info:
But, Dr Humphreys’ really big discovery is that, according to the data, the earth is at the centre of the observable, known universe. 
Ok, I think I’d better repeat that.  According to the data, the earth is at the centre of the observable, known universe..!*&&%”**!!
The data is based on something called ‘redshift’, which is a like the ‘Doppler effect’ we experience when police siren speeding past and then away from us appears to drop in tone.  
This happens with light as well and this is how scientists are able to measure how far galaxies are away from us and the speed at which they are rushing away from us, due to the expansion or stretching of the space time continuum.
This redshift effect is ‘quantised’ (I’m uncertain of the meaning of this word, in this context) which means that the earth, or the galaxy we in, the Milky Way, is surrounded by concentric rings of galaxies, up to the maximum point at which the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is able to see into distant space (see attached pic, sent to TAP) 
Simulations, i.e. moving the Milky Way just 2,000,000 light years (just! ha ha ha!) in any direction give completely different, random redshift data results; that, 2,000,000 light years from here, we would not be in the centre of the observable, known universe. 
Well, that’s all I am able to tell you, as I’m certainly not a scientist!  Here’s the link to the webpage at
And here’s a link to an interview with Dr Humphreys where he fully explains his discovery:
‘The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.’ 
Psalms 19:1  (A.V)
‘I have made the earth, and created man upon it: 
I, even my hands, have stretched out the heavens,
and all their host have I commanded.’
Isaiah 45:12 (A.V)
TAP - The earth is not in the centre of the Milky Way, our own galaxy, but let's see if this theory works or not.

Israel drains money from bankrupt America

the USA is in financial collapse
Detriot is bankrupt
46% on food stamps
but the jews drain another $600 million from them, for israel

Lambeth Police Station Paedo Sex Ring Dungeon Scandal

In November 1997 the South London Press reported the finding of a sex dungeon complete with manacles , chains , bedding and a sleazy red light in Lambeth High-Security Police Head Quarters in South London. The civilian staff who leaked the story were suspended and Officers from Scotland Yard’s Criminal Investigation Bureau were called in. From the copious amounts of child pornography found at the Police Station, it was soon realised that Children from Lambeth Care Homes were being taken to the Police Station for sexual abuse, rape and use in child pornography. It is believed several senior Police Officers were renting out Children and using the Police Station as a brothel.

Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll was put on the case and he soon started following up leads. However when his leads led him to politicians, including at least one who was a Lambeth Labour Councillor and is now an MP, he was taken off the case and put on disciplinary charges.

However before his removal DCI Clive Driscoll had discovered that all 25 of Lambeth’s Childrens’ Homes had been run by a large paedophile network for over 20 years. There were around 50 Children who had entered Lambeth Childrens’ Homes and never been seen again by their families.

The leader of Lambeth Council at the time was Ted Knight (Labour) who was a close friend of Margaret Hodge (Labour) who was leader of nearby Islington Council. It is believed that Children were “traded” between Lambeth and Islington Councils.

When Councillor Anna Tapsell, who had campaigned against the sexual abuse of Children in Lambeth Care Homes for over twenty years, complained about Driscoll’s removal she was visited and “warned off” by a senior Police Officer.
The Metropolitan Police set up a five year investigation, and as is usual in Britain three low level paedophiles got a couple of years in jail for minor sex offences. The major players all got clean away to continue their “activities“.
The Police never looked for any links between the Lambeth and Islington paedophile rings, but I found some glaringly obvious ones within five minutes. Abraham Jacobs was convicted in 1986 for his part in a paedophile ring that specialised in picking up run away Children in Piccadily Circus to provide for the sexual abuse by BBC Executives and Labour Party Politicians. Abraham Jacobs had worked at both Islington and Lambeth Care Homes and was known to Margaret Hodge, Jack Straw and Ted Knight.

Another link is Michael John Carroll. He was one of the paedophile “fall guys” from the Lambeth Care Home Scandal - this is a quaint British tradition where small time paedophiles get convicted of minor sex offences and all enquiries are then closed in to the bigger picture. Even though he had been a relatively low paid Council Employee, on his release from prison he bought The Hand Hotel on Church Street in Chirk ( just outside Wrexham ) for £725,000 cash. The Crest Hotel in Wrexham is usually linked to the Wrexham Child sex abuse scandal, but The Hand Hotel was also conveniently close to the Wrexham Child sex abuse scandal. 

Another link is Jason Hoyte a convicted paedophile. He had been warned off by Police from hanging round Islington Care Homes and had somehow avoided a CRB check and obtained a job as a Youth Worker with Lambeth Council. He was sacked in 2006 after being caught grooming Children for BBC Executives on a Council run Youth training scheme. 


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The White House now admits the U.S. ran fake vaccination programs

The White House now admits the U.S. ran fake vaccination programs to harvest DNA from the public. (And they promise to never do it again.)
This is 100% confirmed by government officials and even the New York Times. 

Get the facts here:

The Witch Hunt against Independent Research and Analysis

By James F. Tracy

A new crusade appears to be underway to target independent research and analysis available via alternative news media. This March saw the release of “cognitive infiltration” advocate Cass Sunstein’s new book, Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas. In April, the confirmed federal intelligence-gathering arm, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), released a new report, “Agenda 21: The UN, Sustainability, and Right Wing Conspiracy Theory.” Most recently, Newsweek magazine carried a cover story, titled, “The Plots to Destroy America: Conspiracy Theories Are a Clear and Present Danger.”

