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Special “take down” units move into action on verge of (another) Pope’s resignation

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Special “take down” units move into action on verge of Pope’s resignation

Posted on June 29, 2014
Important Notice from ITCCS Central and the Common Law Court – June 29, 2014 – Brussels

As the Vatican prepares today for the imminent removal of Jorge Bergoglio, “Pope Francis”, from his office, two Direct Action Units (DAU’s) of trained security personnel have been dispatched by the Court to Rome and London. Their purpose will be to assist in the apprehending of known child killers associated with the Ninth Circle sacrificial cult, including Bergoglio himself.

“We are relying on local common law activists and the public to assist us in stopping these killers before they can harm any more children” announced a DAU commander attached to the Court.

“We have a list of nineteen top catholic and anglican church officers, including three Jesuits, who have participated in these ritual murders during the past year. Our orders are to stop them by any means necessary.”

The London DAU will take measures to halt upcoming sacrificial killings at Carnarvon castle in Wales and Balmoral castle in Scotland involving “royal family” members.

In Canada, DAU members are preparing for a similar action at Marie Reine du Monde cathedral in Montreal, where a major Ninth Circle conclave will be held onAugust 15.

This action will be accompanied by the proclamation of a sovereign Republic in Canada this autumn by patriots in Winnipeg. The Republic will provide the constitutional basis for the common law courts that are convening across Canada to convict child killers in both church and state.

“Crown and canon law are fraudulent and criminal systems, and so they are inoperative now in our country. We need the rule of law restored” said Colin Sullivan, a member of the Provisional Council for the Republic of Kanata.

“So we remind every cop, politician and judge in Canada that their oath to that convicted child killer, Queen Elizabeth, is officially null and void, and so they must stand down from their offices. Now they, and every true patriot, can be part of a genuine and lawful nation.”
Groups in eight Canadian provinces and in five indigenous nations are electing delegates to attend the Republic’s founding Convention, in Winnipeg fromOctober 27-31, 2014. Information can be sought at .

A global broadcast of these and other historic developments, including the DAU actions in Rome and London, will be posted on July 10 (Jubilee Day) .

Issued by ITCCS Central
29 June, 2014

Censorship deletes Tap Blog comment from Rick Strong containing reply from ATVOD

I received this comment to my email.

I have a great deal of respect for your blog, The Tap, and it is one of the sites I like to check every day.
I posted a comment twice on your article
with the reply I received from ATVOD re the UK Column,
I appreciate you are busy, but I would be grateful if you could outline why you deleted this comment- twice- from your blog. Many thanks
Rick Strong

TAP -  Rick, I did not delete this comments, so it appears that someone else has done so.  Let's track it down.  I'll go back to my emails and bring it onto this post. I saw it on there while I was at work.   As I say, it was definitely not me who deleted it.  I have noticed one or two comments on emails that don't arrive on the blog.  I had mentioned this only recently.

Yes.  The comments were on the emails, but were not on 
the blog, as follows -

I wrote to ATVOD yesterday for clarification of 'TV-like'. 
They replied today:

Thank you for contacting ATVOD regarding “The UK 

The Authority for Television On Demand (“ATVOD”) is 
co-regulator for the editorial content of certain UK video 
on demand services. Our website (
contains further information on the types of service that are 
regulated and the Rules with which regulated services must 

ATVOD received a complaint about the UK Column website 
in January 2014 and proceeded to investigate the service. 
This investigation resulted in a decision that the service was 
an ‘On Demand Programme Service’ requiring notification to 
ATVOD. For the full reasoning behind this decision, please 

Please note that during this process the service provider was
 invited to make written representations to ATVOD and did 
not do so. After receiving the Determination, the service 
provider was given the opportunity to appeal against the 
decision to Ofcom, but did not do so. As no appeal was 
made, and no notification received, ATVOD issued an 
‘Enforcement Notification’ requiring the service provider to 
notify the service and pay the associated regulatory fee 
(details of ATVOD’s banded fee structure can be found at

Please also note that at no point was the provider instructed 
to remove the service or any of its videos from YouTube. 
We would advise you to contact the UK Column directly for 
information on why the service has ceased to operate.

The document ‘Guidance on Who Needs to Notify’ available 
provides information on what may be considered as TV like’ 
and the criteria used to assess if a Service is an On 
Demand Programme Service. You may want to pay 
particular attention to pages 6-8.

I put up a reply I received from ATVOD with a clarification 
of 'TV-like' in the comments section for this article. Why 
have you deleted the comment?

Science has become a subsidiary of materialism

Take to the streets with leaflets and posters. Internet activism is no longer enough

Have you ever wondered why we're allowed to say what we want on the Internet? It's quite simply because it takes time to take control, erecting fences, passing laws. The Internet has been the equivalent of the Wild, Wild West, but bit by bit, we're being reined in.

Maybe I, and thousands (millions?) of others, won't even be able to write articles like this for much longer. Both the UK and the US are busy cracking down on whistleblowers, and journalism. The Leveson Inquiry into the 'phone hacking scandal' is being steered into regulation of the press. Likewise with the Media Shield law proposed by Feinstein in the US, and attempts to define 'real journalists' as only those in the paid employ of a regulated press.

The future for 'the news', it seems, will be vetted and embedded journalists, combined with automated AI-produced news stories,  and an even more tightly controlled mainstream media. So far, we activists have had the 'luxury' of being able to read and speak relatively freely. But now, the stranglehold is getting serious, and it's time to take action; instead of just reading and speaking, we need to step away from the Internet and come together.

Start work on a placard or two, ready to walk the streets with those who also got off their seats.

But wait - could it be that all protestors are classed as domestic extremists? Jenny Jones, who is a Peer (House of Lords), and a member of the Green Party, has been put on the domestic extremist list, and surveilled. All she did was stick up for a pensioner who didn't want to be on the list just for being a protestor! The Domestic Extremism Unit here in the UK has compiled a huge watchlist, but what constitutes a domestic extremist?

"Domestic Extremism relates to the activity of groups or individuals who commit or plan serious criminal activity motivated by a political or ideological viewpoint"

(Viewpoints which include opposition to FRACKING, capitalism, and austerity! - Source)   
Was it something I said? ... 'cos I certainly hope so!
NetPol, the Network for Police Monitoring, has identified the problem with this definition of domestic extremism; it comes down to the way 'serious crime' is defined:

The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA), which regulates the powers of public bodies to carry out surveillance, says that one of the tests of a 'serious crime' is whether someone with no previous convictions could reasonably be expected to be sentenced to imprisonment for a term of three years or more."
However section 81(2b) of RIPA also includes this alternate test:
That the conduct involves the use of violence, results in substantialfinancial gain or is conduct by a large number of persons in pursuit of a common purpose.(Source)  

It's that last bit that gives serious cause for concern, does it not? And a wry nod to the twist on the term 'common purpose'....

Can you believe it has come to this?

The voice of the resistance cannot be quelled, for dissent cannot be regulated.

It's high time we all became active activists, by getting away from the Internet! NetPol are "encouraging activists to submit subject access requests "to find out who is on the secret police databases, and Brian and Mike suggest phoning ATVOD to seek clarification on the definition of 'television like', and to raise awareness of the issue generally. 

Internet activism is not enough.   
Spread the word and do something!

About the Author:
Julie Beal, independent researcher trying to raise awareness of identity management who will be appearing as a guest on a future Episode of 'Humanity vs Insanity'  

The war on consciousness

The alternative is seeping through to the 'mainstream'

Abby Martin on "Breaking the Set"

Graham Hancock newsletter:

Please check out my 13-minute interview with Abby Martin on "Breaking the Set" now available on Youtube here:

We discussed the issues surrounding the mystery of consciousness that got me and scientist Rupert Sheldrake banned by TED last year. 

For background and links to pirate editions of my banned talk see here: . Sheldrake and I will share a panel at the SYNCHRONICITY Matter & Psyche symposium, Joshua Tree in California, 12-14 September

Join us if you can. For my other upcoming events in the UK, the US and elsewhere click this link:

Spivey's site has gone. Follow this link to get the news.