As its discourse suggests, this propaganda campaign is using the now familiar “conspiracy theory” label, as outlined in Central Intelligence Agency Document 1035-960, the 1967 memo laying out a strategy for CIA “media assets” to counter criticism of the Warren Commission and attack independent investigators of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. At that time the targets included attorney Mark Lane and New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, who were routinely defamed and lampooned in major US news outlets.

Declassified government documents have proven Lane and Garrison’s allegations of CIA-involvement in the assassination largely accurate. Nevertheless, the prospect of being subject to the conspiracy theorist smear remains a potent weapon for intimidating authors, journalists, and scholars from interrogating complex events, policies, and other potentially controversial subject matter.

As the title of Newsweek’s feature story indicates, a primary element of contemporary propaganda campaigns using the conspiracy theory/ist label is to suggest that citizens’ distrust of government imperatives and activities tends toward violent action. The “conspiracy theorist” term is intentionally conflated with “conspiracist,” thus linking the two in the mass mind. Images of Lee Harvey Oswald, Timothy McVeigh, and Osama bin Laden are subtly invoked when the magic terms are referenced. In reality, it is typically Western governments using their police or military who prove the foremost purveyors of violence and the threat of violence—both domestically and abroad.

In his Newsweek article, author and journalist Kurt Eichenwald selectively employs the assertions of the SPLC, Sunstein, and a handful of social scientists to postulate in Orwellian fashion that independent research and analysis of the United Nations’ Agenda 21, the anti-educational thrust of “Common Core,” the dangers of vaccine injury and water fluoridation, andSeptember 11—all important policies and issues worthy of serious study and concern—are a “contagion” to the body politic.

In a functioning public, honest academics and journalists would uninhibitedly delve into these and similar problems–GMOs, state-sponsored terrorism, the dangers of non-ionizing radiation– particularly since such phenomena pose grave threats to both popular sovereignty and self determination. Such intellectuals would then provide important findings to foster vigorous public debate.

Absent this, segments of the populace still capable of critical thought are inclined to access and probe information that leads them to question bureaucratic edicts and, in some cases, suggest a potentially broader political agenda. In today’s world, however, such research projects carried out by the hoi polloi that are expressly reserved for government or foundation-funded technocrats “’distort the debate that is crucial to democracy,’” says Dartmouth political scientist Brendan Nyhan.

With the above in mind, a simple yet instructive exercise in illustrating the psycholinguistic feature of the conspiracy theory propaganda technique is to replace “conspiracy theories/ists” with the phrase, “independent research and analysis,” or “independent researchers.” Let us apply this to some passages from Eichenwald’s recent Newsweek piece.

For example, “Psychological research has shown that the only trait that consistently indicates the probability someone will believe in conspiracy theories independent research and analysis is if that person believes in other conspiracy theories independent research and analysis,” Eichenwald sagely concludes.

“One of the most common ways of introducing conspiracy theories independent research and analysis is to ‘just ask questions’ about an official account,’’’ says Karen Douglas, co-editor of the British Journal of Social Psychology and a senior academic … at Britain’s University of Kent.”

In fact, substituting the phrases accordingly throughout the article significantly neutralizes its overall propagandistic effect.

Researchers agree; independent research and analysis are espoused by people at every level of society seeking ways of calming the chaos of life, sometimes by simply reinforcing convictions.

While the growth in the number of news outlets has helped spread independent research and analysis, it doesn't compare to the impact of social media and the Internet, experts say.

9/11 conspiracy theorists independent researchers protest outside the World Trade Center in 2011 [Photo caption]

“If you have social networks of people who are talking with one another, you can have independent research and analysis spread in a hurry,’’ says Cass Sunstein, a professor at Harvard Law School … “It literally is as if it was contagious.”

While some may dismiss independent researchers as ignorant or unstable, research has shown that to be false. “The idea that only dumb people believe this stuff is wrong,’’ says Dartmouth’s Nyhan.

People who more strongly believed in independent research and analysis were significantly less likely to use sunscreen or have an annual medical checkup.

According to a just-released report from the Southern Poverty Law Center, the independent research and analysis flowed in April at a hearing before Alabama’s Senate Education Committee about legislation to allow school districts to reject Common Core.

It’s true. Since September 11, 2001 the internet has increasingly allowed for everyday people to retrieve, study, and share information on important events and phenomena as never before. And as a recent study published in the prominent journal Frontiers of Psychology suggests, tendering “alternative conspiracy theories” to the government-endorsed explanations of September 11, 2001 is a sign of “individuation,” or psychological well being and contentment.

Such a condition is a clear danger to those who wish to wield uncontested political authority. Indeed, the capacity to freely disseminate and discuss knowledge of government malfeasance is the foremost counterbalance to tyranny. Since this ability cannot be readily confiscated or suppressed, it must be ridiculed, marginalized, even diagnosed as a psychiatric condition.

The recent abandonment of network neutrality may eventually further subdue the nuisance of independent research, thought, and analysis. Until then, the corporate media’s attempts to bamboozle and terrify the American public with the well-worn conspiracy theory meme will be a prevalent feature of what passes for news and commentary today.

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