Chris's site has gone......copy, paste and pass on today's 

article to as many as possible as soon as you can! Many 


spivey header
The following is an exact copy and paste from Chris

We are taking the unusual step of republishing the whole article as it isn’t easy to get onto Spivey at the moment. If images don’t work, his site is unavailable, but at least you can read what he has to say. Try the following link first:
If you can’t get into the site, read it here.

Christopher Spivey

You certainly have to love the haters.
They have come out in force to defend a family that they neither know or know anything about.
I am obviously referring to the hugely gullible supporters of the criminal ‘rigby’ family.
Most threaten physical violence… Big yawn.
However, I lost count of how many men wanted to beat up 5ft 4inch Lisa, who runs my Facebook page… Lisa is a fucking star by the way – as are all of my crew.
I mean she could have just blocked and deleted all of these violent bastions of ‘truth’, but instead she let them through and took them on.
And that is despite the fact that it is hard to reason or debate with someone who doesn’t know what the fuck they are talking about, let alone someone who doesn’t know what the fuck they are talking about and has only attained a primary school level of education in the English language.
Obviously, the vast majority of these defenders of free speech haven’t put forward any explanation for what I allege – although that would be because the vast majority have not taken the time to read the conclusive proof that I have already documented.
Mind you, I cannot say that I am surprised since the vast majority of these miniscule brained morons appear to have the attention span for reading nothing other than the Daily Chimpanzee and lack the mental capacity to actually think for themselves.
So, if you are one of the 300 plus dribbling idiots who tried to get my Facebook page removed, you may want to keep reading because the chances are that I have targeted you and made you look very, very silly in front of far, far more people than you could ever hope to achieve by trying to make me look silly.
The same applies to the Keyboard Warriors who tried to defend the ‘rigby’ family with threats of violence and child like reasoning to counter what I have written.
Indeed, the pea brained, half witted TROLLS embarrassingly accuse me of of being a TROLL!
How the fuck does that work?
Why the fuck would you doorknobs want to mug yourself off like that?
Are you all Quare?
I mean, get a grip for crying out loud… How the fuck am I a troll because I exercise my right to do the very thing that all of you vegetables wish to uphold i.e. my right to free speech.
Which I hasten to add, I do by writing exclusively for MY OWN website, of which I neither advertise or force people to read and which these gnat brained thugs who want to beat women up have to actively search and seek out to get here.
Honest to Dog, you would not believe the things that I have been accused of by these crazy ass, wonky twonks!
Yet I have not and do not spread any race hate – unlike many of these thick fucks have done and still do.
Neither am I inciting violence, harassing anyone or breaking the law… Yet these comic imbeciles think that they should be taken seriously?
Indeed, it is in fact quite quite pathetic that they attack me for publishing the ‘rigbys’ address which is actually common knowledge, rather than address the fact that the crooked rigbys operate out of another house that they don’t want anyone to know about… And that reason has fuck all to do with a persons right to privacy.
Mind you, I would put it to you that such is the grand scale of this fraud and so powerful are the people involved that anyone taking part has forfeited their right to privacy.
Moreover, the few people that did try and refute my evidence – without touching on the major stuff obviously – have only demonstrated that they have a very limited knowledge of the facts… And even less common sense.
I mean fair do’s, everyone has a right to be a stupid cunt, but these rigby supporters have made it an art form.
And as it happens, I did actually talk about the huge number of people who do not understand the concept of free speech just last week.
After all, I am an active advocate of the right to free speech.
Never the less, for the slow minded, slug like, sour faced, suckers who tried to silence my right to free speech, I will repeat something along the lines of what I wrote last week.
Free speech does not give a person the right to go on say a website called something like and write “why don’t you all fuck off back to your Baghdad caves”.
On the contrary, free speech is being able to express your opinion on whatever subject that you want on a vehicle such as your own website.
No one is forced to read what I write and if they don’t like what is written, then more fool them for seeking out something that they are going to get their knickers in a twist about.
I mean for example, I find the views written on far right websites abhorrent. But I would not try to get them shut down and by the very same token neither would I visit one.
Of course, if what you write is libelous then you can expect to get sued, but apart from that I have no problem with anything anyone wants to write about or any views that they wish to express on their own website.
So, I suggest you spotty faced, lank haired, crank pot noodles ask the rigbys why they are not suing me… Dog knows, they certainly must have enough money – donated by you muppets – to afford to do so by now.
But they haven’t and neither will they do, despite there being many, many more revelations further down this page and many, many more to come.
Free speech see?
A simple, easy to understand concept… Or at least it should be.
It therefore never ceases to amaze me how many of the empty headed numpty dumpties, advocating free speech are the first to try and get it closed down.
Course, these will be the vacant eyed, knuckle dragging twats – never a good look in a person especially the women – who have the aforementioned arse about face idea about what free speech entails.
Take the criminal rigby family for instance.
On the 19th of December 2013, the Daily Mail wrote the following:
Ian Rigby told the BBC’s Panorama: ‘Lee died serving his country, doing what he believed in. Serving the country to preserve our way of life, our freedom of speech and the opportunity to be able to walk the streets in peace and say what you feel because that’s what our country is all about. Source

Now, quite obviously Idiot Ian is wrong in just about everything he said in that interview.
I mean, lee didn’t die serving gravy let alone his fucking country.
Moreover, the only cunts trying to disrupt the way I live my life are the evil arseholes who write Idiot Ians script for him and the daft twats who actually believe the old fanny.
Never the less, it beggars belief that just 6 short months later, the following appears on a CHARITY website in regard to my Facebook page linked to this site:
I’ve been asked, directly, by the heart broken family of Lee Rigby to get this page removed from Facebook.
You didn’t do very well then did ya, you useless cunt.
Never the less, I will be discussing this further on in the article, but for now it is safe to say that the rigbys are not only criminal, they are also gross hypocrites.
Okay, not much more to get through and then I can start this article about the Woolwich hoax properly.
However, there are still one or two things that need to be pointed out to the semi-retarded, bib needing dribblers with an over rated perception of their ability to understand the most basic of facts.
So, firstly I should explain very, very slowly in easy to understand words that neither I nor my team are keyboard warriors.
A keyboard warrior is someone who lets their fingers make promises that their body’s cannot keep, usually in the form of threats of violence – something neither I nor my team do in our day to day running of this site.
Neither are any of us 18 year old spotty nerds, who sit in our bedrooms all day playing C.O.D.
Photo’s of myself are in abundance on this site and indeed across the internet and my address is very easy to find… Indeed, I certainly have no trouble finding out where people live and I have never even been in the army.
I obviously mistakenly thought that you tough army guys were good at finding out information.
Now to be quite honest, I couldn’t give a flying fuck what you think of me or my team, but I can promise you this, if you think that they are nerdy computer mugs then boy are you in for a proper rude of wakening should you ever be silly enough to knock on their door… You have my word on that.
And I defy anyone to find anyone who will say that I am not a man of my word.
Indeed, at least half of them are ex-military… Including ex special forces.
Secondly, neither myself or my team are trolls.
I have in fact never ever heard of a troll who waits for people to come to his website… Boy you people really are fucking dumb.
Thirdly, neither myself or my team are idiots.
Indeed, I personally write for upwards in thousands of a minimum ten thousand people every single day of the week, 52 weeks of the year and I have done so for the past two and a half years.
I also get regularly asked to speak on the radio and make personal appearances.
And furthermore, my vast following is made up mostly of people over 35 and includes Vets, serving Policemen, University Graduates, Army personnel – many still serving – and Computer Experts, and that is just those that I know about and who regularly donate to keep the site going.
Indeed, there is not one of you fucking idiots who have had a pop who is capable of doing what I do, and still maintain the interest of such a huge following.
Neither do I have a lot of time for idiots. Therefore, my crew cannot be idiots either.
Never the less, stick around because I am certainly going to prove who are the idiots.
Finally, it has been said that we are cowards… Boy, you really, really are fucking dumb.
You are the cowards. You are the ones who find safety in numbers… Not me, or my crew.

Water in the Western United States is about to become very very expensive

(NaturalNews) One bizarre trait that strongly characterizes modern human civilization is a widespread inability to plan ahead. On every issue imaginable -- debt spending, fossil fuels, health care costs, resource extraction and so on -- our citizens and political leaders demonstrate near-retarded cognitive function by failing to see where their actions might lead. (And it's almost as if they're proud to be so stupid, too.)

There's no better example of this than the city of Las Vegas, Nevada -- a city of 600,000 people who almost universally depend on one lake for their water.

And that lake is running dry at an alarming rate, after which there will be no more water for Las Vegas.

The lake is called Lake Mead, created by the Hoover Dam. Back in 1936, when the Las Vegas population was very tiny by today's standards, Lake Mead took six years to fill with water. Now, with over two million people in the greater Vegas region depending on its water, Lake Mead has dropped by 50% and is receding with alarming speed.

Where is all the water going? It's being siphoned off by large tunnel "straws" that redirect the water 25 miles to the city of Las Vegas. These straws, however, are sucking the lake dry. Tim Barnett, a climate scientist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, explains it this way in a Telegraph news story (1):

The situation is as bad as you can imagine. It's just going to be screwed. And relatively quickly. Unless it can find a way to get more water from somewhere Las Vegas is out of business. Yet they're still building, which is stupid.

Ah, but "stupid" is popular, you see. Delusional thinking is embedded into the American culture at every level: medicine, finance, security, fossil fuels, the food supply and more. After all, only delusional thinking would allow continued real estate development in a city with no future water supply, yet it continues to this very day in Las Vegas.

The collapse of Las Vegas is now inevitable

Barnett predicts the city's water supply will collapse when Lake Mead runs "bone dry" in less than 20 years. Rob Mrowka, a Las Vegas-based scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity, agrees with his assessment, saying:

The drought is like a slow spreading cancer across the desert. It's not like a tornado or a tsunami, bang. The effects are playing out over decades. And as the water situation becomes more dire we are going to start having to talk about the removal of people (from Las Vegas).

Mrowka, like anyone who applies rational thinking to the problems facing America today, will of course be aggressively ridiculed and condemned by the delusional-weavers. The greatest sin to commit in a society steeped in delusional thinking is to tell the truth about where things are headed. That's not something people want to hear, especially when the all the fountains at the Bellagio are so pretty.

Las Vegas currently uses 219 gallons of water per person, per day -- one of the highest figures in the nation. That this is taking place in a desert is extreme stupidity, and it proves the point of this article: humanity is shortsighted and living in a delusional fantasy where people think they never have to deal with the long-term effects of present-day actions.

Attempts to resolve this water shortage problem are themselves steeped in stupidity and desperation: Vegas is trying to build a desperate water pipeline by spending over $15 billion to pipe in billions of gallons of water from another water source 260 miles away, but this project has been halted by the courts due to environmental concerns. Even if the pipeline were built, it only delays the inevitable. Building a city in the desert and importing the water supply simply isn't sustainable because there's just not enough rainwater nearby to go around. Duh.

The coming water wars of the Western USA

Truth be told, much of the Western USA is in the same dire situation as Las Vegas. Cities like Los Angeles were founded in the desert, then artificially supplied with water that's literally pumped over a mountain. If those pumps are halted for any reason, Las Vegas immediately reverts to a desert, and the city becomes a death trap for its millions of residents who rapidly discover they are living in a desert.

Even when the water is pumping, the entire state of California -- yes, 100 percent -- has already been classified as being in a state of "severe drought." Imagine what this looks like without the imported water.

Phoenix is also a city that's too large for its water supply. Nearby Tucson suffers much the same problem. Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah are all wildly unsustainable in terms of water supplies. They all depend in part on the Colorado River, but that River is also headed for imminent collapse.

High population cities not sustainable in most of the Western half of the United States

To fully grasp the seriousness of this situation, you might find it useful to scan this rainfall map of the United States:

Every large city in an orange or red portion of this map is headed for collapse. This covers the majority of the Western half of the nation. Refuge areas will be those with plentiful rainfall such as the Pacific Northwest and regions far East of the Rockies.

This is why so many people are already headed to Central Texas, by the way. If you look at Texas, you'll notice it's clearly divided in terms of rainfall. Austin is roughly the dividing line, and everything West of Austin is bone dry, with little or no topsoil. East of Austin, you start to get precipitation which rapidly accelerates as you head toward Houston or East Texas, where patent trolls live in mucky swamplands and file lawsuits against technology companies.

This map might as well be called the "American migration map of 2050," because it shows where people will be forced to evacuate (areas in RED) and where they will be headed (areas in GREEN).

"The Colorado is essentially a dying river," says Mr. Mrowka. "Ultimately, Las Vegas and our civilization in the American South West is going to disappear, like the Indians did before us." (1)

No one is more hated in America than a truth-teller

Of course, anyone who dares point out this obvious fact in the USA is immediately branded a "conspiracy theorist" or a "doomsday pessimist." The politically correct stance on all this in America today is to live in the proper state of delusional denial that's socially acceptable.

Never mind the fact that these large U.S. cities -- Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Diego and more -- will collapse into ghost towns long before the year 2100. Yet we are told, instead, to worry about global warming because it might raise the sea level by two inches over that period of time. Global warming is the "popular fear" of the day, you see, but the truth about the dwindling water supply of cities like Los Angeles is simply imagined away as if the problem didn't exist at all.

Ironically, the most likely attempts to solve the water crisis will involve worsening global warming by burning coal to run energy-intensive desalination plants that produce fresh water. There's plenty of water to go around, after all, if you can just remove all the salt from it. But that process requires an enormous amount of energy at great expense. Desalinated water is so expensive that the mere act of washing your own car in your driveway might use $25 worth of water one day. Water is about to get very, very expensive across the South West, and that's if it exists at all.

Learn more:

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Americans eight times more likely to be killed by Police than 'terrorists'

US Police Have Killed Over 5,000 Civilians Since 9/11

Statistically speaking, Americans should be more fearful of the local cops than “terrorists.”
Though Americans commonly believe law enforcement’s role in society is to protect them and ensure peace and stability within the community, the sad reality is that police departments are often more focused on enforcing laws, making arrests and issuing citations. As a result of this as well as an increase in militarized policing techniques, Americans are eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist.

Since 9/11, about 5,000 Americans have been killed by U.S. police officers, which is almost equivalent to the number of U.S. soldiers who have been killed in the line of duty in Iraq.
“You cannot have a police force that is investigating and punishing itself,” Prysner said, adding that taxpayer money should be invested into the community instead of given to police to buy more guns, assault rifles and body armor.
Dissatisfied with police departments’ internal review policies, some citizens have formed volunteer police watch groups to prevent the so-called “Blue Code of Silence” effect and encourage police officers to speak out against misconduct occurring within their department.

A report released earlier this year found that of the 439 cases of police misconduct that then had been brought before the Minneapolis’s year-old misconduct review board, NOT ONE of the police officers involved has been disciplined.
The city of Minneapolis spent $14 million in payouts for alleged police misconduct, despite the fact that the Minneapolis Police Department often concluded that the officers involved in those cases did nothing wrong.

Main media attempts to discredit Chris Spivey, as he prepares release of his Woolwich Hoax expose

It is not over. Chris, his site, his Facebook page and many of the gang who help him out are having serious problems, more of which can be found (if you can load it as the spooky boys are giving the site a real hammering!) here:  and on his Facebook page here.  

Then today The Sun, who oddly wrote to Chris in the week asking for an interview, printed a piece accusing Chris of being a 'Web Nut' who is 'waging a warped campaign against Lee Rigby's family'   As Chris puts it himself, The printing of some of the details in the piece could leave Chris and his family in serious danger from a lone nutter. 

As you commented yourself Tap, Chris is a very honest and totally committed seeker of the truth and I can add to that and say he is a truly decent and honest man, who I would like to think would be much happier spending time with his grandchild than having to expose the filth and lies that make up Britain's elite ruling establishment. 

As such I ask that all readers of The Tap please also keep a check on Chris Spivey's website and Facebook page for updates on the upcoming release of the full story of the Woolwich hoax, 'Look Back in Anger' and I would ask of you Tap, please do publish on your page anything you feel relevant in helping Chris's story get out there and his Site staying available on the net.

Many thanks.